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Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone

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Brain Science was launched in 2006 by Dr. Ginger Campbell, an experienced emergency physician with a passion for exploring how recent discoveries in neuroscience are revealing how our brains make us who we are. This podcast is for non-scientists, s...Show More

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1:07:20 | Jun 26th

In this special episode of Brain Science host Dr Ginger Campbell reads an excerpt from her bestseller "Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origin of Certainty." While it might seem ironic to talk about cert...Show More

1:11:18 | May 22nd

In this episode I talk with neuroscientist György Buzsáki about his new book The Brain from Inside Out. We explore how abandoning what he calls the "Outside In" approach to understanding the brain can...Show More
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1:12:20 | Apr 24th

This episode of Brain Science is an interview with neuroscientist Matthew Cobb author of "The Idea of the Brain: The Past and Future of Neuroscience." Cobb approaches the history of neuroscience fr...Show More

1:14:00 | Mar 27th

This is an interview with Andreas Nieder, author of "A Brain for Numbers: The Biology of the Number Instinct." We talk about the surprising discovery that a wide variety of animals have a number insti...Show More

59:13 | Mar 13th

This episode is an exploration of glial cells with R Douglas Fields, author of "The Other Brain: The Scientific and Medical Breakthroughs That Will Heal Our Brains and Revolutionize Our Health." Glial...Show More
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