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WBEZ's Worldview


WBEZ's global affairs program. Featuring in-depth conversations about international issues and their local impact. Also, foreign film reviews and human rights commentaries. Hosted by Jerome McDonnell.


50:07 | Oct 4th, 2019

On today's show:Does the American condition of democratic governance with severe income inequality constitute oligarchy? We look to Indonesia for a comparison. On the show's last noontime broadcast, W...Show More

51:00 | Oct 3rd, 2019

On today's show:Worldview ends its 25-year run tomorrow. Hear from a few of the producers that made Worldview happen every day.
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50:35 | Oct 2nd, 2019

On today's show:Gandhian scholar Prasad Gollanapalli joins us to explain what the philosophy of nonviolence really means and how it's relevant to us today. Author and activist Naomi Klein discusses he...Show More

46:51 | Oct 1st, 2019

On today's show:Tomorrow marks the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Historian Vijay Prashad unpacks his legacy and what the world can learn from it today.

51:06 | Sep 30th, 2019

On today's show:Author Colin Beavan explores how to mitigate desire, live a fulfilling life and do right by the planet while you're at it.Monica Eng finds out more about how pickling our leftovers cou...Show More
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