Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories

Short stories and commentary by writer/storyteller, Shannon Cason.


20:10 | Oct 12th, 2017

A live story about my most memorable neighbors to date. This live story was also featured in the Moth Book, All These Wonders.

17:02 | Nov 13th, 2019

The bottle return in Michigan is 10 cents. The highest in the country. This high bottle return created a thriving economy for children who could carry bags of bottles to the store for candy, chips, an...Show More
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15:09 | Sep 4th, 2019

Waking early to fix a low-battery smoke detector chirp takes the mind in a bunch of directions. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

23:01 | Aug 6th, 2019

My favorite music is hip hop. I grew up on it and in it. There's always an ongoing debate of - who's the Top 5 hip hop artists? I don't think that can be answered in consensus. Music is personal. So h...Show More

16:27 | Jul 16th, 2019

I'm slow. I take my time. A late bloomer. I try things when I'm good and damn ready, and I'm glad I finally got around to trying this one thing out. For information regarding your data privacy, visit...Show More
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