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26:52 | May 19th, 2018

When US drug enforcement agent Drew Hogan started searching for the world's most wanted drug lord, Joaquín Guzmán or 'El Chapo,' he wasn't aware how consumed he would become with the hunt. From organising undercover money laundering operations to cam...Show More

26:28 | Sep 14th

In April 1997 a woman dressed as a nurse walked into a Cape Town hospital and left with a new born baby. The baby's name was Zephany Nurse but she was raised by the woman who kidnapped her as Miche Solomon. It would be 17 years before she discovered...Show More

22:45 | Sep 12th

Andreas Christopheros experienced life-changing injuries after surviving an acid attack on his doorstep. He had never seen his attacker before and had no idea why he had been targeted. A police investigation revealed that this was an act of vengeance...Show More

17:12 | Sep 11th

Indian activist Sindhutai Sapkal has never experienced maternal love. Her life, however, has been defined by it. She is known as 'mother of orphans' and is believed to have adopted more than 1,400 children. But that work became so important to her th...Show More

19:58 | Sep 10th

In 2010, 25-year-old Dinesh Palipana was a medical student in Australia. One night, while he was driving back from visiting his parents, he got involved in a car crash that would change his life. The accident left him quadriplegic: he lost the use of...Show More

18:31 | Sep 9th

Scottish teenager Cora Bissett got a five album deal when she was just 17, but then her rock star dreams came crashing down. She went from partying with Blur and Radiohead to being submerged in debt. Cora is now a respected actor and she has a stage ...Show More

26:29 | Sep 7th

In 1986 American teenager, Jeff Henigson was diagnosed with brain cancer and given two years left to live. He had just one wish: to travel to the Soviet Union, meet the country's leader Mikhail Gorbachev and attempt to broker a nuclear peace deal. J...Show More

23:26 | Sep 5th

When internationally-renowned art restorer Dianne Modestini was asked to work on an old, damaged painting in 2005, she had no idea it would go on to become the world’s most expensive. The painting of Christ was believed to be inspired by the Italian ...Show More

22:04 | Sep 4th

Kennedy Odede had a tough start in life. He grew up in Kibera in Kenya, Africa’s biggest slum. Poverty drove him to stealing and drugs. He believed his future prospects were either death or prison. He didn’t go to school but Kennedy taught himself t...Show More

21:38 | Sep 3rd

It’s been a year since Brazil’s National Museum was devastated in a huge fire. The Museum’s collection was extraordinary – it had 20 million objects – including dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies, frescos of sea dragons, Inca weaponry. But the Museum wasn’t...Show More

21:42 | Sep 2nd

When Tom Patterson caught a superbug infection in 2015, he thought his life was over. The antibiotics had stopped working, he was in a coma and doctors had given up hope. But his wife - scientist Steffanie Strathdee - went on an international medical...Show More

26:29 | Aug 30th

Isabel and Susana González hunt percebes, also known as gooseneck barnacles. They're rather ugly crustaceans that can fetch thousands of dollars per kilogram at auction. To collect them, the González sisters must traverse slippery rocks along the Spa...Show More

19:10 | Aug 30th

Majid went from kebab delivery boy to running clandestine missions rescuing women and children facing violence in Iraq. He teamed up with Ahlam, a widow and survivor of domestic abuse. Together they built an underground network, smuggling some of Ira...Show More

32:11 | Aug 29th

As a British-Pakistani teenager growing up in 1980s Luton, Sarfraz Manzoor didn’t think his future held huge promise – that is until he discovered the music of Bruce Springsteen. Sarfraz could relate to The Boss – they both came from working class b...Show More

23:19 | Aug 28th

When Wesley Hamilton was in his early 20s he was unhappy, overweight, and dealing drugs. Then, just after he turned 24 and got custody of his daughter, he was shot by a stranger. Wesley survived but his injuries left him paralysed. As the years went ...Show More

23:52 | Aug 27th

When Lis Cashin was 13, she took part in a javelin competition in her school sports day. But in a freak accident, the javelin veered off course, and a friend of hers was killed. Lis has spent decades trying to deal with the tragedy, and learning how ...Show More

13:47 | Aug 26th

Edna Adan Ismail is a healthcare pioneer in Somaliland. She was married to the former Prime Minister, but her first love was nursing and midwifery and she refused to give it up. For many years Edna fought to build a hospital in her home city of Harge...Show More

47:36 | Aug 24th

In 2002, Mauritanian engineer Mohamedou Salahi was detained by American intelligence services. They believed he was a senior figure in al-Qaeda and took him to Guantanamo Bay, the notorious US prison camp. Mohamedou was held there for 14 years withou...Show More

17:06 | Aug 22nd

Polish singer Jakub Jozef Orlinski is something of a rarity in the operatic world. Not only is he a countertenor – meaning his range is high compared to other male singers – but he’s also a breakdancer. He's brought his dancing skills to the stage, a...Show More

21:27 | Aug 21st

When the plane that Sam Rutherford was co-piloting crashed into a mountain in the Canadian wilderness, he knew he had to get help fast. His co-pilot was gravely ill and Sam had no way of getting off the mountain. So he sent a desperate SMS text messa...Show More

14:03 | Aug 20th

When South African mother Meta Diphoko took her ex-husband to court for child support payments, DNA tests were carried out on their five children. They would reveal a shocking fact - that one of Meta's sons, Kamogelo, was not her biological child. Th...Show More

35:45 | Aug 19th

The rise and fall of Egypt's star satirist. Bassem Youssef was a heart surgeon in Cairo during the Arab Spring when he started poking fun at the politicians in power. His style of subversive comedy was ground-breaking, and Bassem soon became one of...Show More

16:04 | Aug 16th

Jazmin Elizondo and Laura Flores Estrada are a lesbian couple in Costa Rica. They realised they could get married because of a clerical error on one of their birth certificates - Jazmin was mistakenly listed as male. It was at a time when same-sex ma...Show More

20:23 | Aug 15th

Jimmy Carter is a titan in the world of gospel music. He's the last surviving original member of The Blind Boys of Alabama – America’s ultimate octogenarian boyband. The group has won several Grammy Awards and even had an audience at the White House,...Show More

23:25 | Aug 14th

Amber Scorah grew up in Canada in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She was passionate about her belief and moved to Shanghai to become an undercover missionary – undercover because of the restrictions on religious preaching in China. She was determin...Show More

29:38 | Aug 13th

Nigerian Ruona Meyer was inspired by her famous journalist father - Godwin Agbroko - to become an investigative reporter like him. When he was killed, her grieving brother became addicted to codeine cough syrup. Ruona - clad in bullet proof vest and ...Show More

