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How to Quit Your Tech Job

53:23 | Mar 8th

Jessica Powell was the top communications executive at Google when she found herself Googling, in no uncertain search terms, how to quit her job at Google. She tried approximately 837 different tactics before she ended up taking the leap, and now she...Show More
Amazon's Quest for World Domination

40:08 | Aug 9th

Amazon didn’t become the behemoth it is by accident. Its services, like Amazon Prime, and products, like the Echo smart speaker, were designed to learn everything about you and become essential fixtures in your daily routine. But the convenience that...Show More
Bumps in the Road to Our Robo-Car Future

42:08 | Aug 2nd

From fledgling startups to automotive giants like General Motors, there’s a whole lot of companies looking to develop fully self-driving cars. But that goal is still a long way from reality. The world is a messy, unpredictable place, and it turns out...Show More
Why New York’s Revenge Porn Law Is Flawed

44:03 | Jul 26th

This week, New York governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill criminalizing the spread of nonconsensual pornography, or revenge porn. WIRED’s Emma Grey Ellis joins Mike and Lauren to talk about what the law does, and what it still fails to address...Show More
Twitter’s Redesign Is Impressive. Is It Enough?

51:39 | Jul 19th

On Monday, Twitter began rolling out its first desktop redesign in seven years. It was a mostly aesthetic makeover, with changes like a new layout, dark mode, and a more prominent search bar. As with anything Twitter, the reaction has been polarizing...Show More
Facebook's Libra and the Future of Money

37:18 | Jul 13th

Last month, Facebook announced its plans to get into the cryptocurrency race with Libra. A blend of blockchain and partnership with 28 companies, Libra has been pitched as a money transfer service and a unique currency rolled into one. But just by vi...Show More
Rebalancing Our Relationship With Tech

1:04:15 | Jun 28th

This week, a conversation with Aza Raskin, cofounder of the Center for Humane Technology at Stanford University, about the “asymmetric power relationships” between the people who use tech and the companies who control it. In the news, Jony Ive, the f...Show More
A Genius Move

54:37 | Jun 21st

If you thought an internet giant stole your hard work and claimed it as their own, how would you ever prove it? Well, what if you could booby trap the information first? On this spine-tingling episode of the Gadget Lab podcast, Mike, Arielle, and Lau...Show More
The Biggest News From E3

54:04 | Jun 14th

This week was E3, the trade show where the biggest names in gaming debut their latest shiny products and software. On this week’s Gadget Lab podcast, WIRED’s Peter Rubin joins Mike, Arielle, and Lauren to discuss the latest developments in cloud comp...Show More
Everything From Apple’s WWDC

55:36 | Jun 7th

The iPhone is still undoubtedly Apple’s most important product. So why were some of the biggest announcements this week at the company’s annual developers conference around the iPad and the Mac? On this week’s Gadget Lab podcast, Mike, Arielle, and L...Show More
Making Surfing More Sustainable

58:57 | Jun 2nd

The great irony in the sport of surfing is that the process of making a surfboard puts a great deal of strain on the environment. The various chemicals and materials used to assemble boards, leashes, and wetsuits end up polluting the waterways, and d...Show More
Samsung’s Innovation Dilemma

58:56 | May 24th

What’s a giant consumer electronics maker to do when it notices that younger customers are more interested in paying for experiences, rather than things? That’s what WIRED senior associate editor Arielle Pardes had the chance to ask Samsung’s David E...Show More
YouTube’s Latest Beauty Scandal

39:46 | May 17th

Beauty product reviews on YouTube aren’t just about beauty products and internet capitalism. They’re a conduit for drama, loyalty politics, and “cancel” culture, as WIRED’s Emma Grey Ellis has learned throughout her reporting on some of YouTube’s big...Show More
If You Build It, They Will I/O

53:20 | May 10th

Developer conferences aren’t just a chance for tech companies to incentivize app makers and show off the latest tricks and tools in software. The events also present an opportunity for companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google to assure the publ...Show More
The Making of Adam Savage

54:59 | May 3rd

You might know Adam Savage as the co-host of the television show MythBusters, as the editor of Tested.com, or as the host of countless web videos that show him building machines, sewing costumes for Comic-Con, and occasionally blowing something up in...Show More
Preserving Your Right to Repair Your Gadgets

1:11:48 | Apr 19th

What happens when your drop your phone and shatter the screen? Or when its battery starts to grow noticeably weaker? These common technological woes are things that you should be able to remedy yourself—just buy some parts, get some tools, and fix yo...Show More
What Happens to Uber After Its IPO?

