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Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life


Money Girl provides short and friendly personal finance, real estate, and investing tips to help you live a richer life. Whether you're just starting out or are already a savvy investor, Money Girl's advice will point you in the right direction. To d...Show More
602 - 6 Steps to Budget with Variable, Irregular, or Unpredictable Income

28:32 | Aug 7th

No matter why you can't count on a regular paycheck, it's possible to create a money system that works. Money Girl has 6 strategies to keep you on track.   Read the transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/saving-spending/budget-ir...Show More
601 - Does Equifax Owe You? How to Claim Your Settlement Money

24:27 | Jul 31st

If your personal data was stolen in the 2017 Equifax data breach, you're entitled to make a settlement claim. Money Girl explains what happened, who's eligible for an Equifax payout, and how to file your claim before the deadline. Read the transcrip...Show More
600 - Don’t Get Tricked by These Tax and Social Security Scams

21:29 | Jul 24th

Fraudsters seem to get more creative in their attempts to trick you into giving up your personal information so they can wreak havoc on your financial life. Money Girl reviews the primary ways criminals try to dupe you and how to stay safe. Read the...Show More
599 - 8 Reasons Your Credit Score Dropped and What to Do

28:37 | Jul 17th

Did your credit scores drop for no apparent reason? Use these wise tips to boost your scores quickly, so an unexpected credit score dip doesn’t hurt your finances. Read the transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/credit/credit-scor...Show More
486 - The Ultimate Guide to Using a Balance Transfer Credit Card

20:26 | Jul 10th

Ever wonder if using a balance transfer offer could improve your personal finances? Laura explains in plain English how a balance transfer credit card works, how it affects your credit, and when it makes sense to use one. You’ll learn smart tips to c...Show More
598 - How to Choose the Best Investments - 6 Dos and Don’ts to Follow

26:18 | Jul 3rd

Find out how to choose the best investments that create financial security without taking too much risk. Money Girl cuts through the confusion with six dos and don’ts that make it easy to invest successfully and with confidence.
597 - The Right Way to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Their Money

30:22 | Jun 26th

Making sure you're up-to-speed on your parent's personal finances is more important than you might think. Money Girl and Cameron Huddleston talk about her new book and the right way to have essential conversations with your parents about their money....Show More
596 - How to Manage Health Benefits When You Leave a Job

23:08 | Jun 19th

Money Girl reviews what happens with common health-related benefits once you’re no longer employed. Read the transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/health-benefits-between-jobs Check out all the Quick and Dirty Tips shows: www...Show More
595 - Can Minors and Seniors Have a Roth IRA?

24:04 | Jun 12th

A Roth IRA is one of the most flexible types of retirement accounts ... if you understand the rules. Here's what seniors and the parents of minors need to know. Read the transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/minors-seniors-roth-i...Show More
594 - How to Raise Your FICO Credit Score Instantly (and for Free)

30:58 | Jun 5th

Building and maintaining great credit is a cornerstone of a successful financial life. Money Girl and Rod Griffin from Experian discuss how you can manage credit wisely and raise scores instantly for free! Read the transcript at https://quickanddirt...Show More
593 - 7 Facts You Should Know About Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

24:32 | May 29th

It may be easier to get rid of your student loans than you ever thought possible! Money Girl answers a listener question and reviews seven facts you should know about wiping out education debt with different types of loan forgiveness programs. Read ...Show More
592 - FICA Alternative Retirement Plan—What Is It and Who Qualifies to Have One?

18:53 | May 22nd

Which type of retirement account is right for you? Money Girl answers a voicemail question about using a FICA Alternative Plan, choosing the right retirement plan, and reaching your financial goals. Plus, you'll get an explainer about all those payro...Show More
591 - 5 Key Roth Retirement Rules You Should Know

21:52 | May 15th

Got questions about the ins and outs of using a Roth retirement account? Let's clear the confusion about the Roth five-year rule, who qualifies for a Roth, and more. Read the transcript at https://quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/retirement/5-rot...Show More
590- 6 Tips for College Grads to Manage Money Like a Grownup

21:26 | May 8th

There's no reason the end of college life has to mean the beginning of money stress. Here are six fundamental tips you can apply now to set yourself up for a lifetime of financial success.
494 MG 4 Penalty-Free Ways to Use a Roth IRA Before Retirement

20:07 | May 1st

You probably know that using a Roth IRA to save for retirement is a smart move that also cuts your taxes. But what you may not know is that unlike other types of retirement accounts, you can spend it before retirement. Laura explains the unique flexi...Show More
589 - How to Invest Money Like A Pro (Even If You Haven’t Started)

