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The Agenda with Steve Paikin is TVO's flagship current affairs program - devoted to exploring the social, political, cultural and economic issues that are changing our world, at home and abroad. The Agenda airs weeknights at 8:00 PM EST on TVO - Cana...Show More

26:57 | Jul 8th

Ann Hui, author of "Chop Suey Nation: The Legion Café and Other Stories from Canada's Chinese Restaurants," speaks with Nam Kiwanuka about the surprising and emotionally difficult family history she uncovered while researching Canadian Chinese restau...Show More

39:46 | Sep 9th

Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro faced international criticism for his government's response to the fires that are raging across the Amazon, a vital resource in the fight against global warming. The Agenda's panel discusses whether state sovereignty...Show More

16:12 | Sep 9th

Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas and affecting parts of the U.S. and Canada. Climatologist Michael Mann joins Steve Paikin to make the case for why these types of storms are only becoming more deadlier due to climate change.

08:31 | Sep 6th

Co-host of TVO's political podcast John Michael McGrath and producer Eric Bombicino discuss the upcoming season of episodes, which will be devoted entirely to covering the federal election. The series will get into Canadian populism, carbon pricing, ...Show More

06:49 | Sep 6th

Southwestern Ontario Hubs reporter Mary Baxter talks to Jeyan Jeganathan about the status of wildlife rehabilitation centres across the province, and how they sustain themselves. Then, does Ontario have enough abattoirs? We'll find out how a lack of ...Show More

14:26 | Sep 6th

This week's review of Agenda stories begins with Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce talking to Steve Paikin about education reforms, then, education critics have their say. A group of journalists assess the Ford government as it enters its s...Show More

26:25 | Sep 6th

From "just not ready," to leading Canada for the past five years, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revived the Canadian Liberal Party and has pushed forth a progressive agenda. Along the way, he's suffered personal gaffes, caucus pains, and plenty of cr...Show More

36:17 | Sep 5th

Economic experts discuss the general health of the Ontario and Canadian economies, the effects of the U.S. trade war with China, the politics of the economy during an election year, and why a potential recession is on everyone's minds.

19:29 | Sep 5th

The Agenda welcomes a financial planner and tax estate expert about how low interest rates effect personal financial decisions.

34:39 | Sep 4th

Just before the Ontario legislature took its summer break, Premier Ford shuffled his cabinet. Shortly after, the government had to answer for a series of inappropriate patronage appointments. As summer wore on, policy announcements made headlines and...Show More

20:57 | Sep 4th

Since taking office over a year ago, the Ontario PC government has made sweeping changes to the health-care system - amalgamating services, working to end hallway medicine - all while trying to find savings along the way. Steve Paikin gets an update ...Show More

21:15 | Sep 3rd

This summer, the Ontario government unveiled more details of planned changes to class sizes, math testing for teachers, and a revamped sex-ed curriculum. Not everyone is applauding the changes. Marit Stiles, opposition education critic and NDP MPP fo...Show More

21:28 | Sep 3rd

With teacher contract negotiations underway and changes to class sizes and curriculum, it's been a busy summer for the Ontario government. Kicking off The Agenda's 14th season, Stephen Lecce, minister of education and Progressive Conservative MPP for...Show More

13:27 | Sep 3rd

While the main roles of a school principal are supposed to be education and guiding the professional development of staff, many have reported finding themselves consumed with too much administrative work. Many say they spend the bulk of their time on...Show More

08:07 | Sep 3rd

The London museum's ,Difficult Terrain, exhibit uses dozens of objects and images to illuminate racist elements of the city's past. Over the years, the museum has amassed a collection of toys, postcards, and packages that perpetuate racist stereotype...Show More

24:50 | Aug 30th

Children's author Zetta Elliott and literary agent Léonicka Valcius join Nam Kiwanuka to discuss the lack of diversity in children's literature. When half of the characters featured in children's books are white, and even non-human characters such as...Show More

26:49 | Aug 29th

As a child born with cerebral palsy, Sarah Jama has never allowed the limitations placed on her as a disabled person to determine her path. Sarah, the co-founder of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario, speaks with Nam Kiwanuka about the agency'...Show More

35:34 | Aug 28th

For 50 years the mainstream mantra of North American conservatives has been maximum consumption, maximum growth. But in his newest book, "The Once and Future Worker," American academic Oren Cass says this "economic piety" has ravaged working class co...Show More

19:37 | Aug 27th

Despite a lifetime in the public service, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson always kept his private life to himself. But recently, at 58 years old, he chose to disclose that he's gay. He talks to Steve Paikin about this and also discusses some of the issues af...Show More

07:45 | Aug 27th

The London museum's ,Difficult Terrain, exhibit uses dozens of objects and images to illuminate racist elements of the city's past. Over the years, the museum has amassed a collection of toys, postcards, and packages that perpetuate racist stereotype...Show More

27:07 | Aug 26th

Marion Nestle, author of "Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat," talks with Nam Kiwanuka about the influence food companies hold over nutrition research through the funding they provide to food scientists. Are there ways...Show More

02:52 | Aug 23rd

David Rockne Corrigan shares how a group of scientists in Peterborough is trying to make the topic of biodiversity and conservation more accessible to the public.

24:48 | Aug 23rd

At five months, Gail Gallant died. A year later she was reborn: a miracle baby brought to her grieving mother through the power of prayer. The second Gail is the author of "The Changeling." She talks to Nam Kiwanuka about the eerie circumstances behi...Show More

27:10 | Aug 22nd

Nam Kiwanuka welcomes Lisa Taylor, co-author of "The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work," to discuss the changing notion of work. Taylor asserts that many companies are readying themselves for the future by focusing on millennials, b...Show More

27:05 | Aug 21st

Cannabis has been legal in Canada since last October, so why do more than 40 per cent of users still buy on the black market? To look at how the country and province handled the rollout of legal cannabis The Agenda welcomes Abi Roach, director of the...Show More

27:10 | Aug 20th

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have escalated since the government proposed an extradition bill, leading to major clashes with police and fears of Beijing cracking down on the protests. Joining The Agenda to discuss the situation and what its ra...Show More

