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Outlook Weekend: What's Up Chapo?

26:52 | May 19th, 2018

When US drug enforcement agent Drew Hogan started searching for the world's most wanted drug lord, Joaquín Guzmán or 'El Chapo,' he wasn't aware how consumed he would become with the hunt. From organising undercover money laundering operations to cam...Show More
'Honour' made my father a murderer

41:21 | May 15th

At the age of 16 Amina was happy and in love with a local boy in Jordan. She dreamt of their wedding and future together. But then she discovered a secret about her sister, which brought 'shame' on her family and her father went to violent extremes ...Show More
I can't make long-term memories

16:15 | May 14th

When British woman Hum Fleming was 13 she had her first epileptic seizure. It took a while to work out that she has temporal lobe epilepsy, and that the seizures had left a scar on her hippocampus - part of the brain that's involved in forming new me...Show More
The designer who won’t wear yellow

17:36 | May 13th

Growing up during the Cultural Revolution, Guo Pei didn’t know what fashion was. As a kid, she wasn’t allowed to wear anything but a blue or green uniform. These days, she’s China’s most famous fashion designer, and some of her embroidered couture cr...Show More
Elza Soares: invincible queen of samba

26:28 | May 11th

Born in a Rio de Janeiro favela, Elza Soares overcame poverty, child marriage and public scandal to become one of her country's most beloved singers. She started out in the smokey nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. With her unique raspy voice...Show More
The heiress giving away her Disney fortune

22:53 | May 9th

Abigail Disney is a documentary filmmaker and granddaughter of Roy Oliver Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company. As an heiress to the Disney fortune, her estimated worth could be as much as $500 million. However Abigail has never been comfort...Show More
What really happened on the 'Sex Raft'

21:39 | May 8th

In 1973 Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genovés decided to create an experiment to find out what drives people to commit acts of violence. He put a group of men and women from different parts of the world on a raft and cast them out to sea. What happ...Show More
The perfect stranger and the ice lake rescue

16:17 | May 7th

While husband and wife Timofey Yuriev and Melissa Kho were walking their dog, Kira, in New York state, they came across two dogs that had fallen through the ice into a freezing lake. Timofey immediately stripped off and jumped in. Why did he think he...Show More
The secrets uncovered by a body detective

23:31 | May 6th

Professor Dame Sue Black is one of Britain's leading forensic anthropologists. She's often called to crime scenes to help establish who the victim was and she can find traces of someone’s identity in places you wouldn't imagine possible. Sue tells Jo...Show More
How I turn prisoners into violin virtuosos

26:26 | May 4th

Tito Quiroz used to wave up at the inmates of the prison next door to his university in Ensenada, Mexico, and they'd wave back from their cell windows. Then, one day, he got the opportunity to go inside to teach them his passion, the violin. Tito end...Show More
Opioid crisis: the doctor who got addicted

20:49 | May 2nd

Lou Ortenzio worked as a doctor at the epicentre of an opioid crisis in America. But as he was prescribing painkillers to his patients, Lou was also taking the medication himself. His consumption spiralled and turned into a full blown addiction, whic...Show More
The friendship born of murder

20:59 | May 1st

Friends Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix share a fondness for spicy food and wine, but their relationship has a deeper and more profound resonance. They volunteer to talk to young people about ways to stop gun violence. Because more than 20 years ago, Ple...Show More
Survivor 195: Taking down Larry Nassar

39:34 | Apr 30th

For years, former US doctor Larry Nassar abused hundreds of young girls and women. As the official doctor attached to elite gymnastics teams, he used his position to conduct sexually exploitative and medically unwarranted examinations, using physical...Show More
The massacre that made me a mortician

17:38 | Apr 29th

The Colombian city of Medellin was a dangerous place in the 1990s as Camilo Andres Jaramillo knows all too well. He was shot nine times during an attack by gunmen but miraculously survived ... and what he did next is even more extraordinary – he now ...Show More
The words that saved John Dwayne Bunn

26:28 | Apr 27th

He'd grown up in Brooklyn in the early 1990s, where his world had revolved around back flipping onto broken mattresses with his friends. He lived in the Kingsborough Projects, an area seething with crime, gun violence and racial tension, and amidst t...Show More
Sarajevo Siege - the band that drowned out the bombs

46:56 | Apr 26th

By 1994, the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo had been under siege for two years. Sniper fire and shelling were a daily threat to the residents stuck in the city. Though life was tough, artistic creativity flourished. The heavy metal community was one par...Show More
From homeless child to top firefighter

15:27 | Apr 25th

Sabrina Cohen Hatton is one of the UK's most senior firefighters. But really what's remarkable about Sabrina's story is not the position she is in now but what she overcame to get there. After a tragic loss in the family Sabrina left home and ended u...Show More
Keeping wrestling alive in Afghanistan

11:18 | Apr 24th

The wrestlers of the Maiwand club in Kabul and their head coach are back to training after a terror attack on their gym in September 2018. When a suicide bomber approached the gym, coach Ghulam Abbas slammed the door in his face, stopping him from en...Show More
How did this diver cheat death?

35:40 | Apr 23rd

British diver Chris Lemons was working on an oil well underwater in the North Sea in Scotland. He was connected to a boat with something called an 'umbilical cord', which also provided him with air and heat. But he ended up getting tangled in the lin...Show More
The voyage of The Fisherman’s Friends

34:48 | Apr 22nd

Around 25 years ago a group of middle-aged friends in the small English village of Port Isaac got together and started singing sea shanties, which are a type of maritime song. After a chance encounter with a BBC radio DJ Johnnie Walker, they ended up...Show More
Life as a Nepalese 'living goddess'

15:35 | Apr 20th

Rashmila Shakya is one of Nepal's former Royal Kumaris who were once considered ‘living goddesses’, the living incarnations of a Hindu deity. According to tradition, the girl, who is selected as a child must be prepubescent, which means the role is c...Show More
Using comedy to unpick my past on air

16:43 | Apr 18th

Comedian Rosie Waterland is a big name in her native Australia but it's by confronting the dark moments in her past that she's been able to reach the spotlight. She wrote a memoir called ‘The Anti Cool Girl’ about her life but when her mum read the b...Show More
Losing my dad in the Challenger space disaster

21:35 | Apr 17th

On the 28th January 1986 Richard Scobee and millions others watched as his father Commander Dick Scobee led a team of people on the Space Shuttle Challenger that was bound for space . It was an exciting and proud moment for Richard but just 73 secon...Show More
The backflip that shocked the Olympics

22:46 | Apr 16th

Surya Bonaly is one of the best known figure skaters in history. In her prime, her technical skill was unmatched. But despite her great talent, an Olympic gold medal always eluded her. At the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan, Surya sustained an injury ...Show More
The family murder that began our campaign

22:01 | Apr 15th

Brothers Luke and Ryan Hart spent years trying to help their mum leave their abusive father. However, just two days after they succeeded, their father killed her and their sister. They told Outlook why those murders started a campaign for change. Rya...Show More
Can my robot save my country?

14:10 | Apr 12th

Growing up in Cambodia, Richard Yim's childhood was overshadowed by a fear of landmines. It's a place where a war that ended decades ago is still killing people today - the land is laced with millions of mines. Like countless other children, Richard ...Show More
My revenge against 'revenge porn'

13:11 | Apr 11th

As a teenager, Ana Baquedano sent a naked selfie to her boyfriend in exchange for a promise to delete it. Instead, he shared it. Ana panicked, but then she got to work making Mexican history. She led a campaign to make 'revenge porn' a crime in her s...Show More
The sailor and the secret

16:39 | Apr 10th

Guy Oliver had a secret that he couldn't reveal while he was in the Royal Navy, but it didn’t stop him from realising his lifelong dream of becoming a top interior designer. Neal Razzell takes up the story. (Image: Guy Oliver onboard one of the yac...Show More
Leaving America's 'most hated family'

23:09 | Apr 9th

Libby Phelps grew up in the notorious anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. Her grandfather, the late Fred Phelps founded the church which is largely made up of Libby's family members. For nearly two decades Libby's daily routine consisted of brandishing...Show More
The wrestling star helping a grieving mum

23:39 | Apr 8th

When British soldier Lee Rigby was murdered by extremists on the streets of London, the impact on his mum, Lyn, was devastating. But in her darkest hour help came from an unusual source, a 1970s wrestling star known as Kendo Nagasaki. They tell Outlo...Show More
The African girl raised by Kim Il-sung

26:28 | Apr 6th

In the early 1970s Monica Macias was born in the tiny country of Equatorial Guinea, the daughter of the President, Francisco Macias Nguema. Her father was a notorious figure, described as one of the most brutal dictators the African continent has eve...Show More
The Iranian Avocado Quest that led to prison

31:06 | Apr 4th

Jason Rezaian was the Washington Post's bureau chief in Tehran. But a tongue-in-cheek campaign to bring avocados to the country caught the attention of the authorities and landed him in Iran's most notorious prison. Jason wrote a book about his exper...Show More
We found love in the wake of 9/11

18:50 | Apr 3rd

Nick and Diane Marson's flight was diverted after the 9/11 attacks. In the wake of one of the darkest periods in modern history, they met each other and found love. Their story inspired the musical Come From Away Image: Nick and Diane Marson Credit...Show More
Risking my life to see mum

11:39 | Apr 2nd

Somali reporter Hassan is not only a target because of his profession, but also risks his life every time he wants to travel the six miles it takes to visit his mother in Mogadishu. Image: damaged buildings in the Somali capital Mogadishu Credit: S...Show More
The masterplan that got me out of prison

21:49 | Apr 1st

Chris Wilson grew up in a violent neighbourhood in Washington, USA. By the age of 13 he was already carrying a gun to protect himself from drug dealers. At 16, he had already buried five of his friends. On a summer night in 1996 Chris got involved in...Show More
The ‘Lion Mama’ who fought off three rapists

26:27 | Mar 31st

When Nokubonga Qampi was told that her daughter was being raped by three men, she took action. One attacker would end up dead, the others seriously injured. Nokubonga was faced with the prospect of prison, but then her story made her famous and she b...Show More
Inside the minds and chat rooms of IS

22:08 | Mar 28th

Rukmini Callimachi is an American journalist who has to get into the minds of members of so-called IS and win their trust. She tells Emily Webb about her career and how it all started when she covered Christmas tree lighting ceremonies in small-town ...Show More
Having a baby with a man who died years ago

23:09 | Mar 27th

Before Baruch died at 25 years old from cancer he said that he wanted to have a child. So he created something called a 'biological will' and gave a sperm sample. But Baruch didn't have a wife or girlfriend. So after he passed away, his mother began ...Show More
The world champ who didn't want to box

22:57 | Mar 26th

Boxer Michael Bentt never wanted to fight, but he managed to climb to the top of his profession. He became the heavyweight champion of the world in 1993. And that was just the beginning of his remarkable journey. (Photo credit: Mark Morrison/Getty Im...Show More
Sketching celebrities in the courtroom

14:05 | Mar 25th

When celebrities are in legal trouble, the media swarms. But cameras are banned in many American courtrooms. That's where Jane Rosenberg steps in. She's sketched the likes of Woody Allen, 'El Chapo' and Harvey Weinstein while they've been part of hig...Show More
The secret world of our dying son

26:29 | Mar 24th

When Mats Steen was a young child growing up in Oslo, he was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. His parents Robert and Trude were told it was unlikely Mats would survive long into his 20s, and that he'd become less mobile as time went on. The phy...Show More
Fighting Ebola in a war zone

13:56 | Mar 21st

Dr Jean-Christophe Shako is an epidemiologist who specialises in disease control. He is based in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a province that is currently facing a deadly outbreak of Ebola. It's a relentless job: it's the first Ebo...Show More
Taking on America's rich and famous

23:01 | Mar 20th

Gloria Allred is a lawyer who has represented the female accusers of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and R Kelly. She reveals how her own experience of sexual assault made her determined to give other women a voice. Photo: Profile picture of women's ri...Show More
An epic walk home from school

18:47 | Mar 19th

Tsering Deki is 20-years-old and Nima Gurung is 18. They've endured gruelling physical and emotional journeys, born in different villages in Nepal, they attended the same school in the far away capital, Kathmandu. The school's called Snowland Ranag L...Show More
My daughter’s killer feels like ‘family’

21:03 | Mar 18th

In April 2011 in a small village in the Netherlands, Eddy Hekman got the worst news of his life. His daughter Renske had been killed by her boyfriend Alasam Samarie. But this didn't square with how Eddy knew Samarie - as a kind and gentle person. Edd...Show More
Soweto Uprising: what happened to my dad?

