It's New Orleans: Happy Hour

HAPPY HOUR is a cocktail-fueled 60 minutes of random conversation with folks who have nothing in common, other than being New Orleanians in a bar. Featuring extraordinary New Orleans musicians playing live, host Grant Morris and sidekick deluxe Andre...Show More
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What Humans Call Love - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:12 | Apr 17th

Chris Lee is back! With a brand new record. Chris retired from music for a few years but missed the adulation, and also has a few things to get off his chest. The new songs are gathered under the album title, Protest Songs and Party Anthems and...Show More
Learn To Live Laugh Love - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:17 | Apr 10th

If there really is a God, why do 80% of the people in Indonesia, the 5th biggest country in the world, live without running water or basic human needs? Is this a theological question, or a political question? Today we're in a perfect spot to find out...Show More
3 Ways To Not Get Paid - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:11 | Apr 3rd

On this Happy Hour, veteran New Orleans music writer Alex Rawls notes there are three ways to not get paid in the music business: write about music, take photos of musicians, or actually play music. We have all the bases covered in this conversation....Show More
The Calla Lily Thief - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:29 | Mar 27th

If you're looking for a good place to steal hard to find, exotic plants, Ninth Ward Nursery is the place. Mark Sanders started Ninth Ward Nursery, as you might have guessed, in the 9th Ward, as a way to relive his glory days as a child, wanderi...Show More
Boudreaux in a Spit Hood - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:30 | Mar 20th

It's hard to know which is Travis Laurendine's best story on this Happy Hour. Maybe it's getting punched out by then Saints coach Jim Haslett when Travis was wearing the Boudreaux the Nutria mascot at a Zephyrs baseball game. Or maybe it's meeti...Show More
As I Said to Billy Corgan - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:14 | Mar 13th

Nick Pejic is a psychiatrist. Nick spends his days treating people with varying issues, including depression and addiction. By the end of the day he's ready to let loose. That's when he gets out the guitar and gets wailing like Billy Corgan from...Show More
Slaps! - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:23 | Feb 20th

Just when you think New Orleans couldn't surprise you any more, you meet Luke Hooper. Luke Hooper is the kind of character a Hollywood screenwriter would dream up. Tall and handsome. A semi-professional iron-man athlete who is also an award-win...Show More
The Gospel According to Management - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:41 | Feb 13th

There's a fine line between Jesus and The Man. Jesus wants you to do things His way and he holds out the specter of sending you to Hell forever if you don't comply. On the other hand, management and their proxies, consultants, have you buy in to a be...Show More
Operation Gentilly Bum Rush - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:42 | Feb 6th

Here's everything you need to know about this week's Happy Hour: if you're disgruntled about the Rolling Stones playing Jazz Fest, there's a subversion plan afoot. Andrew Duhon comes up with this genius idea after ony one drink, and dubs it "Pon...Show More
The Totally Random All Cajun Happy Hour Special - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:10 | Jan 30th

Happy Hour is billed as "Random conversation with folks who have nothing in common." Anything that s truly random will, sooner or later, appear to us not to be. Like flipping a coin and getting four "heads" in a row. Or inviting random people to sit ...Show More
Idiopathic Creole Connective Tissue - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:59 | Jan 23rd

Kimberly Kaye woke up at 3AM one morning and knew she was dying. She was right. Months later, after spending weeks in a hyperbaric chamber in New Orleans and months at the Cleveland Clinic, Kimberly finally found out she had something exotic called E...Show More
Ecstasy Saved My Life - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:08 | Jan 16th

Lori Tipton is the most popular guest in Happy Hour history. Last time Lori was here she talked about her shallow vagina and how she had to become intimately familiar with its intricacies in pursuit of self administered insemination aka turkey baster...Show More
Accidental Ecstatic Hypoventilation - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:41 | Jan 9th

This is probably not quite how Kate Becker intended her serious practice of healing and self development through breath work to be interpreted, but did you know you can get high AF from breathing Breath work is cheaper than drugs and the effects of h...Show More
I Was Dennis Rodman's Roommate - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:03 | Dec 12th, 2018

Brentt Arcement grew up as a drummer in New Orleans and took his musical skills to Los Angeles where he carved out a career as an A list drummer, playing with Fiona Apple, Live, and many other big name artists. But the show stopping sentence in this ...Show More
Good News: It's HIV - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:47 | Dec 5th, 2018

Among a wide variety of other pursuits, Dr. MarkAlain Dery is an HIV doctor. Amid the staggeringly bad news about the rate of HIV infection in New Orleans second in the nation behind Miami is the good news that if you have to contract a serious illne...Show More
You Can Be Right Or You Can Be Christmas - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:32 | Nov 28th, 2018

If you re even the tiniest bit cynical about Christmas, you have got to hear Debbie Davis s impassioned explanation of why Christmas matters. We re so used to thinking we have to be be smart, ironic and funny in conversation that it s shocking to hea...Show More
The Empath, The Cajun Jew, and The Woman With Vision - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:11 | Nov 14th, 2018

Vince Ebeir s new band is called Spylights and their first record is named after Vince s gift he s an Empath. That means Vince feels your pain, but also your pleasure. So be careful what you get up to around him. Vince brings along his guitar player,...Show More
Come with me River of Dream Weavers - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:10 | Nov 7th, 2018

Thomas Cole found America so polarized that he no longer wanted to live here, and moved to India. That was 1969. Thomas stayed in India, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet and Afghanistan for 16 out of the 20 next years where he became what we don t dare call a ...Show More
Arab Halloween Shark Escape - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:24 | Oct 31st, 2018

The only person who showed up to our Halloween Happy Hour in costume is one of two Cajun Jews called Alex who work for Live Nation. The one wearing the bat suit at Wayfare is Alex Rosen, a refugee from Lafayette who now lives in New Orleans and is th...Show More
A R 1 10 27 13 Sagittarius - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:56 | Oct 24th, 2018