40:35 | Apr 24th

Money Girl and Chris Hill from The Motley Fool discuss common investing barriers and the best investment to own for long-term financial success.
588 - Behavioral Finance: Tips for Success With Money, Work, and Life

25:27 | Apr 17th

We all have emotions and biases that strongly influence how we handle our finances. Money Girl interviews Sheri Fitts, an author with expertise in financial services, marketing, and psychology. Find out the driving forces behind behaviors that are cr...Show More
587 - Selling Your Home? Avoid These Costly Mistakes and Pay Less Tax

28:46 | Apr 10th

Selling a home or investment property is a transaction that's loaded with tax consequences. Money Girl interviews Collier Swecker, a real estate professional who's also an attorney and tax law specialist, and breaks down what you need to know.
586 - Big Money-Saving Benefits of Travel Insurance

29:40 | Apr 3rd

Before you leave home, don't forget about travel insurance. This often-overlooked coverage is a bargain for the big benefits you get. Find out the many protections you can choose, how it fills gaps in your medical coverage, the typical cost, and how ...Show More
585 - Buying Your First House? 7 Tips for Millennials and Other Generations

26:08 | Mar 27th

Getting ready to buy your first house? Money Girl helps you make one of the biggest purchases of your life with 7 tips to get prepared, save money, and become a happy homeowner, no matter your age. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips...Show More
584 - Are Financial Advisors Worth It? Insider Tips You Should Know

29:21 | Mar 20th

Are you wondering if a financial advisor can help you achieve your goals? Find out the different types of advisors, typical fees charged, and how to do background checks. Money Girl has insider tips about who can help, who to avoid, and where to find...Show More
583 - Your Guide to Building Credit by Using Credit Cards Responsibly

26:28 | Mar 13th

Credit cards are powerful tools that can help you build excellent credit—but they can also sink your finances. Money Girl answers a listener question about healthy ways to use credit cards. You'll learn how the credit system works, tips to manage car...Show More
582 - 7 Tricks to Save Money on Auto Insurance

22:04 | Mar 6th

Auto insurance can be expensive and confusing...unless you know some insider tricks! Money Girl, Laura Adams, has 7 tips to stay compliant and safe, while also cutting your auto insurance costs. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytip...Show More
581 - What Should Your Net Worth Be?

28:08 | Feb 27th

Your net worth indicates how comfortable your financial future may be. Find out how to calculate your net worth and track it over time. How you compare by age as an individual or as a couple will help you make better financial decisions. Read the ...Show More
BONUS: Introducing One Plus One

10:28 | Feb 22nd

Every great collaboration is a love story. It’s intense. Passionate. Along the way, there are flashes of love, hate, pride, ego, ambition, and brilliance. This is One Plus One, the show about the spark that drives two original thinkers to ultimate su...Show More
580 - 7 Answers to Frequently Asked Income Tax Questions

35:46 | Feb 20th

Taxes are one of the most confusing aspects of personal finances. Money Girl answers to 7 common questions about paying income tax that will help you comply with the law, minimize what you owe, understand tax deductions and credits, pay household wor...Show More
528 - 14 Tips to Kill Impulse Buying and Save Money

22:56 | Feb 13th

Instead of caving to impulse shopping, use these 14 tips and tricks to resist bad spending habits so you can save more money. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/saving-spending/14-tips-to-stop-impulse-buying-and-...Show More
579 - 5 Steps to Declutter Your Finances and Tax Records

23:01 | Feb 5th

Confused about what tax records and financial paperwork you need to keep? Money Girl, Laura Adams, helps you declutter your financial life, manage your tax records, and stay organized in 5 easy steps. Find out how long to keep important records and w...Show More
578 - Tips to Cut Taxes When You Work from a Home Office

25:00 | Jan 30th

Working from home comes with many benefits, including the home office tax deduction. Money Girl explains what this new tax break is, how to find out if you're eligible, how to figure your deduction, and how much money you could save. Read the tr...Show More
577 - How to Set Better Personal Finance Goals for 2019

25:57 | Jan 18th

Find out how to create financial goals you can stick with and achieve. Money Girl Laura Adams offers essential tips plus her 7 personal finance resolutions in 2019. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/retirement/...Show More
576 - Pay Off Debt or Save? Your Step-by-Step Guide for Making Smart Money Decisions

