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Mike Stoke

DJ Fitz finally hits the online community with his Psychedelic storming tunes gathered lovingly by hand from all around the globe. Sidekick DJs Bucko and Mike Stoke hold hands, as we prepare ourselves for some awesome KILLER JAMS. RICE & BEANS BABY!
DOODcast-Great Body Lose The Head

4:39:53 | Nov 4th, 2017

EPISODE 46 - DOODcast Live - Sunday 13 Nov 2016 Recorded live at Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht. A great honour to have played for their 10th Anniversary! Featuring DJ Fitz, Bucko, Mike Stoke and guests Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie (aka Wooden Wisdom...Show More
DOODcast-Epic Schlepic

2:44:40 | May 7th, 2017

EPISODE 45 - Sweet Jaysus! This'll keep you going! Yes, yes sorry we've been away with stangers, also, Bucko has a new commute. So don't worry, DOODcast's not dead, it just smells funky. DJs 1/ Wildfire - “Check It Out” 2/ Miriam Makeba & Mbongi ...Show More
DOODcast-Whipped Dreamz

1:32:10 | Sep 6th, 2016

EPISODE 44 - Whipping ourselves into a private frenzy in High Barnet, as usual, and with this crackin bunch of upbeat jams, who could blame us. Besides, turns out Bucko's also skilled in the art of erotic disco. Now on you go...GO blast it out for yo...Show More
DOODcast-Booty Club

2:01:40 | Jul 3rd, 2016

EPISODE 43 - Hoochy! Booty! Bible Mike is IN_DA_HOUSE! Oh Europe. This is from a time when we only had to worry about Greece. But Bible is in town, our very own honey badger, Bible don't give a shit. He's wearing his blue suede shoes from Hong Kong. ...Show More
DOODcast-The Good Lord's Work

2:09:44 | Apr 23rd, 2016

EPISODE 42 - Back again scraping the vaults for lost treasures. Whoops. Here's one from NYE 2015. Ah fuck it, you were probably trapped in some shit club with people you hate anyway. DJs 1/ G.Lawani - “Tayata” 2/ Top Drawer - “Song of a Sinner” D...Show More
DOODcast-She Sounds Good Lookin

2:00:57 | Jan 31st, 2016

EPISODE 41 - Got a nice solid, steady one here for you. . Going back in time . . A lost session now rediscovered. Enjoy DJs 1/ Oktava - (Lithuania 1974) 2/ Iveriya - “Chaguna” DJs 3/ Black Merda - “Long Burn The Fire” 4/ Oneness Of Juju - “Afr...Show More
DOODcast-Pullin' Teeth

1:27:24 | Oct 10th, 2015

EPISODE 40 - That's right we hit 40, now we're all early risers. Doubling up the celebrations, we have the honour to dedicate this episode, to a brand new release of kickass jams from our very own Brad Truax with his Soldiers of Fortune. Riding us al...Show More
DOODcast-Muscle Ride

3:00:14 | Jul 16th, 2015

EPISODE 39 - Ladies night, our brothers are on the slide, waitin for an alibi and so the gals are up! as Fitz and Bucko take a backseat, well the sofa. These blood suckin ladies play harder than you think, you'd better believe it. Join them on their ...Show More
DOODcast-Bob's Your Uncle

2:02:46 | Jan 1st, 2015

EPISODE 38 - It's Christmas, again. Old Uncle Bob (Le Guess Who) is in town with his big beard, making sure everyone is behaving. The queue to sit on his knee stretches right down the hall as we wait for him to dish out the presents. 1/ Tommy Stewar...Show More
DOODcast-Atomic Odyssey

3:21:00 | Oct 27th, 2014

EPISODE 37 - Ok let's live a little lady!. We're back with a marathon session here. I think we've covered all the chemical emotions. Come on in.. the water's fine. WIth thanks to special guests Brad Truax, DJ Quesadilla and the Portuguese contingent....Show More