19:29 | Aug 12th

Idriss is a Yazidi farmer whose home in northern Iraq was overrun by fighters from so-called Islamic State. He and the other men from the villages were rounded up, most were shot, and buried in a mass grave. Idriss was one of the few to escape – but ...Show More

26:28 | Aug 10th

As a film-obsessed gay teen, Wes Hurley was thrilled to move to the US from Russia. But his mother’s new husband was moody and homophobic. How they ended up bonding, after a surprise revelation. Wes made a film about his life, co-directed by Nathan ...Show More

23:45 | Aug 8th

In 1979, English sailor Nick Ward found himself in the middle of the biggest disaster in ocean racing. He was in the crew of the Grimalkin, one of 303 yachts taking part in the Fastnet Challenge Cup – a demanding 608-mile race around the south-west c...Show More

23:54 | Aug 7th

Samuel Abdulraheem was just seven years old when he was snatched while playing outside his home in northern Nigeria. His older sister Firdausi was distraught. The police were called, a search was conducted – but it yielded nothing. Samuel had disappe...Show More

16:52 | Aug 6th

Olivia Potts was in her early 20s and had just got her dream job - as a criminal lawyer in London. Then her mum died, and Olivia needed distracting from her grief. For the first time in her life she baked a cake – and life was never the same again. S...Show More

20:38 | Aug 5th

Moustafa Chamseddine was one of thousands of people who were disappeared during Lebanon’s civil war in the 1980s. For many years his family didn’t know where he was. Moustafa had ended up in Syria’s notorious Tadmur jail. But there, even torture coul...Show More

26:29 | Aug 3rd

Professor Patricia Wiltshire is a leading forensic ecologist and botanist. For the last 25 years she has helped solve some of the UK’s most serious crimes including a number of the country's most high-profile murder cases. To do this she uses her vas...Show More

40:14 | Aug 1st

British concert pianist James Rhodes is a star in the world of classical music. He's won awards, had several hit albums, performed in top venues all over the world and Oscar-nominated actor Andrew Garfield is about to play him in a biopic. His career...Show More

23:48 | Jul 31st

Todd Ross came out as a gay man after being forced to take a lie detector test. He was in the Canadian military, and the confession - which cost him his career - was during the country's ‘LGBT purge.’ He tells his story to Emily Webb. (Image: Todd Ro...Show More

15:10 | Jul 30th

Anas Modamani is a Syrian refugee obsessed with selfies. In 2015 he fled his hometown for Europe, and all along the difficult route he would send photographs of himself to his family back home in Syria. When he finally reached Germany he had a chance...Show More

13:09 | Jul 29th

Saul Dreier is a Holocaust survivor and musician. He’s always tried to find the joy in life – even in Nazi concentration camps where he taught himself to play the spoons. After World War Two, he moved to the US and stopped playing music. That is unti...Show More

26:28 | Jul 27th

Margaret Harrod was a nun and her twin brother was a priest. They were inseparable, but one day while visiting a parish family Margaret witnessed her brother doing something that would shock her to the core. It brought up memories that she had tried ...Show More

19:39 | Jul 25th

When Jen Wight was sitting in a doctor's surgery in Sydney, Australia, she had a lightbulb moment. She suddenly believed she was the American actor Cameron Diaz. The truth was very different of course. She was a new mum, and this was just the beginni...Show More

24:03 | Jul 24th

Maria Grette ignored most of the messages she received from men on her online dating profile. But there was one that she felt a connection to. He was a Danish-American businessman, handsome and living in South Carolina in the USA. They spoke daily, a...Show More

40:41 | Jul 23rd

Roger Stringer and his son Zac are from Mississippi, in the deep south of the USA. They're from a community where guns and hunting are part of the culture. And growing up, Zac and his brother Justin loved to hunt deer with their dad in the forests ar...Show More

23:51 | Jul 22nd

Andy McNab's books have sold millions of copies around the world. And while his name will be recognisable to many, his true identity is known to very few. After years working in the British special forces, he uses a pseudonym and conceals his face in...Show More

27:57 | Jul 20th

This week a US judge sentenced Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán to life in prison plus 30 years. The trial is significant because El Chapo achieved notoriety for twice escaping custody in Mexico as well as avoiding arrest on numerous ot...Show More

40:30 | Jul 18th

The Knight family are from Norwich in the UK and they are wrestlers. They spent years striving for stardom. The parents, Ricky and Saraya Knight, met through the sport and when they started their own wrestling business, their children also caught the...Show More

21:36 | Jul 17th

Opetaia Foa'i grew up in Samoa surrounded by the island's rhythms, sounds and songs. But, surviving wasn't easy and his family moved to the city of Auckland in New Zealand. As he grew up in this new environment he began to look into his roots and sta...Show More

23:21 | Jul 16th

Heart surgeon Stephen Westaby has saved thousands of patients throughout his 40 year career but it’s the deaths that stick with him. As a teenager he was smart but felt he wasn't bold enough to make the split-second life and death decisions required ...Show More

23:18 | Jul 15th

Maryam Zaree's birth inside a notorious Iranian prison was a family secret. That was until a bus journey unearthed traumatic memories. She tells Jo Fidgen her story. (Photo courtesy of Maryam Zaree.)

26:28 | Jul 13th

Patricio Galvez is a Chilean musician who has lived in Sweden for the last 30 years. In 2014 his daughter Amanda travelled to Syria with her children and joined the Islamic State group. When she was killed earlier this year he battled governments, cr...Show More

24:23 | Jul 11th

Ben Shenton's mum handed him over to a notorious Australian cult when he was a baby. The group was called 'The Family.' His hair was bleached, he was forced to take drugs and was told that the glamorous cult leader was the reincarnation of Jesus Chri...Show More

12:04 | Jul 10th

Balezi Bagunda is known as Kibomango and his first love is boxing, but a lack of career options in the Democratic Republic of Congo meant that he became a soldier at 17. But when the government was overthrown in a coup, Balezi found himself destitute...Show More

19:30 | Jul 9th

How does a frog cartoon become a hate symbol? Matt Furie is a comic book illustrator who created Pepe the Frog, a chilled-out character that ended up becoming a hugely popular internet meme. But this frog took on a sinister life of its own as it was ...Show More

17:45 | Jul 8th

Eliot Higgins has been described as "a real life, modern-day Sherlock Holmes". Outlook's Neal Razzell finds out how Eliot went from being an unemployed admin worker to a world-class digital sleuth. He set up Bellingcat, an investigative website that ...Show More

44:55 | Jul 6th

In the 1970s John E. Douglas was a relatively young FBI agent who would travel around the US teaching police officers the bureau's tactics. John knew he was inexperienced compared to the seasoned detectives he was instructing. But he had an idea to a...Show More