26:53 | Aug 19th

Indspire's mandate is to invest in the education of Indigenous students. The Agenda welcomes Roberta Jamieson, the organization's president and CEO, and Ryerson University student Victoria Anderson-Gardner, recipient of a 2019 Indspire bursary, to ta...Show More

02:34 | Aug 16th

The Canadian Wrestling Federation is about more than just showdowns in the ring: as northeastern Ontario Hubs reporter Claude Sharma learns, when it visits Indigenous communities across the country, it also offers wrestling bootcamps and educational ...Show More

27:44 | Aug 16th

Ian Waddell, a former NDP MP and former B.C. MLA talks to Nam Kiwanuka about his memoir, "Take the Torch." Among Waddell's proudest moments in politics was in drafting Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, which ensured the rights of Indigenous pe...Show More

27:04 | Aug 16th

From teaching social studies in Edmonton to volunteering around the globe, Spencer Sekyer has never shied away from a challenge. But, as he chronicles in his book, "Saving Manno," it was the difficult process of rescuing a baby chimpanzee from a zoo ...Show More

18:26 | Aug 14th

Last month, the province received the final report of it's Special Advisor on Recycling and plastic waste. It offered several recommendations aimed at an overhaul, that puts producers in charge of managing blue-box waste. The Agenda welcomes Jeff Yur...Show More

09:20 | Aug 14th

The Great Lakes cruising industry is making a comeback. Passengers can visit all five lakes while making stops in major cities such as Toronto and Chicago, as well as in smaller communities such as Little Current and Mackinac Island. Ontario Hubs fie...Show More

26:52 | Aug 13th

For the second summer in a row, Toronto has seen an increase in gun violence: over the August long weekend, there were 14 shootings in the city. Joined by guests including University of Toronto sociology professor Jooyoung Lee and Louis March, founde...Show More

27:00 | Aug 12th

Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman and his wife, Vicki Heyman, join Nam Kiwanuka to discuss their book, "The Art of Diplomacy: Strengthening the Canada-U.S. Relationship in Times of Uncertainty." Bruce Heyman was a Barack Obama appointee r...Show More

27:53 | Aug 12th

Newly elected provincial governments across Canada are pushing back against earlier greenhouse gas reduction policies. Nam Kiwanuka is joined by Dianne Saxe, Ontario's former environmental commissioner; Courtney Howard of the Canadian Association of ...Show More

23:03 | Aug 9th

American author Colson Whitehead discusses his new book "The Nickel Boys," a novel set in Jim Crow-era Florida. Based on a true story, it follows a boy named Elwood, sent to a segregated juvenile reformatory called the Nickel Academy, where youth are...Show More

04:39 | Aug 9th

Just a few months after a new, and long-awaited, homeless shelter in Kenora opened, authorities announced their intentions to shut it down for 45 days. Northwestern Ontario Hub reporter Jon Thompson explains what's going on.

27:04 | Aug 8th

Authors Colson Whitehead and Marlon James talk to Nam Kiwanuka about their latest novels, and why they write stories rooted in Black history. Whitehead is the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "The Underground Railroad." His latest book is "...Show More

20:44 | Aug 7th

Last week, the U.S. government announced a proposal to import prescription drugs from Canada in a bid to make them more affordable to Americans. But there are worries that this would mean a supply shortfall for the Canadian market. The Agenda looks a...Show More

26:50 | Aug 6th

Kristen Worley took on the most powerful organizations in cycling when she launched a case before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. From Cycling Canada on up to the International Olympic Committee, Worley faced tremendous obstacles in her efforts to...Show More

27:05 | Aug 5th

Former world-class water skier and cyclist Kristen Worley collaborated with journalist and author Johanna Schneller to write about her extraordinary life in "Woman Enough: How a Boy Became a Woman and Changed the World of Sport." Nam Kiwanuka talks t...Show More

02:57 | Aug 2nd

Most of the headlines about high-priced housing focus on Ontario's big cities - but apparently, it's a provincewide problem. Our eastern Ontario Hubs editor David Rockne Corrigan has been looking into that and he joins us now from our studio at Queen...Show More

24:36 | Aug 2nd

What would the world look like if society acknowledged and fully accepted more than two genders? Joshua M. Ferguson is advocating for just that outcome. Ferguson was the first Ontarian to receive a non-binary designation on their birth certificate, a...Show More

26:47 | Aug 1st

Author Susan Doherty talks to Nam Kiwanuka about how her 2015 novel "A Secret Music," and her volunteer work with schizophrenia patients led to her new non-fiction book, "The Ghost Garden: Inside the Lives of Schizophrenia's Feared and Forgotten," wh...Show More

27:14 | Jul 31st

After a heavily criticized revamp of Ontario's autism services earlier this year, the Progressive Conservatives announced this week it would be introducing a new needs-based program for children with autism. The Agenda analyzes what the changes will ...Show More

28:01 | Jul 30th

Newly elected provincial governments across Canada are pushing back against earlier greenhouse gas reduction policies. Nam Kiwanuka is joined by Dianne Saxe, Ontario's former environmental commissioner; Courtney Howard of the Canadian Association of ...Show More

27:15 | Jul 29th

Lisa Damour, a clinical psychologist and executive director of Laurel School's Center for Research on Girls, joins Nam Kiwanuka to discuss her latest book, "Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls." This wide-ranging b...Show More

25:25 | Jul 26th

Dr. Haider Warraich, a cardiologist at Duke University Medical Center, is the author of "State of the Heart: Exploring the History, Science and Future of Cardiac Disease." He speaks with Nam Kiwanuka about advances and stumbles in the medical treatme...Show More

02:36 | Jul 26th

It's the first summer that cannabis is legal in Ontario, and entrepreneurs are hoping to cash in on the budding industry by making the eastern part of the province a destination for cannabis-related tourism. Eastern Ontario Hub reporter David Rockne ...Show More

27:12 | Jul 25th

Steffanie Strathdee is a successful infectious disease epidemiologist and her husband Thomas Patterson is an evolutionary sociobiologist and experimental psychologist. But their expertise was no match for an antibiotic-resistant superbug that plagued...Show More

27:16 | Jul 24th

Water quality advisories are nothing new in Indigenous communities and Attawapiskat First Nation is the latest place to declare a state of emergency over water. The crisis highlights the long, rocky road still ahead for reconciliation. The Agenda wel...Show More