26:56 | Jan 16th

Not sure whether to save, pay off debt, or invest for retirement? Use this 5-step guide to make smart money decisions. It will help you leverage your financial resources, reduce stress, and build wealth as quickly as possible. Read the transcript ...Show More
575 - 4 Ways to Start a Retirement Account as a Self-Employed Freelancer

28:08 | Jan 8th

Self-employed people have just as many ways to save for retirement as those working a 9-5 job. Laura covers the rules, pros, and cons of four easy retirement account options that any freelancer or entrepreneur can use to create a comfortable, happy l...Show More
574 - 10 Horrible Habits That Keep You from Growing Rich

23:30 | Jan 2nd

Acknowledging bad habits that need to be dropped can be the secret to achieving more with your money. Laura covers 10 horrible, counterproductive behaviors that can keep you from growing rich and sabotage your financial future. Read the transcript...Show More
531 - 8 Investing Rules to Follow Even When the Stock Market Drops

29:40 | Dec 26th, 2018

No matter what happens in the stock market, Laura covers 8 rules for investing wisely without taking too much risk. Learn how much you should invest and where to put your money so you create financial security even when the stock market drops. Re...Show More
573 - Prevent ID Theft: 8 Tips on Credit Freezes, Locks, and Alerts

22:53 | Dec 19th, 2018

Identity theft is a growing problem, but there are ways to fight back. Laura covers eight tips for using a credit freeze, credit lock, or a fraud alert to block fraudsters from wreaking havoc in your financial life--plus, warning signs to watch for. ...Show More
572 - 7 Ways to Manage Money Better Before Year-End

18:51 | Dec 12th, 2018

The New Year is when most people resolve to get their health and wealth back on track. But there are some great ways to improve your personal finances that can only be accomplished before the year ends. Laura covers seven tips to manage money better ...Show More
571 - 5 Tips on Nondeductible IRAs and Taxable Accounts

23:50 | Dec 5th, 2018

Laura covers five tips for choosing the best types of retirement accounts for you and your family. Having more than one account is awesome, but the rules to qualify can be a little tricky. You'll find out what to do when faced with the choice of a no...Show More
570 - 6 Ways the New Tax Rules Affect Your Retirement

20:02 | Nov 28th, 2018

The IRS recently announced that next year you can save more in different types of tax-advantaged retirement plans. Find out six ways the new tax rules affect your retirement. Read the transcript at Check out all the Quick and Dirty Tips shows: ...Show More
569 - 8 Ways to Make the Holidays Less Expensive and More Memorable

21:03 | Nov 21st, 2018

Don't let financial pitfalls of the holidays sneak up on you. Laura covers wise tips to make the season brighter, less expensive, and more memorable! Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/saving-spending/8-ways-to-...Show More
568 - A 6-Step Guide to Managing Your Student Loans

18:33 | Nov 14th, 2018

In this excerpt from Laura's new book, "Debt-Free Blueprint: How to Get Out of Debt and Build a Financial Life You Love," you'll get solid tips to manage student loans wisely and use lesser-known strategies to make education debt much more affordable...Show More
567 - Money Anxiety? 5 Numbers That Reveal Your Financial Health

21:09 | Nov 7th, 2018

Financial ratios and formulas are useful tools to gauge your financial health. By watching these five ratios over time you can easily see if your finances are moving in the right direction or need help. Read the transcript at https://www.quickandd...Show More
516 - 5 Steps to Grow Rich Without a Budget

25:51 | Oct 31st, 2018

Have you been putting off creating a budget or tried it with no success? Breathe a sigh of relief because you can still achieve your financial goals without one. Laura gives you 5 steps to grow rich even if budgeting isn't your thing. Get the Money G...Show More
566 - Starting a Family? 5 Money Mistakes New Parents Make

29:25 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Becoming a parent is exciting, but it can be a huge stress on your finances if you're not prepared. Find out smart tips to save money and avoid common money mistakes that many new parents make. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips....Show More
565 - Got Old Retirement Accounts? 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

23:15 | Oct 17th, 2018

Having retirement accounts with previous employers can leave you unsure about what to do with them. Laura reviews your options five costly mistakes to avoid when dealing with your old retirement plans. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddi...Show More
564 - 13 Warning Signs That You Have a Debt Problem

21:24 | Oct 10th, 2018

If you're not sure if you have a debt problem, Laura breaks down 13 warning signs you should know. You’ll learn red flags to watch out for that could prevent you from building wealth and solutions to turn around your financial life. Read the trans...Show More
563 - How to Save Money Using a Balance Transfer Credit Card