49:16 | Apr 12th

Uber filed to go public this week. No big surprise there; everyone in the industry has been waiting months for the ride-hailing giant to hit the accelerator on its IPO. What did raise an eyebrow were the details the company divulged in its filing—fro...Show More
Introducing Citadel Dropouts: A Game of Thrones Podcast

46:25 | Apr 12th

We’re confused about what exactly this hoped-for Targaryen Restoration is about, politically. And is Game of Thrones, like, good anymore? Laura Hudson and Spencer Ackerman preview the political and social themes fueling the forthcoming final season o...Show More
Reporting From Syria

21:30 | Apr 5th

This week, we’re joined by a special guest: freelance war correspondent Kenneth R. Rosen. Ken is working on a series of stories for WIRED about the reconstruction efforts in Syria. The first of Ken’s stories, “The Body Pullers of Syria,” published ea...Show More
The Case for Male Birth Control

47:37 | Mar 29th

Hormonal male contraception is not a new idea––in fact, researchers have been working on solutions for men the pill was invented for women. But early tests around male contraceptives were inconclusive, and as birth control pills exploded, interest in...Show More
Game On at Google

48:29 | Mar 22nd

Google’s Project Stream, first unveiled last October, gave gamers a taste of what it would be like to stream heavy games directly from the cloud – from a Chrome browser, even. That effort has now evolved into something much, much more ambitious. At t...Show More
Flickr Cofounder Questions Big Tech

1:07:22 | Mar 15th

“Should this exist?” is not typically a question that technologists ask themselves, Caterina Fake says. The Flickr cofounder-turned-investor says that most entrepreneurs and engineers will ask themselves, “Can this exist, could this exist, how can we...Show More
Alex Kipman’s Holographic Tendencies

52:12 | Mar 1st

Microsoft just unveiled a brand new product, but it really doesn’t want to hype it. That’s according to Alex Kipman, technical fellow at Microsoft who is credited with inventing Kinect and HoloLens. Kipman joins the Gadget Lab podcast this week to ta...Show More
You’ve Got to Know When to Fold ‘Em

42:37 | Feb 23rd

At its flagship phone event this week in San Francisco, Samsung announced not one but four different versions of the new Galaxy S10: A phone with a 6.1-inch display, a plus-sized model, a “less expensive” version of the phone, and a handset that will...Show More
The Treacherous Allure of OG Usernames

59:52 | Feb 15th

Product designer and internet native Chris Messina was lucky enough to snag the username @chris on Instagram back when Instagram was known as Burbn, and, like all of his early usernames, it became a part of his digital identity. But having an OG user...Show More
The App Smackdown

49:17 | Feb 1st

Move fast and break app store rules: That very well may have been Facebook’s motto for awhile now, only, we’re just learning about it this week. After TechCrunch reported that Facebook was sidestepping Apple’s rules for enterprise apps and distributi...Show More
Amazon Delivery Bots Are Here

42:29 | Jan 25th

Kids are particularly terrible for robots. At least, that’s what researchers in Japan discovered when they let a robot roam around a shopping center in Osaka in 2015. A group of kids antagonized the robot, forcing the researchers to program an algori...Show More
Nike’s Truly Smart Sneakers

46:34 | Jan 19th

Self-lacing sneakers have been the dream since Marty McFly first rocked Nike MAGs in 1989, but most attempts at turning shoe leather into smart sneakers have been expensive, produced in small batches, and frankly, a little gimmicky. Until now: Earlie...Show More
The Best of CES

52:38 | Jan 12th

We came. We saw. We touched a lot of gadgets. This week was the annual CES, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics show, and WIRED’s team was on the ground covering all of the top tech trends to emerge from the show. In this week’s episode o...Show More
The Year in Tech, in One Word

