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Connecting people through true stories. Listen to stories taken from Spark's storytelling nights across the UK, incorporating our regular nights in London, Preston, Bristol, collaborations and specials. Like what you hear? Come to an event for the ...Show More
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London - Jess & Eleanor

11:32 | May 13th

True stories told live across the UK. This week Spark London very fittingly hears two tales about London. Jess tells us about the time a stranger’s kindness helped her turn her life around and Eleanor reveals a time Buckingham Palace got her all hot ...Show More
Reunion - Dimitri & Rachael

11:12 | Feb 19th

True stories told live across the UK. This week we christened our new venue The Bill Murray in Angel with two fantastic stories on the theme of ‘Reunion’. Dimitri revels in the time he exacted perfect revenge on two friends and Rachael tells us ab...Show More
Interruptions - Peter

08:03 | Feb 6th

True stories told live across the UK. We’ve seen and heard a lot at Spark - stories that have made us laugh, cringe, cry, gasp, pause for thought, rethink everything. I’d thought we’d seen it all to be honest but in January this year, Peter McCleave ...Show More
Appearances - Alex

05:35 | Nov 21st, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present one story on the theme of ‘appearances’ from ex health and safety officer Alex.  Alex confesses about a moment she let appearances get the better of her and explains why - although it ha...Show More
Passion - Steph & Lou

12:52 | Oct 25th, 2018

In this ‘Passion’ themed episode we hear from Steph and Lou. Steph talks candidly about life with borderline disorder and Lou takes us back to an innocent childhood discovery that made her feel like a right merchant banker. Thanks to event host B...Show More
Surprises Part 2 - Rosemarie & Rick

12:58 | Oct 18th, 2018

This week our ‘Surprises’ themed double bill concludes with stories from Rosemarie and Rick. Rosemarie takes us back to the early noughties and finding love online without the help of apps whilst Rick takes us even further back to the eighties and ...Show More
Surprises- David & Lucy

10:38 | Oct 9th, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. This ‘surprises’ themed episode has an unofficial sub-theme of ‘dating’ as we hear from two people about the surprises they’ve encountered when single. David takes us through the various funny mishaps he has ha...Show More
Overthinking - Jen & Holly

10:26 | Oct 2nd, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. In this ‘overthinking’ themed episode we hear from Jen and Holly. Jen tells us how bodily functions on a date got her in the stickiest of situations and Holly explains why her first kiss ended up being with an...Show More
Identity - Nicola & Andre

13:12 | Sep 25th, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. In this episode we hear from Nicola and Andre as they tells us stories on the theme of ‘Identity’. Nicola explains how having a famous sibling has seen her question herself and Andre gives his reasons for chan...Show More
SPECIAL: Awkward Age - Kate & Rachel

14:50 | Jul 25th, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present two tales on the theme of Awkward Age, as part of our collaboration with the Children’s Society. In a night of seriously awkward stories, Kate recalls the time too much vodka saw her cra...Show More

27:38 | Apr 23rd, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present five stories on the theme of ‘All in’ for a Jerry’s Open House Special. Gravy reminisces about getting his nickname, Charley tells us about the great lengths she went to for her best fri...Show More
SPECIAL: Nostalgia - Sasha & Lilith

11:17 | Apr 17th, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. This episode concludes our gal-dem collaboration double bill! In a night devoted to stories on the theme of ‘nostalgia’ from women and non binary people of colour, we hear from Sasha and Lilith. Sasha takes us ...Show More
SPECIAL: Nostalgia - Maiya & Priyal

11:23 | Apr 10th, 2018

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present the first of our gal-dem collaboration double bill! In a night devoted to stories on the theme of ‘nostalgia’ from women and non binary people of colour, we hear from Maiya and Priyal. M...Show More
SPECIAL: 'Stories from a Classroom' - Ashley & Abby

20:35 | Dec 20th, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. In this 'Stories from a Classroom' themed special, we present two tales about life working in schools. Ashley tells us about the rewarding and ongoing battle he is having with a young music student and Abby talks...Show More
Bad Timing - Ashleigh & Banke

16:31 | Dec 13th, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present two stories on the theme of ‘Bad Timing’. Ashleigh tells us about how bad timing caused her boyfriend to miss a very important appointment for them both. And Banke retells a time of bad ti...Show More
Miscommunication - Nadya & Chloe

10:28 | Dec 6th, 2017

True stories told live in venues across the UK. In this ‘Miscommunication’ themed episode, Nadya tells us about a childhood miscommunication involving Nelson Mandela and sibling rivalry and Chloe recounts the time her crush made a very embarrassing m...Show More
Periods - Helen & Jinan

10:36 | Nov 29th, 2017

True stories told live in venues across the UK. In August this year, Helen and Jinan got on stage at the Brixton Ritzy to tell stories on the theme of ‘Periods’... Yep, that’s right folks, MENSTRUATION.  Helen recounts the time she was pranked by h...Show More
Friendship - Gigi & Caroline

17:03 | Nov 21st, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present two stories on the theme of ‘Friendship’. Gigi tells us about losing her best friend during the 90’s AIDs epidemic and Caroline recounts a time heartbreak cost her a friendship. Thanks to ...Show More
Crossing The Line - Maria & Beth

12:36 | Aug 1st, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present two stories on the theme of ‘Crossing The Line’. Maria reveals how the traumatic experience of stumbling upon a dead body helped her turn her life around and social worker Beth tells us ab...Show More
SPECIAL: Feasts - Miranda & Ben

15:55 | Jul 25th, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present two tales on the theme of ‘Feasts’ for a Literary Festival Special. Miranda tells us how she changed someone’s day with a cheese sandwich and Ben recounts the time he was possessed by a wo...Show More
Holidays - Denis & Andre

14:10 | Jul 18th, 2017

True stories told live in venues across the UK. In July this year, Dennis and Andre got on stage at the Hackney Attic in London to tell stories on the theme of ‘Holidays’. Denis tells us about trying and failing to ‘find himself’ in Uganda and Andre ...Show More
Cutting Corners - Luke & Frances

11:33 | Jul 11th, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present two stories on the theme of ‘Cutting Corners’. Luke tells us about having toilet troubles in front of comedian Alan Carr and Frances recounts the lengths she went through to see her favour...Show More
Adulthood - Callan, Ross & Mackenzie

20:09 | Jul 4th, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. This time three tales on the theme of ‘Adulthood’ from our night at the Hackney Attic. Callan tells us about her experience coming out as bisexual, Ross takes us back to when he got drunk for the very first time ...Show More
Promises - Scarlett, Brian & Abel

16:18 | Jun 27th, 2017

True stories told live in venues across the UK. In May this year, Scarlett, Brian and Abel got on stage at the Hackney Attic in London to tell stories on the theme of ‘Promises'. Scarlett tells us about the time a very unlikely family member got a ta...Show More
Journeys - Errol & Dara

13:45 | Jun 20th, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. Today we have two stories from our night on the theme, ‘Journeys’. Errol takes us back twenty years to his life in prison and Dara recalls the time a religious-looking pastry helped her and her flatmates achieve ...Show More
Defining Moments - Kate & Elle

13:06 | Jun 12th, 2017

True stories told live in venues across the UK. In April this year, Kate and Elle both got up on stage at the Hackney Attic and told stories on the theme of 'Defining Moments.' Kate recounts what it was like getting a sudden reality check aged thirte...Show More
SPECIAL: Migration - Daniel & Banke

15:08 | Jun 6th, 2017

True stories told live across the UK. This episode we present two tales on the theme of 'Migration'. Daniel tells us what it was like working in an Afghani refugee camp in Greece and Nigerian-born Banke shares her thoughts on living in London post Br...Show More
Lessons - Charlotte & Margaret

20:14 | Nov 29th, 2016

True stories told live across the UK. Today we present two stories from our night on the theme, 'Lessons', where we invited back our favourite storytellers as part of the first Tellit Festival. Thanks to Dave Pickering for compereing the night, and ...Show More
SPECIAL: London Podcast Festival (Part 2)

45:44 | Nov 22nd, 2016

WARNING: the last story contains strong sex references. Neil Denny (Little Atoms), Felix Trench (Wooden Overcoasts) & Alix Fox (Close Encounters, The Modern Mann) offer us three more true stories from this year's London Podcast Festival. Plus! An e...Show More
SPECIAL: London Podcast Festival 2016 (Part 1)

