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Editors and correspondents of The Economist discuss the events shaping the world next week, in the studio and in the field. Published on Economist Radio every Friday.
Same as the old boss? Crackdown in Sudan

20:42 | Jun 5th

Nearly two months after staging a coup, military leaders have brutally cracked down on protesters in Sudan. Talks with the opposition have fallen apart—as have hopes for a resurgent Sudanese democracy. We examine the rise in gun violence in Latin Ame...Show More
Thirty years of forgetting: Tiananmen

22:36 | Jun 4th

On the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square tragedy, our correspondents reflect on a dark and confusing day—and the Chinese government’s efforts to suppress the memory of it. Could such widespread dissent flare up in today’s China? Also, why laws...Show More
Barr, none: the White House’s defiance

22:22 | May 3rd

The no-show of America’s attorney-general in Congress is just the latest example of the White House’s broad stonewalling policy; we look at the constitutional crisis that may be brewing. Facebook’s blocking of extremists yesterday is just one front t...Show More
Comic’s relief? Ukraine’s presidential race

22:06 | Mar 29th

A television show’s everyman character winds up as president: and now the actor who plays him leads the polls ahead of Ukraine’s election. Many museums house artefacts that were looted from their homelands; we examine why the calls for returning such...Show More
Another dance ‘round the May poll: Brexit

21:13 | Mar 28th

Britain’s prime minister has promised to step down if Parliament passes her deal with the European Union. That has sparked a leadership contest that seems likely only to complicate the mess. As an American county declares a state of emergency over it...Show More
Collusion elusion: the Mueller report

21:36 | Mar 25th

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has at last delivered his report on President Donald Trump’s campaign. Will it have disappointed or empowered the Democrats in Congress who are still bent on investigating the president? And, four years ago the ha...Show More
Not now, Theresa: Postponing Britain’s EU goodbye

19:24 | Mar 21st

With just eight days to go before Brexit, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May wants to extend the leaving date. As an EU summit gathers, Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, insists she needs to get her twice-rejected deal through Parliam...Show More
Lights out: Venezuela’s blackout

22:45 | Mar 14th

Power cuts in Caracas have endangered lives and deepened the misery of Venezuelans. It’s another sign of the corruption that pervades the Maduro regime. Also, how do you make a 10,000 ton ship disappear? And the Hebrew bible - otherwise known as the ...Show More
Losing the plot: Brexit

21:25 | Mar 13th

The second defeat of British Prime Minister’s plan for withdrawal from the EU has weakened her. But what does it mean for the risk of a no-deal outcome? The chances of a Brexit delay are rising by the day. Competition between major powers for influen...Show More
Flying stop: Boeing

21:43 | Mar 12th

Following a second fatal crash of Boeing’s 737-MAX, China was quick to ground its fleet of the newish airliner. What does this mean for the world’s largest planemaker? In Russia, protests have broken out against President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to ...Show More
The sensitive month: Tibet

23:51 | Mar 11th

China’s party leaders get nervous in March—a month full of anniversaries that Tibetans hold dear. As the 60th anniversary of Tibet’s uprising approaches, security is tighter than usual. Corporate-risk managers are rotten at assessing their exposure t...Show More
Fifth time unlucky: Algeria’s protests

22:49 | Mar 8th

Widespread protests will continue today against the re-election run of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who hasn’t been heard from since a stroke in 2013. Algerians have had enough of their country’s proxy rule and misrule. We also ask if countries ca...Show More
Guilt and association: Paul Manafort

23:21 | Mar 7th

President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager can expect to have the book thrown at him at his sentencing today—the first for crimes revealed by Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Mr Trump’s campaign. Following a tense stand-off wit...Show More
A thirsty world: the future of water

23:13 | Mar 4th

Fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce, as climate change and population growth puts greater pressure on resources. But the problem is one of mismanagement, rather than supply. When Jair Bolsonaro was sworn in as Brazil’s president in January, h...Show More
Bibi one more time? Binyamin Netanyahu

