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Leading science journalists provide a daily minute commentary on some of the most interesting developments in the world of science. For a full-length, weekly podcast you can subscribe to Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American . To view all ...Show More

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02:22 | Mar 26th, 2019

We don't yet know what the immersion in technology does to our brains, but one neuroscientist says the answer is likely to be that there's good, there's bad, and it's complex.
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02:46 | Jul 9th

Researchers saw a third fewer vehicle collisions with deer, elk, moose and other large mammals in the four weeks following COVID-19 shutdowns in three states they tracked.
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02:51 | Jul 7th

Velvety free-tailed bats produce sounds that help them locate insect prey but simultaneously identify them to their companions.

02:22 | Jul 7th

Old, big trees are dying faster than in the past, leaving younger, less biodiverse forests worldwide that store less carbon.

02:23 | Jul 3rd

The stomach contests of young great white sharks showed that they spend a lot of time patrolling the sea floor for meals.
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