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Movie Geeks United! is one of the most popular movie-themed podcasts with a worldwide listening audience of close to 6 million. Includes film reviews, news, topic discussion, in-depth original series, and more than 1000 original interviews with some ...Show More

1:00:00 | Oct 4th

Movie Geeks United! home entertainment correspondent Adam Long reviews the roster of blu-ray titles released during the month of September 2019.

36:00 | Sep 26th

Released in theaters on September 25, 2009, a little movie titled Paranormal Activity quickly became one of the most successful horror phenomenons in modern cinematic history. Now, on the occasion of the film's 10th anniversary, we speak with lead ac...Show More
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58:00 | Sep 16th

Author and film historian Ray Morton discusses the origins, production and legacy of Star Trek: The Motion Picture on the occasion of the film's 40th anniversary.

2:09:00 | Sep 9th

The Movie Geeks return to their beloved annual series to examine the summer movie releases from 25 years ago. Summer of 1994 releases include Forrest Gump, The Lion King, Natural Born Killers, True Lies, The Crow and dozens more.

21:00 | Sep 5th

The Movie Geeks speak with acclaimed actor and director Danny Huston (The Aviator, Birth, Wonder Woman) about his latest effort both in front of and behind the camera - The Last Photograph.  The film premieres in select theaters and on demand on Sept...Show More
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