22:58 | Mar 17th

In 1976, the Johannesburg township of Soweto erupted into protest. Students were furious with the government decision to make Afrikaans a language of instruction in South African schools. Afrikaans was associated with apartheid and white rule by many...Show More
The Mormon mums of gay sons

21:47 | Mar 14th

Alyson Deussen and Jill Rowe are both members of the Mormon church which opposes gay sex and marriage. But they’re also mothers who've ended up fighting for the rights of their gay sons. They tell Emily Webb about the group they've formed called "Mam...Show More
Fifteen and alone at sea

19:02 | Mar 13th

Susan Berg was on a family fishing trip in Australia when their boat sank and they started to swim to land. As the sun went down, Susan realised that her family had disappeared. Since then, she has fought to come to terms with that day and has even o...Show More
Befriending the woman I'd have to dissect

17:03 | Mar 12th

After an elderly woman decided to donate her body to medicine, she befriended anatomist Dr Vic Spitzer – the man who would go on to dissect her. Vic, a pioneer in the field of digitising anatomy,was working with the Visible Human Project to create de...Show More
Confronting my racist past

22:13 | Mar 11th

Mac Otts grew up in Greensboro, Alabama, where his great great grandfather had had slaves and a plantation, but as Mac grew up he began to go against the racism he was used to and he adopted a mixed race child. Mac has written a book about his life c...Show More
The detective and the diamond heist

39:24 | Mar 10th

In the late 1990s, Belgian detective Patrick Peys joined the Diamond Squad. Based in Antwerp's Diamond District, this was the world's first police unit dedicated to solving diamond crime. And soon, Patrick would face the most baffling case of his car...Show More
Held captive by a cult for 30 years

23:43 | Mar 7th

Katy Morgan-Davies spent her entire life living as a virtual prisoner. She'd been born into a Maoist cult, ruled over by a domineering leader called Aravindan Balakrishnan, also known as AB or Comrade Bala. They'd lived not in some remote compound, b...Show More
I went through puberty at two years old

25:31 | Mar 6th

On the male side of Patrick Burleigh's family is a rare hereditary condition known as precocious puberty. It has been passed down through the generations. It meant Patrick went through puberty when he was two, and by the time he was 12 he was passing...Show More
Surviving death row after being tricked into drug trafficking

18:14 | Mar 5th

When Nokwazi Memela's pastor told her about a job importing carpets from Iran she was excited about earning money to support her children. Little did she know she had been tricked into becoming a drug mule. Image: Nokwazi Memela Credit: BBC/Mpho Lak...Show More
The Korean athlete exposing sexual abuse

15:02 | Mar 4th

As a child, Eunhee Kim was sexually abused by her coach at a tennis training camp in South Korea. She kept the extent of the abuse a secret for years. But when she was working as a tennis coach herself Eunhee bumped into him at a competition. She dec...Show More
The Danish woman who went to fight IS

23:35 | Feb 28th

Joanna Palani grew up in Denmark but she's from a long line of Kurdish fighters. When Joanna was a teenager, she carried on this tradition, by packing up her bags and travelling to Syria to join an all-female Kurdish militia. It was in Syria that she...Show More
Cherno Samba: Struggles of a virtual football star

17:20 | Feb 27th

At 15, Cherno Samba was a footballing wonderkid, fought over by the biggest clubs in the world. He played for England’s under-17s but when a deal with Liverpool fell through his career stalled. Cherno continued to play but meanwhile, on a popular foo...Show More
The wild world of Germany’s punk princess

20:25 | Feb 26th

Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis is a German aristocrat who became a celebrity when, as a 20-year-old, she married a much older German prince. She soon earned the nickname Princess TNT because of the wild parties she threw, and the wild outfits sh...Show More
Justice for my sister Marie Colvin

22:35 | Feb 25th

In 2012, the celebrated war correspondent Marie Colvin was killed by Syrian government shelling in the city of Homs. Her sister Cat Colvin believed Marie had been deliberately targeted, in an effort to silence her reporting. Cat would begin a long ca...Show More
The celestial treasure hunters

26:26 | Feb 24th

Mike Farmer and Robert Ward have spent decades travelling the world in pursuit of meteorites. Their awe-inspiring and insatiable hunt led to fortune – but also unexpected danger. It's a story of cowboys, cargo pants and some of the most coveted rocks...Show More
The disability activist who was 'born red'

12:51 | Feb 22nd

Carly Findlay was born with Ichthyosis, a genetic skin condition that covers her body with scaly red skin. She’s faced bullying and discrimination, but has become a vocal campaigner for people with disabilities in Australia. She’s written a book call...Show More
Why I photograph sex workers

17:08 | Feb 21st

Bruce Gilden is an American street photographer from New York but he has done projects all over the world. In his recent series - Only God Can Judge Me - he photographed a group of sex workers living under a bridge in Miami. They are all women who re...Show More
My pen pal Abu Hamza

22:54 | Feb 20th

Reverend Stephen Coles is a vicar in the London neighbourhood of Finsbury Park. In 2001 he met extremist Abu Hamza al-Masri, who back then was an imam at the local mosque. Abu Hamza is currently serving a life sentence in the US on terrorism-related ...Show More
The frontline music therapist

18:55 | Feb 19th

Composer Nigel Osborne teaches children in warzones to play instruments. Nigel was a star composer in the 1970 and 1980s. He was passionate about human rights and ended up traveling to Bosnia-Herzegovina where he set up a music school for children af...Show More
‘I still feel the bullets in my head’

17:25 | Feb 18th

James Myers survived being shot in the head five times in 2014 and still has three of the bullets lodged in his skull. Though James has managed to keep his sense of humour and a positive outlook, his life hasn’t been the same since the attack. He suf...Show More
The brothers who made Mary Poppins sing

26:20 | Feb 17th

Richard M. Sherman and his brother Robert created some of the most beloved songs in cinema history. They were the song-writing duo that convinced jazz star Louis Prima to transform into King Louie, the devious King of the Apes in The Jungle Book. And...Show More
The truth about my ‘hero’ grandfather

22:58 | Feb 14th

Growing up in the United States, Silvia Foti couldn't have been more proud of her Lithuanian heritage, in particular her grandfather. She'd been told that he was seen as a war hero and that he'd been executed at the age of 37 for standing up to the S...Show More
My son’s death was ‘absolutely beautiful’

20:47 | Feb 13th

Jessica Hanson is a trauma nurse in the state of Arizona in the US and before the death of her son three years ago, death wasn't something she thought about that deeply. She is now determined that people should be able to have, what she calls 'a beau...Show More
The story that saved my child's life

23:08 | Feb 12th

In 2007, when Katy Beech was just seven she was diagnosed with diabetes which meant she needed regular injections of insulin to stay alive - but by the time she was ten, she'd had enough. So her mum, Louise, made a bargain with her - if she could tel...Show More
Life lessons from Indian sex workers

23:19 | Feb 11th

Ashok Alexander was working for a global management consultancy company when he was headhunted to try to avert India's looming HIV crisis. He started working with sex workers in an attempt to address the epidemic. Soon, he discovered these women had ...Show More
Vietnam's first family of rock ‘n’ roll

28:12 | Feb 10th

In the 1960s, a bunch of musically gifted, pre-teen siblings from Saigon put together a rock ‘n’ roll group. For a while the CBC Band was the biggest music act in South Vietnam, even headlining the country’s first international rock festival. They ha...Show More
I accidentally discovered that I’m a psychopath

18:31 | Feb 8th

Dr Jim Fallon is a neurobiologist and has had a distinguished career at the University of California, studying Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and psychopathy. Psychopaths are people who lack emotional empathy, who don't feel love like other peopl...Show More
'My Editor Was Killed by Pablo Escobar'

12:27 | Feb 7th

Colombian investigative journalist Maria Duzan fought drug cartels with her pen. When she worked as a journalist in Bogota, she had bodyguards 24/7 and was taught to fire a gun. Maria kept reporting even after her editor was killed by Pablo Escobar’s...Show More
Flipper’s Trainer Turned Dolphin Saviour

21:12 | Feb 6th

Ric O'Barry was a star dolphin trainer in the 1960s. He created television's first celebrity dolphin, Flipper. But after Flipper died in his arms, Ric made a dramatic U-turn and became an activist, determined that no dolphin should live in captivity....Show More
The Mother Choosing to Love her 'Enemy'

17:19 | Feb 5th

Latifa Ibn Ziaten, a Moroccan mother to five has been awarded the highest honour in France, the Legion of Honour, and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Latifa's son, a French soldier, was murdered in Toulouse in 2012. Since then Latifa has ...Show More
The Triplets Separated by a Secret Study

24:22 | Feb 4th

When Bobby Shafran met Eddy Galland and David Kellman at the age of 19, they knew something very strange was going on. The three young men were identical. It took years to uncover the secret psychological experiment, which they were all unknowingly ...Show More
Bringing Down a Dictator

26:28 | Feb 3rd

In the late 1990s, lawyer Jacqueline Moudeina took on one of the most important cases in African legal history – the trial of Chad's former dictator Hissène Habré. He's a man who had massacred and tortured his people, including members of Jacqueline’...Show More
Hong Kong’s Rebel Pop Star

23:19 | Jan 31st

In 2014, Denise Ho was a Cantopop music sensation. After winning a major talent competition, she became one of the biggest stars in Hong Kong's music scene and beyond. But when pro-democracy protesters took to the streets that year, she joined in not...Show More
Using a Tampon Nearly Killed Me

20:45 | Jan 30th

Toxic shock syndrome is rare, but it did happen to American model Lauren Wasser when she was using tampons. She tells Emily Webb her remarkable story. (Photo credit: The Select 7.)
What Stopped Me from Becoming a Killer

19:33 | Jan 29th

Like many Rwandans who survived the genocide of 1994, Hyppolite Ntigurirwa suffered enormously. He saw his father killed; relatives raped. He was just seven years old at the time, and grew up to be a very angry young man. But then he made a choice wh...Show More
The North Korean Diver and the Octopus

