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1:59:00 | Feb 6th

Sony is giving us more bread crumbs. Phil Spencer knows who the enemy is. Blizz sort of answers concerns regarding WC3 issues. Nvidia goes full launch with GForce Now. Rockstar loses a founder. Breakp...Show More

1:33:00 | Feb 5th

The Haunting Of Jonah Hill House. The Cat Whoso Sitteth In Coverville's Lap Shall Be Crowned King! The Only Turd On Scott's Desk. Gotta Go Home And Feed The Caucasus. He's Wearing 35 Coats. Harvey Kei...Show More
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1:20:00 | Feb 4th

Emotional Support Yeast. Ukulele The Force, Luke! KFC - Check out our Breasts! Donate Your Body To Cat Science. Testicles Fell Off and Rolled Down the Hall. Employees must burn their genitals before r...Show More

1:04:00 | Feb 3rd

Legends of Runeterra is really quite good thus far. DungeonTop is also really good. How about Awesome Pea 2? Not sure yet. Brian sees the light in Children of Morta on Xbox. 7th Sector also seems rad....Show More

1:40:00 | Feb 3rd

The couch is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE! The Johnson is Unpulled. Surprisingly Little Nudity. A plastic lake of mold and condoms. Couch Is My Safe Word. Theres ALWAYS trouble at stop 5. Brian's Easy...Show More
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