32:43 | Nov 15th, 2016

True stories told live across the UK. Podcast makers Azariah Williams (The Shapeshifters), Rhianna Dhillon (Back Row) and Dave Pickering (The Family Tree, Getting Better Acquainted), all tell their true stories on the theme of 'Uncharted Territory'. ...Show More
Bipolar Gigolo - Jools

07:10 | Nov 9th, 2016

True stories told at Spark's open mic nights and Encore showcases. Today, Jools tells an audience of strangers how he came to meet his first client whilst working as a gigolo in Bristol. To hear our back catalogue of 200 episodes FOR FREE - subscrib...Show More
Regrets - Florian & Charley

12:10 | Nov 2nd, 2016

True stories told live in venues across the UK. In August this year, Florian and Charley both got up on stage and told these stories of 'D'oh!' - moments where they had an unforgettable moment of regret. Unplanned and totally raw, our open mic night...Show More
Not A Boxer - Nira

08:02 | Oct 26th, 2016

More true stories, told live across the UK. Nira was always interested in numbers, but found his path of discovery blocked many times. Thanks to The Steve Sinnott Foundation for collaborating with Spark to make this night a success. You can support ...Show More
In Detention - Theresa

06:47 | Oct 19th, 2016

In June Spark presented stories of inspirational teachers and students; stories from educators and from people who have experienced education. In this first story from that night, Theresa tells us about a pupil that made her early life as a trainee t...Show More
Jealousy - Jess & Adrienne

09:25 | Oct 12th, 2016

True stories told live in the UK. Jealousy can completely over-take you, it can ruin a lot of things, and it can meddle when we least desire it. Are you the jealous type who always gets into trouble because of it? Or have you experienced jealousy fir...Show More
In A Pickle - Katie & Josh

12:30 | Oct 5th, 2016

Oh dear, here we go again: You’ve got yourself into a situation which you really don’t want to be in. Katie & Josh know how you feel, in these two true stories recorded live at the Hackney Attic in August 2016. SPECIAL OFFER: get a free audiobook of...Show More
Summer Lovin' - George

08:44 | Sep 28th, 2016

This summer may seem like a distant memory, but for today's Sparkler it's far away from temporally and geographically. On a year break in Thailand, George meets his first love. But is she all that she seems? GIG ALERT: we're taking part in the Tell...Show More
Episode 200: I Kiss You Tenderley - Esther

12:47 | Sep 21st, 2016

In this, our 200th episode, it's business as usual: true stories told live, from venues across the UK. Today, Esther describes how n unplanned trip across France became one of her most memorable summers. GIG ALERT: we'll be hosting a special show at...Show More
We're back... so spread the word!

17:13 | Sep 15th, 2016

Next week we'll have brand new episodes. In the meantime, please share this super-uplifting extended trailer with your friends and help us spread the word about Spark - True Stories. And for the superfans: how many of the stories featured can you re...Show More
Surprises - Beth, Joe & Joe

17:09 | Jun 7th, 2016

Three true stories told live in the UK, this time at our most recent open mic at the Brixton Ritzy. Remember that surprise party you planned, where the guest of honour never showed up? Or perhaps you realised at the worst imaginable time that you we...Show More
Stuck - Krishan & Raphael

11:16 | May 31st, 2016

Two more true stories of the kindness of strangers. Krishan discovers his mother unconscious, locked in the car. But who will help a fifteen year old in a hoodie break in? Then, Raphael is trapped in an elevator following an earthquake, with only t...Show More
The Kindness of Strangers - Naqi

07:41 | May 24th, 2016

True stories told live in venues across the UK. Naqi is visually impaired, which leads him to encounter all sorts of strangers as he navigates the London Underground network. Thanks to Humans of London for co-hosting this night at the Exmouth Market...Show More
Intelligent Design - David

08:22 | May 17th, 2016

Connecting people through true stories. David told this story at our open mic at the Ritzy in Brixton, when the theme was 'Strangers.' Thanks to Christina Friis who produced this night and to Meabh Ritchie for recording the stories. For more episod...Show More
Parting - Catherine & Alison

11:25 | May 10th, 2016

True stories, as told live on stages across the UK. To say goodbye to something familiar can be heartbreaking, difficult and scary. Most of the times however, something new tends to happen, and we realise that the parting wasn’t a goodbye, but a hell...Show More
More First Dates - Anna & Michael

09:30 | May 3rd, 2016

True stories told across the UK. Two more stories of 'First Dates' taken from the open mic we held in January 2016. In the first story, Anna is accused of discreetly shooting a porn movie. Then, Michael has an idea that involves cherries. If you li...Show More
Unbecoming - Lachlan & Marie

11:37 | Apr 26th, 2016

WARNING: contains strong sex references Two true stories from our new night in Glasgow, where the theme was Unbecoming. Lachlan is MCing a charity event, but gets sidetracked by an unwelcome tweet. Then, Marie is looking forward to her boyfriend's bi...Show More
Short But Sweet - Layla

07:01 | Apr 19th, 2016

Connecting people through true stories. Layla is about to go on her first lesbian date - but is she thoroughly prepared? From March 2016.
REBROADCAST: Balls - Vanessa

09:17 | Apr 12th, 2016

True stories told live in the UK. Vanessa is not your typical electrician – as she is constantly reminded in this tale from June 2010, where the theme was Animal Magnetism. Thanks to the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell, who hosted us for a week ...Show More
Escape II - A Refuaid Special

29:25 | Mar 15th, 2016

Part two of our special in aid of the charity Refugee Aid (Refuaid). Today, Spark regular Julie, herself a refugee from two countries, tells how she escaped Hungary and then Romania during the twentieth century. Later, aid worker Pru tells us what li...Show More
Escape - a Refuaid special - true stories live

25:57 | Mar 8th, 2016

London's longest running true story night has gathered stories connected with the current refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. From refugees recently arrived in London to aid workers working in camps from Calais to Lesvos, you'll hear unflin...Show More
Lost at Sea - Cathy & Chaylene

17:22 | Mar 2nd, 2016

Two stories from two recent separate events, with different themes... but still managed to be about the dangers of the coastline. In the first story, Cathy's walk across the clifftop ends in disaster. Then, Chaylene has trouble off the shore of Camer...Show More
Centre of Attention - Alfie, Dara & Richard - Spark True Stories Live

18:48 | Feb 23rd, 2016

We’ve all known the feeling: being the centre of attention can feel great – or it can make you want to curl up and disappear. Are you the kind of person who must be the centre of attention at all times? Or do you hate it when all eyes are on you? ...Show More
First Dates - a Spark Encore / Romantic Misadventures special

38:04 | Feb 13th, 2016

CONTENT WARNING: strong sex references. For all the single ladies and gentlemen out there, here's our antidote to the mushiest time of year: four stories of terrible first dates, courtesy of the wonderful night we hosted recently with Romantic Misa...Show More
Life in Leros - Kirby

07:45 | Feb 9th, 2016

We don't make a habit of bringing you stories from the same people, but on this occasion we've made an exception: this is Kirby (who we featured last year) on her most recent trip to support a refugee camp on the Greek island of Leros. We'll be host...Show More
Resolutions - TJ & Richard

12:17 | Jan 20th, 2016

Ever made a promise you couldn’t keep? The turning of the calendar invites refreshed perspectives and hopeful dreams; it calls for something different and the anticipation of a new beginning. But how do we make sure we keep the promises to ourselves ...Show More
Spark’s Eighth Birthday Spectacular (Pt. 2)

20:11 | Jan 12th, 2016

Sofie Hagen was our guest of honour at our birthday celebrations last month - here she tells her first true story for Spark. Then, audience member Andre steps onto the stage to share his story 'sparked' by what he's heard that evening. For more st...Show More
Spark's Eighth Birthday Spectacular (Pt. 1)

23:39 | Jan 4th, 2016

Since December 2007, Spark has hosted hundreds of nights, featuring thousands of true stories, podcasting to hundreds of thousands of listeners - all from regular people like you. At our recent birthday spectacular THERE WAS NO THEME and no running ...Show More
Rebellion - Angelica

15:57 | Dec 25th, 2015

Four short stories from assorted open mics we've held recently. Angelica discovers her rebellious side with her boyfriend. Then, Virginie recounts a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger. Finally, a mother and son get on stage to tell their sto...Show More
Infectious - Body & Soul - True Stories Live