20:38 | Jan 28th

Park Myongho is a North Korean ex-military man who defected to the South, at huge risk with his family. He now works as a compressor diver making a dangerous living by catching octopuses under the sea where North meets South. (Photo credit: Moyoung J...Show More
Sewing to Survive

22:59 | Jan 27th

Rina Roat is a successful clothes designer and entrepreneur from Cambodia, but she grew up far removed from the world of fashion. As a child, she had been abandoned and left homeless by her mother. Too poor to buy clothes, she turned to dressmaking –...Show More
Making Contact with a Remote Tribe

14:21 | Jan 24th

In November 2018, the Sentinelese tribe in the Andaman Islands hit the headlines after an American missionary was killed by arrows as he attempted to approach their isolated island. Very few people have come close to this remote community, but one pe...Show More
The Mountaineers Breaking Race Barriers

15:07 | Jan 23rd

Rosemary Saal broke barriers by being part of the first all African-American team to climb America's highest mountain when she was 19. Now she’s inspiring young black children to do the same. Image: Climbers from Expedition Denali Credit: Hudson He...Show More
A Sex Tape was Used to Silence Me

20:35 | Jan 22nd

Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismayilova was blackmailed with a sex tape after writing stories alleging corruption by Azerbaijan's leading politicians. She's also spent time in jail on what she says were trumped up charges, but tells Outlook how she...Show More
The Story of My Face Transplant

1:21:06 | Jan 21st

Cameron Underwood tried to take his own life by shooting himself in the face, he survived, but with severe facial injuries. Doctors told his family his face was "dust". He didn't think he'd be able to smile again, until he met Dr Eduardo Rodriguez wh...Show More
My Life as a Millennial Yoruba Priestess

26:25 | Jan 20th

Beyoncé, mermaids and Satan? Outlook Weekend is in Nigeria looking at the mysteries and misconceptions surrounding the traditional Yoruba religion – and what it takes to be a modern devotee of this ancient faith. Reporter Laeila Adjovi travels to the...Show More
The Making of a Fashion Icon

16:22 | Jan 17th

André Leon Talley is an icon in the fashion world. His early jobs include working for Andy Warhol in New York in the 70s. He went on to become editor-at-large at the most famous fashion magazine in the world: Vogue. He is now the subject of the docu...Show More
The Transgender Boxer Making History

17:12 | Jan 16th

In December 2018, 33-year-old Patricio Manuel made history when he became the first professional transgender boxer in the United States. He won his debut match in California in a unanimous judges’ decision. This was far from Pat’s first time in the r...Show More
Breaking the Silence on Domestic Abuse

18:03 | Jan 15th

Maira Maidana has become a campaigner against domestic abuse in Argentina after her own traumatic experience. She told Outlook's Colm Flynn about her story. (Photo credit: Colm Flynn.)
Police Officers Killed Our Sons

22:53 | Jan 14th

Maria Hamilton and Doretha Lock were united by the shooting of their sons in the US. Maria went on to create Mothers for Justice, which is an organisation aimed at supporting the families of people affected by police violence. They told Jo Fidgen the...Show More
Escape From Abu Ghraib

26:28 | Jan 13th

The man who said no to Saddam Hussein – in 1979, Iraqi scientist Hussain al-Shahristani was faced with an agonising decision: to help a dictator develop an atomic bomb or to spend his life in prison. Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Maryam Maruf Ima...Show More
The Pop Star with a Prison Past

17:05 | Jan 10th

In South Africa, Nathi Mankayi has been winning millions of fans, and many awards, with his heartfelt songs. He writes them from experience and he has had quite an experience. Poverty, crime and an eight-year prison sentence. But in just a few years ...Show More
One of the ‘Most Dangerous People’ in the World

15:36 | Jan 9th

The British doctor Judith Mackay was labelled by some in the tobacco industry as one of the three most dangerous people in the world. Judith saw so many patients in 1970s Hong Kong suffering from smoking-related diseases that she started campaigning,...Show More
A Sister's Search for Justice

23:33 | Jan 8th

Stefano Cucchi's name and face have been on the front pages of newspapers across Italy. It's a name that's been heard in press conferences, in investigations and also in court. He died in a secure hospital, having been arrested for drug offenses. He'...Show More
Discovering I’d Been Sterilised

23:52 | Jan 7th

After Navajo woman Jean Whitehorse had her appendix removed in the 1970s, she carried on with her life in the US. However, when she struggled to conceive, she was told she'd also been sterilised. Jean then went on to find out that she wasn’t the only...Show More
Addicted to My Son's Addiction

26:28 | Jan 6th

The true story behind the film Beautiful Boy - when David Sheff realised that his beloved teenage son Nic was addicted to the highly dangerous drug crystal meth, he tried to do everything to help him. Could this family break free from the destructive...Show More
Cutting Stars’ Hair and Overcoming Addiction

23:45 | Jan 3rd

US hairstylist Chris McMillan created some of Hollywood's most iconic haircuts while he was addicted to drugs. He told Emily Webb about his journey to recovery. Image: Chris McMillan Credit: BBC
My Road Trips with Martin Luther King

18:28 | Jan 2nd

Tom Houck was just 19 years old when he was asked by Dr Martin Luther King's wife to be a driver for their family. It was 1965 and although Dr King had been awarded the Nobel peace prize the year before the country was deeply divided. Widespread segr...Show More
The Volunteer Who Caught a Killer

26:40 | Jan 1st

When a millionaire farmer went missing in Sweden, an inexperienced volunteer called Therese Tang was drafted in to help search for him. She had her suspicions about a member of the man's family - and found an unorthodox way to get to the truth. Imag...Show More
I Learned My Mum's Identity via SMS

40:31 | Dec 31st, 2018

In the last chaotic days of the Vietnam War, thousands of children were sent away to be adopted in safer countries. Four-year-old My Huong went to Australia and it would be many years before she returned to Vietnam and finally uncovered the extraordi...Show More
Extraordinary Senses: The Chef Who Couldn't Taste

26:35 | Dec 30th, 2018

Grant Achatz grew up around his family's diner, and by the age of 12 was working there as a cook. He insisted on putting parsley on the omelettes he prepared, which his father scorned as unnecessary 'fanciness'. Little did his father know that it was...Show More
Rescued by a Cruise Ship in a Hurricane

21:48 | Dec 29th, 2018

At the end of summer in 2017, Edward Potter and his first mate Carl Sheperd headed out from Florida into the Gulf of Mexico for a fishing trip. While at sea, Hurricane Irma struck, leaving Edward and Carl at the mercy of high winds and huge waves. As...Show More
The Corrupt Cop and The Innocent Man

24:08 | Dec 28th, 2018

In 2006 Jameel McGee was arrested and sent to prison for 10 years, he was innocent. Two years later, Andrew Collins, the police officer who arrested Jameel was found to be corrupt. His lies had led to 62 people being jailed when they shouldn't have b...Show More
Extraordinary Senses: Smelling Things That Don't Exist

16:49 | Dec 27th, 2018

When Alix Fox was 17 years old she had an extreme allergic reaction after finishing her shift at the pub where she worked. She was rushed to hospital, but never experienced another reaction like that again. However, after that, something did change. ...Show More
Extraordinary Senses: The Cyborg Who Hears in Colour

19:00 | Dec 26th, 2018

Neil Harbisson has a condition that means he only sees in greyscale. Throughout his life people would talk to him about colour, but when your world is entirely black and white, it's very difficult to understand. But when he was at university Neil met...Show More
Extraordinary Senses: Amputee Who Could Touch Again

18:14 | Dec 25th, 2018

On the eve of 2004, Dennis Aabo Sørensen was at a party with his friends in the Danish city of Aalborg where he was given a faulty firework that exploded in his hand. His injuries were so severe he had to have his hand amputated. But 10 years later, ...Show More
Extraordinary Senses: The Attack that Made Me a Maths Genius

41:12 | Dec 24th, 2018

In the early 2000s Jason Padgett was interested in very few things: drinking, partying and girls. He says he was stuck in the 1980s and still donned a mullet and leather vests with no shirt. But one night in 2002 he was brutally beaten and sustained ...Show More
Frank Sinatra's Australian Showdown

26:08 | Dec 23rd, 2018

In 1974, Australian concert producer Robert Raymond got the gig of his life – organising the comeback tour of his musical idol, Frank Sinatra. The anticipation in Australia was huge and the tour sold-out immediately. But when his opening night perfor...Show More
Eric Idle: My Life with Monty Python

24:14 | Dec 20th, 2018

Eric Idle was part of the surreal sketch comedy group Monty Python who burst onto British television screens in the 1960s and changed the face of comedy. His autobiography is called 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'. Image: Eric Idle Credit: ...Show More
A Note in the Wreckage of the Lockerbie Bombing

15:07 | Dec 19th, 2018

Thirty years ago this week, a plane travelling from London to New York exploded mid-flight over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. The town was strewn with debris, and the bodies of the 259 people on board as well as the 11 killed on the ground. Paul Hu...Show More
Sword Swallowing to Overcome Fear

19:02 | Dec 18th, 2018

MisSa Blue from Germany started shocking audiences with her highly dangerous sword swallowing stunts after recovering from bulimia nervosa and deciding to turn her life around. In spite of a life-threatening accident that happened while she was perfo...Show More
Finding Out if my Mum Tried to Kill Me

16:09 | Dec 17th, 2018

Annie Price grew up with the thought that her mother had tried to kill her. When she was just a few weeks old, she suffered burns in a caravan fire on the outskirts of London, and later she was taken away from her birth family and put up for adoption...Show More
Fighting for Pakistan's Condemned Prisoners

43:15 | Dec 16th, 2018

Sohail Yafat is from Lahore, part of the Pakistani city’s minority Christian community. In 2001, Sohail was filled with optimism. Although he'd grown up in poverty, he'd worked tirelessly to fund his education and it looked like it was paying off. He...Show More
I Run a Radio Station from My Garden Shed

16:40 | Dec 14th, 2018

For decades, British DJ Deke Duncan has run a pretend music radio station from his garden shed, with his friends. Typically he has only one listener - his wife. But he is now broadcasting to thousands of people for the first time. Image: DJ Deke Du...Show More
Top Peruvian Chef: My Recipe for Life

15:53 | Dec 13th, 2018

Martin Morales is an award-winning restaurateur who was forced to flee Peru as a child because of threats against his father by a guerrilla group. Thousands of miles from his home country he yearned for the food he had grown up with. He channelled th...Show More
Escaping Dubai with a Princess

22:56 | Dec 12th, 2018

Earlier this year a princess from Dubai, Latifa, tried to escape and start a new life abroad, away from her father, the ruler. Her best friend Tiina Jauhianen tried to help her but Latifa was caught on a boat, and hasn't been seen since. Image: Tii...Show More
The Bed that Saved Me from the Taliban

20:04 | Dec 11th, 2018

In January this year, a Greek pilot called Vasileios Vasileiou checked into the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. The hotel was popular with international visitors - and the Taliban knew that. On January 20th they launched an attack and the hotel was ...Show More
T La Rock, The Man Who Forgot He Was a Rap Legend

23:08 | Dec 10th, 2018

T La Rock was one of the pioneers of hip-hop in the Bronx, but after an attack left him with 70% memory loss, he ended up in a Jewish nursing home, where he made some unlikely friendships and fought to recover his identity and memories. Image: T La ...Show More
Putting My Hospital on a Tractor