27:04 | Jul 23rd

Tim Hague and his son, Tim Jr., won the first season of The Amazing Race Canada. What made the feat particularly notable was the fact that Tim has Parkinson's disease. He documents his experience with Parkinson's, the challenge of the race, and his a...Show More

27:09 | Jul 22nd

Science fiction authors Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer, and Eric Choi join Nam Kiwanuka to look back at the Apollo 11 mission, the plan to have American astronauts back on the moon by 2024, the Chinese rover mission to the far side of the moo...Show More

24:42 | Jul 19th

Maurice Bitran, chief science officer of the Ontario Science Centre, and Shelley Ayres, producer of "Lander: From Avro to Apollo," join Nam Kiwanuka to look back on the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. The Ontario Science Centre is also celeb...Show More

03:01 | Jul 19th

Fifty years ago this weekend, humans first set foot on the moon. And a little-known fact is that in the years following the success of the Apollo 11 landing, Sudbury, Ont., played a role in further space missions. TVO's northeastern reporter Claude S...Show More

26:51 | Jul 18th

How do you write the story of someone who was larger than life, yet mostly unknown? Someone who was maybe a genius, but unconventionally so? Someone who was your older brother, but so much more? Author Harold R. Johnson took up that challenge in his ...Show More

22:12 | Jul 17th

The Agenda examines the cuts to Bombardier's Thunder Bay production plant and the effects of job losses on the city and region.

26:54 | Jul 16th

Renowned Canadian author Barry Callaghan joins Nam Kiwanuka to discuss his latest collection of short fiction, "All the Lonely People." Among the issues discussed are the roles of vengeance, violence, music, and alcohol in Callaghan's storytelling.

27:07 | Jul 15th

Renowned Canadian author Barry Callaghan joins Nam Kiwanuka to discuss "All the Lonely People," his latest collection of short fiction. Having created characters from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds, he discusses this issue of cultural appr...Show More

05:49 | Jul 12th

Driving across northern Ontario, it's impossible to miss the huge monuments along the highway. Wawa Goose and Max the Moose, among others, are a wacky part of the communities where they're based. But they began as a tourism idea and a declaration tha...Show More

21:55 | Jul 12th

Nam Kiwanuka speaks with author Anthony De Sa about "Children of the Moon," his latest book. The novel explores the life of a woman with albinism as she navigates the prejudices that confront her in Tanzania and Mozambique. Set against the upheavals ...Show More

26:53 | Jul 11th

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein studies some of the most complex questions in science. Perhaps that's part of what helps her stare down some of the tough issues here on earth too, such as those she's encountered as a young woman of colour breaking barriers ...Show More

27:14 | Jul 10th

Despite decades of policies designed to increase the number of women in leadership positions, they still only make up 15 per cent of CEOs in Canada, and hold 27 per cent of the seats in the House of Commons. Colleen Moorehead, editor of ,The Collecti...Show More

27:07 | Jul 9th

Canada's Black train porters were subjected to racist treatment, with few opportunities for advancement. Author Cecil Foster chronicles the history of their struggle to be heard and their push for equal treatment in his book, "They Call Me George: Th...Show More

02:21 | Jul 5th

The Agenda discusses an Ottawa walking tour that teaches Canadian history from an Indigenous perspective.

26:39 | Jul 5th

Stories of slavery in fiction usually end with freedom as a goal. In Esi Edugyan's latest book, the Giller Prize-winning novel "Washington Black," freedom is just the beginning. It's a breathtaking book that captures the sweep of history. She speaks ...Show More

27:10 | Jul 4th

Marijuana legalization, affordable housing, and immigration: travel writer and broadcaster Rick Steves came to understand all these issues and more differently because of his travels in Europe and around the globe. He discusses how travel has opened ...Show More

27:06 | Jul 3rd

Making good political decisions is difficult but critically important work writes David Moscrop in his book, "Too Dumb For Democracy?: Why We Make Bad Political Decisions and How We Can Make Better Ones." Nam Kiwanuka talks to the University of Ottaw...Show More

26:50 | Jul 2nd

Artist Brian Jungen, and the Art Gallery of Ontario's Kitty Scott join Nam Kiwanuka to talk about the "Brian Jungen Friendship Centre." The exhibition explores the intersection of consumerism and Indigenous culture. Using materials including Nike Air...Show More

26:36 | Jul 1st

Dave Williams, an emergency room doctor and former astronaut, discusses his diverse career and his book, "Defying Limits: Lessons from the Edge of the Universe." From scuba diving to spacewalks, brain science to space program setbacks, Williams share...Show More

02:40 | Jun 28th

A unique garden near Cambridge, Ont., is bringing together Indigenous leaders, educators, students, and community organization. Indigenous reporter Haley Lewis explains what sets it apart.

21:48 | Jun 28th

Canada's foreign policy strategy under Trudeau, the problem with recycling plastics, the growing issue with workplace burnout, and Booker Prize-winner Marlon James discusses his latest novel. The Agenda reviews its week of programming.

24:21 | Jun 28th

On June 28, 1919, the world's leaders came together in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, one of the world's most opulent locales, to close the book on the First World War. The Treaty of Versailles has since been considered a massive fa...Show More

32:14 | Jun 28th

It's convenient, it's cheap, and it's everywhere. And that's what makes plastic such a tricky issue. The federal government has now decided a ban on single use plastic is part of the solution. But what about the rest of it - that even after decades o...Show More

22:08 | Jun 26th

Before the Cuban revolution 60 years ago, and after it, Canada maintained solid cultural, academic and economic exchanges with that country. And while Canadian tourists may still be heading there without difficulty, doing much beyond that has become ...Show More

13:48 | Jun 26th

For decades, Canada's relationship with Cuba hummed along, in spite of the Cold War freeze by the U.S. Cultural exchanges, tourism, and business investment all built a special bond between our countries. Over the past several months, that's changed. ...Show More

20:31 | Jun 26th

A preacher, a liquor inspector, and a tale of murder and intrigue in the borderlands of 1920s Windsor-Detroit. And it's all true. The Agenda welcomes author and lawyer Patrick Brodie to discuss his book, "Dying for a Drink: How a Prohibition Preacher...Show More