Among the many things you could find remarkable about Arwen Podesta and there are plenty perhaps the singularly most impressive is the fact there is a part of your body named after her. There is a part of everybody s body name after her. It s in your...Show More
Do Your Country Smooth Fascist Thing - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:26 | Oct 17th, 2018

Jose Fernandes grew up under a fascist regime in Portugal. Jose came to Hammond, of all places, on a tennis scholarship, almost 40 years ago. In the interim, between then and the current rise of fascism, Jose has been a stock broker and a door to doo...Show More
Madonna, The Wusband, & School of Rock - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:40 | Oct 10th, 2018

One of the great things about New Orleans is, you never know who might be standing in line with you at the supermarket, or sitting next to you at the bar. A perfectly normal, unassuming person turns out to be, in this case, the photographer who took ...Show More
Americana crib of Baby Dolls - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:41 | Sep 26th, 2018

Americana is a genre of music that didn t exist in the UK till Paul Spencer brought it back from the US. Some may argue with this proposition but it s fundamentally true. Paul s a Brit who lived in Los Angeles, worked in the music business, and trave...Show More
UNOLA 1001 - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:04 | Sep 12th, 2018

If someone hadn t hacked Cherice Harrison Nelson s phone and changed her calendar around she would have been on time and we wouldn t have gotten to meet Sar pronounced sare who happened to be hanging out and sat in for Cherice for the first 30 minute...Show More
Gardez Donc - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:45 | Sep 5th, 2018

The "Duhon" in Andrew Duhon is pronounced doo hon in New Orleans and just a few miles west in Erath, Acadiana, where Andrew s family is from, it s pronounced doo yong. We ll come back to this Cajun French issue in a minute, but meanwhile Mr Duhon is ...Show More
Paul Stanley and The Half-Wig Punk Empress of African Rock - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:45 | Aug 29th, 2018

On arguably the worst day of the year the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina 4 New Orleanians pass the time not mentioning the anniversary at all. Well, barely. It s the best tonic. Chef Marlon Alexander is chef to the stars. He s been the personal che...Show More
5 Minute Valium Vasectomy - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:51 | Aug 22nd, 2018

Are you good at solving math problems If Ashley Sutton works at the New Orleans House of Blues as the marketing maven, is the oldest of 7 kids and has 13 grandparents, who are her parents, and how did Christmas dinner turn out at her house the night ...Show More
All You Need Is Juan Connection - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:19 | Aug 15th, 2018

Andrew Duhon is back from the road And he s back with a new song that s he s just finished writing with Anders Osborne, called One Connection. It s about what happens when you quit drinking and you have to find a way to bond with people over somethin...Show More
White Bitch Black Hills and the Anti-Enlightenment - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:04 | Aug 8th, 2018

Monica Stevens is a clinical psychologist at The New Orleans Therapeutic Day Program. Children with behavioral difficulties who are referred to Monica are expected to call her "Dr. Stevens." However, some of the kids have other names for Monica, incl...Show More
Charismatic Megafauna - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:29 | Aug 1st, 2018

You might not know it but you are Charismatic Megafauna. Apparently we all are. Jacques Hebert is one of the only things standing between you and the annihilation of pretty much all the Charismatic Megafauna around here if you don t count gators . We...Show More
Corked - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:58 | Jul 25th, 2018

Stephen Rea is an author. He s Irish real Irish, from Ireland, with an accent and all . But the truly exceptional thing about Stephen is he spent years on the road as Ozzy Osbourne s road manager. Stephen has many tales from the road with Ozzy, his b...Show More
You're a Disappointment To Your Mother - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:49 | Jul 18th, 2018

Are there favorites in your family Do your parents favor one of your siblings over you Apparently if a random sample of people around a table at Happy Hour is representative it s common for your mom to tell you you re a disappointment. And your sibli...Show More
Free Kavoski Riot - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:17 | Jul 11th, 2018

Riot Mueller is a comedian, among other things. They include non Jewish lesbian, lapsed Catholic, ardent believer in God, member of First Grace Methodist Church, host of The Moth, and 50 of the comedy duo Pitts and Riot. You d think that would would ...Show More
Tornado of Negativity - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:44 | Jun 27th, 2018

Leigh Isaacson and Alison McConnell had never met before today. Leigh is the creator of Dig, the dog people s dating app. Which is just what it sounds a dating app for dog people. Alison is a rock musician. Her music was originally born out of despai...Show More
Time Jumping Leather Rap - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:44 | Jun 20th, 2018

Meet Lynx Zohar. When 9 year old Lynx s mom took off to join the army, Lynx took off with her aunt s lawn furniture to go to a drive in movie and ended up 11 years later coming back to the very same moment to realize she was both her 9 year old self ...Show More
Viva Tee Eva y Los Crackers in Caracas - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:08 | Jun 13th, 2018

Baby Doll [Tee Eva][link1] and [Idea Village][link2] honcho Kevin Wilkins hit it off, Marcel Mata plots [the demise of Hugo Chavez][link3] and The [Parishoners ][link4]serenade tattooed women. [link1]: [link2]: htt...Show More
New Orleans Bad Ass Bitch Experience - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:38 | Jun 6th, 2018

New Orleans Bad Ass Bitch Experience is actually a band. Of 16 women. The band is the brainchild of Positive Vibration s Monique Pyle who was putting the NOBABEs on stage at Bayou Boogaloo on the opening Friday. But that idea got rained out by a vici...Show More
Even The Dead Are Vain - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:24 | May 30th, 2018

Paige is close to curing cancer, Nicole is a psychic who communicates with the dead, and Adrian is one of New Orleans most successful street performers who has been told by the police if he shows up again on Frenchmen Street he ll get arrested. Just ...Show More
Whippin' It Like Meringue - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:16 | May 23rd, 2018