2:35:27 | Apr 24th, 2014

EPISODE 36 - (SEASON DEUX). From Tanki-Tanki to Rampi-Rampi, fuelled on the finest bruschetta we jump in the fire of Rio de J'stoke Newington, as our sly family of space cowboys slip through the darkness and discuss their dreams of adoption. Basinsk...Show More
DOODcast-High In The Bunker

1:47:51 | Jan 4th, 2014

EPISODE 35 - And over the hills we go, far out into the sticks, as the sun sets over the local ale swigging population. Our stripped back crew get dug in for the night to assemble another selection of heart warming jams. 1/ Herbal Mixture - “Please ...Show More
DOODcast-Rot With The Wicked

1:16:16 | Jul 21st, 2013

EPISODE 34 - Crawling from forest floor into hotel accomodation, we rendezvous once again with Animal Collective for this late night session, care of the Holiday Inn, our unwilling sponsors. - Dedicated to Bucko Jr. who just landed on planet earth :...Show More
DOODcast-Don't Worry About The Elderly

1:51:52 | May 10th, 2013

EPISODE 33 - City Break, Leicester. Tuneyards are fed dirty kebabs, held hostage in a cheap city hotel, then subjected to aural experimennts, while Fitz 'n Bucko contemplate lottery results. 1/ Herne The Hunter - "Earth Landings" DJs 2/ Mmavi Isik...Show More
DOODcast-Manor House Dream

2:12:55 | Mar 16th, 2013

EPISODE 32 - Welcome back to the Manor House, our usual suspects are still harping on - with guest DJ Sam (Archie Bronson Outfit) joining us in our fight at the petrol pumps. With thanks to our sponsors, It's all buttered spuds tonight. 1/ Kraftwerk...Show More
DOODcast-All The Hits-All The Time

3:37:54 | Dec 22nd, 2012

EPISODE 31 - With one final salute to our beloved, original head quarters at 600 Kingsland Road, we go with the good times, leaving a trail of gentrification in our wake. The furniture has gone, but the spirits are strong. Ciao babe. 1/ Dennis Coff...Show More
DOODcast-Money To Burn

2:01:58 | Nov 5th, 2012

EPISODE 30 - The Baltic edition in a new HQ, the temperature is a joke, the snow fall heavy, the transport in tatters, and fuel prices are rising. MacAndrews is burning 50 pound notes like it's our Last Days, as we stream live to Secret Project Robot...Show More
DOODcast-EC50 Special-Croque Monsieur

50:20 | Sep 1st, 2012

EPISODE 29 - Gare de Lille, France, Fitz on the Eurostar. As the tea trollies are rolling by, our big guy compiles this short, sweet selection, to follow the Croque Monsieur. DJs 1/ Atomic Forest - "Locomotive Breath" 2/ Mät Tròi Den - "Black Sun"...Show More
DOODcast-So Weit So Gut

1:59:23 | Jul 31st, 2012

EPISODE 28 - It's eviction day at HQ, the ballifs are at the door, the roosters are makin a commotion, and the Barksdales are movin shop. One last chance to blast the neighbour's walls with killer jams before we root out new digs. DJs 1/ ? 2/ Rob ...Show More
DOODcast-DC60 Special-MALI

1:00:46 | May 15th, 2012

EPISODE 27 - Special edition. DJ Fitz scans his collection for a focus on Mali. The second in an hour long series of serious focused jams.
DOODcast-Seasons To Be Cheerful

1:19:06 | Apr 16th, 2012

EPISODE 26 - We're chillin at Tommy Miahs' Raj Hotel for another sermon delivered by our good Reverends. It might be christmas time, we're not sure. We've got no money, only our faith, and some old guns.
DOODcast-Back With Bucko