22:48 | Jul 4th

As a child Margo Perin remembers strangers in the living room and having a new surname and address every few years. Unsure of what her father really did for a living, her childhood was shrouded in mystery. It wouldn't be until she was much older that...Show More

17:54 | Jul 3rd

Claire Belhassine’s Tunisian grandfather died when she was young. She remembers him from childhood summer holidays in Tunisia, sitting quietly in his chair, never the centre of attention. But years later, sitting in a taxi in Paris, Claire came upon ...Show More

23:34 | Jul 2nd

Badiucao is one of China's most famous dissident cartoonists. His art is political and provocative, and pokes fun at powerful Chinese figures, even President Xi Jinping. For years, Badiucao operated in secrecy: he moved into exile in Australia, and w...Show More

23:04 | Jul 1st

A boy is stolen off the street on his way to school and forced to fight in the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. After years of fighting, he escapes and stows away on a ship. But to his horror, he finds it's not much safer than the battlefield. The e...Show More

18:26 | Jun 27th

Dr Alaa Hamdon is a geologist from the Iraqi city of Mosul who always loved books. One of the most magical places for him in the city was the university library - with over a million books, it was the biggest of its kind in the Middle East. That was ...Show More

36:16 | Jun 26th

Growing up, Dustin Lance Black didn't think he'd be able to open up about his sexuality to his loved ones. His family was conservative – and Mormon. But when he was a teenager, a speech by the openly gay politician Harvey Milk allowed him to imagine ...Show More

20:46 | Jun 25th

When so-called Islamic State attacked northern Iraq, Hogir Hirori - a documentary maker and refugee from the region - went back there to record what was going on. He came across a young girl who was seriously ill, and decided to drop everything to he...Show More

19:15 | Jun 24th

Singer Lazarus Chigwandali has albinism which meant his life in Malawi wasn't easy, but that all changed when a video of him was seen by Swedish music producer Johan Hugo. Jo Fidgen takes up the story. For information on Lazarus’ documentary and to...Show More

26:28 | Jun 22nd

For many years, Uzbekistan was a particularly dangerous place to be a journalist. Speaking out against the government of former president Islam Karimov could lead to torture and a lengthy spell in prison. So it was a surprise for many when in 2004 se...Show More

23:57 | Jun 20th

Growing up, James Lubbock knew his dad Richard as a clean-living family man. He was ‘solid, principled’, James says, and sold antique coins for a living. He loved jazz and opera. Then in his 50s Richard announced to the family that he was gay and thi...Show More

16:48 | Jun 19th

Tartania Brown is from New York City and she has sickle cell anaemia, a genetic disorder that affects red blood cells and can be fatal. At one stage, Tartania didn’t know if she would reach her 20s. Her brother Christopher also has the condition, and...Show More

20:19 | Jun 19th

In 1984, Andreas Laake fled communist East Germany in a dinghy with his pregnant wife, but this attempt to leave ended disastrously. They were intercepted and Andreas was thrown in jail. When his son was born he was 'stolen', or forcibly given up for...Show More

34:46 | Jun 18th

Monika Glennon is a Polish-born estate agent living in the US. One morning she got a frantic call from a colleague: an explicit post had been written about Monika, claiming she had an affair with a client and that she was a ‘homewrecker’. The story w...Show More

19:26 | Jun 17th

As a teenager Zach Skiles joined the US military, hoping to save money for college. But then 9/11 happened and America invaded Iraq. Zach tried to avoid it, but as a marine he ended up in the invading force. His deployment was bloody and shocking, an...Show More

17:12 | Jun 13th

Vanessa Goosen’s life and career seemed to be going from strength to strength; she reached the semi-finals of the Miss South Africa modelling competition and had started her own fashion shop. That was all about to change after she agreed to bring fou...Show More

37:07 | Jun 12th

A sneaky teenager and an envelope of apartheid secrets. Sara-Jayne King tells Andile Masuku that she was born in Johannesburg, but adopted in the UK. When she was a teenager Sara-Jayne discovered what her birth mum was willing to do to cover the sham...Show More

12:17 | Jun 11th

A few years ago Cathrine Mathebe was overweight, unwell and unable to walk without assistance. Today she is the founder of Bophelong Fitness Club in the township of Tembisa, South Africa, where she leads hundreds of women in a dancing-aerobics class....Show More

23:22 | Jun 10th

Celebrity chef Lesego Semenya is one of South Africa's most recognisable black faces in a fine dining industry still dominated by white personalities. Growing up in Soweto at the end of apartheid Lesego was one of the first wave of black children who...Show More

24:14 | Jun 8th

In the 1950s, Cuba was run by a military dictator called Fulgencio Batista, and a wealthy elite controlled the country's resources. On the surface, Natalia Bolivar was a member of this elite. She was a rich socialite from an aristocratic family. She ...Show More

18:15 | Jun 6th

In 2014 Murtada al-Hachimi was organising Iraq's first hot air balloon festival - to project an image of peace to the world. But his plan coincided with the rise of the so-called Islamic State group in the country. Photo: Hot air balloons fill the s...Show More

22:58 | Jun 5th

Jennifer Merry’s sons – Matthew and Simon – were born with haemophilia, a genetic condition that means a person’s blood doesn’t clot properly. Matthew and Simon had to get a treatment to survive: for years, they were injected with a blood-clotting pr...Show More

14:21 | Jun 4th

American playwright Eve Ensler is best known for writing the international sensation The Vagina Monologues, a ground-breaking celebration of women's bodies. The play, which has been performed in more than 140 countries, has broken taboos and brought ...Show More

17:21 | Jun 3rd

Catherine Corless has always been interested in history. She’s from Tuam in the west of Ireland, and after her children had grown up, she enrolled in history classes. As a little girl, she had always been aware of the local Mother and Baby Home – a C...Show More

26:29 | Jun 1st

Jason P. Howe was a British conflict photographer covering the war in Colombia, when he met a young woman at a bus stop. Her name was Marilyn, and they started a relationship that would last several years. Over time, it became clear to Jason that M...Show More

13:44 | May 30th

Nalini Nadkarni is a tree canopy scientist, which means she spends her time dangling off branches secured by mountain climbing equipment. One place she works is the Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica, which is swathed in mist and low hanging cloud...Show More

24:02 | May 29th

New Yorkers Jayson and Stacy Greene were enchanted with their little girl, Greta. But when Greta was two, she was killed in a freak accident. She and her grandmother were sitting on a bench in Manhattan when a lump of masonry fell on Greta’s head. Su...Show More