21:40 | Oct 3rd, 2018

Not sure if a balance transfer credit card offer is right for you? Laura explains what a transfer card is, the pros and cons, and when it can help you save money. You’ll learn smart tips to cut your interest expense and get out of debt faster. Rea...Show More
562 - 10 Best Perks of an Amazon Prime Membership

20:04 | Sep 26th, 2018

Laura reviews 10 of the best money-saving benefits of being an Amazon Prime member. Find out if a membership is right for you and how to take full advantage of everything Prime has to offer. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com...Show More
561 - 6 Tips and Investing Strategies to Retire Early (and Without Penalty)

28:06 | Sep 19th, 2018

Ready to quit work or begin a financially independent lifestyle? Laura covers six tips and strategies to help you amass enough money to retire early and on your terms. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/retirem...Show More
560 - 8 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Tools

21:39 | Sep 12th, 2018

Laura reviews eight of the best personal finance tools to make sense of your money, stay organized, and achieve your financial goals. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/saving-spending/8-best-budgeting-and-perso...Show More
559 - 5 Ways Mindfulness Makes You a Better Money Manager

18:03 | Sep 5th, 2018

Find out how the secular practice of mindfulness helps you live more fully in the present moment and is a powerful way to take control of your finances. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/saving-spending/5-ways-...Show More
558 - Your Guide to Getting a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

24:32 | Aug 29th, 2018

If you're a homeowner you might wonder if it's a good idea to dip into your equity using a HELOC. What's a HELOC? How do you get one? And should you use one to pay off a primary mortgage faster? A list of pros and cons to consider. Read the transc...Show More
557 - How to Know If Your Health Plan Qualifies for an HSA

21:56 | Aug 22nd, 2018

Not sure if your health insurance qualifies you for a health savings account or HSA? Laura answers a listener question and covers the facts about what an HSA is and the rules to qualify for one. If your health plan qualifies, using an HSA is one of t...Show More
556 - 6 Rules Every Investor Should Know About Retirement RMDs

29:25 | Aug 15th, 2018

While it might be a while before you begin taking distributions from a retirement account, there are important rules you should factor into your planning, no matter your age. Find out what retirement RMDs are, how they affect different types of retir...Show More
555 - How to Retire With Enough Money and Income

27:22 | Aug 8th, 2018

Saving for retirement is the granddaddy of all financial goals--but how much do you really need? Find out where retirement income comes from and easy ways to figure the amount of savings and income you'll need to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Re...Show More
554 - 3 Excuses Keeping You from Saving (and How to Kill Them)

25:18 | Aug 1st, 2018

If you're behind on saving, don't let common excuses keep you poor. Laura covers 3 reasons why you may not be saving for retirement and how to overcome them, no matter how much or little money you have. Read the transcript at https://www.quickandd...Show More
503 MG What Insurance College Kids Need and Tips to Save

23:18 | Jul 25th, 2018

Make sure you don't skimp on insurance needs for your college student. Laura answers a listener question about how to handle vehicles for students and shop for insurance. Plus, you'll learn other important considerations to protect your belongings an...Show More
553 - Just Married? 3 Ways to Manage Money as a New Couple

18:42 | Jul 18th, 2018

Creating a streamlined financial life as a couple can be challenging. Laura answers a question from a struggling newlywed and reviews three approaches to managing money based on your relationship and financial goals. Read the transcript at https:...Show More
552 - Buy or Rent a Home: Which Option Makes You Richer?

20:11 | Jul 11th, 2018

Buying a home can be a great financial move, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll always come out ahead. Renting can also be a smart way to build wealth, if you follow a few guidelines. Laura covers the pros and cons for owning and renting so you kno...Show More
551 - 7 Financial Accounts You Need for a Richer Life

29:50 | Jul 4th, 2018

A key to growing rich is having the right financial accounts in place. Get the scoop on seven accounts that most individuals and families should have for more financial success. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-financ...Show More
550 - 8 Tactics to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

18:46 | Jun 27th, 2018

While escaping the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck isn’t easy, it’s possible to get ahead by changing your mindset, examining your lifestyle, and creating new habits. Once you free up even a small amount of discretionary income each month, it’s ...Show More
549 - A 5-Point Checklist for How to Invest Money Wisely

23:41 | Jun 20th, 2018

Tempted to roll the dice with a windfall to make a quick profit? Use this five-point checklist to know if your financial foundation is strong enough to make a risky investment and why investing for the long-term is the best strategy. Read the tran...Show More
548 - Should You Spend or Invest Your HSA Funds?