49:13 | Dec 21st, 2018

If you had to sum up the year in tech in one word, what word would you choose? That’s what we at the Gadget Lab asked ourselves as we looked to somehow recap a year’s worth of tech-related drama in approximately 45 minutes. 2018 was the year that we ...Show More
Apocalypse Now

56:06 | Dec 14th, 2018

Most people, at this point, believe that climate change is a real thing that will harm future generations of humans. And yet, a cognitive dissonance exists around that knowledge and our sense of responsibility: A much smaller percentage of people bel...Show More
Where to Find Porn Without Tumblr

44:05 | Dec 7th, 2018

The internet is for porn. Lately, though, platforms have become squeamish about hosting it. Facebook doesn’t allow nudity. Neither does Instagram. Patreon put the kibosh on creators adult content. Now, microblogging site Tumblr—previously one of the ...Show More
The Latest Chapter for Groupon’s Founder

54:58 | Nov 30th, 2018

After Groupon founder Andrew Mason was fired from the role of company CEO in 2013, he released a motivational rock album for middle managers. It was an unusual move, for sure, but for Mason, it seemed a natural segue after spending most of his early ...Show More
Pinterest’s Push in Visual Search

55:06 | Nov 23rd, 2018

Holidays are supposed to be about presence, not presents, right? It’s about spending time with family and friends and re-prioritizing…right? (Right?) That’s certainly true, but it’s also that time when there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on peopl...Show More
Magic Leap’s Very Real Challenges

47:41 | Nov 19th, 2018

How do you get people excited about wearing AR goggles on their faces when our flat-screened, 2D media world has some pretty compelling entertainment to offer? That’s one of the challenges that Magic Leap marketing head Brenda Freeman faces as the co...Show More
Darren Aronofsky on VR Storytelling

41:57 | Nov 9th, 2018

Hollywood is busily trying to figure out the best way to present big-budget films in VR. The platform is great for games and short-form entertainment, but if you want to tell an epic story and really draw the viewer in emotionally, the limits of VR p...Show More
Sonos CEO on the Future of the 'Sonic Internet'

30:33 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Speaker maker Sonos has said for awhile now that it wants to remain agnostic in the voice-controlled smart home wars, and offer a high-end audio experience that supports all different kinds of software. But Sonos is in a particularly interesting posi...Show More
Mary Lou Jepsen on AR, VR, and Reading Your Mind

57:23 | Oct 26th, 2018

Mary Lou Jepsen is an accomplished display technology expert who has worked on futuristic projects at Google, Oculus, Intel, and One Laptop Per Child, among other places. She created Pixel Qi, a low-power display technology, and her latest company, O...Show More
Pinterest’s Evan Sharp on the Future of Software

46:42 | Oct 20th, 2018

Why did Apple’s Jony Ive name Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp as one of the figures in technology who he believes will change the future? If you were wondering about that, here’s a great chance to learn a little bit more about Sharp and make the cal...Show More
A Conversation With Google’s Ivy Ross

44:35 | Oct 12th, 2018

Is Facebook’s new video chat portal for your home completely creepy, or will it be useful in some way? Was Google’s decision not to include a camera in its new smart home hub driven by privacy concerns? And what exactly does the concept of the “thoug...Show More
Hacking Humans

42:20 | Oct 5th, 2018

Hey watch this YouTube video I just sent you. When it’s over, maybe watch another one. Oh, wow, that one looks interesting too—click on it. Oh never mind, it just plays. Maybe watch this one too? How long have we been here? Only an hour? Surely there...Show More
Virtually Riveting

46:13 | Sep 28th, 2018

If it seems like all of the news has been centered around this week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and you’re wondering what tech news you might have missed, then this is the podcast episode for you. On this week’s Gadget Lab we discuss the abr...Show More
iPhones to the Max

44:35 | Sep 14th, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, if you love glass slabs and connected watches. Apple revealed three new iPhones this week – the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR – along with a new Apple Watch that has more health-tracking fea...Show More
Where Social Media’s Going, There Are No Roads

38:14 | Sep 7th, 2018

Facebook and Twitter went to Washington. Almost immediately afterwards, controversial Internet troll Alex Jones was kicked off Twitter. Now what? WIRED senior writer Issie Laposwky joins the Gadget Lab podcast this week to break down the Senate Inte...Show More
The Sleep Paradox

0:00 | Aug 31st, 2018

By all accounts, sleep plays a critical role in a person’s overall health and well-being. But modern technology makes it way too easy to stay up later than you should, scrolling through Twitter, watching YouTube or Netflix, and responding to “urgent”...Show More
Quantum Computing

37:32 | Aug 24th, 2018

Silicon Valley is awash in hype about quantum computers. But these new machines—which perform calculations not only with bits (ones and zeros) but also with mysterious things called qubits—are still in their infancy. They are very large, very expensi...Show More
What's Up With Elon Musk?

