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Dave Etler and the Students of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

What no one tells you about medical school is just how remarkable it really is. Thanks to the medical students at the University of Iowa med school, and their co-host Dave Etler, you have a window into what *really* happens here at the margins of me...Show More

59:03 | Oct 3rd

Fourth-year students David Rudolph and Chandini Reddy join co-hosts Brendan George and LJ Agistonelli to answer listener Krista's question--a self-confessed "loud mouth" with radical hopes about how she'd like to practice medicine one day. Can she b...Show More

54:50 | Sep 26th

A cliche, of course, but true. Because without the nurses (and other people) doing their jobs to help the doctor, the doctor can't do nuthin'--no IVs, no regular BP checks, no comfortable patients, no monitoring while they're home sleeping, no nothi...Show More
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56:37 | Sep 19th

Co-host and MD/PhD student Miranda Schene is a woman who has obviously been raised well. So when her mother, Ginny, wrote to theshortcoats@gmail.com asking about the surprises med school had in store for this week's gang, Dave--who also loves his mo...Show More

46:46 | Sep 12th

Some of the most important contributions to knowledge have come at a terrible price. The BBC featured a story on their site about an anatomy atlas that was created by a Nazi doctor, and the images within are those of hundreds of dissected political p...Show More

58:42 | Sep 5th

Elders are not just sickly adults. Ours is an aging society, and as the populations skews older, medicine has begun to realize that treating elder patients isn't the same as treating adults or children. Treating the conditions of older people means ...Show More
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