22:45 | Dec 1st, 2015

Spark recently spent a few weeks working with the HIV charity Body & Soul, based just around the corner from one of our favourite venues: the Exmouth Market Theatre in central London. Established in 1996, Body & Soul is a pioneering UK charity dedic...Show More
I'm Fine - Shannon - Spark True Stories

12:11 | Nov 25th, 2015

Warning: contains references to suicide. One more story from our collaboration with Mind in Haringey, where we told stories of 'Multicultural Minds.' Tottenham resident Shannon tells this ultimately uplifting story of coming to terms with her mental...Show More
Multicultural Minds - True Stories Live

21:57 | Nov 17th, 2015

TRIGGER WARNING: this episode discusses physical abuse and suicide. Off the back of a successful partnership in 2014, Spark hosted another night with charity Mind in Haringey on the theme of mental health. Research shows that there’s much more tha...Show More
Encore II: That's Not Very Ladylike - True Stories Live

30:28 | Nov 11th, 2015

Part two of our night of true stories from Exmouth Market in London. Lauretta starts a new job at a prestigious milliners, making hats by royal appointment... but can she impress her highness? Then we welcome comedians Sarah Benetto (Storytellers Cl...Show More
Encore I: Be A Man/That's Not Very Ladylike - True Stories Live

31:50 | Nov 3rd, 2015

Part 1 of 2. Every day we are given clear instructions about how to behave. These orders come from passers-by, window displays, bus ads or perhaps the supermarket. Phrases like 'be a man' or 'that's not very ladylike' seep their way into our unconsc...Show More
Sick & Tired - Mat & Louise - True Stories Told Live

10:34 | Oct 28th, 2015

Two true stories of being sick and tired - both literally and figuratively. From breaking a leg on holiday to surviving a particularly bad case of man flu, being left on our last nerve at a stressful job, or those situations that are far more serious...Show More
Borders - Jen & Shahed - True Stories Told Live

11:31 | Oct 20th, 2015

In this double bill from our night in Hackney, we have two stories of borders - though as is always the case, other themes emerge in the telling. This theme was chosen by students at Open School East. For more information on their work, please visit...Show More
Weddings - Adam & Nick - True Stories Told Live

09:41 | Oct 13th, 2015

Two stories from last month's show in Brixton, which was all about weddings. What is it about the ceremonies that brings out the crazy in people looking for their happily ever after? Our Brixton producer, Nicole, got married about a month back - S...Show More
MORE: Sex Worker stories - True Stories Told Live

22:47 | Oct 6th, 2015

WARNING: this episode contains honest, open accounts of sexual activity Following the massive response to the episode we released in August, here are three more stories from our recent collaboration with the Sex Workers Open University (SWOU). As s...Show More
'The Person in the Mirror' - Michael & Bruna - True Stories Told Live

12:11 | Sep 25th, 2015

Who is the person looking back at you in the mirror? This month, we're listening to stories of identity and identity crises. Did you have sleepless nights wondering who you were? Did you grow up in a neighbourhood where you there was no one else li...Show More
'Music! Potato!' & 'The Wake' - Ruth & Roisin

12:58 | Sep 15th, 2015

Two true stories inspired by the theme of 'Culture Shock', from our open mic night in Brixton, south London. Ruth moves to China and quickly realises her phrase book is not going to be much use. Then, we hear how a family wake reminded Roisin of he...Show More
'Glory' - Maryam & Daniel - True Stories Told Live

15:20 | Sep 9th, 2015

Two stories from our recent open mic in Hackney. Maryam has a breakdown and finds recovery in the least likely place. Then, Daniel helps defend a friend and is rewarded in unexpected ways. There's still time to hear our contribution to Radio 4: Truth...Show More
The Canyon - Yang May Ooi - True Stories Live in London

07:14 | Sep 2nd, 2015

From the archives - back in April 2012, Yang May Ooi joined us in London for stories of 'Back From The Brink'. Spark is back with a full programme of events his autumn - join us for nights in London and elsewhere by heading to AND if ...Show More
SPECIAL: Sex Worker stories

1:07:10 | Aug 4th, 2015

WARNING: this episode contains honest, open accounts of sexual activity Special guest Miranda Kane hosted a Spark night where sex workers from across Britain share their true stories. This episode features our highlights: from eccentric clients to t...Show More
In Flames - Paul Case & Azariah France-Williams - True Stories Live in London

09:45 | Jul 21st, 2015

Two stories from a recent London night, where the theme was In Flames. In the first story, whilst hitchhiking through Laos, Paul grabs a ride he instantly regrets. Then, Azariah tell a story of a family friend with a penchant for lighting fires. The...Show More
Losing my Religion/Virginity - Elna Baker - True Stories Live in London

08:04 | Jul 14th, 2015

Storyteller and writer Elna Baker (The Moth, This American Life, Radiolab) dropped into a Spark London night recently and told this story of Head/Heart: growing up a Mormon is hard, especially if you live in New York... WIN TICKETS! Simply fill in t...Show More
REBROADCAST: A History Lesson - Kutloano Toko - True Stories Live in London

10:15 | Jul 5th, 2015

From the archives - this one from back in 2010 - Kutloano tells this story of the superheroes in his life. Help us keep finding new stories by completing our 1min survey. Hearing your views helps us shape our nights and find sponsors; go to sparklon...Show More
Orphans & A Chat Over a Glass - Kirby & Jean-Marc - True Stories Live in London

10:19 | Jun 15th, 2015

Two stories from our recent Hackney open mic, where the theme was 'Head/Heart.' In the first, orphan Kirby sets out to find new parents using Craigslist - and in the second, Jean-Marc is forced to choose between his life... or his friend's. All sto...Show More
Prom Night in Perth - Allan Girod - True Stories Live in London

11:06 | Jun 6th, 2015

Another from the vaults....a story from Australia that may (or, and this is important, may not) meet your expectations of teenage love It was told at Spark London's birthplace, the Canal Cafe Theatre, in February 2013. Win tickets to a Spark show -...Show More
REBROADCAST: Baby Giraffe - Jacqueline Downs - True Stories Live in London

07:10 | May 18th, 2015

From our ever-expanding archives, we replay this story first heard in Camberwell's Blue Elephant Theatre in June 2010. Jacqueline has fallen in love, but there's a catch...
A Quiet Weekend - Ross Norman - True Stories

11:26 | May 8th, 2015

With a big day at work on Monday, Ross has a quiet weekend planned. This story comes from our most recent Spark Encore at Exmouth Market, when the theme was 'Best Laid Plans.' PEOPLE OF BRISTOL: stay tuned to the end for details of a brand-new Spar...Show More
Fluffy Activism - Martin Bowman - True Stories Live

10:59 | Apr 27th, 2015

Martin, a seasoned protester, shares his story from the front line of environmental activism. From March 2015, when the theme was 'in pursuit.'
Make Up or Break Up - Thanyia Moore - True Stories Told Live

08:45 | Apr 16th, 2015

Thanyia bags a great guy, but someone stands in their way. From March 2015, when we presented stories of 'In Pursuit' at Exmouth Market Theatre. Spark London's podcast is produced by Matt Hill for Why not take a look at the other...Show More
Das ist für Ihnen - Miranda Roszkowski - True Stories

07:40 | Apr 3rd, 2015

Miranda returns to Spark with a new story on the theme of 'In Pursuit'. Waiting for a train in Germany, she spots a man in need of food. But the simple plan of getting something for him proves to be harder than she thought...
A Trip to the Beach - Joe Friedman - True Stories Told Live

06:28 | Mar 21st, 2015

In this highlight from a recent open mic, Joe Friedman tells his true story of crime and punishment. When challenged by armed cops during a beach-wide curfew, Joe decides this is the time to stand up for his right to party. If you've never been to a...Show More
Encore: True Stories of 'Bad Calls' - Spark London

42:21 | Mar 8th, 2015

Nav Chawla presents highlights from our last Spark Encore, where storytellers performed true stories on the theme of 'Bad Calls' - three tales of errors of judgment and the occasional awkward telephone conversations.   Our next Encore night is on 2...Show More
Stories of 'First Love' - True Stories Told Live

21:17 | Feb 16th, 2015

Three true stories of First Love, as told live on stage at our most recent open mic in Hackney. On this podcast you'll hear three raw, uncompromising descriptions of falling in love for the first time - and how it can make you the person you are toda...Show More
Spark Encore - True Stories of Crime and Punishment - True Stories Told Live