16:40 | Dec 6th, 2018

Dr Evan Atar Adaha is the chief surgeon at a hospital in a conflict-ridden area of South Sudan. The hospital, where Dr Atar performs many surgeries a day, caters to hundreds of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people. He set up Maban ho...Show More
I Found My Twin on YouTube

19:12 | Dec 5th, 2018

Anaïs Bordier had no idea her identical twin sister was on the other side of the world until she saw a YouTube video of a woman who looked remarkably like her. It turned out to be American film actress Samantha Futerman. Anaïs tracked her doppelgänge...Show More
Persuading a Serial Killer to Confess

19:44 | Dec 4th, 2018

Kathleen Zellner is one of the most famous wrongful conviction lawyers in the US. At one point at the beginning of her career, though, she represented a serial killer. After Larry Eyler revealed the identities of many of the people he had killed to h...Show More
Mumbai Attacks: Playing Dead to Survive

14:57 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Police officer Arun Jadhav and six of his colleagues were on duty during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks when their van was ambushed by two of the gunmen. The officers were on their way to a hospital targeted by the militants. The attackers seized the...Show More
A Nightmare in Joshua Tree

25:29 | Dec 2nd, 2018

Travel writer Claire Nelson was hiking in Joshua Tree, California when she slipped off a boulder and fell 15 feet into a canyon. She was trapped, and completely alone in the scorching hot wilderness, with limited water. How would she survive? Prese...Show More
Steve Jobs: The Father Who Denied Me

23:43 | Nov 29th, 2018

Lisa Brennan-Jobs had an incredibly famous father - technology pioneer Steve Jobs. They had a complicated relationship, but were eventually reconciled as father and daughter. Emily Webb takes up the story. (Photo: Lisa Brennan-Jobs with her father...Show More
Watching a Pirate Film with Somali Captors

22:31 | Nov 28th, 2018

In 2012 journalist Michael Scott Moore was investigating kidnappings by pirates in Somalia when he himself was captured while travelling with an armed guard. The pirates took Michael to a ship they had hijacked, and he was held for two and a half yea...Show More
The Breaking Point of a Child Gymnast

17:57 | Nov 27th, 2018

Eileen Chai was only 9 years old when she travelled from her home in Singapore to China alone to train as an elite gymnast. Her training regime was gruelling. Some days she was so tired she wouldn't even have the energy to speak. She won medals but w...Show More
The Teenagers Who Wrote Their Way to The Palace

39:29 | Nov 26th, 2018

Outlook makes a special trip to Buckingham Palace to celebrate four teenagers who have beaten thousands of entrants from around the world to win the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition. We meet Zahra Hussain from Pakistan, Ng Woon Neng and Janine ...Show More
South Africa's Abalone Underworld

26:28 | Nov 25th, 2018

What have giant sea snails got to do with gang violence and crystal meth in Cape Town? For over 15 years, Shuhood Abader was a poacher, risking his life in Cape Town’s shark-infested waters to hunt a strange sea creature known as abalone. It's a typ...Show More
Looking for Grandad - from New York to Samoa

20:44 | Nov 22nd, 2018

Charles Morse was a US soldier who served in the American Samoa in 1942. While he was there, he fell in love with a woman called Eppe. She was the daughter of the village chief – and they were not given permission to marry. Seventy years later, Charl...Show More
Regrets of a Punk Bank Robber

12:12 | Nov 21st, 2018

Gilles Bertin has had a remarkable life - from being the frontman of a famous punk rock group in France to taking part in a robbery and finally facing the consequences of what he'd done. He's been telling Harry Graham his story. (Photo: Georges Gobet...Show More
The Retiree who Broke the Lottery

18:48 | Nov 20th, 2018

After Jerry Selbee retired in 2002, he found a way to crack the lottery in the US state of Michigan. He and his wife Marge ended up making millions of dollars. Jo Fidgen takes up the story. (Image: Jerry and Marge Selbee. Photo credit: Rachel Koenig...Show More
The Homeless Woman Scouted as a Model

15:13 | Nov 19th, 2018

From being a drug-addicted teenager living on the streets of London - to directing documentaries for the big screen, Lorna Tucker has trodden an unusual path to success. Having realised a passion for telling other people’s stories, she’s now telling ...Show More
Greg Louganis: the Death-Defying Diver

29:45 | Nov 18th, 2018

Blood, gold and secrets at the Olympic pool. Before Greg Louganis was a diver, he was a dancer. Tap dancing to Gene Kelly routines, he learned timing and rhythm. These skills would ultimately help him become one of the most celebrated divers in the ...Show More
From Prison to Rock God Video Director

15:15 | Nov 15th, 2018

William McLellan is an English artist and director. He's best known for his music videos with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Lou Reed, The Eurythmics and George Harrison. But back when he was younger, in the 1970s, he was in a self-d...Show More
Asked to Prove My Loyalty with Murder

23:39 | Nov 14th, 2018

Sonja Larsen dedicated her teenage years to working for a communist revolution in the United States. It was being planned by a shadowy organisation, and scheduled for February 18th, 1984. Sonja wanted to belong in the group, so considered committing ...Show More
Confronting The Nun Who Despised Me

17:47 | Nov 13th, 2018

69-year-old Elizabeth Coppin lived through prison-like conditions when she attended so-called industrial schools and worked in the notorious Magdalene laundries in Ireland. The institutions were run by the Catholic church and there have been many sto...Show More
The Locksmith and the Love Letters

11:14 | Nov 12th, 2018

Humberto Restrepo from Medellin in Colombia is a locksmith by day, but outside his working hours he plays Cupid by writing love letters for other couples. Outlook's Clayton Conn went to meet him and find out more. Image: Humberto Restrepo Credit: Cl...Show More
Adventures of the Counterfeit Catching Brothers

26:28 | Nov 11th, 2018

Rob and Jason Holmes were first recruited as undercover agents when they were children. They were in Atlantic City on the lookout for black market goods - like replica designer clothes, sunglasses, watches. Their employer was their private detective ...Show More
Spying on My Estranged Father

22:27 | Nov 8th, 2018

Artist Jessamyn Lovell turned her camera on her estranged father. She told Jo Fidgen why she decided to become a private investigator. Image: Jessamyn Lovell with her camera Credit: Noor-un Nisa Touchon
Winning a Boxing Title while on the Run

15:25 | Nov 7th, 2018

Martin Murray is a boxer, with British and Commonwealth titles to his name, and an eye on the world title in his category. But back when he was younger he used to get into a lot of trouble. When he won his first big title, fifteen years ago, he was o...Show More
At the Centre of a Match Fixing Scandal

19:08 | Nov 6th, 2018

Nchimunya Mweeta is a Zambian footballer who's made headlines for the right and the wrong reasons. He's been playing professionally since he was 15, but when he moved to a Finnish club, he became embroiled in a scandal. He was approached by match fix...Show More
The Story of Spain's 'Stolen' Babies

15:46 | Nov 5th, 2018

Antonio Barroso and Juan Luis Moreno discovered they'd been bought by their families as babies. When they went public, they discovered that thousands of others had been through the same. They told Neal Razzell their story. (Image: Demonstration again...Show More
The Great Escape of Bonga

25:07 | Nov 4th, 2018

Bonga Kuenda is one of Angola’s most notable musicians, a master of the semba - a genre of traditional Angolan music. He was born during Portuguese colonial rule, and before music, Bonga had forged a career in athletics. In the 1960s, he emerged from...Show More
Telling My Dad's Khmer Rouge Story

17:46 | Nov 1st, 2018

When filmmaker Neary Adeline Hay was a child, she had so many questions about her father’s past in Cambodia. The story he told her was so shocking she decided the world needed to hear it. The documentary she made is called Angkar. Image: Neary Adeli...Show More
Held Hostage on the Chechen Frontline

18:45 | Oct 31st, 2018

Russian woman Elena Nikitina was held hostage on the Chechen frontline during the 1994 war after being kidnapped off the street. Image and credit: Elena Nikitina
Kony 2012: My Breakdown After Viral Fame

23:03 | Oct 30th, 2018

Jason Russell was behind the video Kony 2012, which at the time was called the most viral of all time. But with the fame also came the scrutiny that led Jason to have a breakdown. Image: Jason Russell pictured with Jacob, a Ugandan boy who had been ...Show More
Coming Out of a Coma to a Media Storm

16:17 | Oct 29th, 2018

On New Year's Eve 2013, Dr Kate Stone was out celebrating in rural Scotland when she was gored by a stag. However, when she came out of the coma she had an even greater shock - seeing some of the headlines about her in the national press. Image: Dr ...Show More
The Mafia Bride Who Fought Back

26:28 | Oct 29th, 2018

When she was 17 years old, Piera Aiello was forced to marry into a notorious Sicilian Mafia family. After witnessing the murder of her husband, she became a police informant. However the decision meant she had to go into hiding - giving up her name, ...Show More
The Fraud and the Missing Boy

22:45 | Oct 25th, 2018

In 1994, 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay went missing in Texas. Several years later, he apparently resurfaced in Spain, and he was reunited with his family. But all was not as it seemed. Private investigator Charlie Parker knew he had an imposter on his...Show More
Trapped Inside a Flooding Elevator

17:54 | Oct 24th, 2018

In August 2018, Toronto experienced severe rains and flooding. Because water was leaking into the basement of their office building, Klever Freire and Gabriel Otrin decided to move their cars. They were heading down in the lift when the elevator stop...Show More
Confessions of an Art Forger

19:32 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Over many years Shaun Greenhalgh created art forgeries in his garden shed in the English town of Bolton. He fooled the art world into thinking his paintings and sculptures were lost masterpieces by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Gauguin and Degas. T...Show More
The Stalker Inside My House

15:47 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Amanda Playle's ordeal at the hands of a stalker began in 2014. She was living a quiet life with her husband and three daughters when she got a friend request on social media. Her stalker would turn out to be the last person she suspected. (Photo cre...Show More
The Mystery of Ecuador's Lost Mastertapes

30:25 | Oct 20th, 2018

Daniel Lofredo Rota is an Ecuadorian DJ and musician on a quest to unravel a decades-old family mystery. His eccentric grandfather has left a clue: a grimy, battered suitcase filled with old tapes. Inside are songs, secret loves, and the resurrection...Show More
Inside the Mind of a Forensic Pathologist

22:52 | Oct 18th, 2018

Dr Richard Shepherd has worked on some of Britain's most high profile crime scenes including the site of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. (Image: Dr Richard Shepherd. Credit: BBC)
Our Near-Death Sub-Zero Border Crossing

21:09 | Oct 17th, 2018

On the 24th December 2016, a freezing storm hit Canada. Caught up in the middle of it were two Ghanaian men Seidu and Razak, who were at the border, trying to enter the country undetected to seek asylum. They were stricken with frostbite and battling...Show More
Bringing Down the Man Who Gave Us HIV

22:57 | Oct 16th, 2018

When Diane Reeve found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, she uncovered a much darker secret – that he’d infected her and other women with HIV. Image: Diane Reeve Credit: Alyssa Vincent Photography
Fighting Discrimination with a Fairytale

16:50 | Oct 15th, 2018

Valeriu Nicolae is a diplomat and NGO worker, who describes himself as a strategic survivor. Back when he was a child he was spurned by other Romanian children because he's Roma. He came up with an ingenious way to win them over, involving funerals a...Show More
My Dad, Muhammad Ali

