Get-Fit Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Get Moving and Shape Up

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Move more of your body more often and in more interesting ways with the Get-Fit Guy! If you want to begin an exercise routine and don't know where to start, or if you've been working out for a while and aren't getting the results you want, host Brock...Show More

16:50 | Apr 24th, 2018

The physical and mental challenges of obstacle racing are great, and they test every aspect of your fitness. Read the transcript at More

14:13 | Jan 21st

We wear sensors that track steps, heart rate, and calories burned. Soon, we may measure our sweat, too! What will those measurements tell us? TRANSCRIPT: More
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19:38 | Jan 14th

Whole-body Vibration Training promises some impressive fitness and health benefits, but is it as good for you as regular old exercise? TRANSCRIPT: More

15:43 | Jan 7th

Can fancy-looking air filled boots play a role in our workout recovery? I asked physiology expert Dr. Jeff Martin to take a deep dive with me to find out. TRANSCRIPT: More

15:09 | Dec 31st, 2019

It isn't essential to our overall fitness, but having a few pieces of fitness gear on hand can help us stay motivated, give us a training edge, or allow us to reach that bucket list fitness goal. TRA...Show More
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