46:31 | Aug 17th, 2018

It all started a week ago, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “Am considering taking Tesla private at 420. Funding secured.” But did it really all start a week ago? Or were Musk’s increasingly controversial tweets all leading to some kind of inevitabl...Show More
Styli Selfie Sticks

45:45 | Aug 10th, 2018

When Samsung first launched its line of Galaxy Note smartphones, they were differentiated by their large size, their high performance, and their stylus pens. Now, as high-end smartphones all start to look, well, kind of the same, it’s harder for the ...Show More
A Beautifully Distracted Mind

47:18 | Aug 3rd, 2018

What would it take for you to delete all of your tweets? What would it take to delete your social media accounts? These are the questions Arielle Pardes and Lauren Goode grapple with on this week’s Gadget Lab podcast (Mike is out this week; he lost ...Show More
The New MacBook Pro

50:19 | Jul 27th, 2018

Apple’s newest pro-grade laptop is out, and over the last week or so, our own Brendan Nystedt has had a chance to test it thoroughly. Brendan’s review of the 2018 MacBook Pro was published on WIRED on Friday morning, and he joins this week’s show as ...Show More
Juul of the Valley

51:53 | Jul 20th, 2018

Interesting things come out of teens’ mouths all the time, but one of the most controversial things to emerge recently is the wispy tendril of nicotine vapor from a Juul, a compact and discrete vaping device. Legislators and the FDA have been slow to...Show More
Panos on Surface

56:11 | Jul 14th, 2018

Microsoft is making a big bet on a tiny-computer future: Earlier this week, the company announced the Surface Go, a 10-inch, 1.15-pound little detachable that runs full Windows 10. It’s not the first time Microsoft has made a 10-inch tablet, but its ...Show More
Talk to the Bot

58:23 | Jun 29th, 2018

When Google first showed off its robot phone-calling technology, Duplex, back at its annual software conference in May, it not only riveted the crowd at the event but raised the eyebrows of privacy advocates who wanted to know more about robot disclo...Show More
The Future is Vertical

42:33 | Jun 22nd, 2018

This week Instagram rolled out a new, long-form video feature called IGTV, which lives both within the regular Instagram app and exists as its own app. On this week’s Gadget Lab podcast, Mike and Arielle chat about how the new format works, what long...Show More
A New Era of Frankensoftware

38:03 | Jun 15th, 2018

Android apps on Chrome OS. iOS apps that can be turned into MacOS apps. Microsoft’s universal apps. Even an Echo UI jammed into an Amazon Fire TV box. All of these are examples of the current era of Frankensoftware: Apps or software features that wer...Show More
WWDC: Do Less. No, Do More

45:01 | Jun 8th, 2018

Apple’s annual developers conference was this week, so naturally, our podcast conversation this week had to be about Tim Cook’s new Memoji. Not really: We talked about all the things we can expect to see when iOS 12 comes to iPhones this fall, why A...Show More
Human, Take the Wheel

42:28 | May 26th, 2018

WIRED’s Alex Davies and Aarian Marshall join this week’s Gadget Lab podcast to talk all things transportation–and yes, that includes Elon Musk.
Total Clips

39:55 | Mar 2nd, 2018

Google’s new Clips camera takes short looping videos of your kids and your pets, and it does it all using AI. Sure, that sounds like some weird technophobic nightmare—Google, one of the most data-thirsty companies on the planet, pointing a camera at ...Show More
All About HomePod

53:46 | Feb 23rd, 2018

The way you control Apple’s smart speaker, the HomePod, is pretty cool. You just talk to it. But Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, can’t make the speaker do much beyond the basics and can only summon music from Apple-owned cloud services. That sets it b...Show More
Two Years of Hell