22:36 | Oct 13th, 2018

What is it like to be the daughter of a sporting legend? To many, Muhammad Ali was known as The Greatest, whether as a boxing hero, a pioneering civil rights campaigner, or a world-class entertainer. To Hana Ali though, he was the man who put on magi...Show More
Injured By A Boat Propeller

15:15 | Oct 12th, 2018

Australian mum Sandy Laverty was on a fishing trip with her family when disaster struck. She and her family were setting up crab pots on the Cato River in Australia’s Northern Territory in June last year when her boat spun out of control in the croco...Show More
Refusing To Be Ashamed After Rape

15:14 | Oct 11th, 2018

In the summer of 1980 Sohaila Abdulali was out walking in the hills in Mumbai with a friend when she was attacked and raped by a group of four men. Sohaila was just 17 at the time, but she refused to be ashamed by what had happened to her. She wrot...Show More
Crossing Continents to Find my Parents

38:24 | Oct 10th, 2018

Tuy Gentry Buckner was born in war-torn Vietnam in the 70s. His birth mother left him at an orphanage hoping he would have a better life. Tuy contracted polio when he was three, which left him disabled. Life changed for him when he was adopted by an ...Show More
Opening my Romanian Secret Police File

20:20 | Oct 9th, 2018

When American anthropologist Katherine Verdery worked in Romania during the Cold War, she had no idea the country’s secret police thought she was a spy. The Securitate had compiled a nearly 3,000 page dossier on her. The file contained reports from 7...Show More
Helping Pakistan's Forgotten Prisoners

15:42 | Oct 8th, 2018

Haya Zahid is one Pakistan’s top human rights lawyers. She was destined for a glittering and lucrative career in corporate law but threw it all away to help thousands of people who’d suffered miscarriages of justice. Haya started working on human rig...Show More
Heavy Metal's Groundbreaking Grandma

23:45 | Oct 6th, 2018

Inge Ginsberg has had many lives. After escaping the Holocaust, she ended up as a songwriter to the stars in Hollywood. Now, with perhaps her most unlikely incarnation yet, she performs heavy metal music to screaming fans. Image: Inge performing w...Show More
The 35 Year Game of Tag

17:44 | Oct 4th, 2018

Mike Konesky and Bill Akers lead seemingly ordinary lives in the city of Spokane in the US state of Washington. But, of late, they’ve been riding the wave of celebrity - appearing on big talk shows in the US to talk about a film that’s been made abou...Show More
Saving My Cellmates From Death Row

12:41 | Oct 2nd, 2018

Pete Ouko became the first legally trained prisoner in Kenya. He's helped people on both sides of the prison walls. Pete's now been pardoned and released and his services are in great demand. Image and credit: Pete Ouku
Fighting for a Woman's Right to Love

22:42 | Oct 1st, 2018

When Khalida Brohi found out that her cousin had died in a so-called honour killing in Pakistan, she was heartbroken. It inspired her campaign as a woman's rights activist, firstly in her village and then all over the world. Luckily for Khalida and h...Show More
Awake but Trapped Inside My Body

26:28 | Sep 29th, 2018

When Victoria Arlen was 11 years old, she became unwell with a mystery illness and lost consciousness. She only woke up years later to find herself in a hospital bed unable to communicate or move. For months she was alert, but nobody knew it and all ...Show More
The Love That Survived IS

18:43 | Sep 27th, 2018

Hezni and Jilan Murad happily married and deeply in love when so-called Islamic state started targeting the Yazidi community in Northern Iraq, where they lived. When IS militants entered their village, they took Jilan as a slave. Hezni promised he wo...Show More
The Stranger Who Rescued Me

13:43 | Sep 26th, 2018

Rukhiya Budden says she suffered abuse and misery when she was growing up in an orphanage in Nairobi. But her life was changed when a Japanese stranger became like a surrogate father to her. Tomiji Minagawa took her in, giving her a loving home. Rukh...Show More
Coaching the Death Row Football Team

16:26 | Sep 25th, 2018

Moses Akatugba used to coach a football team made up of prisoners on death row in Delta State, Nigeria. Moses was a death row prisoner himself. He had been arrested when he was 16 and accused of stealing mobile phones in an armed robbery. He says he ...Show More
I Took Her Hand and Then We Jumped

22:31 | Sep 24th, 2018

Rolf Sorman was one of the survivors of the Estonia ferry disaster 24 years ago. The ferry that sank in the Baltic Sea while sailing from Tallinn to Stockholm, where Rolf is from. He tells Jo Fidgen about his dramatic survival. (Photo courtesy of Rol...Show More
The Photo That Exposed Apartheid

26:54 | Sep 22nd, 2018

It’s South Africa’s most iconic photograph – a dying 12-year-old school boy, Hector Pieterson, being carried away after he was shot by police during the 1976 Soweto Uprisings. The picture - taken by journalist Sam Nzima - exposed the horrors of apart...Show More
Harlem's Legendary Ballet Dancer

18:26 | Sep 21st, 2018

The pioneering African-American ballet dancer, Arthur Mitchell, has died in New York City at the age of 84. Earlier this year, Matthew Bannister spoke to him about his incredible legacy. Image: Arthur Mitchell at the White House in 2006 with some...Show More
Being the Mother of a Sociopath

39:21 | Sep 20th, 2018

Eleven years ago Charity Lee's four-year-old daughter was murdered by her teenage son Paris, who was later described by doctors as a sociopath. Paris won't leave prison until he's in his 50s, but Charity has stayed in contact, balancing her fear of h...Show More
Life Without a Womb

14:41 | Sep 19th, 2018

British woman Tasha Bishop was born without a womb meaning she would never have a period, would never be able to carry her own children and having sex would be difficult. She was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome and struggled to...Show More
The Elephant Whisperer of Thailand

15:12 | Sep 18th, 2018

Lek Chailert spent her childhood in a small hill village in northern Thailand, where she lived surrounded by animals. She's since become an activist working to improve the welfare of working elephants, some of which are trained using cruel methods. S...Show More
How I Grew Up in a Cave

21:28 | Sep 17th, 2018

Christina Rickardsson grew up in extreme poverty in Brazil. From hunting animals for food while living in a cave to being part of a tragic incident on the streets of Sao Paolo, her early life was fraught with pain. After being adopted by a family in ...Show More
The Transy Book Heist

30:28 | Sep 15th, 2018

In 2004, American college students Spencer Reinhard and Warren Lipka - along with two other friends - hatched an elaborate and oddball scheme to steal some of the world’s rarest and most valuable books. Inspired by Hollywood heist thrillers and a des...Show More
Dream Holiday that Ended in Tragedy

20:35 | Sep 13th, 2018

In 1977 Chris Farmer and his partner Peta Frampton set off to travel around the world. They sent regular letters to their family back home. But one day the letters stopped. Chris' sister Penny spent almost 40 years trying to find out what happened to...Show More
From a Remote Jungle Tribe to LA

14:38 | Sep 12th, 2018

When he had to flee his isolated community in Vietnam, Rich ended up in the big city. He tells Matthew Bannister about discovering the Backstreet Boys and meeting his wife. (Image courtesy of Rich and Faith.)
Travelling Home Next to My Coffin

16:47 | Sep 11th, 2018

Ugandan celebrity Moses Supercharger was so ill due to HIV, his family was convinced he would die. He was put on a pickup truck that was travelling to his home village for burial. How he survived and continued singing. (Image courtesy of Moses Superc...Show More
Sex Trafficked by My Friend

22:37 | Sep 10th, 2018

Grizelda Grootboom is an activist fighting to end sexual exploitation and trafficking in South Africa. Her determination comes from her personal story. When she was 18 years old, she experienced horrifying abuse on the streets of Johannesburg. Grizel...Show More
The woman who woke up in the future

43:09 | Sep 8th, 2018

In 2008, Naomi Jacobs went to bed as a 32-year-old woman. When she woke the following morning, her world had changed. Overnight, her memories had gone. She didn't recognise her home, or her life. Instead, she believed she was a teenage schoolgirl liv...Show More
Uncovering My Father’s Hidden Past

16:16 | Sep 6th, 2018

Louisa Deasey is a writer and journalist based in Melbourne. She is the youngest of three siblings and she was only 7 years old when her dad, Denison Deasey, died of cancer. He had separated from Louisa's mum and was considered the black sheep of the...Show More
Looking for Vietnam's Fallen Soldiers

12:45 | Sep 5th, 2018

In 1967 Bob Connor, a sergeant with the U.S. Air Force, flew out to Vietnam to join the many American soldiers based there. He saw action in some of the most challenging battles of the war. 50 years later, back in the US, Bob's granddaughter asked hi...Show More
Going Undercover for My Son

26:57 | Sep 4th, 2018

Doreen Giuliano is a New York mother who went to staggering lengths to try to get her son out of jail. Her story involves a false identity, hot pants, and an operation she called The Sting. The crime that started it all happened in October 2003. A 19...Show More
Running for My Life and My People

21:43 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Julius Achon’s talent for running took him from a poverty-stricken village in Uganda to the Olympics. But his life changed when he found a group of children sleeping under a bus while out running. Image: crossing the finishing line Credit: nico_b...Show More
From Prison Kitchen to Celebrity Chef

21:19 | Aug 30th, 2018

Jeff Henderson, also known as Chef Jeff, is something of a culinary pioneer. He was the first African American Chef de Cuisine at the swanky Las Vegas restaurant Caesar's Palace, he's starred in a cookery TV show and he's a best selling author. But u...Show More
Soni Sori – India’s fearless tribal leader

17:26 | Aug 29th, 2018

The famous novelist and social activist Arundhati Roy has said of Soni Sori: "she is absolutely extraordinary, fearless and tremendously articulate. She speaks up for those who are being crushed." But tribal activist Soni hadn't intended to become a ...Show More
'I Remember when I was a Newborn'

15:17 | Aug 28th, 2018

Australian Rebecca Sharrock can remember everything she's ever said, done or felt. She’s one of just 60 or so people in the world who’ve been diagnosed with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, or HSAM. Her condition’s been verified by researcher...Show More
First he gave his liver, then his heart

12:39 | Aug 27th, 2018

Heather Krueger was dying of liver disease when a stranger overheard her cousin talking about her condition. The stranger was Chris Dempsey and he asked if he could help out. He ended up donating 55% of his liver and saved her life. But their relatio...Show More
Saving Lives on Chicago's South Side

26:27 | Aug 25th, 2018

Chicago’s South Side has some of the highest rates of gun violence in the US, and to make matters worse, gunshot victims often have to travel miles to get life-saving medical treatment. Local doctor Abdullah Pratt was determined to change that. R...Show More
Guatemala's Accidental Revolutionary

16:22 | Aug 23rd, 2018

Lucia Mendizabal became an accidental revolutionary when her social media complaint about a corruption scandal in Guatemala helped to spark huge protests. Image: Protesters demand the resignation of Guatemalan President Otto Perez, May 2015 Cred...Show More
Boy Who Survived Being Shot Eight Times

22:32 | Aug 22nd, 2018

Waleed Khan was shot in the face six times when militants attacked his school in Peshawar in 2014. He tells Outlook's Saskia Edwards his extraordinary story of survival. Image: Waleed Khan Credit: Saskia Edwards
Viv Albertine: Pioneering Punk Star

18:49 | Aug 21st, 2018

Viv Albertine was a pioneering punk star of all-female band The Slits in the late 70s and early 80s. But after she had a daughter, she initially hid her musical past from her. She tells Jo Fidgen how she reconnected with punk. Image: Viv Albertine...Show More
Kofi Annan: In His Own Words

22:50 | Aug 20th, 2018

An in-depth interview with the former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan who spoke to Outlook’s Matthew Bannister in 2012. Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan Credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images
The Making of a Disco Star

26:35 | Aug 18th, 2018

Sequins, spandex and Rasputin? Dust off your gold spandex for a dive into the world of 1970s disco. Marcia Barrett, a lead singer of the chart-conquering Boney M, discusses her life with the band - including getting mobbed behind the iron curtain. ...Show More
I Got a Slave for My Birthday

14:09 | Aug 16th, 2018

Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane is from Mauritania, a country in north-west Africa where slavery has existed for centuries. As a child he thought it was normal for a noble family like his to own slaves, but as he grew older he began to question the practi...Show More
Tennis Star to Black Panther Writer

19:08 | Aug 15th, 2018

Nnedi Okorafor is a Nigerian American writer of a genre of books called Afrofuturism, which combine science fiction with African mythology. Nnedi wrote the comic Black Panther: Long Live the King and is now working on a spin-off based on the superher...Show More
You Tuk-Tuk my Breath Away

14:41 | Aug 14th, 2018

Sohan Lal started out shining shoes and then began driving a rickshaw. It was then he started meeting tourists and learning languages, which became his passport to the world. It was also how he met a Swiss tourist called Nadia and fell in love. (Phot...Show More
Born in Prison, Destined for Crime?