Darcy Malone had the good fortune to get a text from her dad, Dave, from The Radiators, at the same time as she was in the middle of a heated email exchange with a friend. The text from her dad was a guitar riff and Darcy wrote lyrics over the riff, ...Show More
Shrimp As Big As Dogs - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:50 | May 16th, 2018

Yegor Romantsov doesn t know anything about collusion with the Russians he s from Ukraine. Where they have shrimp as big as dogs. Little dogs but they re still dogs. Er, shrimp. Yegor is the front man for The Russian Mafia Band Debauche. He s also th...Show More
Vagina Shoshoe - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:39 | May 9th, 2018

Sara Reardon grew up like any other half Chinese half Native American in New Orleans East. Somewhere along the line Sara branched out on her own and became The Vagina Whisperer. Although the title might sound like something you get bestowed on you in...Show More
Spark About You - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:06 | May 2nd, 2018

Nobody could accuse Andrew Duhon of being over sentimental. Andrew frequently unveils new songs he s writing on Happy Hour and they more often than not fall into categories of various shades of "dark." So when Andrew announces he s working on a love ...Show More
Too Old to Die Young - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:41 | Apr 25th, 2018

The nucleus of Bon Bon Vivant so good they named it twice is the extended Cosio family, Glori and sister Abigail and Abigail s husband Jeremy Kelley. On paper it sounds like some kind of mafia setup, but in real life the band with addition of Ry D An...Show More
Cohort Retort - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:25 | Apr 18th, 2018

After last week s Happy Hour set off a great deal of discussion in the comedy community, improv comedian Casey Haeg drops by to set the record straight. It s not an easy task speaking out against people who are well known, clever, funny, and charisma...Show More
Doncho Builds His Bulgarian Wall - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:28 | Apr 11th, 2018

Some criticisms of President Donald J Trump just sound better in Bulgarian. New Orleans Bulgarian band Blato Zlato have a blistering folk tale about little Doncho who gets to build his big dream wall, only to find he s destroyed his own view, and muc...Show More
Mr & Mrs Sazerac - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:48 | Apr 4th, 2018

Linda Seabright and James Arey have a lot in common. Linda is a radio personality on KRCB, one of the NPR stations in San Francisco. James is a radio personality on Classical 104.9 in New Orleans, and you might have heard him in his previous incarnat...Show More
I Hate Everyone Who Isn't You - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:41 | Mar 28th, 2018

Facebook isn t the only giant company in trouble. Apparently while FB is losing its grip on social media, Hallmark is losing its grip on the greeting card business. Small indie card manufacturers with non cheesy ideas and cool cards are moving in, li...Show More
Turkey Legs To Turkey Basters - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:31 | Mar 21st, 2018

One of Happy Hour s happiest features is that it brings together random strangers with nothing in common ... who often end up having some pretty crazy things in common. Today s Venn diagram overlaps at enchanted forests, trains, and...sperm donation....Show More
300 Reasons to Love an Alcoholic - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:15 | Mar 14th, 2018

Morgan Molthrop is writing a book called 300 Reasons to Love New Orleans. He has to hand the manuscript in tomorrow. As Happy Hour kicks off he s gotten the list up to 290. He needs another 10 reasons to love New Orleans in the next 60 minutes. It wo...Show More
Blend In and Stay Out The Sun - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:07 | Mar 7th, 2018

If you re a white person in the U.S. you might tend to think of other races as being, of themselves, monolithic. However, if you re a member of a race with non white skin hues you are more attuned to the finer shades of skin color that make you light...Show More
Sucka's Ready to Blow - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:38 | Feb 28th, 2018

On this Happy Hour, Julia Elizabeth Evans learns that you can be an artist, a philosopher, a daughter, a sister, a business person with your own production company, and a film maker on the way to world renown, and yet all a bunch of guys around a tab...Show More
Residual Limb Wannabe - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:20 | Feb 21st, 2018

A "residual limb" is the bit of your own leg or arm that s still attached to your body after the rest of it s been amputated. Kevin Gardere lost most of his left leg as the eventual result of a drunken car wreck that propelled his car into somebody e...Show More
Dear Luke - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:32 | Feb 7th, 2018

Not far into this conversation Sophie Lucido Johnson fears she may already have said too much about her polyamorous relationship with Ned, Luke, and Brian. Trying to head off a possible disaster Sophie texts Luke. That doesn t go well. Then Ned calls...Show More
Glory-Holing The Galaxy, And Back - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:08 | Jan 31st, 2018

For under 400 Samantha Bearden can show you how to be the person you ve always dreamed of being. A Mississippi born Star Shaman, Samantha will, somehow, restructure your DNA, both in your body and in the ether, and you ll end up being the best versio...Show More
A Briefcase With a Stack of Cash and a .45 - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:47 | Jan 24th, 2018

Back in the day when legendary Bob Walker was a star DJ on AM radio in New Orleans on WTIX he was one of the guys who d get a bunch of cocaine and cash to play records by goody two shoes like The Osmonds. Then there was the day when the Motown guy ca...Show More
Cocaine and Heartbreak, Dapper Men, and Pomeranian Hats - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

57:29 | Jan 17th, 2018

On a literally freezing New Orleans afternoon, looking fabulous despite braving icy steets and sidewalks, two dapper dudes and a fashion forward yogi warm up Happy Hour with talk of hot Buti yoga, hot jazz and soul, and hot off the presses. Four year...Show More
#MeTooSoon - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:42 | Jan 10th, 2018

You just know that the MeToo movement is going to be a feature at Mardi Gras this year. What you don t know, yet, is quite how sexual harassment is going translate into New Orleans style humor. So here s a bit of an early sneak peek at what you can e...Show More
Keep Krishna in Christmas 2 - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:30 | Dec 20th, 2017

In our 2nd annual Krishna Christmas the Das Brothers, Gadadhar Pandit and Srivash, from the local [Hare Krishna Temple][link1] play live, [James Moises][link2] brings his own wine, [Raine Bedsole][link3] gets yogic and Bill from [Slice][link4] explai...Show More
Budget Bitch Law Bitch Cello Bitch - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:19 | Dec 6th, 2017