22:40 | Mar 1st

Israel’s prime minister has been indicted, pending a hearing, just weeks before an election. We look at the charges he faces, and how he has already transformed the country’s politics. Huawei, a Chinese technology giant, has drawn global scrutiny of ...Show More
Line of control: India-Pakistan

20:11 | Feb 28th

Air strikes by India and Pakistan this week represent a worrying flare-up of tensions that have simmered for years. We examine the forces and politics at play between the nuclear-armed powers. What’s causing the chill in the global manufacturing sect...Show More
Chaos and calculation: Brexit

22:43 | Feb 27th

Grand fissures have opened in Britain’s politics; the two main parties’ leaders are struggling to keep control. What does it all mean for Brexit, just a month away? As pharmaceutical companies defend their prices this week, we look at the push to use...Show More
Two for the show: Trump meets Kim

20:41 | Feb 26th

As Kim Jong Un arrives in Vietnam ahead of a second summit with President Donald Trump, we ask about the real prospects for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. Chicago votes for a new mayor today; we speak with Rahm Emanuel, the outspoken incumbent, abo...Show More
It’s bean difficult: the China-America trade war

23:22 | Feb 25th

As President Donald Trump delays further tariffs on $200bn-worth of Chinese goods, there are hints of an end to the trade war. We assess the damage already done by looking at the global soyabean market. Countries around the world are struggling with ...Show More
Sins of the fathers: the Vatican and child abuse

21:25 | Feb 21st

The Vatican is hosting a high-profile meeting on child abuse by the clergy. It’s a topic that has been woefully overlooked, and one that threatens to define the tenure of Pope Francis. We visit the world’s largest building, in the city of Chengdu. In...Show More
Prince on tour: Muhammad bin Salman

19:42 | Feb 20th

Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, is on a tour of Asia, striking deals and trying to polish his image. What kind of influence will he have in the region? Every year as much as a quarter of the global corporate-tax bill is avoided—legally. ...Show More
State of the unionising: Amazon

22:08 | Feb 18th

We examine the aftermath of the online behemoth’s withdrawal of its New York expansion plans, and speak with its Midwestern workers about growing talk of unionising. President Emmanuel Macron hopes to quell protests across France with a series of “to...Show More
Emergency measures: America’s border deal

20:01 | Feb 15th

President Donald Trump is expected to declare a national emergency today, to fund his southern-border wall. We ask why that would be an uncomfortable constitutional precedent. Nigeria’s general election this weekend will be a nail-biter, and allegati...Show More
IS this the end? Islamic State’s last stand

20:13 | Feb 14th

In Syria the few remaining Islamic State fighters are hemmed in. The caliphate’s territory may be diminished, but the idea will live on. A Valentine’s Day look at the digital dating market reveals the protocols and pitfalls of online matchmaking. And...Show More
It’s not easy: the Green New Deal

22:46 | Feb 13th

As America’s Senate majority leader pledges a vote on the Green New Deal, a sweeping set of policies around climate and much more, we examine just what the legislation does—and doesn’t—lay out. Following Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation address,...Show More
Independents’ day: Catalans on trial

19:23 | Feb 12th

Today 12 leaders of Spain’s Catalonia region go on trial, accused of rebellion. The proceedings will lay bare long-running tensions about democracy and unity. As Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota senator, joins America’s presidential race, we ask whether he...Show More
You say you want: Revisiting Iran’s revolution

24:27 | Feb 11th

We examine how the echoes of Iran’s revolution, 40 years ago, still influence how the Islamic Republic deals with the West today. Harley Davidson has become entangled in the Trump administration’s trade war just as changing demographics have put the ...Show More
Princess unbridled: Thai politics

19:08 | Feb 8th

A Thai princess enters the running for prime minister—a development that reshuffles the country’s centres of power completely. Our obituaries editor chronicles the heartbreak of an Iraqi archaeologist. And Chinese scientists have come up with a smart...Show More
The Intelligence: Be careful on the way out

22:26 | Feb 1st

As progress appears to have been made in peace talks between America and the Taliban, the Senate urges the Trump administration not to rush for the door in Afghanistan. Origami might be pretty, but it hides great scientific potential; it’s starting t...Show More
The week ahead: The price of the American government shutdown

22:16 | Jan 25th

As government departments remain unfunded in America, we look at a constitutional principle that may be damaged in the standoff. Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro moves to make guns more easily available. And another shutdown: of this programme. ...Show More
The week ahead: Plan B, or not to be?