18:11 | Aug 13th, 2018

Deborah Jiang-Stein had always known she was adopted, but didn't know where she'd come from. That was until she was 12 and found a letter hidden at home. She was shocked to find out that she was born in jail. Deborah felt it was her destiny to become...Show More
Husband for Hire

32:57 | Aug 11th, 2018

Would you hire someone to impersonate one of your relatives? Yuichi Ishii is a former actor who runs Family Romance, a 'family rental' business in Japan. He pretends to be people's fathers, husbands and ex-lovers. Over nine years, he's played spouse ...Show More
The Iraqi Ballerina Who Won't Stop Dancing

09:04 | Aug 10th, 2018

Leezan Salam from Iraq is a student turned teacher at the Baghdad School of Music and Ballet. The school was set up in the late 1960s to give students both an artistic and a full academic education.  But in recent times its dancers have become target...Show More
My Golden Voice Saved Me from Addiction

12:52 | Aug 9th, 2018

Ted Williams was homeless in the US when a recording of his "golden voice" went viral. He had been struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. But after the viral fame ended, he was able to recover and he now he has his own radio show. Outlook...Show More
Playing Dead to Survive Afghan Siege

13:01 | Aug 8th, 2018

Shot three times and left for dead, Breshna Musazai was studying at a university in Kabul when militants attacked the campus. She survived and has just graduated. Image: Breshna Musazai Credit: Washington Post/Breshna Musazai
I Didn't Realise I was Homeless

20:51 | Aug 7th, 2018

Filmmaker and ex-marine Elegance Bratton slept on the streets of New York and New Jersey for eight years but he didn't realise he was homeless. He was part of the local gay community and, despite his situation, felt like he had found his home. Im...Show More
The Music Bus Crossing the Gang Divide

18:41 | Aug 6th, 2018

Justin Finlayson is a London bus driver working to stop gang violence through music. He tells Jo Fidgen his story. Image: London bus in the rain Credit: deimagine/Getty Images
Keeping Love Alive on Death Row

28:21 | Aug 4th, 2018

Andargachew Tsege was a wanted man. He was a political activist and a long-time critic of the Ethiopian government. For his opposition work, he was tried in absentia and given the death sentence. But Andargachew and his fiancée Yemi Hailemariam weren...Show More
The Story of the Baby Found in a Cinema Toilet

17:41 | Aug 3rd, 2018

Rob Weston was abandoned in a cinema toilet in the UK in 1956. Decades later he was reunited with his brother Tommy Chalmers, thanks to the help of DNA detective Julia Bell. (Photo courtesy of Rob Weston.)
From Kenyan Street Child to Sushi Master

11:50 | Aug 2nd, 2018

In the slums of the Kenyan capital Nairobi thousands of children live in extreme poverty. They often have no access to clean water, food or education. Until a few years ago, Brian Ochieng was one of them. But Brian found his way off the street, start...Show More
Giving a Voice to Young Women in Yemen

14:09 | Aug 1st, 2018

Amani Yahya is a pioneer of Yemen's rap scene, and is one of the country's best known female rappers. She spoke to Emily Webb about how rapping brought her death threats. (Photo credit: Fredrik Gille.)
Grieving with a Herd of Elephants

14:43 | Jul 31st, 2018

There is a game reserve in South Africa called Thula Thula. It was set up by Françoise Malby-Anthony and her husband, Lawrence. They adopted a herd of elephants that had been traumatised by poaching, and were being very destructive. Lawrence and Fran...Show More
The Leading Lawyer Who Once Robbed Banks

22:40 | Jul 30th, 2018

Shon Hopwood is a professor at one of the most respected law schools in the US, Georgetown in Washington. He has the most fantastic track record in petitioning the US Supreme Court to get prisoners' sentences reduced. It would be the envy of any lawy...Show More
The Tale of the King of the Wild Blue Sky

26:52 | Jul 28th, 2018

In the 1970s, American helicopter pilot Jerry Foster changed the face of modern news reporting. He was often first on the scene at emergencies and daring rescue operations in the Arizona wilderness - sometimes even getting personally involved. Jerry ...Show More
The Impact of Taking the Wrong Train

13:44 | Jul 26th, 2018

Like many ten year olds Siraj Khan was prone to bickering with his parents. One such argument left Siraj so annoyed that he decided to leave his home in a small village in the north east of Pakistan and travel 1000 miles to Karachi. But on the way he...Show More
Bringing Mexico's Missing People Home

18:56 | Jul 25th, 2018

After her daughter disappeared six years ago, Graciela Perez Rodriguez began to realise how many people in Mexico had lost loved ones but had been unable to find them or even their remains. She made up her mind to change things and now dedicates her...Show More
Dancing with Madonna Kept Me Alive

16:19 | Jul 24th, 2018

Salim Gauwloos became famous dancing with Madonna on her iconic Blond Ambition tour. Madonna used the tour to promote freedom of sexuality and sexual health. All of this made a young Salim feel extremely uncomfortable. The reason he was so anxious wa...Show More
Why I Had to Bury My Husband Twice

15:03 | Jul 23rd, 2018

Fabiola Hernández Guevara from Colombia lost her first husband Libardo in 1985 when he was killed during a siege. After his death, she took some comfort in visiting his grave. That was until she discovered it was not his remains buried there, but th...Show More
Like Fresh Water in the Desert

26:28 | Jul 21st, 2018

Nelly Ben Or is a successful concert pianist born in Poland but behind her beautiful playing lies a past full of persecution and terror. She spent years on the run from the Nazi regime during the Holocaust but grabbed brief moments of joy whenever s...Show More
Inside The Mind of a Big Wave Surfer

15:43 | Jul 19th, 2018

In April this year Rodrigo Koxa broke a surfing world record after he surfed a wave 24 metres high, or 80 feet. As high as your average 8 storey building. And to cap it all, it was on the same beach where three years before he'd nearly been killed by...Show More
Mandela - The Private Life of A Public Man

41:23 | Jul 18th, 2018

100 years ago today an icon was born. We've been talking to people intimately connected with the human rights crusader. Ndileka Mandela is Nelson Mandela's eldest granddaughter. Because her own father died when she was four years old, she saw Mand...Show More
Two Men, a Boat and a Dramatic Rescue

22:58 | Jul 17th, 2018

One round the world sailing race, ten years of preparation and 48 hours stranded in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean. A dramatic tale of adventure, disaster and unexpected friendship as an Englishman and a Frenchman attempt one of the most diffic...Show More
Helping people prepare for death

20:28 | Jul 17th, 2018

A doula is someone who helps support a mother-to-be, and prepares her for what's to come. Henry Fersko-Weiss wondered why people who are dying don't get the same kind of support. So he came up with the idea of an end-of-life doula, and now trains peo...Show More
Teaching Maths to My Former Enemies

18:13 | Jul 16th, 2018

Carlos Cano was part of a right-wing Colombian paramilitary group called the AUC, an armed organisation which was accused of numerous war crimes during its long fight against left-wing Farc guerillas. He was eventually caught in an ambush by the auth...Show More
The SOS Note Hidden In a Halloween Toy

20:38 | Jul 12th, 2018

From his labour camp in China, Sun Yi wrote a secret message detailing the conditions where he was being kept. He smuggled it out in Halloween decorations that were eventually bought in the United States. When Julie Keith found the SOS note, in a box...Show More
Pride and Pain of Being Mandela's Grandson

16:29 | Jul 11th, 2018

Being the grandson of Nelson Mandela sounds like a wonderful thing. But for Ndaba Mandela it has been a mixed blessing. He is the child of Nelson's son Magkatho and his wife Zondi. Ndaba grew up in Soweto under South Africa's apartheid regime. At the...Show More
The Baby I Found Buried Alive

13:09 | Jul 10th, 2018

It was complete chance that Azita Milanian went jogging in the foothills on the outskirts of Los Angeles on the evening of 16th of May 1998. That wasn't her routine. But those few hours made all the difference. While out, Azita discovered a half buri...Show More
An Artist's Last Hours on Death Row

18:42 | Jul 9th, 2018

Ben Quilty was one of Australia's most famous painters, when he entered into an unusual friendship with a condemned man. Myuran Sukumaran was a convicted drug smuggler on death row in Indonesia. He was a member of a group of imprisoned Australians kn...Show More
Hunting My Brother's Killer

26:57 | Jul 7th, 2018

In May 2009, Lee-Anne Cartier hears the news that her brother has taken his own life in New Zealand. However, as time goes on, his death looks more and more suspicious. Lee-Anne starts to investigate and makes a discovery that would shake her family ...Show More
21 Years Fighting for My Friend's Freedom

22:41 | Jul 5th, 2018

When Colin Warner was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn't commit, his childhood friend Carl King turned himself into a detective to prove his friend's innocence. They have been telling their story to Outlook's Joe Pascal in front of an...Show More
Foster Parents to a Bomber

18:20 | Jul 4th, 2018

Foster carers Ron and Penny Jones gave Ahmed Hassan a home. He went on to plant a bomb on the London Underground in 2017. Hassan had arrived in the UK two years earlier as an unaccompanied child migrant. (Image: Penny and Ron Jones. Credit: BBC.)
I Treated New York's First AIDS Patients

17:31 | Jul 3rd, 2018

Dr Joseph Sonnabend is a retired doctor who has had an important role to play in the history of HIV/AIDS. He saw some of the earliest patients in New York in the days before anyone even knew what the condition was. And he invested a huge amount in he...Show More
Sex, Drugs and Rolls Royces

23:27 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Scotsman Hugh Milne spent almost ten years working as a bodyguard for the 'free love' guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who at one point owned almost 100 Rolls Royce's. Hugh tells Jo Fidgen about his life inside the sect. (Picture: Bernard Charlon/Getty I...Show More
Outlook Weekend: Saved by Nature