38:36 | May 28th

Ivan Humble once looked on Manwar Ali as his enemy. Ivan was a regional organiser for the English Defence League (EDL), whereas Manwar was once a militant jihadist. But rumours about a so-called 'super-mosque' brought them together. Image: (L) Ivan ...Show More

22:15 | May 27th

Helen Cooper grew up in Liberia, fled during a bloody military coup and arrived in the US as a child refugee. Her background inspired her to become a journalist but there was one question that still needed to be answered: what had happened to the ado...Show More

26:15 | May 25th

Adrian Street grew up in a mining town in South Wales, but he always loved dressing up. When he was a teenager he started working down the mines but his dream was to become a wrestler. He was ridiculed by the other miners he worked with but in the 19...Show More

20:53 | May 23rd

In 2011, military lawyer Rebecca Lipe was deployed to Iraq with the US Air Force. Her combat body armour didn’t fit because it was designed for men. She had to adapt it, and ended up with debilitating pain, fertility problems and severe depression. S...Show More

22:42 | May 22nd

American actress Maddie Corman thought she and her television director husband, Jace Alexander, had a normal, happy life together. They’d been married for more than a decade and had three children. But in 2015, everything came crashing down when Jace...Show More

19:40 | May 21st

Hamza and Waad al-Khateab lived in Aleppo through some of the most intense moments of the Syrian war. Hamza was a doctor and Waad a citizen journalist. Through the siege and bombardments they fell in love. So, how do you start a family in a warzone? ...Show More

23:02 | May 20th

British swimmer Beth French has chronic fatigue syndrome, and when she was a teenager, she even spent a year in a wheelchair. So years later, when she swam all the way from England to France – and was still home in time to put her son to bed – she kn...Show More

26:27 | May 17th

When Hussain Zaidi started his journalistic career, his home city of Mumbai was caught up in a vicious mafia war. The men who ran the gangs wielded huge power over business, smuggling and the entertainment industry. As they fought for dominance the b...Show More

16:36 | May 16th

Mamitu Gashe is a world-renowned Ethiopian surgeon who specialises in repairing obstetric fistula. She decided to become a surgeon after she almost died in childbirth at the age of 16. But at the time she was a child bride who couldn't read or write....Show More

41:21 | May 15th

At the age of 16 Amina was happy and in love with a local boy in Jordan. She dreamt of their wedding and future together. But then she discovered a secret about her sister, which brought 'shame' on her family and her father went to violent extremes ...Show More

16:15 | May 14th

When British woman Hum Fleming was 13 she had her first epileptic seizure. It took a while to work out that she has temporal lobe epilepsy, and that the seizures had left a scar on her hippocampus - part of the brain that's involved in forming new me...Show More

17:36 | May 13th

Growing up during the Cultural Revolution, Guo Pei didn’t know what fashion was. As a kid, she wasn’t allowed to wear anything but a blue or green uniform. These days, she’s China’s most famous fashion designer, and some of her embroidered couture cr...Show More

26:28 | May 11th

Born in a Rio de Janeiro favela, Elza Soares overcame poverty, child marriage and public scandal to become one of her country's most beloved singers. She started out in the smokey nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. With her unique raspy voice...Show More

22:53 | May 9th

Abigail Disney is a documentary filmmaker and granddaughter of Roy Oliver Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company. As an heiress to the Disney fortune, her estimated worth could be as much as $500 million. However Abigail has never been comfort...Show More

21:39 | May 8th

In 1973 Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genovés decided to create an experiment to find out what drives people to commit acts of violence. He put a group of men and women from different parts of the world on a raft and cast them out to sea. What happ...Show More

16:17 | May 7th

While husband and wife Timofey Yuriev and Melissa Kho were walking their dog, Kira, in New York state, they came across two dogs that had fallen through the ice into a freezing lake. Timofey immediately stripped off and jumped in. Why did he think he...Show More

23:31 | May 6th

Professor Dame Sue Black is one of Britain's leading forensic anthropologists. She's often called to crime scenes to help establish who the victim was and she can find traces of someone’s identity in places you wouldn't imagine possible. Sue tells Jo...Show More

26:26 | May 4th

Tito Quiroz used to wave up at the inmates of the prison next door to his university in Ensenada, Mexico, and they'd wave back from their cell windows. Then, one day, he got the opportunity to go inside to teach them his passion, the violin. Tito end...Show More

20:49 | May 2nd

Lou Ortenzio worked as a doctor at the epicentre of an opioid crisis in America. But as he was prescribing painkillers to his patients, Lou was also taking the medication himself. His consumption spiralled and turned into a full blown addiction, whic...Show More

20:59 | May 1st

Friends Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix share a fondness for spicy food and wine, but their relationship has a deeper and more profound resonance. They volunteer to talk to young people about ways to stop gun violence. Because more than 20 years ago, Ple...Show More

39:34 | Apr 30th

For years, former US doctor Larry Nassar abused hundreds of young girls and women. As the official doctor attached to elite gymnastics teams, he used his position to conduct sexually exploitative and medically unwarranted examinations, using physical...Show More

17:38 | Apr 29th

The Colombian city of Medellin was a dangerous place in the 1990s as Camilo Andres Jaramillo knows all too well. He was shot nine times during an attack by gunmen but miraculously survived ... and what he did next is even more extraordinary – he now ...Show More

26:28 | Apr 27th

He'd grown up in Brooklyn in the early 1990s, where his world had revolved around back flipping onto broken mattresses with his friends. He lived in the Kingsborough Projects, an area seething with crime, gun violence and racial tension, and amidst t...Show More

46:56 | Apr 26th

By 1994, the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo had been under siege for two years. Sniper fire and shelling were a daily threat to the residents stuck in the city. Though life was tough, artistic creativity flourished. The heavy metal community was one par...Show More

15:27 | Apr 25th

Sabrina Cohen Hatton is one of the UK's most senior firefighters. But really what's remarkable about Sabrina's story is not the position she is in now but what she overcame to get there. After a tragic loss in the family Sabrina left home and ended u...Show More

11:18 | Apr 24th

The wrestlers of the Maiwand club in Kabul and their head coach are back to training after a terror attack on their gym in September 2018. When a suicide bomber approached the gym, coach Ghulam Abbas slammed the door in his face, stopping him from en...Show More

35:40 | Apr 23rd

British diver Chris Lemons was working on an oil well underwater in the North Sea in Scotland. He was connected to a boat with something called an 'umbilical cord', which also provided him with air and heat. But he ended up getting tangled in the lin...Show More

34:48 | Apr 22nd

Around 25 years ago a group of middle-aged friends in the small English village of Port Isaac got together and started singing sea shanties, which are a type of maritime song. After a chance encounter with a BBC radio DJ Johnnie Walker, they ended up...Show More