48:12 | Feb 16th, 2018

Everything changed for Facebook two years ago. The company was accused of making politically biased choices about which news stories showed up as trending topics in users’ news feeds. The adjustments Facebook made in response to those criticisms not ...Show More
Extra Sticky

46:01 | Feb 9th, 2018

You may find it hard to close Facebook and get on with your day, and you may flick open Twitter as soon as you wake up, or browse your feeds for an hour every night before you fall asleep. But are you addicted to social media? Are your app usage habi...Show More
Let's Talk About Cars

43:37 | Jan 26th, 2018

January has so far proven to be one of the busiest months for the transportation industry. CES in early January was flooded with car news, including the debut of a new $45,000 electric SUV by a Chinese Tesla competitor called Byton. Then, just days a...Show More
The News

51:34 | Jan 19th, 2018

With Facebook de-prioritizing news stories in its users feeds, some nearly two billion Facebook devotees are going to see big changes in their news consumption habits. And of course, hundreds of publishers are going to see big changes in their revenu...Show More
Shine Theory

22:22 | Jan 17th, 2018

If you’re designing a product intended for the masses, how do you make sure it reaches the widest possible audience? We answer that question in this discussion between WIRED’s Arielle Pardes and Google’s Lilian Rincon. Lilian is a product manager at ...Show More
Live From CES

36:26 | Jan 12th, 2018

We’ve been at CES all week, and by now, we can paint a fairly accurate picture of what 2018 is going to look like for connected products in your kitchen, living room, and car. Here’s a hint: Your voice will be at the center of it all. This episode wa...Show More
All the Tech That Died

43:34 | Dec 22nd, 2017

We welcome special guest Jordan McMahon onto the show to count down his list of all the technology that died in 2017. Send the hosts feedback on their personal Twitter feeds. Jordan McMahon is @typingpixels, David Pierce is @pierce, Brendan Nystedt i...Show More
The Best Stuff

1:02:25 | Dec 15th, 2017

The editors of WIRED talk about some of their favorite products from 2017. Along the way, they also spot a few trends for the year. Send the hosts feedback on their personal Twitter feeds. Arielle Pardes is @pardesoteric, David Pierce is @pierce, Bre...Show More
But Your Emails

53:49 | Dec 9th, 2017

Crafting and sending an email to a friend is one of the most intimate acts you can perform on the internet. Receiving a written missive, especially from somebody you haven’t heard from in a while, is just as warming. There’s so much joy wrapped up in...Show More
Quantum Browsing

55:22 | Dec 1st, 2017

We welcome a special guest to the show this week: Mozilla’s VP of product for the Firefox browser, Nick Nguyen. Nick is the leader of the team that just released Firefox Quantum, a lighter and more efficient version of the Firefox browser. It’s been ...Show More
Pain in the Ear

59:12 | Nov 17th, 2017

Headphones aren’t really just headphones anymore. They’re ear computers. Sure, you can use them to listen to music, as always. But they’ve got touch controls now. They’re embedded with custom wireless chips to ease pairing. They also open a direct li...Show More
Hashtag History

1:16:06 | Nov 10th, 2017

Ten years ago, the city of San Diego, California, was surrounded on three sides by fire. The canyons were impassable, the freeways were closed, and the refuges were filling up. Local reporters and residents, as well as concerned onlookers from around...Show More
iPhone X-Rated

48:00 | Nov 3rd, 2017

It’s got a huge screen nestled within slim, barely-there bezels. It’s got a way for you to unlock it by just looking at it. It’s got a sick camera. It’s got an all-powerful notch! Much iPhone-related hot air has passed through the lips of the technor...Show More
Which Laptop Should I Buy?