Molly Richard pronounced the Cajun way, Re shard first got the moniker Budget Bitch when she was working with homeless folks in Lafayette. Yes, even in a small town filled with decent people there are apparently homeless people, but if you re homeles...Show More
Don't Be A Dick - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:29 | Nov 29th, 2017

Remy Robert rhymes with Amy Snowbear is, among other things, a professional matchmaker at a new startup called Tawkify where you can get hooked up with another human by another human, not an app. There are a lot of layers and nuances to this as you w...Show More
Dreamy Fernanado's Dead Bean Yelp! - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:22 | Nov 15th, 2017

Morgan Ford got married last week and postponed her honeymoon so she could go on Happy Hour. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. But Morgan did actually get married last week and she really is on this Happy Hour. Morgan probably knows more abo...Show More
Displaced Disparaged & Disenfranchised - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:29 | Nov 8th, 2017

Justin McKee doesn t let his career as a Michael Kors model get in the way of his literary pursuits. Actually, Justin wasn t a Michael Kors model for as long as he was a music conservatory student specializing in jazz vocals. These days Justin is a l...Show More
Ontological Girls In Action - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:14 | Nov 1st, 2017

It was a day just like any other. Rev Dr Ray Cannata was walking down Freret Street in Uptown New Orleans, on his way home from his favorite new lunch spot 4 hours later when he happened to glance into Wayfare at the very moment Happy Hour host Grant...Show More
Like This But With Pasta - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

59:42 | Oct 25th, 2017

Geretta Geretta spent years in Italy where she became the darling of Italian horror cinema. That was before she moved to Costa Rica and opened a chain of laundromats Wash a Go Go and way before she moved to New Orleans with nothing but a small dog an...Show More
Mahalia Jackson Was My Great Aunt - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:23 | Oct 18th, 2017

Musician and producer Nesby Phips may be best known worldwide for his work with Lil Wayne and other hip hop artists, but here in New Orleans his equally impressive claim to fame is that Mahlia Jackson was his great aunt. Nesby is one of the owners an...Show More
Employees Must Wash Hands After Exposing Themselves - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:03 | Oct 11th, 2017

Andrew Ward has more weird experiences than 20 Happy Hour guests combined. Without even mentioning the royal Indian heritage of his transgender chickens, how he gets to be involved in Louisiana s record setting race to be number one in the country fo...Show More
Dick Tassels and the Whorachy - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:12 | Oct 4th, 2017

Darling Darla James none of them are her real name occupies what she describes as the bottom rung of the sex industry, or the whorachy. The whorachy starts at burlesque, graduates to club stripping, then porn, then prostitution. Darling Darla is a bu...Show More
Ginger Killed Jesus - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:57 | Sep 27th, 2017

New Orleans band Ginger and The Bee is principally a duo of Sherri Montz aka "B" which stands for Beatrix Skiddo, her Big Easy Roller Derby name and Scott Frilo who has red hair, like Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, which b...Show More
Yes, And... - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:34 | Sep 20th, 2017

What do marketing managers, law professors, singer songwriters and podcast hosts have in common They could all use a good improv class. Dane Ciolino is a Tulane law professor and legal analyst who sends his trial advocacy classes to The Moth story te...Show More
Trouble Never Ends - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:08 | Sep 13th, 2017

Manny Chevrolet Bruno describes himself as "The next Mayor of New Orleans." A perennial mayoral candidate with the slogan "A troubled man for troubled times" Manny is stepping it up this election cycle with his new slogan "Trouble Never Ends." It s u...Show More
Transactional Microdosing - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:35 | Sep 6th, 2017

If you re a guy you have to assume a woman wants to have sex with you for the same reason you want to have sex with her. Namely, that there s some kind of attraction. According to Chef Toya Boudy, that s not what women think at all. Not just some wom...Show More
Lesbian Bikini Bodybuilders Trapped In Love - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:27 | Aug 30th, 2017

Imagine being trapped with one other person in a magic room where you can get anything you want, except freedom. The only way to get free is to fall in love with the other person. And have them fall in love with you. And then you have to leave alone....Show More
6 Dead For Dinner - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:37 | Aug 23rd, 2017

Anne Ohri s plan for the ultimate demise of her family is, as each member dies, for them individually to be wired into a chair at a dining table set up in a mausoleum on their family farm in Plaqueimine s Parish and be slowly reclaimed by the ocean a...Show More
The Librocubicularist - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:20 | Aug 16th, 2017

You may have met a librocubicularist and not known it. You may stood next to one at Barnes and Noble. You might even be one. According to singer songwriter Alexandra Scott, a librocubicularist is a person who enjoys reading in bed. According to our c...Show More
Sober Phobia - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:40 | Aug 9th, 2017

The problem with being sober is waking up in the morning and knowing it s not going to get any better all day. When you drink, you might have plenty to regret but you can have a lot of fun getting there. That s the philosophy behind being what pirate...Show More
Kalamartian Jewish Rugby All Stars - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:32 | Aug 2nd, 2017

You can t judge a book by its cover. There s no way you could look at a bunch of random people sitting around a table at Wayfare in New Orleans and guess what you re about to find out about them. A lot of people know Constantine Georges in New Orlean...Show More
Conceived In Fat City - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:10 | Jul 26th, 2017

Singer, Songwriter, playwright Paul Sanchez describes Fat City as "a polyester Bourbon Street." Paul used to play in a band called Godot in Fat City back in the 1970 s. Being in an artsy new wave band that made musical references to French literature...Show More
B J And The 20K Picasso of New Orleans - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:18 | Jul 19th, 2017

Jax Frey is the most prolific painter in the entire world. Yes, you read that correctly. Jax has painted more paintings than anyone in the world. At least 6,500 more than Pablo Picasso who held the previous world record at 13,500. Jax is at 20k and c...Show More
Obama: The Funniest Person in New Orleans - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:19 | Jul 12th, 2017