20:30 | Jun 13th, 2018

Understand the many benefits of using a health savings account (HSA) and whether it’s better to spend your balance on medical costs or keep it invested for the long term. Read the transcript at https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/taxes...Show More
547 - Starting a Business? Tips to Make Money on the Side

29:25 | Jun 5th, 2018

If you've ever wanted to start a business or make extra money on the side, there are some key considerations and tasks that increase your chances of success. Get wise tips about managing risk, incorporating, business banking, starting no-money ventur...Show More
546 - When to Cancel a Credit Card? 10 Dos and Don’ts to Follow

22:41 | May 30th, 2018

If you've been thinking about cancelling a credit card, it’s critical to understand how it will affect your entire financial life. Laura covers 10 dos and don’ts for when to cancel a credit card that will help you minimize credit damage and improve y...Show More
545 - 9 Credit Rights You Should Know—A Quick Guide to Consumer Protections

17:21 | May 23rd, 2018

Understanding your consumer credit rights can help you build credit, qualify for the best financial offers, and save money for decades to come. Laura gives a quick guide to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by reviewing 9 credit rights you should ...Show More
544 - 6 Ways to Save and Invest Money for Kids

25:13 | May 16th, 2018

Want to give kids a financial head start? There are many good financial vehicles parents can use to save and invest money for a child’s future. Laura reviews the pros and cons of six of the best savings options so you know which one is right for your...Show More
543 - 5 Ways to Know When You Should Start Investing

23:09 | May 9th, 2018

Hesitant about becoming an investor? Learn five ways to know for sure when you’re ready to invest. Read on for a clear plan to prepare your finances and mindset to start investing, no matter how much or little money you have. Read the transcript at ...Show More
542 - Using an HSA? These 10 Allowable Expenses May Surprise You

22:36 | May 1st, 2018

If you're eligible for an HSA (health savings account) it's a wise way to cut taxes and save for the future. But navigating the rules for funding and spending the account can be tricky. Laura covers what you need to know including 10 often-surprising...Show More
541 - Choose the Right Retirement Accounts in 3 Simple Steps

28:56 | Apr 25th, 2018

If you’re confused by all the tax-advantaged retirement account options you can choose from, it’s time to get clarity and use them to build more wealth for the future. Laura walks you through 3 simple steps to choose the right retirement accounts for...Show More
540 - Tricks to Travel More With Less Money and Time

33:04 | Apr 18th, 2018

If you love the idea of traveling, but don't think you have enough money or time to get away, it’s time to reframe your mindset about chasing adventure. Whether you can only get away for long weekends or take extended tours, find out the tricks exper...Show More
539 - 9 Negative Items That Stay on Your Credit Reports

23:07 | Apr 11th, 2018

Positive information about your finances stays on your credit history for a long time--but the bad news is that negative information stays there too! Laura covers nine negative items that can appear in your credit history and for how long. Read th...Show More
538 - 7 Micro Habits That Create Financial Success

18:31 | Apr 4th, 2018

Find out what a micro habit is and how to use them to improve your financial life. They require minimal time, effort, and motivation, but can build up to huge, significant results when you make them part of your routine. Read the transcript at htt...Show More
537 - 10 Retirement Rollover FAQs That Will Make You Richer

23:07 | Mar 28th, 2018

Even though “doing a rollover” sounds like a cute dog trick, don’t underestimate its ability to save you some serious money. Laura answers 10 common questions about how to use a retirement rollover correctly so you avoid penalties, get more investmen...Show More
BONUS: Introducing Safe for Work: A New Podcast from Wondery

11:16 | Mar 22nd, 2018

Part of loving the journey along the way to financial success is finding fulfillment in our day-to-day work. I know you'll love this special bonus clip I have for you today, which comes from a new podcast from Wondery called Safe For Work, hosted by ...Show More
536 - Work from Home? Tax Reform Changes to the Home Office Deduction

20:49 | Mar 21st, 2018

Working from home, either as a remote employee or for your own business, has become common--but tax reform significantly changes who can claim a deduction for it. Laura explains the new rules for taking a home office deduction and how to use it to sa...Show More
535 - 10 Strategies to Reduce Money Stress and Improve Your Finances

23:21 | Mar 14th, 2018

You can can have money stress and feel anxious about your financial situation, no matter how much you make. Find out the root causes of money stress and 10 strategies to reduce it so you can have a more peaceful life. Read the transcript at https...Show More
534 - 12 Credit Myths and Truths You Should Know

18:06 | Mar 7th, 2018

Building and maintaining great credit is an important part of your financial life. But there are loads of myths and misunderstandings about credit that can hurt your wallet. Laura covers 12 credit myths and truths you should know to save money and im...Show More
533 - 5 Steps to Create Your Own Self-Employed Benefits Package