28:44 | Feb 4th, 2015

Charley Harrison is back with three stories from our most recent show, where we heard true stories of crime and punishment - tales of justice, judgement and law-breaking. You'll hear: * an absolutely criminal case of entering a property (but without...Show More
Risk! at Spark London *NSFW* - True Stories Told Live

51:21 | Jan 1st, 2015

WARNING: this episode contains very strong sex references. Spark London welcomed the risque US podcast Risk! to Hackney in July 2014. Here we present three stories from that night on the theme of 'Surprise'. To hear the full show, head to Risk's siz...Show More
Spark Encore - True Tales of 'Union' - true stories live

30:27 | Dec 1st, 2014

Dave Pickering presents highlights from our popular 'Encore' night, which invites Spark London's favourite performers and special guests to tell true stories on a chosen theme. This month it's 'Union' - so expect stories of unlikely friendships, marr...Show More
A New Night - Spark Preston special

13:48 | Nov 17th, 2014

Spark London is breaking out of the capital! To celebrate our new night in Preston, we present three true stories from the recent 'Preston Tringe' in October 2014. You'll hear: - Chris gets a surprise on his business trip - Sean has a run-in with t...Show More
Spark Encore - 'True Tales of 'Trick or Treat' - true stories live

33:48 | Nov 5th, 2014

Charley Harrison presents highlights from our second Encore performance in Exmouth Market, featuring Celia Cummings, Jacqueline Downs and Jack Rooke... all telling true stories on the theme of 'Trick or 'Treat.'
Assorted Open Mics II - Ben Tolfree & Micaela Hollins - true stories told live

09:53 | Oct 21st, 2014

Two stories this week, from our long-running open mic nights in Hackney and Brixton. Ben is asked to buy a microwave, whilst Micaela hopes to have a fab time with her mother in Paris. Both stories do not end well. We're back in Exmouth Market, EC1 f...Show More
Spark Encore - True Tales of 'Derring Do'

39:43 | Oct 6th, 2014

CONTENT WARNING: this episode contains some graphic descriptions of armed conflict. Highlights from Spark London's new monthly night Spark Encore, where our favourite storytellers return for stories on a theme. In this episode, Charley Harrison int...Show More
I Forgot To Remember - Nina Luszowicz

07:08 | Sep 15th, 2014

True stories told live in London. Nina has certain, specific requirements for her citybreak to Berlin. From August 2014, where the theme that night was, "Stories of the City.'
Ten Years - Hannah Mathews

07:43 | Aug 4th, 2014

A true story recorded at our open mic night in Hackney in August 2014. Hannah hasn't been to the dentist for ten years - now, as an adult, can she overcome her childhood fear? This is the second dentist-related story we've had on the podcast. If you...Show More
Best of Spark #6 - Andy Bodle

32:16 | Jul 29th, 2014

True stories told live, featuring highlights from our sixth Best of Spark showcase at the Canal Cafe Theatre in West London, presented by Charley Harrison. In this half hour, Countdown competitor Andy draws inspiration from his two grannies, Nina's ...Show More
Waiting for the Phone to Ring - Chris Neill

17:22 | Jul 13th, 2014

In a break with tradition, we have something a little different time: comedian Chris Neill (Radio 4's Just a Minute), reads two fantastic true stories he had committed to paper.   If you like this, why not try subscribing to hear more true stories ...Show More
Do Not Touch - Lauretta Tomlinson

05:52 | Jun 15th, 2014

Unhappy and out of love, Lauretta takes a job as a tour guide at a haunted castle.   From April 2014, when the theme of our open mic in Hackney was Hello/Goodbye...     If you liked Lauretta’s story, you’ll love The Best of Spark London: where w...Show More
Best of Spark #5 - Tamer Kattan

34:26 | Jun 7th, 2014

Charley Harrison presents yet more highlights from our monthly 'Best of' night in Warwick Avenue - featuring storytellers from our open mic nights in Hackney and Brixton, plus special guests. In this edition, we hear: * the fastest ways to lose you...Show More
Breaking Into Dance - Kirsty McCarter

06:46 | May 26th, 2014

Kirsty told this story at our Hackney open mic in May 2014, when the theme was 'dancing'.   On Monday 2nd June we're back at the Canal Cafe Theatre for Best of Spark London with special guest Tamer Kattan (The Moth, Comedy Store). Expect stories th...Show More
Best of Spark #4 - Sarah Bennetto

28:29 | May 9th, 2014

Charley Harrison presents three life-changing true stories from our latest Best of Spark London show at the Canal Cafe Theatre in West London, featuring: a man on vacation, vexed by thoughts of leaving his oven on at home  an art lover escapes fr...Show More
Bob the Australian - Sally Banks

05:10 | Apr 29th, 2014

Sally meets a handsome stranger - but before she can say hello properly, she may have to say goodbye... From our open mic night in Hackney, when the theme was Hello/Goodbye. PLUS: listen out for a special message at the end of this week's podcast f...Show More
Best of Spark #3 - Richard Tyrone Jones

30:43 | Apr 14th, 2014

Three true stories told live from the stage - and a warning, this episode contains some very adult themes.   In today's programme:   * Sudeshna escapes war-torn Uganda thanks to her father  * Alix Fox reveals her unusual sense of smell, caused b...Show More
The Girl With The Long Hair - Terry Freedman

08:00 | Mar 24th, 2014

This really sweet, true story by Terry Freedman was told in Brixton in February. He was lined up for March's Best of Spark evening but had to pull out with flu - get well soon Terry! Here's the original telling, complete with a time limit he effortl...Show More
Best of Spark #2 - Neil Denny

31:16 | Mar 10th, 2014

Charley Harrison presents highlights from our second Best of Spark London night at the Canal Cafe Theatre. In this episode:   Francis Shire aspires to be 'King of the Camden Goths' - can his Swedish Cybergoth partner help him achieve his dream?   ...Show More
The Open Window - Harsh Agarwal

06:21 | Feb 24th, 2014

In his hometown in India, huge crowds gather to see Harsh - unfortunately, he doesn't want them there. From January 2014, when the theme was 'Fame.'
Best of Spark London #1 - Helen Zaltzman

31:05 | Feb 10th, 2014

In a change to the regular podcast, Charley Harrison presents highlights from our first Best of Spark London evening at the Canal Cafe Theatre, featuring: * Christine Estima * John Hale * Helen Zaltzman Please let us know what you think of the new fo...Show More
Long Legs - Bill Singh

05:36 | Jan 28th, 2014

True stories told live in London. At a church meeting in a Southall school in November 1987, two gunmen opened fire – and Bill had to decide what he was going to do. From our open mic in Hackney, January 2014, when the theme was 'Best Intentions.'
Words - Joanna Yates

11:35 | Dec 3rd, 2013

This December, Spark London celebrates six fantastic years of connecting people through stories. So what better way to mark the occasion than with a story told by founder Joanna Yates? Exactly. This story is from April 2013, where the theme was 'Stru...Show More
ME Story - Ian Barratt

07:19 | Nov 26th, 2013

True stories told live across London. Ian got up at our open mic in Hackney and told this story of strength - living with ME and a gradual and remarkable recovery. From November 2013, when the night's theme was Strength. Thanks to Dave Pickering for ...Show More
A Picnic In Paris - Mark Yansen

07:22 | Nov 11th, 2013

Mark gets an offer that seems too good to be true; a free return trip to Paris. And all he has to do is a little leafleting when he gets there. What could go wrong? From October 2013, when the theme was 'Hidden.' Thanks to Greg Roughley for putting t...Show More
Stories of Shakespeare - Ola Aralepo & Jennifer Carpenter

11:09 | Oct 29th, 2013

This week we present two stories from the same night in Brixton, both where the theme was hidden - but for some reason also talked about performing Shakespeare: Embrace the Clown - Ola Aralepo In Nigeria, Ola's comic timing is appreciated by his frie...Show More
Open Hearts - A Spark London Special

1:18:16 | Oct 3rd, 2013

As our regular producer Matt Hill is off this month (getting married), the host of our Hackney open mic night has put together a full show from earlier this year, when the theme was 'Open Heart.' You can hear his own excellent podcast, Getting Better...Show More
A Grand Gesture - Jess Brownrigg

08:11 | Sep 9th, 2013

Jess is a London tour guide with a penchant for the dramatic gesture. In this true story, he explains how that can sometimes create trouble. It was told at our August open mic at the Brixton Ritzy - we're back there on TUESDAY (not Monday) 17th Sept...Show More
Breakdown on the Motorway - Simon Mason

