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An audio feed of Capitol Hill presentations by experts in the field of climate change, hosted by the American Meteorological Society's Environmental Policy Program. This podcast should be updated within 24 hours of the live presentations. Producer: ...Show More
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Assessing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policies: New Science Tools in the Service of Policy and Negotiations

1:34:24 | Apr 17th, 2009

New Tools for Assessing GHG Reduction Policies As negotiations towards a post-Kyoto agreement on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions intensify, there is a pressing need for flexible, user-friendly analytical tools to quickly yet reliably assess the impact...Show More
Two Engineering Measures to Reduce Global Warming: Injecting Particles into the Atmosphere and "Clean" Coal

1:29:00 | Nov 23rd, 2008

Managing Incoming Solar Radiation Largely out of concern that society may fall short of taking large and rapid enough measures to effectively contain the problem of global warming, two prominent atmospheric scientists - Paul Crutzen, who won a Nobel ...Show More
Impacts of Recent Climate Change: Current Responses and Future Projections for Wild Ecosystems

1:18:21 | Oct 13th, 2008

Observed changes in natural systems, largely over the past century, indicate a clear global climate change signal. Even in the face of apparently dominating forces, such as direct, human-driven habitat destruction and alteration, this climate fingerp...Show More
Accelerating Atmospheric CO2 Growth from Economic Activity, Carbon Intensity, and Efficiency of Natural Carbon Sinks

1:53:48 | Sep 28th, 2008

The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is the single largest human perturbation of the climate system. Its rate of change reflects the balance between human-driven carbon emissions and the dynamics of a number of terrestrial and ocean proce...Show More
Keynote Address - AMS workshop on Federal Climate Policy

38:13 | Sep 19th, 2008

Herman Daly, Ph.D., delivers the keynote address the recent AMS workshop on Federal Climate Policy. He explores the distinction between economic growth —a quantitative increase in size that is constrained by the physical limits of the Earth system—a...Show More
Public Attitudes, Perceptions, and Concern about Global Warming: Evidence from a New Survey

1:47:12 | Jul 23rd, 2008

According to a February, 18, 2007, press release describing a survey on public perceptions of global warming, a majority of Americans agreed with most scientists that the Earth is getting warmer, but were divided over the seriousness of the problem, ...Show More
Coping with Climate Change: Gulf Coast Transportation and New York City Waterworks

1:38:13 | Jun 30th, 2008

Gulf Coast Transportation: Coping with the Future Climate affects the design, construction, safety, operations, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure and systems. The prospect of a changing climate raises critical questions regarding how...Show More
Solar Radiation, Cosmic Rays and Greenhouse Gases: What's Driving Global Warming? (23 March 2008)

1:44:52 | May 29th, 2008

Separating Solar and Anthropogenic (Greenhouse Gas-Related) Climate Impacts During the past three decades a suite of space-based instruments has monitored the Sun’s brightness as well as the Earth’s surface and atmospheric temperatures. These datase...Show More
Climate & Health Effects of Carbon Dioxide, Black Carbon & other Air-borne Particles (16 May 2008)

1:40:19 | May 17th, 2008

Contribution of Black Carbon and Atmospheric Brown Clouds to Climate Warming: Impacts and Opportunities Black carbon (BC) in soot is the dominant absorber of visible solar radiation in the atmosphere. Anthropogenic sources of black carbon, although...Show More
The Science of Communications: What We Know We Didn't Know but Convinced Ourselves Otherwise (23 Jan 2008)

3:25:32 | May 11th, 2008

Joint Panel Discussion 8, The Science of Communications: What We Know We Didn't Know but Convinced Ourselves Otherwise (Joint between the Seventh Communications Workshop and the Third Symposium on Policy and Socio-Economic Research). Panelists: Chri...Show More
Biofuels, Land Conversion & Climate Change (25 April 2008)

2:03:05 | Apr 29th, 2008

Biofuels: Threats and Opportunities It is possible to make biofuels that reduce carbon emissions, but only if we ensure that they do not lead to additional land clearing. When land is cleared for agriculture, carbon that is locked up in the plants a...Show More
Adapting to Climate Change (with Q & A): What Happens to Our Transportation Infrastructure? (7 April 2008)

47:37 | Apr 8th, 2008

Adapting to Climate Change – Impacts on Our Transportation Infrastructure The U.S. transportation system was built for the typical weather and climate experienced locally. Moderate changes in the mean climate have little impact on transportation. Ho...Show More
Natural CO-2 Sinks and their Policy Implications: A Closer Look at Where Current CO-2 Levels are Headed, in Historical Context (14 Jan 2008)

1:38:15 | Jan 15th, 2008

The Mauna Loa CO2 Record: From the Era of Discovery to the Era of Consequences 2008 marks the 50th anniversary of the Mauna Loa and South Pole CO2 records, which are the longest continuous time series of atmospheric CO2 levels. These records have p...Show More
The Frame and Scale of the Climate/Energy Challenge: Issues and Implications (18 Dec 2007)

1:46:42 | Dec 19th, 2007

Does the current framing and scaling of the climate/energy issue adequately capture the challenge posed? If not, what might be a more appropriate frame and scale? The Union of Energy and Climate The issues of global energy demand and climate re...Show More