32:15 | Feb 28th, 2018

Think you have to sacrifice benefits when you leave a traditional job? Laura explains how to create your own benefits package when you're self-employed and answers several related questions from Money Girl readers and podcast listeners. Read the ...Show More
532 - 6 Tips to Simplify Your Finances and Keep Good Records

25:02 | Feb 21st, 2018

Feel like your personal finances are too complicated? It's time to streamline and declutter. Laura gives tips to simplify your financial life, stay organized, and know which financial records to keep and for how long. Read the transcript at https...Show More
531 - 8 Investing Rules to Follow Even When the Stock Market Drops

28:39 | Feb 14th, 2018

No matter what happens in the stock market, Laura covers 8 rules for investing wisely without taking too much risk. Learn how much you should invest and where to put your money so you create financial security even when the stock market drops. Re...Show More
530 - 7 Simple Reasons to Invest in a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k)

25:10 | Feb 7th, 2018

Roth accounts are a vastly underutilized and misunderstood way to save for retirement. Get the scoop on 7 ways you receive huge tax benefits, access to funds, and flexibility with a Roth IRA or a Roth retirement plan at work. Laura also answers a pod...Show More
BONUS: Introducing Business Wars

11:09 | Feb 6th, 2018

Today I'm excited to tell you about a new podcast called Business Wars. The way we live and the things we buy are always influenced by big businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them. Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what driv...Show More
529 - 6 Steps to Build or Repair Your Credit Before Buying a Home

29:07 | Jan 31st, 2018

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a first-timer, your credit score is a primary factor that mortgage lenders consider when evaluating your application. Follow these 6 steps to build or repair your credit before house hunting so you get approved ...Show More
528 - 14 Tips to Kill Impulse Buying and Save Money

22:52 | Jan 24th, 2018

Instead of caving to impulse shopping, use these 14 tips and tricks to resist bad spending habits so you can save more money. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/saving-spending/14-tips-to-stop-impulse-buying-and-...Show More
527 - Tax Reform Law: 7 Ways It Affects Your Personal Finances

27:13 | Jan 17th, 2018

Reforms in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act begin in 2018 and affect virtually every U.S. taxpayer. Find out which changes shake up your personal finances the most so you can prepare, avoid potential pitfalls, and keep your tax liability as low as possible....Show More
526 - Should You Refinance or Consolidate Your Student Loans?

19:01 | Jan 10th, 2018

If you're frustrated by student loans it's time to get familiar with your options. Find out the difference between a student loan refinance and a consolidation, who can use them, and how to make your education debt more manageable and affordable. ...Show More
525 - 5 Steps to Create a Foolproof Money Strategy in 2018

18:14 | Jan 3rd, 2018

It's time to kick-off the New Year with a solid money strategy for success! Follow these 5 action steps to create a plan that allows you to have more control, peace, and a better financial future. Get the Money Girl book at http://www.MoneyGirlBook.c...Show More
489 MG 7 Simple Principles to Invest Money Wisely No Matter Your Age

27:03 | Dec 27th, 2017

You can achieve your financial goals by using simple, but tried and true, investing principles. Laura covers 7 key concepts to grow your net worth over time no matter if you're an investing newbie or have been at it for decades--even if you don’t hav...Show More
524 - 10 Best Ways to Lower Your Bills Now

20:13 | Dec 20th, 2017

Whether you need quick ways to cut expenses ahead of the holidays or just want to save more for retirement (or other financial goals), there are plenty of ways to put money back in your bank account. Laura covers 10 of the best ways to cut your bills...Show More
523 - Tax Reform Tips: 5 Best Moves to Save Money Now

15:45 | Dec 13th, 2017

The end of the year is always a busy time with holiday preparations and celebrations--but it's also a critical deadline for your personal finances and last-minute opportunities to save money. Due to pending tax reform, making smart tax moves may be e...Show More
522 - 4 Financial Mistakes Couples Make When Moving In Together

15:51 | Dec 6th, 2017

Living with a romantic partner is a big step emotionally, legally, and financially. Find out how to set important expectations and avoid 4 common financial mistakes that could trip up your relationship. Read the transcript at http://www.quickandd...Show More
467 MG 5 Lesser-Known Reasons Why Your Credit Score Drops