Lauren M is officially The Funniest Person in New Orleans. Lauren is the winner of the 2017 Hell Yes Next award from the comedy HQ of New Orleans, The New Movement Theater. Just a few hours after being crowned, Lauren s first official engagement is H...Show More
Clit Sit Meditation - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:27 | Jun 28th, 2017

In the annals of "You never know what the hell is going to come up in conversation," this Happy Hour would have to rank at the top of the list. Aidi Kansas her real name left behind a career as a pet portrait artist to pursue her abilities as a psych...Show More
If It's Not Amazing It's Not Worth It - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:36 | Jun 14th, 2017

If you ve ever wanted to meet a bunch of amazing New Orleanians, or you want to reaffirm your faith in the plain old New Orleans tradition of having honest to god real conversations and fun with complete strangers, this is for you. YouTube sensation ...Show More
Facebook Is My Client - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:21 | Jun 7th, 2017

Mike Dillon is one of the greatest and most inventive percussionists in the USA, or probably anywhere. Mike chose to move to New Orleans for one simple reason the music. He s been on an interesting path to get here, not so much geographically as spir...Show More
Paul Sanchez Owes Me One - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:56 | May 31st, 2017

Singer songwriter Paul Sanchez is not on this show. But he was supposed to be. Criminal Defense attorney Michael Kennedy showed up early enough to have a couple of drinks to recover from his 2 hours at the gym working on his back which he does on Wed...Show More
Is This Your Dog? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:26 | May 24th, 2017

You might remember Tommy Hayne from the news. Tommy was the guy who got shot recently when he tried to convince a would be car thief to quit trying to bust into cars. He recovered quickly enough to play in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament a few days la...Show More
Angiogenesis - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:33 | May 17th, 2017

Andrew Duhon returns to Happy Hour after recording his new album, titled fill in the blank . If you have an idea for a title there s a free record, T shirt, and all kinds of other goodies waiting for you. Andrew describes the process of looking for a...Show More
Moist Scrotum Ointment - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:36 | May 10th, 2017

Sage Rouge plays the part of Asterixxx the hobot in an organization called SCROTUM the Sacred Coalition Responsible For The Total Unfunkification of the Multiverse. Sage also pays saxophone in Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes as well as a funk band ...Show More
Me and My Shallow V@gina - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:13:41 | May 3rd, 2017

Lori Tipton who you might recognize as both the creator of Sluts Unlimited and the voluptuous dynamo behind the bar in the lobby of the Ace Hotel discovered when she went to knock herself up using the turkey baster method that it s good know how deep...Show More
The Expandable Wedding Ring - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:36 | Apr 19th, 2017

Frank Scurlock is ready to propose at the drop of a top hat. Admittedly, being super wealthy increases Frank s chances of getting a woman he s just met to agree to accept his Jason of Beverly Hills diamond engagement and wedding ring and commit to li...Show More
That Funky Daytime Abortion - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:47 | Apr 12th, 2017

Even for New Orleans, this is an unusual bar scene a woman in a vagina costume, a drag queen, and a super sexy African American guy having drinks. Which one would you like to know about first Okay, the drag queen. That s Kitty d Litter. It s 3pm on a...Show More
The Art & Science of Dandelion Heroin - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:42 | Apr 5th, 2017

April Stolf wrote the book on success. It s called The Art and Science of Success. After a couple of cocktails Neuro Linguistic Programming seems pretty easy. April has enough material at this table to keep her busy for a year re programming personal...Show More
Villanelle The Ghost - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:16 | Mar 29th, 2017

A villanelle is not a small cottage in the French countryside. It s a kind of poem where you can make the same point for example, making out with a bartender at The Maple Leaf in a number of chorus like ways. That s about the only literary fact you l...Show More
Is This Me? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:22 | Mar 22nd, 2017

If you ve ever looked at something in a store and weren t sure whether to buy it or not, apparently the question you are subconsciously trying to answer is, "Is this me " According to artist Rebecca Rebouche, that s the central question in all of our...Show More
Self-Propelled Poboy - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:44 | Mar 15th, 2017

When Cornell roboticist and biolocomotion expert Andy Ruina decided to come to New Orleans for a physics conference he didn t plan on walking into a bar to prepare for his lecture on the physics of the self propelled bicycle and end up being suckered...Show More
Meaux B Dick - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:56 | Mar 8th, 2017

The first thing you notice about A F The Naysayer is that he is totally mucus free. Okay, you might notice that he s tall and striking, with a head of dreadlocks but you ll find out in this conversation why he looks so healthy and how he lost somewhe...Show More
The Importance of Being Karina, Katrina, Terianne, Tank, Frederick, Ricky, Krystal, Karen, Kevin and ChiChi - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:42 | Mar 2nd, 2017

If you ever wondered what happened to Carina Nathan she s now Kevin Simons. And Karen Regis. And Crystal Sedona. And Chi Chi the lead singer of the Girl Dogs, who is actually a dog. Katrina Brees sheds some light on this fantastic array of personalit...Show More
Wife Me Bad Boy - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:57 | Feb 23rd, 2017

Kate Wright is a romance novelist. If you read romance novels you ve never heard of her. But there s a good chance you ve heard of Vivian Wood, Kate s pen name created by the way by a "mellow yat guy" . Vivian is the creator of a range of titles like...Show More
Not Titty Bingo - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:59 | Feb 15th, 2017

Hugo Montero is the impressario behind the art space, hip Mexican restaurant and sophisto tequila bar Casa Borrerga on OCH in Central City New Orleans. The reason the place is a joyful and riotous success on many levels is a direct reflection of Hugo...Show More
The Adam's Apple Gives It Away - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:19 | Feb 8th, 2017