15:35 | Apr 20th

Rashmila Shakya is one of Nepal's former Royal Kumaris who were once considered ‘living goddesses’, the living incarnations of a Hindu deity. According to tradition, the girl, who is selected as a child must be prepubescent, which means the role is c...Show More

16:43 | Apr 18th

Comedian Rosie Waterland is a big name in her native Australia but it's by confronting the dark moments in her past that she's been able to reach the spotlight. She wrote a memoir called ‘The Anti Cool Girl’ about her life but when her mum read the b...Show More

21:35 | Apr 17th

On the 28th January 1986 Richard Scobee and millions others watched as his father Commander Dick Scobee led a team of people on the Space Shuttle Challenger that was bound for space . It was an exciting and proud moment for Richard but just 73 secon...Show More

22:46 | Apr 16th

Surya Bonaly is one of the best known figure skaters in history. In her prime, her technical skill was unmatched. But despite her great talent, an Olympic gold medal always eluded her. At the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan, Surya sustained an injury ...Show More

22:01 | Apr 15th

Brothers Luke and Ryan Hart spent years trying to help their mum leave their abusive father. However, just two days after they succeeded, their father killed her and their sister. They told Outlook why those murders started a campaign for change. Rya...Show More

14:10 | Apr 12th

Growing up in Cambodia, Richard Yim's childhood was overshadowed by a fear of landmines. It's a place where a war that ended decades ago is still killing people today - the land is laced with millions of mines. Like countless other children, Richard ...Show More

13:11 | Apr 11th

As a teenager, Ana Baquedano sent a naked selfie to her boyfriend in exchange for a promise to delete it. Instead, he shared it. Ana panicked, but then she got to work making Mexican history. She led a campaign to make 'revenge porn' a crime in her s...Show More

16:39 | Apr 10th

Guy Oliver had a secret that he couldn't reveal while he was in the Royal Navy, but it didn’t stop him from realising his lifelong dream of becoming a top interior designer. Neal Razzell takes up the story. (Image: Guy Oliver onboard one of the yac...Show More

23:09 | Apr 9th

Libby Phelps grew up in the notorious anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. Her grandfather, the late Fred Phelps founded the church which is largely made up of Libby's family members. For nearly two decades Libby's daily routine consisted of brandishing...Show More

23:39 | Apr 8th

When British soldier Lee Rigby was murdered by extremists on the streets of London, the impact on his mum, Lyn, was devastating. But in her darkest hour help came from an unusual source, a 1970s wrestling star known as Kendo Nagasaki. They tell Outlo...Show More

26:28 | Apr 6th

In the early 1970s Monica Macias was born in the tiny country of Equatorial Guinea, the daughter of the President, Francisco Macias Nguema. Her father was a notorious figure, described as one of the most brutal dictators the African continent has eve...Show More

31:06 | Apr 4th

Jason Rezaian was the Washington Post's bureau chief in Tehran. But a tongue-in-cheek campaign to bring avocados to the country caught the attention of the authorities and landed him in Iran's most notorious prison. Jason wrote a book about his exper...Show More

18:50 | Apr 3rd

Nick and Diane Marson's flight was diverted after the 9/11 attacks. In the wake of one of the darkest periods in modern history, they met each other and found love. Their story inspired the musical Come From Away Image: Nick and Diane Marson Credit...Show More

11:39 | Apr 2nd

Somali reporter Hassan is not only a target because of his profession, but also risks his life every time he wants to travel the six miles it takes to visit his mother in Mogadishu. Image: damaged buildings in the Somali capital Mogadishu Credit: S...Show More

21:49 | Apr 1st

Chris Wilson grew up in a violent neighbourhood in Washington, USA. By the age of 13 he was already carrying a gun to protect himself from drug dealers. At 16, he had already buried five of his friends. On a summer night in 1996 Chris got involved in...Show More

26:27 | Mar 31st

When Nokubonga Qampi was told that her daughter was being raped by three men, she took action. One attacker would end up dead, the others seriously injured. Nokubonga was faced with the prospect of prison, but then her story made her famous and she b...Show More

22:08 | Mar 28th

Rukmini Callimachi is an American journalist who has to get into the minds of members of so-called IS and win their trust. She tells Emily Webb about her career and how it all started when she covered Christmas tree lighting ceremonies in small-town ...Show More

23:09 | Mar 27th

Before Baruch died at 25 years old from cancer he said that he wanted to have a child. So he created something called a 'biological will' and gave a sperm sample. But Baruch didn't have a wife or girlfriend. So after he passed away, his mother began ...Show More

22:57 | Mar 26th

Boxer Michael Bentt never wanted to fight, but he managed to climb to the top of his profession. He became the heavyweight champion of the world in 1993. And that was just the beginning of his remarkable journey. (Photo credit: Mark Morrison/Getty Im...Show More

14:05 | Mar 25th

When celebrities are in legal trouble, the media swarms. But cameras are banned in many American courtrooms. That's where Jane Rosenberg steps in. She's sketched the likes of Woody Allen, 'El Chapo' and Harvey Weinstein while they've been part of hig...Show More

26:29 | Mar 24th

When Mats Steen was a young child growing up in Oslo, he was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. His parents Robert and Trude were told it was unlikely Mats would survive long into his 20s, and that he'd become less mobile as time went on. The phy...Show More

13:56 | Mar 21st

Dr Jean-Christophe Shako is an epidemiologist who specialises in disease control. He is based in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a province that is currently facing a deadly outbreak of Ebola. It's a relentless job: it's the first Ebo...Show More

23:01 | Mar 20th

Gloria Allred is a lawyer who has represented the female accusers of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and R Kelly. She reveals how her own experience of sexual assault made her determined to give other women a voice. Photo: Profile picture of women's ri...Show More

18:47 | Mar 19th

Tsering Deki is 20-years-old and Nima Gurung is 18. They've endured gruelling physical and emotional journeys, born in different villages in Nepal, they attended the same school in the far away capital, Kathmandu. The school's called Snowland Ranag L...Show More

21:03 | Mar 18th

In April 2011 in a small village in the Netherlands, Eddy Hekman got the worst news of his life. His daughter Renske had been killed by her boyfriend Alasam Samarie. But this didn't square with how Eddy knew Samarie - as a kind and gentle person. Edd...Show More

22:58 | Mar 17th

In 1976, the Johannesburg township of Soweto erupted into protest. Students were furious with the government decision to make Afrikaans a language of instruction in South African schools. Afrikaans was associated with apartheid and white rule by many...Show More