19:40 | Nov 29th, 2017

Are you frustrated because your credit score dropped suddenly for no apparent reason? Laura answers a listener question and covers 5 lesser-known reasons why credit scores can drop unexpectedly. These tips will help you raise your credit score as qui...Show More
521 - Changing Careers? 5 Ways to Be Financially Prepared

43:53 | Nov 22nd, 2017

Ready for a life change like quitting your job to pursue a new career, starting your own business, or going back to school? Making a jump is both exciting and risky. Find out what financial steps you should take before leaving a comfortable work situ...Show More
520 - Car Loan or Lease? 6 Tips to Know Which Option Is Best

24:01 | Nov 15th, 2017

A simple explanation on the differences between buying and leasing a car, and 6 Money Girl tips to know which option is best for you. Read the transcript at http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/loans/buying-vs-leasing-a-car Check out al...Show More
BONUS: Introducing "When to Jump"

30:04 | Nov 10th, 2017

Check out this bonus episode from our new podcast, When to Jump! Learn more at www.whentojump.com/podcast
519 - Over-Contribute to an HSA, IRA or 401k? Here's What to Do

27:03 | Nov 8th, 2017

If you use an HSA, IRA, or 401k, it's critical to never contribute too much. Laura reviews the allowable contribution limits and explains how to fix an excess and avoid costly penalties. You'll also learn whether the most recent tax proposal from Hou...Show More
455 MG Buying a Home? Best Ways to Save Your Down Payment

16:18 | Nov 1st, 2017

If you're ready to buy a home you'll need enough down payment money to qualify for a mortgage. Find out how much you need, 6 tips to save faster, and the best places to stash cash for your new home. Read the full transcript here: http://bit.ly/29Lbov...Show More
518 - How to Negotiate for More Money (Even When You Hear No)

26:26 | Oct 25th, 2017

Want a raise or promotion, but don't know where to start? Learn how to negotiate and get what you want, even if the answer is no! Find out how to make requests part of your work mindset, properly prepare for reviews, and use 5 steps to negotiate effe...Show More
517 - 5 Places to Invest After You Max Out a Retirement Account

27:49 | Oct 18th, 2017

Don't get confused about where to invest your extra cash. Laura answers a listener question and gives tips for the different types of accounts you can use to put away additional money when you’re a good saver, get a raise, or receive an unexpected ca...Show More
516 - 5 Steps to Grow Rich Without a Budget

26:12 | Oct 11th, 2017

Have you been putting off creating a budget or tried it with no success? Breathe a sigh of relief because you can still achieve your financial goals without one. Laura gives you 5 steps to grow rich even if budgeting isn't your thing. Get the Money G...Show More
515 - 4 Ways to Invest in Stocks with Little Money or Experience

24:48 | Oct 4th, 2017

Laura reviews 4 easy ways to invest in stocks with little money or experience and answers a podcast listener's question. You'll learn a simple strategy to invest confidently and wisely so you build plenty of wealth for the future. Get the Money Girl ...Show More
477 MG How to Stay Disciplined and Do More with Your Money

16:04 | Sep 27th, 2017

Have you ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused about a big financial decision? Most of us waffle about whether we should or shouldn’t spend money or make key financial moves. In this post, Laura gives a simple framework to stay disciplined a...Show More
514 - 8 Warning Signs of Identity Theft (and How to Fight Back)

26:40 | Sep 20th, 2017

Data hacks can leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals. Laura covers 8 warning signs to watch out for and how to fight back if you become a victim. Plus, she answers a variety of questions from readers and podcast listeners about topics including prot...Show More
513 - Equifax Data Breach: 5 Steps to Protect Your Personal Finances

23:43 | Sep 13th, 2017

Cybercriminals hacked Equifax and took the personal information of 143 million Americans, about half of the U.S. adult population. If you have a credit report, there’s a good chance your personal information was exposed. Laura explains what happened ...Show More
512 MG Natural Disaster Survival: How to Save Yourself and Your Finances

28:21 | Sep 6th, 2017

Natural disasters happen no matter where you live. Laura explains how to be properly insured, get a fair claim settlement, apply for federal assistance, work with contractors, and avoid scams. You'll learn how prepare for and deal with any type of na...Show More
511 MG Tax Q&A: Tips for Remote Workers, Freelancers, and Expats

23:13 | Aug 30th, 2017

Taxes probably aren't your favorite topic, but the more you understand about them, the more money you can save by legally cutting your tax bill. Laura answers seven tax-related questions about working remotely, living abroad as an expat, and doing fr...Show More
510 MG Is Owning Gold a Smart Investment?