1:58:19 | Feb 20th, 2012

EPISODE 25 - The cat's been away, but our main squeeze, Bucko, is finally back in town. Back to blow out the candles lit in his honour. Was our Lone Ranger really out finding work..?..or just gettin baked in Budapest?
DOODcast-Bell Bottom Drops

2:52:14 | Jan 2nd, 2012

EPISODE 24 - Bumper party edition by popular request. Our reluctant crew of infidels scour horizons of global disco flavours working the crowd in and out of a frenzy.
DOODcast-Prolapse Palace

2:29:19 | Dec 9th, 2011

EPISODE 23 - Don't believe a word. The old men are back again, happy to mislead all who care to listen into thinking its #24 (which it isn't), it must be the nerves as these strangers in the city venture North to the producer's palace.
DOODcast-Prima Donna Putas

1:38:23 | Nov 21st, 2011

EPISODE 22 - We're on holiday, having strange dreams, looking for long lost lovers, freaking out like funky mules with lasers chasing the devil, in the sun soaked city of Barcelona. It's the Primavera Sound edition.
DOODcast-Horsebox Heaven

2:23:35 | Oct 29th, 2011

EPISODE 21 - Against the odds, we hit 21. Moving on down the line, a kaleidoscope of jams continue to fall from the sky. Nothin much is happening eh, we're just hangin out, spinning heads, biding our time between festivals, but it's alright eh.
DOODcast-Resurrection Injection

2:46:08 | Sep 22nd, 2011

EPISODE 20 - After a long break from the airwaves, as some began to lose their faith, here comes the booster jab in the form of our usuals, this time hosted in the DC Photographic Penthouse suite over looking the junction. The lords are out of the ca...Show More
DOODcast-Waitin' For The Bus

1:51:48 | Jul 22nd, 2011

EPISODE 19 - Bloodsucking Bible eventually darkens the doors of the HQ, and it was a long time coming. Left to the controls, our zig zag wondrin eejit has his demonic way with all of us, as he plays host here, hypnotising the room and breaking the fl...Show More
DOODcast-Chicken Chest Revelation

1:39:43 | Jun 17th, 2011

EPISODE 18 - Well, you can't be at every cock fight as Bible Mike once said. Our night birds slave over brown rice, beyti and anatolian deserts, picking out the cherrystones, as our guest of honour walks the streets like a cracked egg gettin H * * H ...Show More
DOODcast-Good Man Yourself

1:29:14 | Jun 13th, 2011

EPISODE 17 - Time to get a room, and enjoy the hospitality. This one hosted by the great mercenary BLT on another fly by. Coming to you from central London we've got this thing on the move, theres no east side story, just moustache in your face sir.
DOODcast-Fear The Poncho

2:14:01 | May 2nd, 2011

EPISODE 16 - This graveyard shift requires our beer drinking big guns to avoid police cars, keep their eyes on the road and keep livin' on, while blind men steal girlfriends, Dracula dances, balloons burn, and bullets GO BANG!
DOODcast-Sound und Seasoned

2:07:10 | Mar 19th, 2011

EPISODE 15 - As our crew contemplate Macca's inconclusive musings on our Lord J vs Class A's, its up to our man mit plan (Fitz) to entertain the largely Ozzy crowds that have amassed in the studio, and offer up his views on the finest bedroom hardwar...Show More
DOODcast-Horse Tonic? Girls Panic!!

2:15:20 | Feb 23rd, 2011

EPISODE 14 - Oh mister Hello! Breathe, step into the Sun, and think how it could be. Oh, and mind the fireballs, and the freaks. Come hang with Fitz and his men behind the wires, your best friends while the going is smooth and good.
DOODcast-Out WIth The Bats

1:36:57 | Jan 14th, 2011

EPISODE 13 - A classic unlucky number and the last show of 2010 finds legendary Brad Truax and our main man Fitz on top form, busting out a blizzard of peaking heavy jams for NYE in NYC in defiant fashion.
DOODcast-DC60 Special-DUTCH