09:50 | Jun 25th

The Ontario government is mulling over a proposal that would permit hunters to kill double-crested cormorants. A few decades ago, the migratory bird was nearly wiped out, but the population has since rebounded - so much so that the bird has become a ...Show More

22:17 | Jun 25th

While babies may not come with instruction manuals, there is certainly no shortage of books offering lists of dos and don'ts to new parents. Throw in the fog of sleep deprivation and a world of information available online and it can feel impossible ...Show More

25:04 | Jun 25th

The World Health Organization recently added burnout to its classification of diseases as an occupational phenomenon. Burnout is not new, of course, but it's more widespread than ever and hitting people of every generation. The Agenda discusses this ...Show More

31:45 | Jun 24th

Canada's foreign policy must balance national interests and those of the country's major, more powerful allies and competitors. Now, with the rise of China and the unpredictability of U.S. and U.K. policies, Canada's foreign relationships have become...Show More

24:07 | Jun 24th

Every American president puts his stamp on foreign policy. Some redefine the whole global system. The Agenda welcomes Walter Russell Mead, the Wall Street Journal's Global View columnist, to discuss President Trump's foreign policy approach.

15:49 | Jun 24th

The rising popularity of plant-based foods, a new housing initiative from the Ontario PC government, and assessing Premier Doug Ford's first year. The Agenda reviews its week of programming.

07:47 | Jun 21st

Jon Thompson, TVO's northwestern Ontario Hubs reporter, explains the significance of Freedom Road, a project a century in the making that provides all-season access to Shoal Lake First Nation.

07:36 | Jun 21st

The federal government has narrowed down the list of companies that will replace the beleaguered Phoenix pay system that has left hundreds of thousands of federal workers with improper pay and will cost the taxpayer billions of dollars. Agenda produc...Show More

20:47 | Jun 21st

Through her work as an Anishinaabe activist, artist and ambassador to the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School, Sarain Fox was worked to amplify the voices of Indigenous and First Nations people. On National Indigenous Peoples Day, she joins Steve Paik...Show More

16:48 | Jun 20th

In the past, when governments wanted hospitals or subway lines or train stations built, they hired a company to create that infrastructure, then oversaw the project themselves. But in recent years, complaints about billions in cost overruns and poor ...Show More

39:11 | Jun 20th

The Agenda assembles a panel of Queen's Park reporters and commentators to find out what they thought of the Ontario PC government's first year. Joining Steve Paikin are Toronto Sun editor-in-chief Adrienne Batra, Martin Regg Cohn of the Toronto Sta...Show More

28:27 | Jun 19th

This month, Tim Hortons announced it will roll out a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich to its 4,000 stores across Canada. Joining A&W and Kelsey's, it's the latest chain to grab onto the stratospheric rise of plant-based meat alternatives. The Agenda di...Show More

21:04 | Jun 19th

Statins, which control cholesterol, are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in Canada. Dr. Haider Warraich, author of "State of the Heart: Exploring the History, Science and Future of Cardiac Disease," and Dr. Paul Oh of Toronto's Peter Munk Car...Show More

35:18 | Jun 18th

In the final days of the Ford government's first year in power, it passed the More Homes, More Choice Act. Bill 108 makes sweeping changes to land use planning across the province. The Agenda discusses the plan's merits.

20:22 | Jun 18th

Bill 108, the More Homes, More Choice Act, is set to increase the number of homes in Toronto by cutting bureaucracy. But critics say it creates a "wild west" for developers, cutting their costs but not necessarily the costs for buyers. Minister Steve...Show More

14:02 | Jun 17th

The provincial government is finishing up a review of regional governments, including Peel Region. The review opens a door for Mississauga to realize a long-standing desire to break free from Brampton and Caledon. Bonnie Crombie, mayor of Mississauga...Show More

13:28 | Jun 17th

The Ontario government is wrapping up a review that will decide the fate of Peel Region. The city of Brampton is hoping for the status quo, while Mississauga is hoping to break free. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown joins Steve Paikin to discuss why he b...Show More

22:04 | Jun 17th

The magnetic North Pole is moving away from Canada and towards Siberia. Why is this happening and what does this mean for Canada? Alanna Mitchell, author of "The Spinning Magnet: The Force that Created the Modern World and Could Destroy It," talks to...Show More

21:35 | Jun 14th

Fifteen years ago, communities in northern Ontario routinely contended with a shortage of doctors and had no medical school. That changed, with the creation of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Dr. Roger Strasser, the school's founding dean, i...Show More

17:21 | Jun 14th

Luck vs. skill in sports. Thirty years after the Tiananmen Square massacre. Private-public school funding, and checking in with Canada's environment minister and climate-change policies. The Agenda reviews its week of programming.

11:56 | Jun 14th

David Rockne Corrigan explains the shift to green burials in one eastern Ontario municipality. He also discusses an issue facing many millennials: employer-provided dental plans are getting rarer as the province's gig economy grows.

27:36 | Jun 13th

While global cooperation on environmental issues may sometimes seem like a nearly impossible achievement, back in 1987 the world proved it could be done. Chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, had ripped open a hole in the ozone layer and it was quickly growi...Show More

27:50 | Jun 13th

Since she was first appointed as minister of environment and climate change in 2015, Catherine McKenna has been at the centre of arguably one of the most divisive portfolios. She joins Steve Paikin to discuss the work she is doing, the carbon tax, an...Show More

28:42 | Jun 12th

As public schools in Ontario adjust to new funding priorities they may soon be looking for more outside help from the private sector. Partnerships with corporations can bring technology or expertise not otherwise affordable. The Agenda discusses what...Show More

22:03 | Jun 12th

Paul Gooch has spent almost half a century in and around universities - as an undergrad and then graduate student, a professor, director, dean, vice-provost, and eventually, president of Victoria University, at the University of Toronto. He talks to ...Show More

21:18 | Jun 11th

In the 1940s, the tiny Baltic nation of Estonia, was subject to multiple invasions and it faced mass executions and deportations. When it threw off the shackles of Communism in the 1990s many considered it to be poor and underdeveloped. Since then, i...Show More

33:38 | Jun 11th

Thirty years after the Tiananmen Square massacre, The Agenda looks at how those events changed China, how the Chinese government suppresses information about it three decades later, and why democracy remains a stubborn obstacle.