18:37 | Aug 23rd, 2017

If you've ever wondered if you should invest in precious metals, it's time to get more information. Laura answers a listener question about owning gold in light of the political climate. She'll explain why investors choose gold, how to buy it, and wh...Show More
509 MG Work from a Home Office? Claim a Tax Deduction and Save Money

22:10 | Aug 16th, 2017

Claiming the home office deduction is a smart way to make certain expenses fully or partially deductible. But there are strict rules to qualify. Find out who can claim the often-overlooked home office deduction, which expenses are deductible, and how...Show More
508 MG Social Security—Secrets to Max Out Your Future Benefits

29:01 | Aug 9th, 2017

Laura interviews a Social Security expert about how the program works and what you need to know even if you're nowhere near retirement age. They discuss who's eligible for benefits, pros and cons of taking early retirement, how to avoid expensive Soc...Show More
507 MG How to Open an IRA—Understand Eligibility, Rollovers, and Early Retirement

26:06 | Aug 2nd, 2017

Retirement accounts can be the best way to secure your future--but the rules can be confusing. Laura answers four IRA questions about who's eligible, the rules for doing rollovers, and tips to retire early. Get the Money Girl book at http://MoneyGirl...Show More
506 MG Should You Pay Off Debt Before Investing?

29:15 | Jul 26th, 2017

Not sure whether to pay off a debt or to invest money instead? Laura covers the main pros and cons and shares a simple method to prioritize your precious resources so you accomplish key financial goals and build wealth as quickly as possible.
505 MG Credit Q&A: Build Credit, Dispute Errors, and Prioritize Debt

25:04 | Jul 19th, 2017

Laura answers questions about how to build credit, manage credit utilization, correct credit errors, handle past due accounts, and prioritize debt the best way possible. Read or listen to the audio podcast for key tips to maintain good credit for lif...Show More
504 MG Should You Use a 529 Plan to Pay for College?

33:33 | Jul 12th, 2017

Money Girl interviews a 529 college savings plan expert on how to fund higher education for yourself, a child, or grandchild without going broke. Learn how to choose the right 529 plan and use it wisely, how much to save, what the funds can be used f...Show More
402 MG Finding the Right Partner for Life and Financial Success

15:50 | Jul 5th, 2017

Five important traits to look for when choosing a life partner (plus many to avoid) so you're more likely to have a happy and successful financial life together. Read the full podcast here: http://bit.ly/1F40uGs
503 MG What Insurance College Kids Need and Tips to Save

20:04 | Jun 28th, 2017

Make sure you don't skimp on insurance needs for your college student. Laura answers a listener question about how to handle vehicles for students and shop for insurance. Plus, you'll learn other important considerations to protect your belongings an...Show More
502 MG Retirement Q&A: How to Choose Accounts, Manage Risk, and Cut Fees

21:06 | Jun 21st, 2017

Do you have concerns or unanswered questions about investing for retirement that have kept you from getting started? It's time to get more clarity so you can move your finances forward with confidence instead of staying stuck and never building wealt...Show More
501 MG How to Create a Profitable Side Business (and Keep Your Day Job)

31:49 | Jun 14th, 2017

Want to become an entrepreneur while avoiding all the potential pitfalls? Laura interviews Patrick McGinnis, author of The 10% Entrepreneur about why you don't have to choose between your current career and starting a profitable side business. Find o...Show More
500 MG 500th Episode Special: The Story Behind Money Girl

18:38 | Jun 6th, 2017

Woohoo, it's the 500th episode of Money Girl! Let's celebrate by going behind the scenes. Laura shares the Money Girl story, how she got started as a personal finance expert and author, how the podcast began, its major influence on her career, and ho...Show More
448 MG 6 Options to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

15:33 | May 30th, 2017

While having bad credit can be a roadblock when applying for a loan from a traditional lender, it doesn't mean that you can't get a loan. Laura covers 6 lending alternatives to get a loan even if your credit is less than perfect. Read the full transc...Show More
499 MG Debt Q&A: Manage Student Loans, Credit Cards, and HELOCs Wisely

19:13 | May 24th, 2017

Handling debt wisely is one of the most important parts of your financial life. Laura answers 6 questions she recently received about student loans, HELOCs, and credit card debt. You'll learn tips to protect your credit, use existing home equity, man...Show More
498 MG How to Find Scholarships and Pay for College Without Loans

22:29 | May 17th, 2017

Laura interviews Jocelyn Paonita Pearson, a scholarship expert and founder of The Scholarship System. They talk about how to pay for college without loans by using scholarship funds. After years of trial and error, Jocelyn cracked the code on how to ...Show More