7th Son: Book Two - Deceit (The Beta Version)

J.C. Hutchins

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is "The Beta Version" of this podiobook. 7th Son: Descent is now available as a print novel from St. Martin's Press. During the editorial process, significant changes and improvements were made to Descent's print manuscript. Chara...Show More
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Podiobooks Outro via Patrick McLean

00:18 | May 21st, 2007

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7th Son HiatusCast #1

29:47 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: April 15, 2007. J.C. Hutchins is back ... and he’s armed with 7th Son news, shout-outs to listeners, a groundbreaking promotion for Book III, a shiny-new contest and more! Hot dog, Hutch is chatty today!
Sci Phi Show Special

20:08 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: March 18, 2007. This very special bonus episode features Jason Rennie's amazing "The Sci Phi Show" podcast. Jason recently released an amazing Sci Phi Show episode all about 7th Son and some of the philosophical questions the story raises...Show More
Clone Line Episode #3

18:10 | May 21st, 2007

Debut Date: March 11, 2007. It's the final Clone Line Feedback Episode of Book Two. Enjoy!
Clone Line Episode #2

25:11 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Feb. 11, 2007. Holy Clone Line, Batman! J.C.'s received more than 20 calls on the Clone Line in the past few weeks, and he plays them all in this special feedback episode. Wanna be a part of the fun? Easy peasy! Call 206-984-2566 with you...Show More
MOP Dispatch #3

03:41 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Feb. 11, 2007. Another ambitious mission awaits you! Natasha, voice of the 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda, commands you to participate in MOP mission #4, code-named "Operation Start the Presses!" Complete this mission, and you'll land yo...Show More
Clone Line Episode #1

36:26 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Jan. 14, 2007. The Clone Line's been ringing off the hook, and it's high time J.C. posted all of your calls -- so here's a very special feedback episode. You're the star; J.C.'s along for the ride. Join the fun and call in: 206-984-2566!
Book Two: Interlude Episode

14:42 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Jan. 4, 2007. There's no new chapter this week -- J.C. Hutchins has poor post-holiday time management skills -- but there's tons of great info in this special "Interlude" episode about: listener-created content, new features at JCHutchin...Show More
The Twelve Days of Clonemas

04:39 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Dec. 22, 2006. Have a great holiday, everybody!
MOP Dispatch #2

03:33 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Dec. 16, 2006. It's a new mission from Natasha, voice of the 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda. Natasha commands you to participate in MOP mission #3, code-named "Operation Baby, Can You Digg It?" Complete both parts of this mission, and you...Show More
MOP Dispatch #1

02:54 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Nov. 25, 2006. Meet Natasha, the voice of the 7th Son Ministry of Propaganda. Natasha briefs you on the latest mission for the Ministry, code-named "Operation Burn, Baby, Burn." Distribute five CDs of 7th Son and get your name on the cove...Show More
Book Two, Bonus Episode #3

32:46 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Nov. 5, 2006. It's another bonus episode ... and this one's all about YOU! J.C. talks about Nathan Fillion's upcoming appearance on the show, thanks filmmaker Patrick Lussier, announces the new "Make Your Own Goddamned Contest Contest" h...Show More
Book Two, Bonus Episode #2

42:03 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Oct. 7, 2006. J.C. Hutchins more than makes up for his absence during the hiatus between Descent and Deceit with this Bonus Episode! J.C. chats about what he did during his "summer vacation," plays gobs of calls from the Clone Line (206-9...Show More
Book Two, Bonus Episode #1

25:49 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: Sept. 25, 2006. Less than a day after the historic 7th Son: Book Two launch party in Second Life, Chris Miller of Podiobooks.com and The Round Table podcast chatted with author J.C. Hutchins about the event, and the opportunities for inno...Show More
Farewell Episode

1:20:48 | May 21st, 2007

Debut date: March 23, 2007. Here it is -- the final episode for Book Two: Deceit. J.C. Hutchins answers your questions, basks in the glow of your comments, and thanks darned-near everyone (again) for their support!
Chapter 28

21:53 | Mar 8th, 2007

Jack, Kilroy and Father Thomas ponder the future. John faces off against four Devlins ... and fights for his life in the Arctic.
Chapter 27

28:30 | Feb 27th, 2007

The machinations of villains.
Chapter 25

15:19 | Feb 13th, 2007

Jack, Father Thomas and Kilroy2.0 are reunited in Texas. Jack shares his recent revelations. The clones attempt to hail the other Aurora.
Chapter 24

31:41 | Feb 6th, 2007

Events escalate at Brownlow Point.
Chapter 23

29:49 | Jan 30th, 2007

In Prophecy, Special(k) makes an ultimatum. Jack plots his escape.
Chapters 18-19

34:35 | Dec 19th, 2006

The Beta clones leave the 7th Son facility to pursue Alpha. Gen. Hill's "very special" aircraft are revealed. A mystery greets Kilroy, Father Thomas and Jack in Texas.
Chapter 13

21:03 | Nov 23rd, 2006

Kilroy, Dr. Mike and Father Thomas learn more about the Russian nuke attack. John, Jack, Dr. Kleinman and Gen. Hill discover more secrets in the Proto-Womb.
Chapter 12

25:16 | Nov 14th, 2006

John, Jack, Hill and Kleinman find themselves in a new predicament. Father Thomas and Dr. Mike console Kilroy2.0.
Chapter 7

37:02 | Oct 25th, 2006

Dania and Dr. Mike chat. Jonathan tells a story. The clones make a major breakthrough. Alpha's trinity is revealed.
Chapters 5-6

37:32 | Oct 18th, 2006

Father Thomas, Dr. Mike and Dania Sheridan return to the 7th Son facility. The reunion is cut short. In Texas, A.U. Rookman receives a very special delivery.
Chapter 3

33:02 | Oct 3rd, 2006

The story shifts to the 7th Son facility. Hugh Sheridan and John explain Psyjack technology to Kilroy2.0, Jack and Jonathan. Dr. Mike makes a call to the facility. The clones, Sheridan, Gen. Hill and Dr. Kleinman discover the scope of John Alpha's re...Show More
Recap, Chapters 1-2

59:08 | Sep 27th, 2006

John Alpha -- who lives on inside the mind of Vice President Charles Caine -- contacts his other "selves," updating them on his ongoing conspiracy. Father Thomas and Dr. Mike do some soul searching. Dania Sheridan explains the secrets of Psyjack tech...Show More