23:56 | Jun 10th

For almost 10 years, thousands of people in southern Ontario have woken up to the familiar voice of John Moore on Newstalk 1010 Radio. But recently that voice had been absent and regular listeners didn't know why. When he returned, he explained that ...Show More

31:18 | Jun 10th

As the Toronto Raptors continue their historic run in the NBA playoffs, The Agenda explores what it takes to win in high-performance sports. How much skill is needed compared to luck, mental resilience and help from data analytics?

27:25 | Jun 7th

Bestselling author and Moral Courage Project founder Irshad Manji calls herself a poster child for multiculturalism, and has lived with labels such as ,gay,, ,Muslim,, ,feminist,, ,Islam reformist., In her new book, "Don't Label Me," she argues that ...Show More

13:54 | Jun 7th

The Agenda's review of the week's episodes begins with a conversation about how to improve question period in the Ontario legislature to bring more respect and civility to the traditional proceedings. Then, with membership in labour unions across Can...Show More

12:19 | Jun 7th

The final report from the national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was delivered to the federal government this week. Ontario Hubs Indigenous reporter Haley Lewis discusses the report's key findings, recommendations, and ...Show More

22:00 | Jun 6th

Sid Ryan is the former president of the Ontario Federation of Labour and he's been on the frontlines of the Canadian labour movement for decades. Growing up impoverished in an Ireland on the verge of The Troubles, he eventually emigrated to Canada, e...Show More

33:31 | Jun 6th

For the past 40 years, membership in unions in Canada has been on a steady decline. While the labour movement is seeking to expand its influence into social justice causes, it is confronted by automation, the gig economy, and the outsourcing of manuf...Show More

23:00 | Jun 5th

Wesley Morris, critic-at-large for the New York Times, co-host of the culture podcast, "Still Processing," and 2012 recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism for his work with the Boston Globe, talks to Nam Kiwanuka about his approach to cultural...Show More

37:03 | Jun 5th

Question period at the Ontario legislature has always either been entertaining theatre, or a great embarrassment. It's a chance for the opposition to hold the government to account. But, the heat and pitch of the proceedings is intensifying. The Agen...Show More

29:43 | Jun 4th

Pico Iyer's new book, "Autumn Light: Season of Fire and Farewells," is part meditation on grief and part exploration of Japanese history and culture. Iyer, a travel writer, essayist and novelist, wrote it during the difficult months after the sudden ...Show More

19:35 | Jun 4th

Esi Edugyan won this year's Scotiabank Giller Prize or her acclaimed book, "Washington Black," a novel of slavery and freedom. She talks to Nam Kiwanuka about how real snippets of Black history inform the stories she tells in her novels.

25:44 | Jun 3rd

Marcelo Gleiser, the most recent recipient of the rich and prestigious Templeton Prize, is a theoretical physicist who specializes in cosmology, high energy physics, and astrobiology. The professor of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth College talks ...Show More

29:50 | Jun 3rd

When news broke that scientists had photographed a black hole, imaginations were ignited around the world. Reportedly, it measures 40 billion kilometres across - that's three million times the size of Earth. It took eight telescopes situated in vario...Show More

06:34 | May 31st

Peterborough is home to the only halfway house of its kind in Ontario - one that provides care to criminal offenders who are on parole and have mobility and chronic-health issues. Such issues are common among older inmates, of which there are many in...Show More

23:36 | May 31st

Basketball may have been invented by a Canadian, but the game didn't take off in this country until more than a hundred years later, when the Raptors first took the court in 1995. Today, the NBA features a number of Canadian-born players, we have a s...Show More

20:47 | May 31st

Our review of the week's episodes begins with a conversation about the ongoing debate over the Law Society of Ontario's statement of principles. Then, does is the Indian Act needed any longer? Climate scientist Kate Marvel talks about why the science...Show More

32:21 | May 30th

Created more than 150 years ago, the Indian Act has structured relations between the federal government and Indigenous people for generations. And in the eyes of many, its purpose was and still is, to assimilate, control, and even destroy the people ...Show More

22:28 | May 29th

Lawyers are trained to argue and parse the finer points of complicated issues. Recently, some of this province's legal professionals have focused their debating skills on a statement of principles that's generated enough controversy that it became th...Show More

14:50 | May 29th

With cannabis now legal in Canada, one molecule in the plant is receiving a substantial amount of attention. Not THC - the part that makes you high, but CBD - which is increasingly getting the label of wonder drug that can cure anything from anxiety ...Show More

19:47 | May 29th

It's been more than a decade since the launch of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and almost a quarter century since the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Yet, many Canadians still aren't informed enough on the history or ...Show More

17:54 | May 28th

The effects of climate change might leave some to uproot and move somewhere less vulnerable to rising rivers and oceans, increased wildfires or drought. But, Jesse Keenan thinks the ideal place to be is in a city around the Great Lakes, and very high...Show More

21:14 | May 28th

The term "feedback" in climate-change science refers to what can speed up or slow down that change. And the answers lie in clouds, rain, trees and ice. To explain how it all work, The Agenda welcomes Kate Marvel, associate research scientist at Colum...Show More

16:59 | May 28th

The Bank of Canada turned heads this month when, in its annual financial system review, it included climate change as a risk to financial institutions. What will this mean for banks and for Canada's corporate sector? Céline Bak, president of Analytic...Show More

26:22 | May 27th

What is the world's most perfect city? New York? London? Shanghai? How about Ontario's capital city? It's a question that obviously has no definitive answer, but it does makes for a great debate. Urban planner Joe Berridge has contributed his ideas ...Show More

08:35 | May 27th

When people envision flooding, they usually picture massive rainstorms flooding yards and basements, or rivers cresting over their banks. According to Barbara Robinson, president of Norton Engineering, one of the most common types of household floodi...Show More

20:10 | May 27th

As Ontario deals with the fallout of another year of heavy spring flooding, many are wondering how the province can avoid a future of the dreaded cycle of flood, rebuild, repeat. For Elizabeth English, associate professor of architecture at the Unive...Show More

