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Infected by Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler

Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, themselves, and even their own families. Working under the government's shroud of secrecy, CIA operative Dew Ph...Show More
Chapters 86-88

44:21 | Nov 15th, 2008

Margaret rushes Perry to the hospital in a desperate attempt to keep him alive. Dew lets Murray know that he's going to need backup & transport ASAP. He's heading for "the place."
Chapters 73-85

39:06 | Nov 15th, 2008

Perry's had enough; he's not going to be used as a human incubator. He's a Dawsey, his father taught him discipline! Meanwhile, the government net continues to close in around him.
Chapters 68-72

33:36 | Nov 15th, 2008

Perry witnesses the brutal horror of a hatching, well aware that it's his turn next. Dew gets to see the results of Perry's handiwork and gets a valuable clue as to the triangle's plan.
Chapters 64-67

35:12 | Nov 15th, 2008

Margaret and company head to Perry's apartment and Dew reports to Murray on the situation there. Perry meets someone else who's been infected with the triangles.
Chapters 59-63

35:11 | Nov 15th, 2008

Al Turner has had enough. Perry can talk to the police now. Perry finds out where "the place" is and that a hatching is imminent.
Chapters 56-58

33:21 | Nov 15th, 2008

Bill Miller finally tracks down Perry Dawsey, and finds that his best friend has seen better days. Dew Phillips responds to Perry's internet plea for help, but can he get there before Perry takes off?
Chapters 51-55

27:04 | Nov 14th, 2008

Margaret and Amos hypothesize about what "the arches" might be. Perry looks for help on the internet, and gets Murray Longworth involved. Most importantly, it turns out that Perry's triangles are not alone.
Chapters 46-50

27:01 | Nov 14th, 2008

Al Turner, Perry's upstairs neighbor comes to pay him a visit. Bill Miller continues to try and reach Perry. Why can't everyone just mind their own damn business?!? Meanwhile, Perry's monologue becomes even more bizarre and erratic.
Chapters 41-45

36:56 | Nov 14th, 2008

Bad things continue to happen within Perry's body, and his neighbor can't mind his own business. Margaret and her crew discover the artistic endeavors of another infection victim.
Chapters 39-40

28:02 | Nov 14th, 2008

Margaret, Amos and Otto discover a new infected victim and this one isn't playing. Perry continues his intellectual debate with the Starting Five.
Chapters 35-38

50:08 | Nov 14th, 2008

Perry's infection gets a mind and a voice of its own. Meanwhile, Dew finds the remains of Kiet Nguyen and his victims.
Chapters 31-34

32:32 | Nov 14th, 2008

Perry heads for the hospital while Margaret has a showdown with the CDC. Perry goes under the knife.
Chapters 28-30

35:17 | Nov 14th, 2008

Perry deals with the aftermath of his first home surgery. Dew reaches out to his daughter, trying to remember his motivation for doing what needs to be done. Margaret and Amos brace themselves for a sit-down with CIA Deputy Director Murray Longworth.
Chapters 23-27

31:32 | Nov 14th, 2008

Margaret and Amos finish up with the dissolving remains of Martin Brewbaker. They also discover that Morgellons Disease has symptoms quite similar to what killed Brewbaker. As Perry Dawsey lies passed out on his bathroom floor, the parasites spread f...Show More
Chapters 20-22

37:56 | Nov 13th, 2008

Dew Phillips thinks back to the meeting that drew him into the hunt for the infected. That meeting took place with Murray Stapleton, the Deputy Director of CIA, and a man Dew fought with in Vietnam. Dew continues to hunt for a live victim and Perry D...Show More
Chapters 18-19

25:25 | Nov 13th, 2008

Margaret and Amos continue their examination of Martin Brewbaker. They become vexed when they observe that the dead man is still growing. The infection is starting to impact Perry's concentration, his tolerance, and his ability to control that nasty ...Show More
Chapters 15-17

23:16 | Nov 13th, 2008

Perry's body is changing faster than he can keep track of, and in ways that he can't see. Margaret and Amos identify parasitic structures growing deep in Martin Brewbaker's body, structures that indicate Perry's symptoms are a portent of disaster.
Chapters 11-14

26:48 | Nov 13th, 2008

Perry Dawsey begins to feel the effects of the infection, although it's still too early to tell if he will wind up like Martin Brewbaker. Margaret Montoya contines to examine Brewbaker's rapidly decomposing corpse, and finds key clues that could fina...Show More
Chapter 10

22:47 | Nov 12th, 2008

CDC investigator Margaret Montoya gets down to business on the burned, shot, self-mutilated and infected corpse of Martin Brewbaker.
Chapters 05-09

30:23 | Nov 12th, 2008

Perry's invaders start to analyze and modify his body, hijacking his normal biological processes to create something new, something evil. Knowing nothing of this internal battle, Perry heads to work where we meet his longtime friend Bill Miller. Dew ...Show More
Chapters 02-04

19:40 | Nov 12th, 2008

Perry Dawsey awakes with strange itchy spots on his skin. It's a minor annoyance, yet while he prepares for his Monday, the things under his skin prepare to grow.
Chapters 00-01

27:09 | Nov 12th, 2008

Meet Alida Garcia and Martin Brewbaker. They are among the first to be infected, but their paths take them to very different places. You wouldn't want to be either of them...