An award winning Happy Hour ... Guy Tem is an award winning opera singer and vocal professor who came to New Orleans from Turkey in 2007 to sing in an opera and never left. Guy teaches the table how to tell a man s singing voice by looking at his nec...Show More
Three Musicians and an Artist Walk Into a Bar - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:08 | Feb 1st, 2017

What do you call a jam cruise that doesn t have a jam band, but does have a funny poignant singer songwriter, a 5 string bass player bandleader, a solo act, and an artist In other words, the three musicians and an artist who walked in to Wayfare for ...Show More
I'd Rather Have a Daughter In A Cathouse Than A Son In The Navy - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:56 | Jan 25th, 2017

Colby Fox had the benefit of growing up in paradise Destin, Florida. But when he flunked out of community college and joined the Navy, his ex military Army dad wasn t terribly supportive. He told Colby, he d rather have a daughter in a cathouse than ...Show More
The Wife, The Girlfriend, and The Other Girlfriend - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:32 | Jan 18th, 2017

Apparently women find men who allegedly shoot people, up to three times more attractive than peace loving guys. As a defense attorney Nandi Campbell finds herself representing these guys. Sometimes they don t have the resources to pay a first class d...Show More
Second Hand Strep Dick - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:12:42 | Jan 11th, 2017

Getting strep throat when someone you know gives a third person oral sex sounds like a magic trick. Unfortunately, for Eric Hollerbach, it wasn t. Part of Eric s stand up comedy livelihood is his popular and revealing podcast Highway Diary. You can c...Show More
Coffee and The Omnisexual Vandalism of One Love - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:30 | Jan 4th, 2017

Morgan Molthrop fell in love with Greek history at Newman high school and has parlayed that love into a model for his and your life. Morgan s hero, Alexander the Great who is actually a Greek superhero who died in 323 BC at the age of 33 not a Russia...Show More
Shattucktite Shakuju - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:14:49 | Dec 7th, 2016

According to acupuncturist and dispenser of love based medicine Noell Eanes, at one point we were all running around with three eyes. Evolution dealt us a sad blow, removing our third eye which allowed us to see emotions. Now Noell keeps her third ey...Show More
Her Name Was Jen - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:53 | Nov 30th, 2016

Singer songwriter Justin Edward had dated and lived with Jen for 6 years before the night he came home to find she d totally trashed his apartment. The upside to his new existence is he has a whole bunch of what Andrew Duhon calls "Sad bastard heartb...Show More
Humidor Saves The World - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

59:42 | Nov 16th, 2016

Austin Alward aka Aus T the Franco rap star, has a plan to save the country and the world from rampant Trumpism. It involves the inernet, a Cuban cigar store owner, and a bunch of New Orleans actors and musicians. It might be just crazy enough to wor...Show More
Don't Blame Me I would Have Voted For Bernie - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

58:22 | Nov 9th, 2016

Although the country voted for Donald Trump for President, New Orleans went 80 for Hillary. To try and drown our sorrows we assembled 3 of the most upbeat New Orleanians we could convince to come have free drinks with Grant at Happy Hour. Stasia Cyme...Show More
It's A Good Start - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:33 | Nov 2nd, 2016

Judge Laurie White is the Chief Judge at New Orleans Criminal District Court. Because that s an elected position, Judge White refers to herself as a "politician" but nobody else in the bar is buying that. The common wisdom of a bunch of drinkers seem...Show More
Honky Tonkier - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:14:22 | Oct 26th, 2016

Kim Carson, the Queen of New Orleans Honky Tonk, describes the difference between New Orleans Hony Tonk and the rest as, "New Orleans is Honky Tonkier." Kim ought to know. She plays her NOLA H Tonk all around the world. Spending more than half of the...Show More
Don't Say Hi - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:24 | Oct 19th, 2016

If you see someone you think is attractive on social media and you d like to get to know them, the one sure fire way to get shut down is to say "Hi." The best way to meet someone is to say nothing about how attractive they are. This is dating advice ...Show More
The Louisiana Senate Debate Cocktail Hour - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:06 | Oct 12th, 2016

This is the story of how Happy Hour came to endorse Kaitlin Marone for Senate. Normally we describe this show as random conversation with people who have nothing in common. Today our guests do have something in common. They are running for the United...Show More
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:38 | Oct 5th, 2016

The day Megan Braden Perry woke up and decided her husband smelled too bad and liked loud noise too much to stay married to him, she started mentioning it on Twitter. Her husband, some days or maybe weeks later, decided to check Twitter out for himse...Show More
Bananana - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:26 | Sep 28th, 2016

Sara Johnson has an app on her phone to convert kilograms to pounds and ounces so she knows exactly how much heroin she s talking about. Sara looks sweet enough, right But she s the person you want in your corner when you ve been busted with god know...Show More
Yes President Trump - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:47 | Sep 21st, 2016

Cheron Brylski has been a political consultant for years. She has gotten more women elected to what she calls "non traditional" political office than you can shake a stick at. So when she talks politics at Happy Hour, we listen. Cheron says without t...Show More
Wilder Has Three Daddies - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:20 | Sep 15th, 2016

When you had a vasectomy at age 30 via a doctor who apparently decided it wasn t a moment too soon to remove you from the gene pool , then fall in love with a woman who s determined to have a baby, the solution is obvious a sperm donation from your g...Show More
Unnamed For Now - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:45 | Sep 7th, 2016

Tom Cianfichi is not just the best looking man in New Orleans married to the other best looking man in New Orleans, Bryan Batt. Tom is also an accomplished actor, Broadway casting director responsible for casting some of the biggest shows on Broadway...Show More
String Is The Tiniest Thing - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:12:48 | Aug 31st, 2016

String is the theoretical fabric that holds the Universe together and you can t see it even with a giant particle collider. That s the kind of thing you find out when you meet someone in a bar, in this case a woman who calls herself Ari and who is a ...Show More
Pecan Penwilly: Not a Stripper - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:28 | Aug 17th, 2016