08:16 | Sep 2nd, 2013

Simon has twelve hours to travel from the rooftop of an abandoned shopping centre in Hulme to T in the Park festival in Glasgow with a bag of drugs and a popular Manchester band. What can go wrong? From August 2013 in Hackney, where the theme was Pla...Show More
Crab Dinner / The Goldfish - Fred & Kerry Crawley

09:22 | Aug 20th, 2013

The Spark London podcast returns with a double bill from Fred and Kerry: two true stories of Planes, Trains and Automobiles told at our open mic night in Hackney in August 2013. Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates, with audio production by Matt...Show More
Adventures in the Underworld - Daniel Simpson

10:06 | Jul 12th, 2013

Whilst planning Serbia's first music festival, Daniel discovers how hard it is to make your dreams come true. From July 2013, when the theme that night was 'Quitting.' If you like Daniel's story, you should check out his book, "A Rough Guide to the ...Show More
Lost and Found in California - Victoria Fitzpatrick

11:18 | Jul 5th, 2013

Victoria's first car requires infinite patience - and that's before she's even bought it. From July 2013, when the theme was 'Driven.'
Bernard - Ali Mason

06:59 | May 30th, 2013

What begins as a childish prank against a harmless drunk turns into something more meaningful. From May 2013, when the theme was 'Mixed Messages'. Special thanks to Kirsty McQuire who recorded this show for us at the Hackney Picturehouse - and to Da...Show More
Dressing Mum - Eileen Bellot

06:46 | Apr 19th, 2013

London, 1999. Eileen's mother has passed away, and the funeral director asks the family to dress her for the final time.  Eileen tells the intimate, true story of that time. From April 2013, when the theme was, 'Guts.'
The Hip Operation - Kate Wieteska

10:17 | Apr 11th, 2013

Having recently moved to London, Kate is searching for a community - and thinks a job at the local cafe is the best way to find one. But she doesn't bank on the interview being quite so hard… Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates; and the podcast...Show More
The Cookie Monster - Nicole Thomas

12:23 | Apr 4th, 2013

Nicole's family doesn't speak to each other anymore (except her and her mother). In this story, told live at the Canal Cafe Theatre, she explains why. From April 2013, when the theme was 'struggles.'
A Fifteen Minute Walk - Ernie Stelzner

06:13 | Mar 16th, 2013

Ernie measured the length of his team meetings in pints. So when it came to making his way home, he would get into a spot of bother. From March 2013, when the theme was Road Block.
Percy Blazer Wants a Through Lounge - Richard Green

08:54 | Mar 7th, 2013

Back in the 1980s, Richard set up a company with his father and brother. They only needed one big order to set them on the path to riches. And, one day, it came through. From March 2013, when the theme was 'Road Block.'
Keep Breathing - Catherine Semark

05:59 | Feb 21st, 2013

This week, we take you to a warmer climate - but still one with nature to contend with. Catherine will tell you all about it... This story was told at our monthly Canal Cafe Theatre night, where we curate a hour of the best true stories from across L...Show More
Brothers - Rob Lawrence

08:14 | Feb 5th, 2013

Rob's brother comes to stay with him in London - and not long after they return to their old ways. From January 2013 at the Hackney Picturehouse, where the theme of the night was 'Open Heart.'
Band of Heathens - Sahand Sahebdivani

07:11 | Jan 31st, 2013

When Sahand's fun-loving Dutch band descends on an Transylvanian town for a music festival, they do not expect the reception they receive. From January 2013, when the theme at the Hackney Picturehouse was Open Heart.
They Say Romance is Dead - Miranda

07:49 | Jan 22nd, 2013

Miranda meets a gentleman with a beautiful moustache and a flair for the old-fashioned, romantic gesture. But can you have too much? From January 2013 at the Hackney Attic, where the theme was 'Open Heart.'
Sonnet 107 - Charley

04:44 | Jan 15th, 2013

A romance with a poet in Amsterdam leads to an uncomfortable moment in the bedroom… so expect some explicit language (some of it in couplets). Charley took the plunge and told this story at our open mic night in Brixton. Why not come along and tell ...Show More
The Hoarder - Angela Shoosmith

06:07 | Jan 8th, 2013

What happens when a hoarder has four acres to store items? When Angela's grandpa died, her family discover the full extent of his hoarding… Recorded in December 2012 at the Hackney Attic, when the theme was Family.
Auntie Kay - Charlie Phillips

11:49 | Dec 11th, 2012

Charlie's trips to see his Auntie in Leeds were not his favourite time of the week. In this story, retold as part of our 5th birthday celebrations at the Canal Cafe Theatre, he explains why.
Choose Your Own Adventure - Kit Lovelace

09:27 | Oct 30th, 2012

When Kit's latest commission to the Guardian is approved, he finds his love life in the hands of the newspaper's readers. From October 2012 at the original Spark London night in Little Venice. And you can read Kit Lovelace's archive here. Noticeboard...Show More
The Milkman's Round - Eithne Nightingale

06:06 | Oct 17th, 2012

When Eithnie was a girl, she lived in quite a scary house. But she had a way of dealing with any unwelcome guests. This story was recorded at our new Hackney night, running at the Hackney Picturehouse on the second Monday of every month. Spark London...Show More
Biker Holiday - Crudgie

05:14 | Sep 28th, 2012

Welcome to another Spark London. Crudgie has been coming to our Brixton night for six months, but had never got up to tell a story. Until this month... From September 2012, where the theme was Planes, Trains and Automobiles...
Adam Terry goes back to school - Adam Terry

06:29 | Sep 17th, 2012

Sometimes it's hard to leave your work at the office. Adam's mother is a teacher, which means that when he was growing up, he had to suffer those same school traits at home as well. This was one of the first stories told at our new open-mic night at ...Show More
The Expulsion - Liam Chambers

08:20 | Sep 7th, 2012

Liam Chambers came to our August open-mic event in Brixton and told this true story of a run-in with Authority.
Bus Stops - Katelyn Thomas

04:19 | Jul 31st, 2012

Katelyn has never felt more American since an incident on a London bus, but we Brits don't like to talk about it. From May 2012, where the theme was flashbacks.
Tit Trauma - Laraby

10:00 | Jul 18th, 2012

When going to have a new bra fitted, Laraby has a series of flashbacks to other times her breasts have taken centre stage. From July 2012, when the theme was Flashbacks. There's little bit more swearing than usual in this episode, so be sure to have ...Show More
A Phonebox in Birmingham - Navreet Chawla

11:35 | Jul 10th, 2012

1994, Birmingham. University student Navreet takes an impromptu detour and ends up in fear for her life. From June 2012, when the theme was 'Lifesaver.'
Down Old Compton Street - Clayton Littlewood

10:49 | Jul 2nd, 2012

At a special event last weekend we celebrated the launch of the National Trust's Soho Stories app (available from all good App Stores) at Foyles Bookshop. Clayton Littlewood told this story of his time living in Soho, based on his new book 'Goodbye t...Show More
The Rabbit - Glen Long

09:14 | Jun 19th, 2012

Glen has been invited on an old friend's stag weekend. Humbled, he sets off on an adventure to rediscover his youth - but has everyone grown up a little too much? From June 2012, when the theme was Lifesaver. Spark London is heading to the Edinburgh ...Show More
Hero - Maggie Hindley

08:14 | Jun 11th, 2012

Maggie told this wonderful true story at the Canal Cafe Theatre earlier this month. We'll be in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival this August - why not drop by and join us? Details can be found here. This month's podcasts were recorded by Dave Pickeri...Show More
Nobody's Home - Alisdair Hurst

05:41 | May 30th, 2012

To look cool at school, Alisdair has only one option: lose his virginity, and fast. This is the story of how it happened. Oh, and Alistair says the odd swearword plus, as you'd expect, talks about sex. Obviously. From May 2012's open mic night at the...Show More
Episode 100 - Dorothea Stuart & Alastair Smith

09:02 | May 23rd, 2012

We made it! This is our 100th edition of the podcast - which coincides with a year of open-mic events at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton. So as a double celebration, here's a double bill from our most recent night. Thank you for listening to our stories ...Show More
Gran, the Chihuahua and Me - Jo Winsloe