22:58 | Jun 30th, 2018

We head inside the home of celebrity wildlife expert Chris Packham. While Chris has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the natural world, he finds understanding the people around him far more difficult. However, he hasn't let this stop him from becoming a...Show More
On Top of the World with My Dad

13:10 | Jun 28th, 2018

Ajeet and Deeya Bajaj are the first Indian father-daughter duo to climb Mount Everest. They tell Outlook's Matthew Bannister their story. Image and credit: Ajeet and Deeya Bajaj
The Outlook Inspirations Awards 2018

49:37 | Jun 27th, 2018

We can finally unveil the winners of the Outlook Inspirations Awards 2018! Our three distinguished judges name the Outlook guests whose actions have moved them, shaken them, or thrilled them most. They are Nice Leng'ete, Brisa de Angulo and Livey Van...Show More
Tessa Thompson Defying Hollywood Typecasting

12:46 | Jun 26th, 2018

Tessa Thompson is an American actor, singer and dancer, known for her starring parts in Thor: Ragnarok and the Rocky sequel, Creed. She is part of the judging panel for the Outlook Inspirations awards and Maryam Maruf caught up with Tessa ahead of th...Show More
The Al-Qaeda Bomb Maker Turned MI6 Spy

38:58 | Jun 25th, 2018

Aimen Dean went from being an Islamist extremist to an employee of the British Secret Intelligence Service. He tells Jo Fidgen about the psychology behind his decisions. He's written a book about his experiences called 'Nine Lives: My time as MI6'...Show More
Confessions of a Rock Star

23:23 | Jun 23rd, 2018

During her 20s, Vicky Beeching from the UK had made it as one of the most successful musicians in the Christian rock music scene in America. But while playing to crowds of hundreds of thousands of people, she carried a secret. After years of hiding t...Show More
Singing to Recover from School Shooting

15:41 | Jun 21st, 2018

At last week's Tony Awards in New York City, the prestigious 'Excellence in Theatre Education Award' went to a drama teacher from Florida called Melody Herzfeld. Melody works at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. On February 14th, ...Show More
Inspirations: Caring for Kids in Prison

11:47 | Jun 20th, 2018

In her early life Outlook Inspirations nominee Faith dreamt of one day owning an orphanage. At just 14 years of age she convinced her parents to adopt street children and send them to school so they could have a better future. In 2012 Faith visited t...Show More
Inspirations: From Mute teen to Rapper

13:55 | Jun 19th, 2018

Outlook Inspirations nominee Isaiah Acosta was born with situs inversus, which meant all his major organs were in the wrong place, and he hadn't developed a jaw bone. His mother Tarah Acosta was told his life expectancy would be limited and he'd be b...Show More
Inspirations: Battling Guns in Trinidad

11:41 | Jun 18th, 2018

Caron Asgarali was shot in the face in 2013 and has campaigned against crime ever since. (Photo credit: Indira Singh.)
What Gay Conversion Therapy Did to Me

32:56 | Jun 18th, 2018

Growing up in a fundamentalist Christian family in America's Bible Belt, Garrard Conley had doubts about his sexuality but had to hide it from his parents, especially his father who was a pastor. When he was at university, Garrard was outed, and his ...Show More
Outlook Weekend: The Blink

23:27 | Jun 16th, 2018

When Rikke Schmit Kjaegaard fell seriously ill with bacterial meningitis no one thought she would make it. She survived but found herself in a terrifying situation, she couldn't talk and the only part of her body she could move was her eyes. At first...Show More
Inspirations: My Dance Troupe School

14:23 | Jun 14th, 2018

Outlook Inspirations nominee Seyi Oluyole is transforming disadvantaged young lives in Nigeria through her dance group 'Dream Catchers'. It's made up of children from one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Lagos. To join Dream Catchers, the children m...Show More
The Policeman Who Toppled a Guru

17:18 | Jun 14th, 2018

Indian police officer Ajay Pal Lamba spent years chasing after the spiritual guru Asaram Bapu. The world famous demigod was accused of raping a 16 year old. Despite threats to his life from the guru's supporters, Ajay never gave up and tells Outlook...Show More
Hunting Down the Feather Thief

23:40 | Jun 13th, 2018

Former US aid worker Kirk Wallace Johnson was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after spending a year in Iraq back in 2005. When he returned to America, he found some peace of mind fly fishing and discovered the art of Victorian salmon fl...Show More
Inspirations: Delivering Babies Under Gunfire

15:09 | Jun 13th, 2018

Gynaecologist and Outlook Inspirations nominee Dr Marzia Salam Yaftali has for nearly two years been running the last-standing, public hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz. It's a city that has long been dangerous, but the stakes were especially hig...Show More
Inspirations: 'Miss Taxi' Standing Up to Sexism

10:14 | Jun 12th, 2018

As a young girl Outlook Inspirations nominee Esenam Nyador was always challenging the norm. She set up a biscuit stall aged 14. Later in life she wanted to become a tipper truck driver but no one from this male dominated industry would train her. So ...Show More
My Appointment with a Serial Killer

22:35 | Jun 12th, 2018

In 1990, journalist Lorraine Murphy had an unsettling encounter with a man she'd met through work. More than 20 years later, she found out who he was - Canada's most prolific serial killer, Robert Pickton. Image: Lorraine Murphy Credit: Jess Slos...Show More
Inspirations: Ending FGM in My Village

15:37 | Jun 11th, 2018

Aged eight, Outlook Inspirations nominee Nice Leng'ete was destined to undergo female genital mutilation, leave school and be married off to an older man, according to Maasai tradition. She not only fought against FGM for herself, but through her bra...Show More
Saving Lives Before They Get to ER

16:09 | Jun 11th, 2018

Rob Gore is an African-American doctor in Brooklyn. Traumatised by seeing young black men coming in with gunshot wounds, he decided that he needed to stop the gun violence at the source. Image: Dr Rob Gore Credit: Shannon Greer
Outlook Weekend: Literary SOS

23:15 | Jun 9th, 2018

When Sally Bayley was 14, she hit rock bottom. She was in care, had been rejected by her family and she wasn't eating. So who did she turn to when she was at her lowest? Shakespeare. Through reading, she was taken to places she could have never imagi...Show More
Inspirations: Comforting My Dead Son's Fans

15:09 | Jun 7th, 2018

Joshua Ribera, aka Depzman, was a rising star in the UK's grime music scene. He had scored a number one hit on iTunes with his debut album before his 18th birthday. A few weeks later, he was murdered. His mum, Outlook Inspirations nominee, Alison Cop...Show More
Fighting Deadly Cough Syrup Addiction

14:03 | Jun 6th, 2018

Mairo Mandara is a Nigerian doctor tackling a scandal involving cough syrup containing the painkiller, codeine. Codeine can be addictive and in Nigeria thousands of people have been drinking this syrup by the bottleful to get a fix. The Nigerian gove...Show More
Inspirations: My Prison Carpool Service

09:52 | Jun 6th, 2018

Outlook Inspirations nominee Kristal Bush runs a service which takes people in the American state of Pennsylvania to visit their relatives in prison. When Kristal grew up most of the men in her family were in jail. She watched as her mum spent countl...Show More
How I Solved My Best Friend's Murder

34:14 | Jun 5th, 2018

In the 1980s Sheila Wysocki shared a college dorm room in Texas with a woman called Angela Samota. The pair became very close despite their personalities being very different. Then, in 1984, tragedy struck: Angela was raped and murdered. There were l...Show More
Inspirations: Returning Lost War Medals

14:21 | Jun 5th, 2018

Meet Outlook Inspirations nominee US Army Major Zachariah Fike who spends all his spare time returning lost war medals to their rightful owners. It all started when Zachariah came back from a tour of Iraq in 2006. Captain Fike was talking to Jo Fidge...Show More
Global Protests After My Fiancée Was Shot

21:54 | Jun 4th, 2018

The murder of 38-year-old Marielle Franco in March this year sent shockwaves across the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. A rising star on the political scene, Marielle had just been chosen by the Party for Socialism and Liberty to be its candidate f...Show More
Inspirations: I Fell From The Sky

10:25 | Jun 4th, 2018

Outlook Inspirations nominee Emma Carey grew up in the Australian capital Canberra and was obsessed with sport. While holidaying in Switzerland, she got to fulfil one of her dreams: skydiving. However, things took a horrible turn. Emma's parachute an...Show More
What Susan Did on Death Row

26:42 | Jun 2nd, 2018

Ugandan Susan Kigula was a young mother when she was sentenced to hang for murder. She always maintained her innocence and sang songs of sorrow in a choir she formed with her fellow inmates on death row. Behind bars Susan also started a school and co...Show More
Inspirations: Making Peace with Football

11:29 | May 31st, 2018

Outlook Inspirations nominee Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan grew up in the Marsabit area of Northern Kenya. Most of the families there are nomadic farmers who raise cattle and there has been a history of violent conflict between the different tribes in the a...Show More
Dancing Blind With My Horse

22:46 | May 31st, 2018

Verity Smith is originally from the UK but now lives in France and is a top level competitor in dressage, a sport which she describes as 'equestrian ballet'. It's an incredibly challenging and precise sport and for Verity, who is legally blind, it's ...Show More
Inspirations: I Grew a Tropical Forest

10:52 | May 30th, 2018

Outlook Inspirations nominee Mbarouk Mussa Omar is from Pemba in the Zanzibar archipelago, a tiny tropical island once known as the "green island." He trained as an accountant but had always loved nature. When he noticed that the forests in his home ...Show More
Trying to Prove My Father Was a Killer

18:12 | May 29th, 2018

On the 23rd of February 1957, 11-year-old Moira Anderson left her grandmother's house in the small town of Coatbridge near Glasgow to pick up some cooking fat to make dinner. She never came home. Sandra Brown remembers that day and believes her own f...Show More
Inspirations: Saving a life on Everest

10:24 | May 28th, 2018

Former soldier Leslie Binns was just 400 metres from achieving his lifelong dream of reaching the summit of Everest, when he came across an Indian climber who was in real danger. Sunita Hazra was running out of oxygen and would have died if it were n...Show More
Outlook Weekend: Am I Baby Paul?