Let s get this straight Boyfriend takes her clothes off on stage but she s not a stripper. As a matter of fact she s not any kind of noun. She s a verb. Boyfriend is a person for whom stripping is an activity much like other activities that one perfo...Show More
Show Me On The Doll - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:46 | Aug 10th, 2016

Beth Patterson is the only professional bouzouki player in New Orleans who finds meaning and fulfillment in the words and music of the Canadian ensemble Rush. Yes, Rush. There s just something about Rush that speaks to Beth and somehow makes her feel...Show More
Pick Up A Duck - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:14 | Aug 4th, 2016

Chuck Magid grew up as he calls it, "Full blooded Carney." His father and grandfather both owned carnivals and Chuck aand his brother grew up travelling with the show, working games and rides. The first game he and his brother invented was when they ...Show More
Cage Fighting and the Gentrification of Barbecue - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:41 | Jul 27th, 2016

New Orleans musician Jake Hammer McGregor fights a never ending battle with Irish cage fighter Connor McGregor. Not literally, but for recognition. Try Googling McGregor and you ll see what Jake s up against.Jake and his bass player in the eponymous ...Show More
Three Sheets To The Wind - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:32 | Jul 20th, 2016

Old folk wisdom says there are two things you don t want to see being made sausages and legislation. You might want to add kambucha to that list. According to one of the guys who makes it, Daniel Morris from Big Easy Bucha, it s made in what s called...Show More
Pardon My Dangling Gerund - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:42 | Jul 13th, 2016

If you ve ever been on a date with someone you really find intriguing but half way through listening to them tell you the story of their life you wonder, "How am I going to respond with something intelligent " you ll know what it s like looking acros...Show More
Fear No Destin - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:27 | Jun 22nd, 2016

If you really want to stress yourself out you could do like Trey Fayard borrow 6m , start an airline, and fly out of New Orleans to Shreveport, Little Rock, and a few other hot spots. On the other hand, you could decompress for a mere 50 by getting o...Show More
Audible Porn - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:55 | Jun 8th, 2016

Typically actors and musicians looking for some income insurance will develop a couple of flexible skills like waiting tables or bar tending that will get them through the leaner times. Today s Happy Hour guests have a couple of diffrent takes on tha...Show More
Do Alaskans Dream of Electric Saws? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:12:28 | Jun 1st, 2016

Try this tonight if we all set our AC s to 76, will we have the same dream How about if the whole country set their AC to 76 Could we move the collective unconscious up a chakra and spread love around the world Tomahawk Tassels is a burlesque dancer ...Show More
People Are Horrible - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:24 | May 25th, 2016

"People are horrible" is not what you d expect a politician to believe, much less say. But Manny Chevrolet is no ordinary politician. A perennial candidate for Mayor of New Orleans with the slogan "A troubled man for troubled times," Manny is ready t...Show More
Debbie and Donna Do Dana - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:22 | May 18th, 2016

The real Debbie and Donna are New Orleans twins who won 200m in the lottery and blew it all. The fake Debbie and Donna are Jon and Chelsea from a band called Toonces which they formed in the aftermath of playing Debbie and Donna in a comedy music sho...Show More
Don't Ask, Your Honor - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:01 | May 11th, 2016

We all know Rich Collins, from his career with Imagination Movers, but we ll now also know him as the host of this weeks Happy Hour. Rich is a grizzled veteran of Happy Hour so he knows the how hairy it can get, so he s brought fellow Happy Hour alum...Show More
Sexiled to the Orpheum - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

57:02 | May 5th, 2016

Grant is out this week, so a slightly forgetful Andrew is taking helm of the show to finally bring us a show that s about art, culture, and musicals written in sexile. But Andrew s not alone in tackling these weighty subjects; he brought his friend a...Show More
Follow Your Heart Or You're Fuc*ed - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:51 | Apr 27th, 2016

Photographer Leon Morris has been coming to Jazz Fest from Australia for 22 years. In that time he s met a bunch of people and taken a bunch of photos. He s assembled a few hundred of his best shots into a coffee table book that s a homage to New Orl...Show More
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scurlock - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:57 | Apr 20th, 2016

Cancel your subscription to, OK Cupid, Tinder, and anything else you re using to look for love. Instead just get yourself booked as a guest on Happy Hour. Show Producer Graham daPonte will hook you up with your perfect mate and Grant and An...Show More
The C Word - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:13:16 | Apr 13th, 2016

Boyfriend is the creator of a whole new entertainment genre she calls Rap Cabaret. If she d taken her stripper style show to Finland and not Austin and Bumf k Mississippi she might not have gotten banned from performing because of the lewd nature of ...Show More
It's All Fiction To Begin With - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:11 | Apr 7th, 2016

Author, virtual analyst, and international snappy dresser Timothy Alan Weeks claims he had nothing to do writing the novel The Beauty Fools, a manuscript he claims is as brilliant and as New Orleans centric as Confederacy of Dunces. Senor Weeks claim...Show More
Fine Dining In The Front Seat - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:43 | Mar 31st, 2016

In the first moments of this Happy Hour Jim McCormick demonstrates the inner workings of the mind of a song writer. Happy Hour tech director Chris Kehoe went out to his car to get some equipment, Grant read the intro to the show about Wayfare putting...Show More
In With The Old, In With The New - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

41:45 | Mar 23rd, 2016

On this weeks Happy Hour, we have someone old, someone new, and someone borrowed sorry no one s blue . We have Paul Sanchez of Cowboy Mouth, filling in for host this week to explain why New Orleans is always evolving but manages to stay the same. Pau...Show More
The Dark Web Blues - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:14:59 | Mar 10th, 2016

You probably already know that Alex McMurray is one of New Orleans finest songwriters. You may not know that he s slso a business magnate with a vast empire and team of employees engaged in global business including building a massive dam that it is ...Show More
Tomorrowland Canceled Today - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:19 | Mar 3rd, 2016