09:53 | May 24th

Haley Lewis, TVO's Indigenous Hub reporter, offers some analysis of the Ontario government's revised Indigenous curriculum and explains how it differs from what the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report recommended. Plus, a look at what economic...Show More

18:46 | May 24th

A discussion about the challenges women have winning and keeping leadership positions in politics. The Tailor Project, a documentation of garment workers and their families who came to live in Canada after the Second World War. Artist Nora Krug talks...Show More

26:36 | May 24th

As president of the Toronto Blue Jays, Paul Beeston won two World Series rings with the team. His son, Dave Beeston, won two world championships as executive vice president and chief strategy officer of the Boston Red Sox. Both talk to Steve Paikin a...Show More

34:13 | May 23rd

The GTA is one of the most diverse regions in Canada, but a new United Way report suggests many of its people are being left behind in a deepening economic divide. The Agenda discusses the report's findings that racialized groups are becoming poorer ...Show More

20:55 | May 23rd

Hate crimes are on the rise in Ontario by 65 per cent from 2016 to 2017, according to Statistics Canada. One of the largest-growing groups are those that define themselves by extreme-right ideology: white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, ...Show More

31:20 | May 22nd

Imagine finding out your family history connected you to some of the most horrendous events of the 20th century. And, as a German, how would you come to terms with your nationality? Writer and illustrator Nora Krug began to wonder about that after em...Show More

24:07 | May 22nd

After surviving the Holocaust, approximately 2,500 Jewish tailors and their families migrated to Canada in 1948 and 1949 through what was known as the Garment Workers Scheme. The Tailor Project is an initiative that preserves their stories and experi...Show More

25:36 | May 21st

George Smitherman has many accomplishments under his belt: He's one of the longest-serving ministers of health in Ontario history; he served as deputy premier; he helped create the Green Energy Act and ran for mayor in Toronto. He's documented much ...Show More

34:10 | May 21st

Kathleen Wynne, former Ontario premier, and Alison Redford, former Alberta premier, along with Kate Graham, a former Ontario Liberal candidate who is studying the careers of women in Canadian politics, talk to Steve Paikin about the role women play i...Show More

28:35 | May 17th

Tony Clement devoted his career to politics, serving as a federal cabinet minister in Stephen Harper's government and provincially under Mike Harris. He ran for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party...Show More

10:35 | May 17th

Ontario's population is aging, and the number of geriatricians to treat seniors is not keeping up. Southwestern Ontario Hub reporter Mary Baxter looks at Grey, Bruce, Huron, and Perth counties where seniors make up more than one-fifth of the populati...Show More

17:06 | May 17th

The future of the federal NDP, Ontario's changing liquor laws, MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes on why she left the Liberal caucus, and former Ontario child and youth advocate Irwin Elman discuss the elimination of his office. The Agenda reviews its week o...Show More

20:49 | May 16th

When Libby Davies retired from politics in 2015, she had spent more than 40 years as an activist and politician, including six terms as the New Democrat MP for Vancouver East. The former deputy party leader recently published a memoir, "Outside In," ...Show More

34:27 | May 16th

In the year and a half since Jagmeet Singh became leader of the federal NDP, the party has seen byelection defeats and a drop in political donations. With less than six months until the fall election, can Singh still energize the party to gain seats?...Show More

18:41 | May 16th

From Ontario's prohibition past to the current government's green light for municipalities to allow drinking in parks, the province has long struggled to find a balance between temperance and legalization. Dan Malleck, a professor and medical histori...Show More

36:48 | May 16th

If Ontarians were looking for one word that defines this year's provincial budget, it would likely be "alcohol." The budget proposed changes designed to relax liquor laws, including drinking in parks, allowing bars and restaurants to serve alcohol as...Show More

20:05 | May 14th

While prime minister of Australia from 2007 to 2010, and then briefly again in 2013, Kevin Rudd led his country through the economic recession, attempted to mend relationships with the Indigenous population, worked to understand China, and formed pol...Show More

16:25 | May 14th

Steve Paikin talks to 96-year-old Liam Dwyer about a book he and his friends at Bracebridge's Castle Peak Retirement Residence, put together chronicling their lives. He gives his thoughts on how Canada views and treats its seniors. Sadly, Dwyer passe...Show More

21:02 | May 14th

Celina Caesar-Chavannes, once one of Justin Trudeau's star MPs, left the Liberal caucus, saying she'd lost faith in the prime minister. Further, she's announced she won't be running in the fall election. Nam Kiwanuka speaks to her about her time in o...Show More

20:16 | May 13th

Irwin Elman spent more than a decade as Ontario's child and youth advocate before the PC government closed his office and shifted some of his responsibilities to the ombudsman. The decision hasn't been popular, both with Elman or child welfare advoca...Show More

12:50 | May 13th

The Ontario government has revealed more details about its changes to child-care funding. After announcing a child-care tax credit in the budget last month, the province announced it will be cutting daycare funding to municipalities. Carolyn Ferns, p...Show More

23:01 | May 13th

Eric Margolis is a familiar face on TVO as a frequent foreign affairs contributor. But, he's also an advocate for animals in distress around the world. Margolis, and his wife Dana, talk to Steve Paikin about their efforts.