21:47 | Mar 14th

Alyson Deussen and Jill Rowe are both members of the Mormon church which opposes gay sex and marriage. But they’re also mothers who've ended up fighting for the rights of their gay sons. They tell Emily Webb about the group they've formed called "Mam...Show More

19:02 | Mar 13th

Susan Berg was on a family fishing trip in Australia when their boat sank and they started to swim to land. As the sun went down, Susan realised that her family had disappeared. Since then, she has fought to come to terms with that day and has even o...Show More

17:03 | Mar 12th

After an elderly woman decided to donate her body to medicine, she befriended anatomist Dr Vic Spitzer – the man who would go on to dissect her. Vic, a pioneer in the field of digitising anatomy,was working with the Visible Human Project to create de...Show More

22:13 | Mar 11th

Mac Otts grew up in Greensboro, Alabama, where his great great grandfather had had slaves and a plantation, but as Mac grew up he began to go against the racism he was used to and he adopted a mixed race child. Mac has written a book about his life c...Show More

39:24 | Mar 10th

In the late 1990s, Belgian detective Patrick Peys joined the Diamond Squad. Based in Antwerp's Diamond District, this was the world's first police unit dedicated to solving diamond crime. And soon, Patrick would face the most baffling case of his car...Show More

23:43 | Mar 7th

Katy Morgan-Davies spent her entire life living as a virtual prisoner. She'd been born into a Maoist cult, ruled over by a domineering leader called Aravindan Balakrishnan, also known as AB or Comrade Bala. They'd lived not in some remote compound, b...Show More

25:31 | Mar 6th

On the male side of Patrick Burleigh's family is a rare hereditary condition known as precocious puberty. It has been passed down through the generations. It meant Patrick went through puberty when he was two, and by the time he was 12 he was passing...Show More

18:14 | Mar 5th

When Nokwazi Memela's pastor told her about a job importing carpets from Iran she was excited about earning money to support her children. Little did she know she had been tricked into becoming a drug mule. Image: Nokwazi Memela Credit: BBC/Mpho Lak...Show More

15:02 | Mar 4th

As a child, Eunhee Kim was sexually abused by her coach at a tennis training camp in South Korea. She kept the extent of the abuse a secret for years. But when she was working as a tennis coach herself Eunhee bumped into him at a competition. She dec...Show More

23:35 | Feb 28th

Joanna Palani grew up in Denmark but she's from a long line of Kurdish fighters. When Joanna was a teenager, she carried on this tradition, by packing up her bags and travelling to Syria to join an all-female Kurdish militia. It was in Syria that she...Show More

17:20 | Feb 27th

At 15, Cherno Samba was a footballing wonderkid, fought over by the biggest clubs in the world. He played for England’s under-17s but when a deal with Liverpool fell through his career stalled. Cherno continued to play but meanwhile, on a popular foo...Show More

20:25 | Feb 26th

Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis is a German aristocrat who became a celebrity when, as a 20-year-old, she married a much older German prince. She soon earned the nickname Princess TNT because of the wild parties she threw, and the wild outfits sh...Show More

22:35 | Feb 25th

In 2012, the celebrated war correspondent Marie Colvin was killed by Syrian government shelling in the city of Homs. Her sister Cat Colvin believed Marie had been deliberately targeted, in an effort to silence her reporting. Cat would begin a long ca...Show More

26:26 | Feb 24th

Mike Farmer and Robert Ward have spent decades travelling the world in pursuit of meteorites. Their awe-inspiring and insatiable hunt led to fortune – but also unexpected danger. It's a story of cowboys, cargo pants and some of the most coveted rocks...Show More

12:51 | Feb 22nd

Carly Findlay was born with Ichthyosis, a genetic skin condition that covers her body with scaly red skin. She’s faced bullying and discrimination, but has become a vocal campaigner for people with disabilities in Australia. She’s written a book call...Show More

17:08 | Feb 21st

Bruce Gilden is an American street photographer from New York but he has done projects all over the world. In his recent series - Only God Can Judge Me - he photographed a group of sex workers living under a bridge in Miami. They are all women who re...Show More

22:54 | Feb 20th

Reverend Stephen Coles is a vicar in the London neighbourhood of Finsbury Park. In 2001 he met extremist Abu Hamza al-Masri, who back then was an imam at the local mosque. Abu Hamza is currently serving a life sentence in the US on terrorism-related ...Show More

18:55 | Feb 19th

Composer Nigel Osborne teaches children in warzones to play instruments. Nigel was a star composer in the 1970 and 1980s. He was passionate about human rights and ended up traveling to Bosnia-Herzegovina where he set up a music school for children af...Show More

17:25 | Feb 18th

James Myers survived being shot in the head five times in 2014 and still has three of the bullets lodged in his skull. Though James has managed to keep his sense of humour and a positive outlook, his life hasn’t been the same since the attack. He suf...Show More

26:20 | Feb 17th

Richard M. Sherman and his brother Robert created some of the most beloved songs in cinema history. They were the song-writing duo that convinced jazz star Louis Prima to transform into King Louie, the devious King of the Apes in The Jungle Book. And...Show More

22:58 | Feb 14th

Growing up in the United States, Silvia Foti couldn't have been more proud of her Lithuanian heritage, in particular her grandfather. She'd been told that he was seen as a war hero and that he'd been executed at the age of 37 for standing up to the S...Show More

20:47 | Feb 13th

Jessica Hanson is a trauma nurse in the state of Arizona in the US and before the death of her son three years ago, death wasn't something she thought about that deeply. She is now determined that people should be able to have, what she calls 'a beau...Show More

23:08 | Feb 12th

In 2007, when Katy Beech was just seven she was diagnosed with diabetes which meant she needed regular injections of insulin to stay alive - but by the time she was ten, she'd had enough. So her mum, Louise, made a bargain with her - if she could tel...Show More

23:19 | Feb 11th

Ashok Alexander was working for a global management consultancy company when he was headhunted to try to avert India's looming HIV crisis. He started working with sex workers in an attempt to address the epidemic. Soon, he discovered these women had ...Show More

28:12 | Feb 10th

In the 1960s, a bunch of musically gifted, pre-teen siblings from Saigon put together a rock ‘n’ roll group. For a while the CBC Band was the biggest music act in South Vietnam, even headlining the country’s first international rock festival. They ha...Show More

18:31 | Feb 8th

Dr Jim Fallon is a neurobiologist and has had a distinguished career at the University of California, studying Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and psychopathy. Psychopaths are people who lack emotional empathy, who don't feel love like other peopl...Show More