1:09:51 | Nov 25th, 2010

EPISODE 12 - Special edition. DJ Fitz scans his collection for a focus on the Dutch Jams from the 60s & 70s. The first in a new hour long series of serious focused jams.
DOODcast-Double Decker Preach Feast

1:47:10 | Nov 4th, 2010

EPISODE 11 - Hairy sardinians and reverse roundabouts bring Macca back home from the banking industry, to re-discover the world of white vans, exposed behinds and belly pork, pallet trucks and preachers. The 149 changes shape, but Fitz is at the cont...Show More
DOODcast-Brainticket To Hell

2:44:20 | Sep 20th, 2010

EPISODE 10 - Experimental swiss cheese follows a crispy duck and what happens? Glass breaks, cats scream, the earth opens up, and we all fall to Infernal Regions. Fitz and McAndrews return from a perilous trip in eastern parts. Now home in Dalston, M...Show More
DOODcast-Crack Pot Love Schloss

2:21:44 | Jul 29th, 2010

EPISODE 9 - Captain's Log: Planet Kreuzberg. DJ Fitz with a whore in every port, finds refuge with Mohair Sam in a dark place known as the Love Schloss. Armed only with an arsenal of rare vibes, and nothing but flaking McAndrews as back up, its just ...Show More
DOODcast-Pork Chop Operation

2:21:41 | Apr 23rd, 2010

EPISODE 8 - With Mangal lining their stomachs, our crew set off from The Junction to pastures new, via a magical Palm Tree filled with laughing juice, encountering a bass wielding Terry Nutkins, and a mirage of Dynasty characters.
DOODcast-Triple Raki Freak Out

2:10:26 | Mar 29th, 2010

EPISODE 7 - Bible Mike kits himself out in bling market fakes, as several of the DC IPMPDJHEL members return from a triumphant mission to Istanbul, with sorry tales of too many Rakis, they still manage to issue the appropriate health warnings to the ...Show More
DOODcast-Bible Blisters Salon

2:06:09 | Feb 6th, 2010

EPISODE 6 - Fitz & His Whores contend with The Real Bible Mike and his tight pants, in the Shear Bliss Salon, as he stands up, is immediately discounted, his fascinating rum-induced observations enjoyed and instantly disregarded.
DOODcast-Outback Wack Off

1:44:47 | Jan 24th, 2010

EPISODE 5 - The most isolated city in the world - Perth, Oztralia, hosts this DOODcast with DJ FItz and guest Animal Collective DJs, Geologist and Brad Truax whoring themselves for the cause.
DOODcast-Ride The Turkey

1:22:43 | Dec 19th, 2009

EPISODE 4 - This one is a Turkey. All aboard the big bird, Dark gravey tunes and good tidings to see you through this season and into the dark months of a new dawn.
DOODcast-Too Easy Cankle Cast

1:39:26 | Nov 27th, 2009

EPISODE 3 - This session's sober return to form sees DJ Fitz, much like Jesus, turn wine into Guinness, while the Whores find the steadier pace far easier on their cankles. But as the draught doth flow, the all too un-familiar peakin sounds once more...Show More
DOODcast-Peakin' Duck Apocalypse

2:03:30 | Nov 13th, 2009

EPISODE 2 - fuelled on the finest Dalston crispy duck, DJ Fitz brings the Whores safely home from the edge of the apocalyptic mexican garage sounds of Aztec temples in the 70's, stepping on through treacherous zeplin-esque euro-fuzz, over the ozzy ou...Show More
DOODcast-Bistro on the Moon

1:24:46 | Nov 6th, 2009

K_I_L_L_E_R J_A_M_S EPISODE 1 - Bistro on the Moon DJ Fitz finally hits the online community with his Psychedelic storming tunes gathered lovingly by hand from all around the globe. Prepare your self for some awesome KILLER JAMS. RICE & BEANS BABY...Show More