26:00 | May 10th

Robin Martin, parliamentary assistant to the minister of health and long-term care, discusses public health cuts to municipalities. Then, an overall discussion of the PC government's funding cuts and their effects. How prepared for a fit and healthly...Show More

09:38 | May 10th

After years of severe annual floods at Kashechewan First Nation, the federal government has a plan to help residents. Meanwhile in Sault Ste. Marie, residents are celebrating the city being chosen as the site for a ferrochrome production facility. No...Show More

20:11 | May 10th

Housing remains a big concern for many Ontarians looking to buy or rent affordable places to live. Last week, the PC government revealed its plan to open supply in the market. Steve Clark, minister of municipal affairs and housing, and PC MPP for Lee...Show More

26:22 | May 9th

Severe depression and its various treatments - talk therapy, multiple medications, and electro-convulsive therapy - may not be the most obvious topic for a rock musical. However, the Tony Award winning play, "Next to Normal," currently on stage in To...Show More

19:58 | May 9th

Under the former Liberal government, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, and Lindsay were test cities for a basic-income pilot. Eligible citizens were offered a guaranteed annual income. The idea was to check on how the participants' lives changed after three yea...Show More

36:11 | May 8th

The path to becoming a high-performance athlete starts at school and at home, where children learn physical literacy skills that will be the foundation for a physically active life. So, how well is Ontario's physical education curriculum equipping ki...Show More

19:02 | May 8th

If hockey is Canada's game, Willie O'Ree is a trailblazer who should be a household name. In 1958, he became the first Black hockey player to hit the ice in an NHL game - wearing a Boston Bruins uniform at the fabled Montreal Forum against the Canadi...Show More

35:22 | May 7th

The Large Urban Mayor's Caucus of Ontario - an organization with the mandate to support strong urban governments - referred to the Progressive Conservatives' funding cuts as "downloading by stealth." The Agenda looks at how municipalities might grapp...Show More

22:08 | May 7th

Funding cuts to Toronto Public Health and a reduction in the number of public-health units in Ontario have many municipalities and health-care professionals concerned about the effect these cutbacks will have on the province's health-care system. Joi...Show More

33:00 | May 6th

Whether it's named Ativan or Valium, benzodiazepine anxiety medication is pervasive. It may be helpful for everything from acute cases to long-term anxiety, but it also carries with it an addictive element. Benzos contribute to approximately half of ...Show More

22:27 | May 6th

The Agenda welcomes Andreas Souvaliotis to discuss his memoir, "Misfit: Autistic. Gay. Immigrant. Changemaker." Creator of the world's first eco-rewards app, and of the popular wellness app, Carrot Rewards, Souvaliotis writes about his life as a pers...Show More

07:49 | May 3rd

Southwestern Ontario Hub journalist Mary Baxter explains why tobacco crops are making a comeback on Ontario farms.

24:43 | May 3rd

There's a rising demand for mental health care services on campuses across Ontario, and administrations are grappling with which services are most needed and how best to implement them. The Agenda speaks to representatives from Queens and McMaster un...Show More

23:03 | May 3rd

The Agenda's weekly review of featured topics begins with a look at Ontario's response to recent severe spring floods. Then, what if the traditional approach to politics and democracy was turned on its head? Kevin Chan, head of public policy for Face...Show More

05:48 | May 2nd

A group of comic-book enthusiasts in Toronto is hoping to change the way people perceive the art form. The Canada Comics Open Library, which boasts a collection of more than 700 books, opened last month. Its founders, as Ontario Hubs field reporter J...Show More

31:35 | May 2nd

Canadians telling Canadian stories, making a place in a media marketplace crowded out by bigger, better-financed cultural voices from outside this country. That aspiration prompted what's now somewhat affectionately called, CanCon rules. In effect si...Show More

18:44 | May 2nd

In the 1970s and 80s, Montreal singer-songwriter Gino Vannelli had hit records in Canada and beyond, had won multiple Juno awards, and was among the first homegrown pop music stars. At age 66, he's still at it, with a new album and concert tour. He t...Show More

36:58 | May 1st

As severe spring floods have forced some residents out of their homes in parts of Ontario The Agenda invites experts to discuss how prepared the province is to deal with the new reality of rising waters. Included on the panel with Steve Paikin are Dr...Show More

18:17 | May 1st

Since Ontario's capital city is bigger than most Canadian provinces, some people think it ought to have a different, more influential say in its own affairs. They would like Toronto to become a so-called charter city. The Agenda discusses how would s...Show More

22:11 | Apr 30th

As questions continue to swirl about social media and the role of foreign interference in the last American presidential election, Canadians may be wondering about our own upcoming election. With upwards of 20 million users here, Facebook Canada is a...Show More

34:06 | Apr 30th

Politicians routinely promise to do politics differently. But the record on them actually doing so is mixed, at best. What if it's not their fault? What if to get better democratic outcomes, we need to change how democracy actually functions, from ho...Show More

23:24 | Apr 29th

Women's income drops when they take parental leave. However, according to a new RBC report, that income drop can last for five years after birth. With a new federal policy allowing non-birthing parents to take up to five weeks of parental leave, The ...Show More

16:38 | Apr 29th

Travel writer and television host Rick Steves joins Nam Kiwanuka to discuss his book "Travel as a Political Act." Among the places that Steves has visited in his quest to expose himself to people and cultures that will expand his political understand...Show More

17:10 | Apr 29th

Following an attack in Christchurch, New Zealand that was livestreamed on Facebook, the social media giant announced steps to deal with hateful content on the platform. It banned white nationalist content and removed groups and individuals here in Ca...Show More

15:18 | Apr 29th

The Agenda talks to PEI's Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker about his party's historic result. Also, our Ontario Hubs bring us two stories. We'll find out about so-called de-paving initiatives in eastern Ontario. And, Jeyan Jeganathan previews two...Show More

23:38 | Apr 26th

Following the 2019 Prince Edward Island election on April 23, the province's Green Party will be the Official Opposition, a Canadian first. The party's leader and former Green candidate in Ontario, Peter Bevan-Baker, joins Steve Paikin to discuss the...Show More

09:47 | Apr 26th

Two growing trends are taking root in Ontario. As David Rockne Corrigan explains, there's a significant movement underway of de-paving unused parking lots and turning them into green spaces, one purpose of which is to help prevent urban flooding. Mea...Show More

07:37 | Apr 26th

Can a new professional soccer league produce more home-grown talent? To find out, Jeyan Jeganathan joins York9 FC and Hamilton Forge - two of the seven teams participating in the new Canadian Premier League's inaugural season - ahead of their first m...Show More

33:32 | Apr 25th

Two recent landmark studies show a precipitous decline in insect populations worldwide, as much as 80 percent in three decades. While it is not an extinction, it has serious implications for the natural world and humans. The Agenda will examine the e...Show More

22:06 | Apr 25th

It's a particularly invasive fish species and almost fifty years after being brought to North America, Asian Carp are slowly migrating north. Asian Carp have been spotted in the Great Lakes but conservationists are doing their best to keep the specie...Show More