12:27 | Feb 7th

Colombian investigative journalist Maria Duzan fought drug cartels with her pen. When she worked as a journalist in Bogota, she had bodyguards 24/7 and was taught to fire a gun. Maria kept reporting even after her editor was killed by Pablo Escobar’s...Show More

21:12 | Feb 6th

Ric O'Barry was a star dolphin trainer in the 1960s. He created television's first celebrity dolphin, Flipper. But after Flipper died in his arms, Ric made a dramatic U-turn and became an activist, determined that no dolphin should live in captivity....Show More

17:19 | Feb 5th

Latifa Ibn Ziaten, a Moroccan mother to five has been awarded the highest honour in France, the Legion of Honour, and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Latifa's son, a French soldier, was murdered in Toulouse in 2012. Since then Latifa has ...Show More

24:22 | Feb 4th

When Bobby Shafran met Eddy Galland and David Kellman at the age of 19, they knew something very strange was going on. The three young men were identical. It took years to uncover the secret psychological experiment, which they were all unknowingly ...Show More

26:28 | Feb 3rd

In the late 1990s, lawyer Jacqueline Moudeina took on one of the most important cases in African legal history – the trial of Chad's former dictator Hissène Habré. He's a man who had massacred and tortured his people, including members of Jacqueline’...Show More

23:19 | Jan 31st

In 2014, Denise Ho was a Cantopop music sensation. After winning a major talent competition, she became one of the biggest stars in Hong Kong's music scene and beyond. But when pro-democracy protesters took to the streets that year, she joined in not...Show More

20:45 | Jan 30th

Toxic shock syndrome is rare, but it did happen to American model Lauren Wasser when she was using tampons. She tells Emily Webb her remarkable story. (Photo credit: The Select 7.)

19:33 | Jan 29th

Like many Rwandans who survived the genocide of 1994, Hyppolite Ntigurirwa suffered enormously. He saw his father killed; relatives raped. He was just seven years old at the time, and grew up to be a very angry young man. But then he made a choice wh...Show More

20:38 | Jan 28th

Park Myongho is a North Korean ex-military man who defected to the South, at huge risk with his family. He now works as a compressor diver making a dangerous living by catching octopuses under the sea where North meets South. (Photo credit: Moyoung J...Show More

22:59 | Jan 27th

Rina Roat is a successful clothes designer and entrepreneur from Cambodia, but she grew up far removed from the world of fashion. As a child, she had been abandoned and left homeless by her mother. Too poor to buy clothes, she turned to dressmaking –...Show More

14:21 | Jan 24th

In November 2018, the Sentinelese tribe in the Andaman Islands hit the headlines after an American missionary was killed by arrows as he attempted to approach their isolated island. Very few people have come close to this remote community, but one pe...Show More

15:07 | Jan 23rd

Rosemary Saal broke barriers by being part of the first all African-American team to climb America's highest mountain when she was 19. Now she’s inspiring young black children to do the same. Image: Climbers from Expedition Denali Credit: Hudson He...Show More

20:35 | Jan 22nd

Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismayilova was blackmailed with a sex tape after writing stories alleging corruption by Azerbaijan's leading politicians. She's also spent time in jail on what she says were trumped up charges, but tells Outlook how she...Show More

1:21:06 | Jan 21st

Cameron Underwood tried to take his own life by shooting himself in the face, he survived, but with severe facial injuries. Doctors told his family his face was "dust". He didn't think he'd be able to smile again, until he met Dr Eduardo Rodriguez wh...Show More

26:25 | Jan 20th

Beyoncé, mermaids and Satan? Outlook Weekend is in Nigeria looking at the mysteries and misconceptions surrounding the traditional Yoruba religion – and what it takes to be a modern devotee of this ancient faith. Reporter Laeila Adjovi travels to the...Show More

16:22 | Jan 17th

André Leon Talley is an icon in the fashion world. His early jobs include working for Andy Warhol in New York in the 70s. He went on to become editor-at-large at the most famous fashion magazine in the world: Vogue. He is now the subject of the docu...Show More

17:12 | Jan 16th

In December 2018, 33-year-old Patricio Manuel made history when he became the first professional transgender boxer in the United States. He won his debut match in California in a unanimous judges’ decision. This was far from Pat’s first time in the r...Show More

18:03 | Jan 15th

Maira Maidana has become a campaigner against domestic abuse in Argentina after her own traumatic experience. She told Outlook's Colm Flynn about her story. (Photo credit: Colm Flynn.)

22:53 | Jan 14th

Maria Hamilton and Doretha Lock were united by the shooting of their sons in the US. Maria went on to create Mothers for Justice, which is an organisation aimed at supporting the families of people affected by police violence. They told Jo Fidgen the...Show More

26:28 | Jan 13th

The man who said no to Saddam Hussein – in 1979, Iraqi scientist Hussain al-Shahristani was faced with an agonising decision: to help a dictator develop an atomic bomb or to spend his life in prison. Presenter: Emily Webb Producer: Maryam Maruf Ima...Show More

17:05 | Jan 10th

In South Africa, Nathi Mankayi has been winning millions of fans, and many awards, with his heartfelt songs. He writes them from experience and he has had quite an experience. Poverty, crime and an eight-year prison sentence. But in just a few years ...Show More

15:36 | Jan 9th

The British doctor Judith Mackay was labelled by some in the tobacco industry as one of the three most dangerous people in the world. Judith saw so many patients in 1970s Hong Kong suffering from smoking-related diseases that she started campaigning,...Show More

23:33 | Jan 8th

Stefano Cucchi's name and face have been on the front pages of newspapers across Italy. It's a name that's been heard in press conferences, in investigations and also in court. He died in a secure hospital, having been arrested for drug offenses. He'...Show More

23:52 | Jan 7th

After Navajo woman Jean Whitehorse had her appendix removed in the 1970s, she carried on with her life in the US. However, when she struggled to conceive, she was told she'd also been sterilised. Jean then went on to find out that she wasn’t the only...Show More

26:28 | Jan 6th

The true story behind the film Beautiful Boy - when David Sheff realised that his beloved teenage son Nic was addicted to the highly dangerous drug crystal meth, he tried to do everything to help him. Could this family break free from the destructive...Show More

23:45 | Jan 3rd

US hairstylist Chris McMillan created some of Hollywood's most iconic haircuts while he was addicted to drugs. He told Emily Webb about his journey to recovery. Image: Chris McMillan Credit: BBC

18:28 | Jan 2nd

Tom Houck was just 19 years old when he was asked by Dr Martin Luther King's wife to be a driver for their family. It was 1965 and although Dr King had been awarded the Nobel peace prize the year before the country was deeply divided. Widespread segr...Show More