05:50 | May 16th, 2012

Jo told this story at our open-mic night in Brixton. When she moves in with her Gran in London as a teenager, she has to cope with her pet chihuahua's bathroom habits.... Apologies for the audio fault right at the start of the story - a glitch meant ...Show More
Cats and Dogs - Sophie Cousens

05:37 | May 9th, 2012

Late last month we had another successful night at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, where ordinary folks stepped up and told stories of 'Pets.' This is one such story, by Sophie. If you're interested in telling a story, please do get in touch: info@spark...Show More
Down Post Office Lane - Andy Bodle

06:45 | Apr 23rd, 2012

This week we welcome back Andy Bodle with open arms, with his true story on the theme, Back From The Brink. We have some great events coming up on the themes of 'Winning', 'Life Savers' and 'Family Holidays'. Think you have something that fits? Email...Show More
The Big Deal - Eddie Barnes

07:11 | Apr 16th, 2012

Eddie has set his sights on being Salesman of the Month - and has the new contract to prove it. All he has to do is get it to the office... From April 2012, where the theme was 'Back from the Brink.'
Black and White - Tori Piskin

06:31 | Apr 1st, 2012

Tori was only in the UK for a couple of weeks on vacation, and still found time to drop in to the Canal Cafe and tell this story. Recorded in March 2012, when the theme was 'Change.'  We've two Spark London events in April; in Little Venice the theme...Show More
Inner Voice - Ben Chapman

07:59 | Mar 19th, 2012

When he was young, Ben moves with his parents from Britain to the Caribbean. As with anyone moving to a new school, it's tough to fit in. But then Ben has an interesting idea... From March 2012 at the Canal Cafe Theatre, where the theme was 'Change.'
The Long Goodbye - David Dobbs

07:16 | Mar 7th, 2012

David is going backpacking and his dad offers him a lift to the station. Will this be the moment for a genuine heart-to-heart? And will David be able to cope? From March 2012, when the theme was 'Change'. Got the storytelling bug? We're running a wor...Show More
Shocking Behaviour - Max Yates

05:33 | Feb 26th, 2012

Life is, they say, a series of lessons - some of which, when Max's dad are involved, are crueler than others. Max tells us how he came to turn the tables. From February 2012, when the theme was 'The Unexpected.'
Leaving Home - Julie Kertez

10:27 | Feb 20th, 2012

Julie is something to Spark royalty here at Spark London; she performed more than any other storyteller, each time with something new from a long and adventurous life. And she shows no signs of stopping: this month she won silver for Best Comedy Newc...Show More
The Twist - Deborah Henley

08:23 | Feb 13th, 2012

Deborah's story has a twist to it - and one that threatens her dream of competing in the Olympics. Warning: this ep ontains some strong language at a rather loud volume. Probably not ideal for the school run, which is why we've decided to put it out ...Show More
Bransonland - David Thomas

11:13 | Feb 7th, 2012

We're back - and with some more fresh-faced true storytellers for you to enjoy. When David was young, he was taken to a party hosted by Richard Branson. That should be the story. It isn't. From February 2012, where the theme was 'The Unexpected.' Our...Show More
This Close - Gigi Hanna

08:55 | Jan 30th, 2012

Continuing our special season of favourite storytellers, Gigi Hanna returns to the pod with another story. Curious as to how her parents met, Gigi investigates her Egyptian roots and discovers just how close she came to being an entirely different pe...Show More
On Living in a Soho Skip - Radcliffe Royds

12:27 | Jan 23rd, 2012

Locked out of the house by his wife, Radcliffe falls into a world of drugs and crime that betrays his education, reaching rock bottom in this remarkable true story from our archives. We recorded this story live in June 2010 during our residency at th...Show More
Baby Giraffe - Jacqueline Downs

07:10 | Jan 16th, 2012

Handpicked by the Spark London team, this is another of our favourite storytellers from over the years. Jacqueline is in love with a guy and there's only one problem; he's a student and she's a member of the college staff. From June 2010 and our week...Show More
Between a Rock and a Hard Place - David Dinnell

11:37 | Jan 4th, 2012

Happy new year! David Dinnell goes scuba diving off the coast of Sicily, and gets into troubled waters. This month we're bringing you new stories from our favourite storytellers, some of whom have appeared on the podcast before. If you've enjoyed thi...Show More
The Great Escape - Sophie Tailby

06:51 | Dec 7th, 2011

Sophie told this story at our open-mic night in Brixton. It should be a night of passion for her and her new boyfriend - but will it be ruined by over-caring friends? From November 2011, where the theme was 'Fireworks.' Thanks to everyone who came ...Show More
Out and About - Sharon Shaw

07:23 | Nov 28th, 2011

Sharon tells this story of her transition from child to adult... to adult lesbian. From November 2011, where the theme was 'Transitions.' Next Monday (5th Dec) we're celebrating our fourth birthday at the Canal Cafe, with stories of 'New Beginnings'....Show More
The Dentist - Emily Lewsen

11:51 | Nov 21st, 2011

What makes a good dentist? Emily ponders this question for us and provides some answers based on her own experiences, growing up in Canada. Thanks to Dave Pickering for looking after the pod for the past few weeks - you can catch his excellent podca...Show More
Almost Brief Encounter - Helen Green

03:59 | Nov 15th, 2011

Helen stood up and told this story about how stealing Jamie Olivers picnic basket resulted in an almost brief encounter at the Spark Open Mic at The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton. The story was told in October 2011, when the theme was 'Fatal Attraction'. B...Show More
An Episode of Eastenders - Michael O'Kelly

05:28 | Nov 8th, 2011

Michael stood up and told this story about the ending of a "special" relationship at the Spark Open Mic at The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton. His story is full of high drama, farce and rivalry which he narrates in his wry, laid back way.  The story was tol...Show More
The Engine is Still Running - David Wellstead

04:37 | Nov 1st, 2011

David stood up and told this story about a night when his girlfriend just wouldn't wake up, no matter what happened! From October 2011, when the theme was 'Fatal Attraction'. Be sure to book your tickets for the next Spark London at the Canal Cafe Th...Show More
Doing Good - Caroline

05:38 | Oct 25th, 2011

Caroline got up and told this story about a relationship that got stuck in a loop and how travelling to Honduras helped to break out of it at the open mic in Brixton. From October 2011, when the theme was 'Fatal Attraction'. Be sure to book your tick...Show More
Cows on a Train - Sara Banerji

06:39 | Oct 18th, 2011

Sara tells the story of when she gave up everything in to become a dairy farmer in India and the epic saga of trying to transport a heard of cows accross its vast continent. From October 2011, when the theme was 'The Kindness of Strangers.' Be sure...Show More
The Button - Paula Boddington

06:21 | Oct 11th, 2011

Paula talks about how the kindness of the Vietnamese helped her to find a new hope. From October 2011, when the theme was 'The Kindness of Strangers.' Be sure to book your tickets for the next Spark London at the Canal Cafe Theatre on 7th November....Show More
Space - Alex Hawe

08:03 | Oct 4th, 2011

Back in the deep recesses of the Spark London vaults, we have a few stories that were read rather than told. Normally we don't go in for this sort of thing, but here's a rare example that we think works. This is Alex Hawe, back in 2009, talking about...Show More
Creamin It - Rosie Rogers

09:35 | Sep 27th, 2011

Rosie stood up and told this remarkable story at our most recent open-mic night in Brixton. Hitchhiking from Camden to Liverpool for Creamfields Festival, Rosie and her friend meet two men... and an illicit Pez dispenser. This is their story.
All Aboard - Hamish Grant

05:48 | Sep 20th, 2011

Hamish takes a trip on the Trans-Mongolian Express and encounters some home truths along the way. From September 2011, when the theme was 'Land or Sea.' Be sure to book your tickets for the next Spark London at the Canal Cafe Theatre on 3rd September...Show More
The Birds - Cressida Ellis

05:26 | Sep 12th, 2011

Cressida has always had an odd relationship with our avian friends. Mostly ying and occasionally yang, here's a few of her close encounters in story form. Hey - if you'd like to tell a story, our next two nights are on the themes of 'Holidays' and 'K...Show More
Escape from Syria - Trevor Mostyn

12:02 | Sep 6th, 2011

As part of a student bet, Trevor hitchhikes through the beautiful terrain of Turkey and Syria - but promises made in a bar in Oxford shouldn't always be upheld... From September 2011, when the theme was Land or Sea. We've two more nights this month -...Show More
Assorted Open Mics - Anna & Brian

