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Real stories by New York City teenagers take listeners inside their lives and their communities in this Peabody Award-winning youth journalism initiative. For teens, by teens and about the challenges of teen life, Radio Rookies gives students the too...Show More

10:19 | Mar 5th, 2016

Temitayo and Gemma spoke with nearly three dozen high school students who smoke weed to learn more about what they call "the Mary Jane mindset".

12:14 | Feb 20th, 2016

When people think about teen parents, they usually picture a young mom. But what about the dads?
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08:21 | Feb 6th, 2016

Cece Rodriguez may be tiny at 5 ’4”, 100 lbs, but she’s physically strong. Despite her family’s concerns, she dreams of testing her toughness by enlisting in the U.S. Marines.

09:02 | Dec 12th, 2015

Nearly 100,000 Americans suffer from a disorder called Sickle Cell Anemia. Radio Rookie Bree Person hates talking about Sickle cells – but she put together this report nevertheless.

08:26 | Dec 9th, 2015

At 17-years-old Tangeneka Taylor moved to the U.S from Guyana with her dad and sister. Along with having to adjust to a new country, she’s had to adjust to life without her mom.
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