26:49 | May 26th, 2018

A kidnapped baby, an abandoned child and a web of secrets that spanned over 40 years. Paul Fronczak grew up knowing his past was confusing, but it was only decades later that he would begin to untangle these mysteries and get the answers he was searc...Show More
Inspirations: Busting Taboos on My Motorbike

10:02 | May 24th, 2018

In Pakistan it is rare to see a woman zipping around on a motorbike, especially through Taliban controlled areas or in the disputed region of Kashmir. But that's just what college student and Outlook Inspirations nominee Zenith Irfan does. Zenith was...Show More
Life as the Enemy of the Mafia

13:59 | May 24th, 2018

Nicola Gratteri is one of Italy's most respected anti-mafia chief prosecutors and he has been living under 24/7 armed protection since 1989. Nicola grew up in a small town in Calabria, in the South of Italy, where he used to go to school with the son...Show More
Inspirations: Me and My Wheelchair in Space

13:12 | May 23rd, 2018

In his own words Outlook Inspirations nominee Eddie is "unapologetically brilliant, black, queer and disabled". He recently graduated from Oxford, the first African with a disability to do so. He has spinal muscular atrophy, and his prognosis at birt...Show More
Flint: Exposing the Water Crisis that Poisoned my Kids

15:34 | May 22nd, 2018

In 2014, US mother of four LeeAnne Walters discovered that the tap water in her home in Flint Michigan was poisoning her children - her young twins developed rashes, her daughter's hair fell out in clumps, and the water itself was a brownish colour. ...Show More
Inspirations: My School for Survivors

14:47 | May 21st, 2018

At the age of 15, Brisa de Angulo was raped by one of her extended family members. When she finally found the courage to tell the police, she was ostracised and her case was sent to an agricultural and livestock court. After a traumatic experience in...Show More
My Son Didn't Talk to Me When I Fled Syria

16:19 | May 21st, 2018

When Damascus started going up in flames, Syrian viola player Raghad Haddad was able to get to Europe and to safety - thanks to her musical talent. But it meant leaving her small son behind while she fought for him to join her. Would he be willing to...Show More
Inspirations: My Wheelchair Superhero

11:34 | May 17th, 2018

Outlook Inspirations nominee Mohammad Sayed is a disabled teenager from Afghanistan who was abandoned by his family and spent his childhood living in a hospital. After being adopted and taken to the US, he designed a comic superhero called Wheelchair...Show More
A Hitman was Hired to Kill Me

38:32 | May 17th, 2018

Nancy Shore was married with three children when she was shot in the head in 2012. Although she miraculously survived, the hunt for her killer uncovered a web of lies that that would tear her life - and her family - apart. Nancy tells Matthew Banni...Show More
Top Indian Runner's Landmark Win

14:43 | May 16th, 2018

Dutee Chand is a top Indian sprinter, the fastest woman in India. However, four years ago, officials gave her some shocking news that brought her world crashing down. They told her she had a very high level of testosterone, and that she could no lon...Show More
Inspirations: Namibia's Outcast Mayor

13:46 | May 15th, 2018

In 2010, at the age of 26, Outlook Inspirations nominee Livey Van Wyk became the youngest person ever to be elected mayor in Namibia - an achievement all the more extraordinary because just a few years before the townspeople of Witvlei had made it ve...Show More
Inspirations: Orchestra for the Dying

15:11 | May 14th, 2018

Cellist and Outlook Inspirations nominee Jorge Bergero set up Music for the Soul, a volunteer group of professional musicians who take music to the people who can't make it to concert halls. They travel across Argentina and Latin America performing i...Show More
Outlook Weekend: The Voyage of Meg and Elena

26:53 | May 12th, 2018

Meg and Elena were living oceans apart in Canada and Russia when they met in an online chatroom. Elena's family in Russia couldn't accept that she was in love with a woman so the couple came up with a daring escape plan. They decided to sail tens of ...Show More
I Forgive the Man Who Took Me Hostage

17:40 | May 10th, 2018

Geert Kruit was just nine years old when four gunmen seized his primary school in the town of Bovensmilde in the Netherlands in 1977. Geert was held hostage for four days, along with 104 other children and their five teachers. One of the attackers wa...Show More
The Female Hunter Tracking Boko Haram

10:44 | May 9th, 2018

As the Nigerian military continues its efforts to contain the insurgency of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram it has recruited local hunters to help. One of them stands out - because she's a woman. Aisha Bakari Gombi from Gombi town in Adamawa S...Show More
I Wrote an SOS Note in my Own Blood

14:42 | May 8th, 2018

Imagine surviving a plane crash, only to be faced with the threat of wild jaguars and piranha infested waters. Minor Vidal was the sole survivor of a tragedy that engrossed the Bolivian press, and captivated the nation. (Photo credit: Reuters.)
How an Alien and a BMX Changed My Life

15:22 | May 7th, 2018

John Buultjens started life on a rough Scottish housing estate with a violent, drunken father. After being adopted and watching the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, he was introduced to the BMX, an off-road bike for racing and doing stunts on. Sudden...Show More
Outlook Weekend: The Mountain Between Us

26:28 | May 5th, 2018

In the 1990s, Alex Lowe and Conrad Anker were earning reputations as some of the best mountain climbers in the world. Jenni, Alex's wife, was a constant support. But after a fateful expedition on a mountain in Tibet, these three lives would become co...Show More
I Forgot I Loved My Wife

22:12 | May 4th, 2018

What happens to a marriage when one partner loses their memory and has no recollection of ever having been in love with the other person? It happened to an American couple Adam and Raquel Gonzales in 2016, about four years into their relationship. Th...Show More
Making a Bollywood Film for My Village

15:06 | May 3rd, 2018

Gautam Singh came from a tiny and extremely remote village in the Indian state of Jharkhand where the nearest movie theatre was 50km away. However, he was completely in love with Bollywood films. Nothing could stand in the way of Gautam's obsession a...Show More
The KGB Spy with Two Families

23:28 | May 2nd, 2018

Jack Barsky was born in East Germany and in 1978 he was sent to the United States as a "sleeper agent" by the Soviet security agency, the KGB. He got married and had a child there. But he already had another family, under another name, in East German...Show More
Losing My Baby and Learning to Laugh

15:03 | May 1st, 2018

Lou Conran is a British stand-up comedian who has made a career out of making fun of herself. But then something devastating happened to her, she had to give birth to a stillborn baby five months into the pregnancy. For a while she thought she might ...Show More
How a Nun Infiltrated Ecuador's Gangs

09:55 | Apr 30th, 2018

Former nun Nelsa Curbelo wanted to stamp out the violent gang culture in Ecuador's most populous city, Guayaquil. But she did something different to most, she infiltrated the gangs and befriended the members. Nelsa even lobbied the government to let ...Show More
Outlook Weekend: The Laws of Love

26:47 | Apr 28th, 2018

When Jim met John, it was instant love. Despite John battling terminal illness and the fact that same sex marriage wasn't legal in their state, the couple was determined to get married. What they didn't realise is that their union would change the co...Show More
America's African late-night host

22:18 | Apr 26th, 2018

Trevor Noah has had a remarkable journey from the poor Soweto township he grew up in, to hosting one of America's best loved late-night show's, the Daily Show. He was born during apartheid in South Africa and the laws said black and white people coul...Show More
How I Survived Kidnap and Rape at 14

40:11 | Apr 25th, 2018

Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped at knifepoint from her bed aged 14, in 2002. She survived being raped, starved and tortured for nine months before she was found after a nationwide manhunt. Today, Elizabeth devotes her life to helping vulnerable childre...Show More
'I always assumed I'd go into space'

40:09 | Apr 24th, 2018

Dr Mae Jemison is a pioneering astronaut, medical doctor, engineer and dancer, who became the first woman of colour to go into space in 1992 on board the Endeavour shuttle mission. As a child growing up in Chicago Dr Jemison imagined exploring the un...Show More
Tyler Perry: Film Star and Media Mogul

40:03 | Apr 23rd, 2018

In spite of a difficult childhood, Tyler Perry has become the first African-American to have his own film and TV empire. He's now worth over a half a billion dollars and is credited with having revolutionised the entertainment industry by telling the...Show More
Outlook Weekend: Grizzly

26:57 | Apr 21st, 2018

American newspaper columnist Joyce Maynard was used to receiving fan mail. One day a very different kind of letter arrived for her - it was from a prisoner in California. She wrote back, starting a relationship with this man, who liked to sign all hi...Show More
Not Knowing I Was Sweden's Most Wanted

15:15 | Apr 19th, 2018

Moder Magid was just 22 when he became Sweden's most wanted terror suspect. Following a massive manhunt in 2015, the Iraqi asylum seeker was arrested while building a snow horse on a frozen lake with friend. Moder had been completely unaware of the p...Show More
Music Helped My Partner Back From Coma

16:39 | Apr 18th, 2018

Seven years ago, Jamie McKechnie was the victim of an unprovoked attack in London and suffered a serious brain injury. He was in a coma for nine weeks and doctors gave him a 30 percent chance of living. Jamie's girlfriend, soul singer Ellen Murphy, p...Show More
The Rap Star Saved by a Nursing Home

23:08 | Apr 17th, 2018

'T La Rock' grew up in New York's Bronx and is seen by many as a pioneer of the Hip Hop music genre. He became the first artist to be recorded by Def Jam records and performed around the world but that all came to a halt when he was attacked and left...Show More
Mrs Sparkle: The Trauma Cleaner

16:01 | Apr 16th, 2018

Sandra Pankhurst, also known as Mrs Sparkle is a trauma cleaner in Melbourne, Australia. Sandra's job involves clearing crime scenes and emptying the homes of extreme hoarders. Sandra often meets people at their lowest point but she draws on the trau...Show More
Outlook Weekend: The School Teacher Who Couldn't Read

23:30 | Apr 14th, 2018

John Corcoran grew up in the US during the 1940s and 50s. As a kid, John was really looking forward to go to school like his older siblings. But once he got there, he realised he had a problem: he couldn't learn how to read and write. John felt demor...Show More
Social Media Saved My Life

15:40 | Apr 13th, 2018

In 2015 Mohammed Al Samawi found himself living in the middle of a warzone in Yemen. His friends and family were unable to help and so he turned to social media where a group of strangers offered to help him. One of those who guided Mohammed to safet...Show More
Revealing my Mother's Secret Life

13:26 | Apr 12th, 2018

It was almost by chance that Hungarian writer András Forgách stumbled across the secret service files on his family. Reading them revealed that his mother had conspired in the bugging of his own apartment. He wrote a book about this story called "No ...Show More
My Father the FBI Fugitive

22:32 | Apr 11th, 2018

Tyler Wetherall had lived in 13 houses in five countries before she was ten years old. But as a child she didn't think this was remarkable. Then the police came and she found out her father wasn't what he seemed - he was a fugitive on the run from th...Show More
From 'Mouthy' to 'Wisey'

18:02 | Apr 10th, 2018

As a little girl in south London, Nequela Whittaker was a pretty good kid. She had a talent for the violin, but as she grew up that same violin would land her in trouble as she started selling drugs to get money and respect. (Picture credit: Nequela...Show More
Testifying Against my Parents for Love

14:44 | Apr 9th, 2018

The young Indian lovers whose relationship was condemned and ended in tragedy. (Picture: Kausalya Shankar. Credit: Nathan G.)
Outlook Weekend: The Hit Maker

23:26 | Apr 7th, 2018

British songwriter Guy Chambers was struggling to make ends meet and couldn't afford to repair his leaking roof when he got a phone call from pop star Robbie Williams. Robbie asked him if he could write "dirty pop". Guy said yes, and Robbie showed up...Show More
Uniting Mostar through Rock Music

16:08 | Apr 6th, 2018

The city of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina was ruined by the war that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. People of different ethnicities - who'd lived together happily for years - started fighting each other, and the river that divides Mo...Show More
Free After 28 Years on Death Row

15:00 | Apr 5th, 2018

To be blamed for something you didn't do always stings. But that doesn't even compare to the mislaid guilt American man Anthony Ray Hinton faced. He spent nearly 30 years on death row for the murders of two fast food restaurant workers. Colm Flynn sp...Show More
My Time with North Korea's Dictator

16:41 | Apr 4th, 2018

Hwang Sok-yong is one of Korea's most famous writers and one of the few authors whose works you can find in libraries in both North and South Korea. He's also a well-known campaigner for peace and unification between the two countries. After illegall...Show More