47:45 | Oct 27th, 2017

For a long time, Chromebooks have been derided as not being “real computers.” The truth, which continues to grow increasingly clear, is that most people don’t need anything with capabilities beyond what a Chromebook offers. Recent updates that give y...Show More
Voices Carry

50:08 | Oct 20th, 2017

A surge of voice-assisted speakers rushed the shores this month. So if you’ve always loved the Echo’s smarts but hated the way it sounds, well, now you can remedy that by getting an Alexa speaker from Sonos or Ultimate Ears. Or you can get one of Ama...Show More
Google Recap

38:30 | Oct 5th, 2017

It was a big deal last year when Google came out with its own smartphone, the Pixel. Also one year ago, the tech giant released a smart home speaker and debuted the AI-powered Assistant that lives inside these new gadgets. Now it’s twelve months late...Show More
So Many Alexas

52:23 | Sep 29th, 2017

Amazon announced a raft of new hardware devices this week, from new Echo speakers and fun arcade buttons that plug into them, to a dangling-dongle version of the Fire TV. The one unifying thread all these devices have? Alexa. As Amazon’s voice assist...Show More
Scenes From Cupertino

1:07:57 | Sep 13th, 2017

Apple announced a whole new crop of hardware Tuesday: Three iPhones, a new Apple TV, a new Watch, and some accessories to go with all of it. There are also new software tricks like Animoji (LOL) and Face ID (Hmmm). The hosts recap all of the news fro...Show More
Apple Preview

41:13 | Sep 8th, 2017

Apple is hosting a big iPhone launch event in Cupertino on September 12. David, Arielle, and Michael open up their iPhones and ask Siri to predict what’s coming on Tuesday. All the hosts have so far are rumors, leaks, and guesses, but that’s more tha...Show More
Muzzle Your Phone Before It Eats You Alive

53:56 | Jul 28th, 2017

Ban notifications! Burn them with fire. So says David Pierce in a story this week urging readers to turn off all of their smartphone push notifications. It comes at a time when angst about attention is at an all-time high. The hosts discuss their exp...Show More
Talkin’ Glass with Steven Levy

39:10 | Jul 21st, 2017

Glass is back—not as a consumer product, but as an enterprise product. Backchannel editor and longtime WIRED contributor Steven Levy stops in to tell us how factory workers are taking advantage of Google’s “assisted reality” wearable to streamline th...Show More
On Vacation With My AI

48:04 | Jul 14th, 2017

It’s summer, you’ve got places to go. Or maybe just places you’d like to go, but can’t, because you can’t figure out how to get there, because there’s no app for that. There should be. This week, while Arielle pivots to video for a day, Michael and D...Show More
The FOMO Intensifies

1:11:46 | Jul 7th, 2017

How many times a day do you look at your phone? Don’t count; it’ll just make you depressed. We all need to unplug more often. Disconnect, get away from Twitter and Snap and the endless churn of bad news. This week, the hosts explore the best methods ...Show More
RIP Our Mentions

59:34 | Jun 16th, 2017

Let’s get social! This week, the hosts discuss Twitter’s new redesign (Circles? Really?), who Snap should hire (a UX guru), and why Instagram is the only social network that matters (it’s the happy place). Some notes: David’s report on Twitter’s rede...Show More
iPad Is All You Need

49:28 | Jun 9th, 2017

Developer conference season is finally over. We know what Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are plotting over the next year (spoiler alert: it’s AI). Apple’s WWDC, as usual, was both the last and the most news-packed of the bunch. Mike, Arielle,...Show More
Assistants, Please

54:24 | May 26th, 2017

Is there anything your phone can’t do these days? Google’s big I/O developer bash earlier this month left David and Michael thinking hard about the major role smartphone-based AI will soon play in our lives. Talk to your phone, show it pictures, type...Show More
Surface Noise

54:15 | May 12th, 2017

Microsoft’s giant Build developer conference took place this week, and David was there. He gives us the rundown on all the news: Microsoft’s cloud initiatives, its mixed-reality hardware, the state of its AI, and the plan to put Microsoft apps on all...Show More
All About Breast Pumps

46:17 | May 5th, 2017

Compared to the rest of the personal technology industry, products made for women’s health have been stuck in the dark ages. Now, a wave of smartly designed breast pumps are hitting the market. There are also new, forward-thinking products for menstr...Show More

42:05 | Apr 28th, 2017

In the past week, we technology fans have been treated to three big developments in the world of flying cars. Uber gave us an update on Elevate, its plan to have fleets of semi-autonomous flying people carriers by 2020; the German company Lilium show...Show More