26:40 | Jan 1st

When a millionaire farmer went missing in Sweden, an inexperienced volunteer called Therese Tang was drafted in to help search for him. She had her suspicions about a member of the man's family - and found an unorthodox way to get to the truth. Imag...Show More

40:31 | Dec 31st, 2018

In the last chaotic days of the Vietnam War, thousands of children were sent away to be adopted in safer countries. Four-year-old My Huong went to Australia and it would be many years before she returned to Vietnam and finally uncovered the extraordi...Show More

26:35 | Dec 30th, 2018

Grant Achatz grew up around his family's diner, and by the age of 12 was working there as a cook. He insisted on putting parsley on the omelettes he prepared, which his father scorned as unnecessary 'fanciness'. Little did his father know that it was...Show More

21:48 | Dec 29th, 2018

At the end of summer in 2017, Edward Potter and his first mate Carl Sheperd headed out from Florida into the Gulf of Mexico for a fishing trip. While at sea, Hurricane Irma struck, leaving Edward and Carl at the mercy of high winds and huge waves. As...Show More

24:08 | Dec 28th, 2018

In 2006 Jameel McGee was arrested and sent to prison for 10 years, he was innocent. Two years later, Andrew Collins, the police officer who arrested Jameel was found to be corrupt. His lies had led to 62 people being jailed when they shouldn't have b...Show More

16:49 | Dec 27th, 2018

When Alix Fox was 17 years old she had an extreme allergic reaction after finishing her shift at the pub where she worked. She was rushed to hospital, but never experienced another reaction like that again. However, after that, something did change. ...Show More

19:00 | Dec 26th, 2018

Neil Harbisson has a condition that means he only sees in greyscale. Throughout his life people would talk to him about colour, but when your world is entirely black and white, it's very difficult to understand. But when he was at university Neil met...Show More

18:14 | Dec 25th, 2018

On the eve of 2004, Dennis Aabo Sørensen was at a party with his friends in the Danish city of Aalborg where he was given a faulty firework that exploded in his hand. His injuries were so severe he had to have his hand amputated. But 10 years later, ...Show More

41:12 | Dec 24th, 2018

In the early 2000s Jason Padgett was interested in very few things: drinking, partying and girls. He says he was stuck in the 1980s and still donned a mullet and leather vests with no shirt. But one night in 2002 he was brutally beaten and sustained ...Show More

26:08 | Dec 23rd, 2018

In 1974, Australian concert producer Robert Raymond got the gig of his life – organising the comeback tour of his musical idol, Frank Sinatra. The anticipation in Australia was huge and the tour sold-out immediately. But when his opening night perfor...Show More

24:14 | Dec 20th, 2018

Eric Idle was part of the surreal sketch comedy group Monty Python who burst onto British television screens in the 1960s and changed the face of comedy. His autobiography is called 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'. Image: Eric Idle Credit: ...Show More

15:07 | Dec 19th, 2018

Thirty years ago this week, a plane travelling from London to New York exploded mid-flight over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. The town was strewn with debris, and the bodies of the 259 people on board as well as the 11 killed on the ground. Paul Hu...Show More

19:02 | Dec 18th, 2018

MisSa Blue from Germany started shocking audiences with her highly dangerous sword swallowing stunts after recovering from bulimia nervosa and deciding to turn her life around. In spite of a life-threatening accident that happened while she was perfo...Show More

16:09 | Dec 17th, 2018

Annie Price grew up with the thought that her mother had tried to kill her. When she was just a few weeks old, she suffered burns in a caravan fire on the outskirts of London, and later she was taken away from her birth family and put up for adoption...Show More

43:15 | Dec 16th, 2018

Sohail Yafat is from Lahore, part of the Pakistani city’s minority Christian community. In 2001, Sohail was filled with optimism. Although he'd grown up in poverty, he'd worked tirelessly to fund his education and it looked like it was paying off. He...Show More

16:40 | Dec 14th, 2018

For decades, British DJ Deke Duncan has run a pretend music radio station from his garden shed, with his friends. Typically he has only one listener - his wife. But he is now broadcasting to thousands of people for the first time. Image: DJ Deke Du...Show More

15:53 | Dec 13th, 2018

Martin Morales is an award-winning restaurateur who was forced to flee Peru as a child because of threats against his father by a guerrilla group. Thousands of miles from his home country he yearned for the food he had grown up with. He channelled th...Show More

22:56 | Dec 12th, 2018

Earlier this year a princess from Dubai, Latifa, tried to escape and start a new life abroad, away from her father, the ruler. Her best friend Tiina Jauhianen tried to help her but Latifa was caught on a boat, and hasn't been seen since. Image: Tii...Show More

20:04 | Dec 11th, 2018

In January this year, a Greek pilot called Vasileios Vasileiou checked into the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. The hotel was popular with international visitors - and the Taliban knew that. On January 20th they launched an attack and the hotel was ...Show More

23:08 | Dec 10th, 2018

T La Rock was one of the pioneers of hip-hop in the Bronx, but after an attack left him with 70% memory loss, he ended up in a Jewish nursing home, where he made some unlikely friendships and fought to recover his identity and memories. Image: T La ...Show More

16:40 | Dec 6th, 2018

Dr Evan Atar Adaha is the chief surgeon at a hospital in a conflict-ridden area of South Sudan. The hospital, where Dr Atar performs many surgeries a day, caters to hundreds of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people. He set up Maban ho...Show More

19:12 | Dec 5th, 2018

Anaïs Bordier had no idea her identical twin sister was on the other side of the world until she saw a YouTube video of a woman who looked remarkably like her. It turned out to be American film actress Samantha Futerman. Anaïs tracked her doppelgänge...Show More

19:44 | Dec 4th, 2018

Kathleen Zellner is one of the most famous wrongful conviction lawyers in the US. At one point at the beginning of her career, though, she represented a serial killer. After Larry Eyler revealed the identities of many of the people he had killed to h...Show More

14:57 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Police officer Arun Jadhav and six of his colleagues were on duty during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks when their van was ambushed by two of the gunmen. The officers were on their way to a hospital targeted by the militants. The attackers seized the...Show More

25:29 | Dec 2nd, 2018

Travel writer Claire Nelson was hiking in Joshua Tree, California when she slipped off a boulder and fell 15 feet into a canyon. She was trapped, and completely alone in the scorching hot wilderness, with limited water. How would she survive? Prese...Show More

23:43 | Nov 29th, 2018

Lisa Brennan-Jobs had an incredibly famous father - technology pioneer Steve Jobs. They had a complicated relationship, but were eventually reconciled as father and daughter. Emily Webb takes up the story. (Photo: Lisa Brennan-Jobs with her father...Show More