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Renaissance English History Podcast: A Show About the Tudors

Heather Teysko

Renaissance England was a bustling and exciting place...new religion! break with rome! wars with Scotland! And France! And Spain! The birth of the modern world! In this twice-monthly podcast I'll explore one aspect of life in 16th century England th...Show More

44:00 | Oct 15th

Tony Riches has a new book out about Katherine WIlloughby - in this episode we talk about her life, her relationship with Charles Brandon, and how she put her life back together after the worst tragedy you can imagine. Show notes will be up at englan...Show More

23:40 | Sep 28th

High collars? Flushing toilets? A knitting machine? All inventions the Tudors gave us! Show notes at englandcast.com/inventions. Tudorcon tickets at englandcast.com/tudorcon2019! Like the show? Leave a rating wherever you're listening to this - i...Show More
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18:04 | Sep 14th

In the past week we celebrated the birth and christening of Elizabeth I, which made me want to dive deeper into the story around her birth. For show notes and book recommendations, go to englandcast.com/elizabethsbirth. If you like this show, pleas...Show More

31:34 | Aug 29th

In this episode another Tudorcon speaker, Tammy Shovelton, fives us insights into the relationships that Elizabeth I had with her parents, family, and lovers. Check out Englandcast.com/ElizabethsRelationships for a rough transcript, and more resource...Show More

20:13 | Aug 15th

Episode 128 is all about Tudor Fools. The court jesters, jugglers, and the people who entertained the court. Who were they? What were their lives like? How were they discovered and taken to court? We talk about all that, and more. Check out englandca...Show More
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