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Eventual Millionaire

Jaime Masters


Real Talk with Real Millionaires. Join business coach Jaime Masters as she interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to learn their failures, advice, tips and stories.


45:30 | Jul 27th

Episode Highlights: How to keep from getting bored talking about your message, Finding new angles and challenges in your message, Advice to speakers during the COVID-19 pandemic, The upside and downsi...Show More

45:39 | Jul 20th

Episode Highlights: The difference between digital marketing and social media, What are vanity metrics (And when does a metric become a vanity metric), What is the best social media platform to start ...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

32:09 | Jul 13th

Episode Highlights: How to deal with uncertainty in the music industry brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, How to choose the best business model in the ever-changing landscape of business, Learn the ...Show More

38:49 | Jul 6th

Episode highlights: Why it's important to be up to date with automation, email, and marketing, How to start building up a great brand, How long it takes to get revenue from a social channel (e.g. Yout...Show More

48:49 | Jun 29th

Episode Highlights: How Chandler handled the current situation (COVID-19) while still growing his company, Why being a leader can be the greatest bottleneck in growing your business, Chandler's top th...Show More
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