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The Solid Verbal

College Football, Ty Hildenbrandt, Dan Rubenstein


America's College Football Podcast. Because you don't just like college football, you live it.


55:40 | Jul 10th

Ty and Dan react to news that the Big Ten, and perhaps other conferences, will not be playing non-conference games this fall.

47:31 | Jul 8th

Ty and Dan have a conversation with The Athletic's Nicole Auerbach in light of her article about the Ivy League's significance amid growing uncertainty around a 2020 college football season.
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1:10:21 | Jul 3rd

Ty and Dan break down USC's move to an online semester and assess the ramifications for the 2020 college football season. Plus, a Verballer Q&A for the Fourth of July weekend.

1:20:11 | Jul 1st

Ty and Dan walk through a choose-your-own-adventure arc while addressing some of college football's most pressing issues, from COVID-19 to conference realignment and players getting paid.

1:19:36 | Jun 26th

Fox Sports’s Adam Amin joins the show to peel back the curtain on the details of what goes into a college football broadcast on networks like FOX, ESPN, CBS, and NBC in a “normal” year and how that lo...Show More
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