06:45 | Aug 30th, 2011

As our night at the Canal Cafe prepares to return next week, here's a couple of stories told at our monthly open mic night in Brixton. DISCOVER: how Anna Banana got her nickname LISTEN: why Brian's date didn't go as planned If you fancy dropping by, ...Show More
Good Friends - Alex Quinones

05:57 | Aug 21st, 2011

We're back - after a short break - with more true stories. Alex dropped into one of our open-mike nights in Brixton last week and told this story on our night about 'Parents'. And if you have a story of 'Land & Water', why not drop Joanna an email fo...Show More
Out of the Frying Pan - Donald Elliott

07:28 | Jul 27th, 2011

It is the height of the cold war when Donald attempts to get out of national service. But is he out of the war entirely? From July 2011, where the theme was work. Our live shows take a break in August, but storytelling continues here unabated. In fa...Show More
Leaving the Canal Cafe Theatre - Alex Smith

05:46 | Jul 20th, 2011

Alex returns to the Canal Cafe Theatre, a place that she used to work (and gave Spark London its big break) to tell her story. From July 2011, where the theme was 'Work.' Our live shows take a break in August, but storytelling continues here unabate...Show More
On The Dole - Sarah Ross

07:36 | Jul 13th, 2011

Sarah describes life after work and battles at the Job Centre. From July 2011 at the Canal Cafe Theatre in Little Venice. NEXT EVENT: 18th July at the Ritzy in Brixton. If you have a story - or just want to listen - then just come down. Tickets are ...Show More
Hard Time - Shaun Attwood

10:25 | Jul 7th, 2011

Shaun became a millionaire in his twenties. This is the story of what happened next.  Our next show is on the 18th July at the Ritzy in Brixton - where the theme will be 'Lost or Found'. If you have a story - or just want to listen - then just come d...Show More
Be Careful What You Wish For - Olivia Knight

08:54 | Jun 23rd, 2011

Olivia embarks on a series of trials and tribulations after agreeing to go on a skiing holiday... From April 2009, when the theme was 'Trails'. Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates - and the theme is by Dan Weltman, to whom we are much obliged.
Seeking Success - Mathy Lisika-Minsende

09:48 | Jun 15th, 2011

Mathy tells her true story about life after the loss of her father - where a meeting with the London Scanner's Club changes her path. Just three weeks to go until our Spark Norfolk event - if you live in the area, or fancy a long weekend break, you ...Show More
Dating 'Richard Gere' - Kenneth Hill

10:58 | Jun 8th, 2011

When Kenneth meets a man with Hollywood-like good looks, he turns on all the charm he has. But he hasn't reckoned on an even bigger challenge... From June 2011, where the theme was 'Crossroads.' On June 20th we'll be back at the Ritzy in Brixton - it...Show More
How Not To Behave - Shareen Locke

09:53 | Jun 2nd, 2011

Shareen was always a naughty girl, but will a trip to India finally set her on the straight and narrow? It's a piece from our every-growing archive, way back in March 2009, when the theme was Space. Other things you can do as you listen... • If you h...Show More
The Rhino Auction - Rachael Matthews

10:35 | May 24th, 2011

What begins as a piece of family history takes a very peculiar turn indeed. From May 2011, when the theme was Triangles. Other things you can do as you listen... • If you have a story, mail us at • Get our Twitter feed for the ...Show More
Best day of my life - Joanna Coffey

07:22 | May 18th, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another Spark London. When a Dallas uber-fan gets a chance to sit in on a chat show featuring JR himself, Joanna sees an opportunity to get something more... From May 2011, where the theme was Triangles. Other things you can do ...Show More
Whose Side Are You On - Methir Merrick

11:50 | May 8th, 2011

Methir has always had a fascination with the Arab-Israeli conflict.  This is his true story on how he tried to form an opinion. From May 2011, where the theme was Triangles. We're still looking for storytellers (we've never really stopped) so pleas...Show More
Sailing Around The World - Justin Comer

11:56 | Apr 26th, 2011

Justin plans a trip round the world - but doesn't bank on a competitive element. From way back in December 2008, where the theme was Virtual Reality. We'll have some brand new stories for you soon, from our latest night at the Canal Cafe Theatre. If ...Show More
Mother and I - Tim Allsop

08:45 | Apr 19th, 2011

Tim's family have had more than their fair share if illness - but two stories about his mother stand out. From July 2009, where the theme was Guts - and the sound quality wasn't quite up to scratch...
Boys... Only Boys - Greg Archer

08:31 | Apr 11th, 2011

Greg takes us back to his school days and his attempts to woo the opposite sex...  From October 2009, where the theme was Now or Never.
Starting a Family - Fayhaa Wahab

08:19 | Mar 22nd, 2011

Fayhaa was married in Iraq before moving to Syria, Yemen and Algeria... but never really settled until she began a family in the UK.  From March 2011, where the theme was 'Family'.
No More Weather - Matt Sherman

08:06 | Mar 15th, 2011

Matt realises his Gran wasn't always old, and vows to find out more about her. From March 2011, where the theme continued to be 'Family'. Next Monday (21st) we'll be back the Ritzy in Brixton for more true stories. The event's open mic and pay-what-y...Show More
The Ahmeds - Olive Home

09:10 | Mar 8th, 2011

Olive describes her relationship with her neighbours, Mr and Mrs Ahmed, in 1970s Hackney. From March 2011, where the theme was 'family.' This is actually our 50th podcast, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen. Let's make i...Show More
Breaking It Gently - Boris Witzenfeld

10:18 | Feb 28th, 2011

Boris realises his girlfriend is not The One... and needs to break it to her gently.   From October 2009, when the theme was Now or Never.   Spark is back at the Canal Cafe next week (7th March) and we have another open mic at the Ritzy in Brixton on...Show More
How to Remove Bats From Your Bedroom - Emily Cleaver

06:53 | Feb 22nd, 2011

What do you do when your bedroom is full of bats? Emily can now call herself an expert after this episode - just think folks... this could happen to you.   From February 2011, where the theme was 'Alarm Bells.'   Our first open-mike at the Ritzy in B...Show More
No Heartbeat - Stuart McCure

08:42 | Feb 14th, 2011

In a slight break with tradition, Stuart has written his compelling story before the night. Here it is in all its beauty - taken from February 2011, where the theme was 'Alarm Bells.'   Don't forget that you can still order 'True Stories Live - Volum...Show More
Penguins - Sophie Carmichael

05:56 | Feb 4th, 2011

Happy New Year! Have we missed anything? Our first Spark London of the year is on February 7th at the Canal Cafe Theatre - tickets through their website. We've also got a NEW monthly night at the Ritzy in Brixton. It's 'open mike', so if you've a sto...Show More
The Spark London 3rd Birthday Special

52:09 | Dec 31st, 2010

Spark London is three years old this month, so what with all the festive joy about, we felt it was time to do a special edition of the podcast. So rid yourself of that hangover by listening to this hour-long (if you insert your own ad breaks) instalm...Show More
Germany Bottletops - Jennifer Pearcy-Edwards

06:27 | Dec 16th, 2010

Jennifer regresses to her childhood for her tale of beginnings - where we meet her first crush, a boy called Germany Bottletops. Having promised an announcement, we're just putting our finishing touches to the Exciting New Project. Details soon we pr...Show More
On Being Normal - Louise Adams

08:20 | Dec 8th, 2010

Louise returns from a four-month trip around Togo in West Africa and makes a startling discovery - she is absolutely normal. From our week-long stint at the Blue Elephant Theatre, where the theme was 'Home'
Two Cathedrals - David Pickering

08:32 | Nov 30th, 2010

It's Christmas time in Coventry and David is looking forward to opening presents with his family.From November 2010, when the theme was mistaken identity.Standby for an important announcement next week!
How Suicide Saved My Life - Andrew Watts

08:33 | Nov 24th, 2010

Comedian Andrew Watt's thoughtful story on how depression ultimately turned his life round for the better.From April 2008, back when sound quality wasn't quite what we expect nowadays.8th December is our birthday special - come join us at the Canal C...Show More
Chance Encounters - Ronald Olufanwa

09:48 | Nov 15th, 2010

The perils of finding The One leads Ronald from SMS dating to the slightly difficult territory of asking people out on the tube.
Growing Up Fast - David Stevenson