24:43 | Apr 24th

For a generation of Canadians, the names Sharon and Bram evoke nostalgic memories of childhood. Along with the late Lois Lilienstein, they sold more than three million copies of their 20 albums, produced two hit TV shows, won multiple Juno awards and...Show More

25:42 | Apr 24th

Richard Stursberg has a long career in media, leading beloved Canadian institutions such as the CBC and Telefilm. Now, he has his sights set on the challenge posed by companies like Netflix and Amazon to Canada's cultural ecosystem. His new book "The...Show More

34:52 | Apr 23rd

As a program that likes to trade in empirically provable facts and rational debate, The Agenda, as well as other media outlets, have noticed a serious dearth of statistical research. A look at the data deficit in Canada, why it's lacking and the imp...Show More

22:16 | Apr 23rd

Hockey is serious business in this country but it's also fodder for the humour and insight of sportswriter Sean McIndoe, who writes the popular blog, Down Goes Brown. He looks at our national pastime with his new book, ,The Down Goes Brown History of...Show More

18:10 | Apr 22nd

Could media outlets have done a better job of alerting the world to the Rwanda genocide 25 years ago? And how has media evolved in covering mass atrocities that persist to this day? Allan Thompson, the editor of ,Media and Mass Atrocity: The Rwanda G...Show More

38:53 | Apr 22nd

25 years ago this month, an estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in a massive slaughter in the African nation of Rwanda. The Agenda convenes a panel to discuss the legacy of the genocide and what lessons can be drawn f...Show More

22:23 | Apr 19th

The life of a foreign correspondent may seem glamourous and thrilling from afar. When former journalist Sean Mallen took his dream job of being a foreign correspondent in London, he found it was gruelling and hard on his family as well. Mallen will b...Show More

20:46 | Apr 18th

In the 2019 provincial budget, the Ford government cut funding to Legal Aid Ontario by 30% or the equivalent of $133 million annually. It's prompted quite an outcry from members of the legal community. Avvy Go, clinic director of the Chinese and Sout...Show More

35:09 | Apr 18th

Canada has become a global haven for laundering dirty money, particularly in highly-priced real estate markets. The federal government earmarked funds in its most recent budget for a new anti-money laundering task force. Joining Steve Paikin to discu...Show More

19:52 | Apr 17th

The 2008 economic crisis had ramifications beyond the world's financial markets. Beyond the economic upheaval it caused across the globe, the crisis shifted the politics of numerous nations and still presents serious governance challenges which threa...Show More

35:16 | Apr 17th

The Canadian public expects its government to be able to steer the nation economically while keeping up with 21st century demands and challenges. The Agenda examines whether the Canadian political system can handle the challenge of delivering transfo...Show More

32:13 | Apr 16th

With new governments come new transit plans. Jennifer Keesmaat, Matti Siemiatycki and Murtaza Haider join Steve Paikin as The Agenda evaluates the province's new ideas for transit in the Toronto area.

23:15 | Apr 16th

The Ontario government is mandating that all high school students will be required to take four online credit courses. The Agenda discusses how this will impact student learning, and how to make sure students will succeed in the online class environm...Show More

30:28 | Apr 15th

The Ontario Progressive Conservative government's first budget includes a tax credit designed to reduce child care expenses for families across the province. The Agenda examines how this tax credit will work and explores other changes to child care i...Show More

14:07 | Apr 15th

Major changes have been announced to education in Ontario over the last few weeks, as well a new child care tax credit was introduced in last week's budget. Minister of Education Lisa Thompson joins Steve Paikin to discuss these changes and how the b...Show More

11:39 | Apr 15th

While last week's Ontario budget didn't mention the $2 per hour provincial wage grant that tops up the pay of more than 39,000 ECE workers in the province, advocates have learned the grant will be continued. Rachel Lafferty, executive coordinator of ...Show More

25:28 | Apr 12th

Canada's criminal justice system is no longer the boy's club it once was, and the number of women entering the profession is on par with men. The ratios are not that encouraging for racialized women, and pay rates are still not equal. And, as is ofte...Show More

06:25 | Apr 12th

Ontario Hubs journalist H.G. Watson discusses what the PC government's budget has to offer for northern and Indigenous communities?

23:51 | Apr 12th

Economists, journalists and opposition critics discuss the PC government's first budget. The effects of a smaller Toronto city council. Who will prevail in the Alberta election: Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party or Rachel Notley's NDP? And, fo...Show More

15:28 | Apr 12th

How is an Ontario budget made? To find out, Agenda producer Patricia Kozicka spoke with four former finance ministers: Charles Sousa, Janet Ecker, Ernie Eves, and Floyd Laughren. She shares their stories with Steve Paikin.

31:53 | Apr 11th

The Ontario PC government delivered its first budget this afternoon. Tonight, The Agenda welcomes finance critics from each opposition party to evaluate the province's economic intentions. The panel includes: Mitzie Hunter of the Liberal Party, the N...Show More

21:37 | Apr 11th

Economists and journalists evaluate the PC government's first budget, delivered this afternoon.

23:23 | Apr 10th

In 2005, The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act was passed. It promised to drastically reduce the number of barriers people with disabilities face every day in Ontario. A new report just released by Ontario's former lieutenant-governo...Show More

13:58 | Apr 10th

In his book, "Perseverance," Tim Hague documents a first-place finish on the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Canada, in which he competed with his son. He talks to Nam Kiwanuka about the challenging race, U-Turn Parkinson's (his charity), and hi...Show More

19:34 | Apr 10th

This past week the tiny nation of Brunei became the seventh country in the world to make some sex practices punishable by death. Neela Ghoshal of Human Rights Watch joins The Agenda to break down the new law in Brunei and looks at the big picture for...Show More

23:35 | Apr 9th

Cognitive scientist Dan Meegan discusses his book, "America the Fair: Using Brain Science to Create a More Just Nation," in which he argues that making society fair and equal would transform American politics and decrease the deep divide the country ...Show More

31:55 | Apr 9th

The 2019 Alberta election campaign is is in its final throes, with NDP leader Rachel Notley facing off against Jason Kenney, the leader of the new United Conservatives Party. After low oil prices sent the province's economy into turmoil, Albertans se...Show More