23:20 | Jan 18th

Britain’s prime minister has just days to assemble a Plan B for Brexit. She is short on time, popular ideas and political allies. The leaders of France and Germany will sign a treaty aimed at greater harmony, but that reveals greater discord. And, Ch...Show More
The week ahead: Let’s break a deal

23:13 | Jan 11th

Brexit negotiations became more fraught this week, ahead of Tuesday’s make-or-break vote on the prime minister’s deal. As South Africa’s ruling party unveils its manifesto, we ask whether its newish leader can save his party’s reputation and his coun...Show More
The week ahead: Hungry for change

19:10 | Jan 4th

As Venezuela starts 2019 wracked with hunger, inflation and an increasingly autocratic government, we take a look ahead to President Nicolás Maduro’s second term presiding over the mess. Trade talks between China and America are looming, again. But t...Show More
The week ahead: Bolsonaro’s bold agenda

20:53 | Dec 28th, 2018

Next week Brazil will inaugurate a new president who has a sweeping set of reforms in mind. What will it take to make them work? We take a look at The Economist’s country of the year poll, and discuss this year’s winner. And, our obituaries editor lo...Show More
The week ahead: Brexit ramp

21:18 | Dec 7th, 2018

A vote in Britain’s parliament next week could well put the country on track for another Brexit referendum. So it should. We examine this year’s UN climate conference and what, amid increasingly dire climate warnings, the delegates are actually doing...Show More
The week ahead: How Kim Jong won

15:46 | Jun 15th, 2018

How North Korea got the better of President Donald Trump at this week’s summit in Singapore. And after an important vote in the House of Commons, is the UK heading for a softer Brexit? Also, French President Emmanuel Macron leaves his mark on the wor...Show More
The week ahead: Gunning for change

24:19 | Mar 23rd, 2018

As America's Congress dithers on gun control, some states move forward with reforms. But will these laws save lives? Also, a new Russian generation speaks out. And, the hygiene revolution in Bangladesh. Christopher Lockwood hosts
The week ahead: You’re fired

24:54 | Mar 16th, 2018

What does the sacking of Rex Tillerson as secretary of state mean for America? Also, Tanzania’s descent into dictatorship. And, a special feature on escaping gang life in El Salvador from our sister magazine, 1843. Christopher Lockwood hosts
The week ahead: Russia’s deadly spy games

23:28 | Mar 9th, 2018

Who is responsible for the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal? Also, the wait for elections in Malaysia. And a new doping scandal hits British sport
The week ahead: Russia's disinformation machine

26:18 | Feb 23rd, 2018

What is being done to stop Russia interfering in western politics? The state of South Africa after Jacob Zuma. And: discovering the fortune-telling boom in South Korea. Christopher Lockwood hosts
The week ahead: Looming war in Congo

29:00 | Feb 16th, 2018

Robert Guest joins host Anne McElvoy to explain why war is once again threatening to ravage Congo. Also: young immigrants face uncertain futures in the USA and Al-Qaeda's foray into the world of women's magazines
The week ahead: The charade of North Korean diplomacy

34:55 | Feb 9th, 2018

The start of the Winter Olympics has seen a temporary thaw in relations on the Korean peninsula. But why is there no warming of relations with the US? Also, what’s ailing Latin American democracy. And understanding the twists and turns of Brexit. Chr...Show More
The World in 2018: Backlash

33:54 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Is 2018 the year the populist surge grinds to a halt? John Peet discusses the prospect of a softening Brexit; Hong Kong's Chief Executive discusses Chinese influence; racial issues in America go under the microscope. And: why has the circus lasted fo...Show More
The week ahead: The Donald in Davos

32:35 | Jan 26th, 2018

President Donald Trump spoke to the business elite at this week’s World Economic Forum. How did he go down with the Davos tribe? Also, could Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria have global consequences? And why climate change might spell the end for ...Show More