13:42 | Nov 8th, 2010

South African David Stevenson reveals how he helped his older sister Mary after she fell pregnant.From October 2010, when our true stories were packaged with the theme Saints and Sinners.Spark London is still produced by Joanna Yates, and this podcas...Show More
Helena the Elena - Helena Shroud

08:50 | Nov 3rd, 2010

While Helena finds it easy to make up a new persona, she finds it more difficult to stop.From November 2010, from our evening of Mistaken Identity stories.Next month we'll be releasing our first CD of stories by some of our favourite storytellers... ...Show More
Russians! - Giovanni Revoltella

07:13 | Oct 27th, 2010

Giovanni kicks off our series on Saints or Sinners, just in time for Halloween...Be sure to drop by in just two week's time for our next show: Mistaken Identity...For more info, head to
A Summer Wasting - Simon Farr

08:26 | Oct 13th, 2010

Simon moves to the countryside and dreams of flight - this is the tale of his escape.From September 2009, from a theme that has been struck from the records...
C-Section - Jane Walshe

07:41 | Oct 4th, 2010

The intricacies of a Caesarean section birth, laid bare by Jane in May 2010.Coming soon - a brand new, open mike night opening in central London. You heard it here first!
Immigration Story - Catherine Hall

08:25 | Sep 27th, 2010

Catherine Hall's lovely story of crossing a quite literal line to enter the US.Our next live Spark event will be themed 'Saints or Sinners' on October 18th... Tickets available via, plus information if you have a story you'd like to t...Show More
Reaching Out - Sonja Todd

08:35 | Sep 20th, 2010

Sonja Todd paints a pretty picture of Wales in this story from our September special on stories that 'Cross the Line'.On October 18th we'll be hosting a night on the theme of 'Saints and Sinners'. Take a look at for details...
New York Story - Rachel Mars

08:45 | Sep 13th, 2010

Rachel professes a startling amount of knowledge on New York's toilets. This story from September 2010 is partly about how that happened... For more stories, videos and pictures head to
The Two Sides of Simon Rollings - Simon Rollings

08:34 | Sep 6th, 2010

Final piece of archive for a while... This is Simon Rollings in February 2009, talking about his run-in with the law.Spark London is live on the first Monday of every month at the Canal Cafe Theatre, near Little Venice. Come down and watch - you know...Show More
A Good Education - Maroulla Paul

08:48 | Aug 23rd, 2010

Another from the archives - so the sound can be a little 'crunchy'.Maroulla's mother sends her to a very different school to the rest of her family. From April 2009's theme, 'Payback'.Next month sees the return of Spark: we're after stories of Crossi...Show More
Carry On Investigative Reporting - Elena Procopiu

07:46 | Aug 16th, 2010

Elena's short of money and a friend has a job offer... but is this the sort of job she should take? From May 2010, where the theme was, 'Under Cover.'
Balls - Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle

09:17 | Aug 11th, 2010

Vanessa is not your typical spark - as she is constantly reminded in this tale from June 2010, where the theme was Animal Magnetism.No live Sparks until the autumn/fall, but if you're in Ediniburgh in August why not check out the Storyteller's Club: ...Show More
Suits You - Colin Blatt

08:29 | Aug 2nd, 2010

True stories told live from the stage. Colin's new job involves wearing a suit - could this be the beginning of a career? From March 2010, where the theme was 'Lost and Found.'
Anatomy of a Road Traffic Accident - Matt Hill

09:22 | Jul 23rd, 2010

Spark London's podcast producer steps up and tells his own true story, just to prove anyone can.If you have a story, and no-one else can help, maybe it's time you tried... check out our Facebook group for videos and unusual post-...Show More
Mistaken Identity - Catherine Semark

09:28 | Jul 12th, 2010

Catherine Semark regales a Spark London crowd in June 2008 in her stories of mistaken identity - or rather, pretending to be other people.It's from the archive, so the sound quality  is not tip-top...
Hard Times - Craig Taylor

07:56 | Jun 28th, 2010

Craig tells this ghostly tale as part of our residency at the Blue Elephant Theatre in June 2010...
Gap Year - Ailin Conant

09:36 | Jun 21st, 2010

Ailin takes a year in South America and becomes a matador. Sort of.From June 2010 at the Blue Elephant Theate in Camberwell - where we had a week-long residency.If you would like a Spark London evening email Jo at
Pablo - Virginie Clarke

08:29 | Jun 11th, 2010

Virginie kicks off our summer of stories from the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell.Pablo the cat is lost - but Virginie and her flatmates have a plan to get him back. From June 2010.
Home - Joanna Yates

08:06 | May 25th, 2010

Spark London's founder Joanna Yates tells this story of Home from April 2010.Just two weeks until Spark takes over the Blue Elephant Theatre in south London: if you have a story on the themes of Animal Magnatism, Home, Special Delivery, Guts or Close...Show More
Papped Out - Tony Hickson

07:44 | May 10th, 2010

From May 2010, hot off the press, the true story of how Tony came to change his career.Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates, with audio production by Matt Hill at
New Begninnings - Marchello Dominguez

07:48 | May 4th, 2010

Marchello tells his true story of Home, from April 2010.Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates, with audio production by Matt Hill at opening music is by Dan Weltman, who is a top chap. Find out more at More
Encounters With a Brick - Celia Cummings

09:45 | Apr 27th, 2010

Celia has a brick. This is the story of Celia and the brick.Spark London is produced by Joanna Yates, with audio production by Matt Hill at're indebted to Dan Weltman for the music we play at the beginning and end of the podcast...Show More
Community Spirit - Jacqueline Downs

06:21 | Apr 12th, 2010

Jacqueline tells a live audience why community isn't always what it's cracked up to be. From April 2010, when the theme was 'Home'.We've a week of stories to fill at the Blue Elephant Theatre in June. Lots of different themes - why not take a look at...Show More
Clues - Antonia Windsor

17:34 | Apr 6th, 2010

Antonia explains the clues that led to a mysterious fortune teller in New York and a confrontation with an old enemy....From November 2009's evening, where the theme was Powers.
Damning Evidence - Radcliffe Royds

10:04 | Mar 29th, 2010

Radcliffe tells his true story of life at boarding school in Edinburgh - from March 2010, where the theme continued to be Lost and Found...
Adventures in Thailand - Rachael Firth

07:21 | Mar 22nd, 2010

Comedian Rachael Firth tells her story on the theme of Lost and Found from March 2010, featuring nice people and not-so-nice transport infrastructure.
No More Musicians - Lucy Pearson

05:50 | Mar 15th, 2010

Way back in the year 2007, Lucy made a pledge. This is her story of how it turned out.BIG NEWS: We have a special open mike night coming up in April on the theme of 'Faith'. Check out for details...
The Birthday Present - Habbie Schwarz

11:46 | Mar 8th, 2010

A lesson in why you should always double check that you have your passport days before a big trip.If you have a story, and no-one else can help, maybe its time you found... Videos, more audio and our neverending list of London events...Show More
David and the Cow - David Dinnell

12:22 | Mar 1st, 2010

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Under The Influence - Stephen Kirk

09:47 | Feb 22nd, 2010

Stephen finds his fortune thanks to a fridge, then almost loses it all until an Australian billionaire intervenes... From March 2008.Another story from the archives, so apologies for the sound quality.
The Love Boat - Gigi Hanna

11:15 | Feb 14th, 2010

A love story for those who have loved, lost and then gone on a cruise to forget.Performed by Gigi Hanna in February 2010 when the theme was, inevitably, 'Desire.'
Escorts - Andy Bodle

09:43 | Feb 8th, 2010

Andy had some spare cash. Andy spent the spare cash.The devil is in the detail, of course. From April 2009.
Now or Never - Julie Kertez

11:49 | Feb 2nd, 2010

Julie Kertez tells a live audience why she moved to Britain in 2007 at the spritely age of 73. From October 2009.
Twelve Acres - Rajesh Thind

08:48 | Jan 25th, 2010

Rajesh goes back to his fathers village in India and sees his family and himself through a new light. From our 'Foreign Soil' night in September 2009.
MySpace or His? - Andrea Hubert

07:42 | Jan 18th, 2010

Andrea confesses all in this story of the perils of social networking. Part of Spark London's 2nd birthday celebrations.
Mighty Morphin Party Animal - Chris Lochery

08:23 | Jan 11th, 2010

When Chris was at college, he attended a fancy dress party as a Power Ranger. Warning: contains scenes of a latexual nature.