President Trump If, like celebrated psychic Cari Roy, you could see the future exactly as it is going to turn out, would you feel an obligation to do something to change it Or do you believe it s going to turn out how it s going to turn out and there...Show More
Metaphorical Mutilation - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:24 | Feb 25th, 2016

If you went to De La Salle High School and you walk into Barcadia, you might not recognize the boss man, Miles Tully. That s because Miles had his top and bottom jaw broken, his face totally reconstructed and got a new nose. And health insurance paid...Show More
Satan and The Gift of Happiness - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:56 | Feb 4th, 2016

If you can commit 60 minutes to listen to this Happy Hour all the way through, your life will be forever changed. This is not some sort of idle claim, or a pitch for money, or a time share condo. It s spiritual enlightenment. The real deal. Just like...Show More
Little Wheel Keep On Turnin' - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:59 | Jan 27th, 2016

Creedence Clearwater Revival and Tina Turner would be proud of Galen Huckins, skipper of The Channel Princess, a plucky little river boat that Galen dredged off the bottom of the Willamette River way up in Portland and piloted all the way down the Mi...Show More
The Right to Bear Pies - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:37 | Jan 20th, 2016

Gwen Thompkins is host of the authoritative and quintessential New Orleans music show, Music Inside Out, on NPR station WWNO. Gwen s tenure in Sudan and East Africa as cash toting bureau chief in that neck of the woods has given her a wide worldview ...Show More
Put It On The Vision Board - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:56 | Jan 14th, 2016

At the beginning of this conversation artist Myesha Francis tells the table that everything she wished for by writing it on her "vision board" at the beginning of 2015 came to be by the end of the year, except one thing. In the next 60 minutes, by sh...Show More
Why Did The Accordion Player Have a Nervous Breakdown? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:13:04 | Jan 7th, 2016

In the next 60 minutes you re going to hear how a relatively successful New York City accordion player broke down on stage, became a Buddhist cult leader, and inadvertently gave birth to the Gwendolyn Molson Quartet. Leslie Molson tells the story and...Show More
Weed Saved My Life - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:26 | Dec 17th, 2015

If you have any kind of mental illness and are on medication, Valley Rich has a way to get you off of all of your pills. You need to be prepared to accept the magic of marijuana, the power of your real self, and turn your back on the conspiracy of bi...Show More
Eggs 30 Ways - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:03 | Dec 10th, 2015

Do you know that all chefs hats aka "toques" are not created equal Look closely next time you see one and you ll see they are made up of different numbers of pleats. Each one of those pleats represents a way you are competent at making eggs. The maxi...Show More
Dickbeer - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:35 | Dec 3rd, 2015

Ann Glaviano s novella is about be published. It s called Dickbeer. It s about a guy. Called Dickbeer. If we told you how he got the name it would ruin the surprise. Chances are a you won t guess it, b it s even weirder than you think, and c see if y...Show More
Pearl River Champagne - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:11 | Nov 19th, 2015

When Happy Hour photographer Alison Moon went to Paris she was expecting something to go wrong because it always does on her trips. By the time she got to Paris on Friday night November 13th nothing momentous had gone wrong so she thought maybe this ...Show More
Veterans Day Vegan Day - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:14 | Nov 11th, 2015

It s Veterans Day 2015. The random assortment of folks at Happy Hour at Wayfare runs the gamut from hardcore US Marine Tommy Waller to vegan singer songwriter and French chanteuse Sarah Quintana. Lafayette musician Phillipe Billeaudeaux, from Cajun b...Show More
Not Guilty in NOLA and The Early Days of Porn - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:03 | Nov 5th, 2015

Back in the 1970 s when the porno biz was just getting cranked up and you had to actually go to a movie theater to see pornography, Gene Fredericks had a live late night TV show in New Orleans.
Tyler Perry's Firearm Fondue - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:52 | Oct 29th, 2015

Kenna Moore conducted a survey in the French Quarter, asking people she maintains were not drunk tourists, "What do you think of when you you think of the Black Church "
They Still Call me Suitcase - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:50 | Oct 22nd, 2015

Melinda Palacio was 2 when she realized she wasn t a suitcase. She was to spend the next 15 or so years in South Central Los Angeles growing up witnessing kids getting shot on her front porch in a drive by, her father in jail for attempted murder, an...Show More
I'm Crazy, You're Queer, Good Pie To All That - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

56:53 | Oct 16th, 2015

It totally depends on your defintion of "explicit". If you ve ever been in a New Orelans bar and discussed transgender issues, vaginas, insanity, the quality of pies in various institutions from NOPD lockup to remanded in custody mental institutions,...Show More
The Ambien Made Me Do It - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:31 | Oct 1st, 2015

Ross Karpelman is Satan s agent. At least for a few weeks a year. Ross is founder of the New Orleans Halloween institution House of Shock, where he plays the part of Belial. After last Halloween the house was dead and buried. But it s had a miraculou...Show More
RIBS 790 - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:12:52 | Sep 24th, 2015

Last time Julie Tizzard stopped by Happy Hour one of the guys from Flowtribe spilled a glass of red wine all over her. This trip Andrew Duhon re works her marketing plan. Julie is a criminal defense attorney whose phone number is 877 SHARK90. Admitti...Show More
Tell 'em Balls Cobain Sent You - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:14:53 | Sep 17th, 2015

This is the 5th year of the New Orleans Horror Film Fest. The guy who has to watch 600 unreleased horror movies and decide on 47 that are good enough to screen at the festival is known in some circles as Balls Cobain. You might be surprised to learn ...Show More
Question Number Three - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:30 | Sep 10th, 2015

If you only had 10 questions to ask your favorite artist visual or musical what would your questions be That s the task photographer Zach Smith set himself when he embarked on a project to document the work of some seminal Louisiana artists. The resu...Show More
Hairy Cats are Illegal - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:37 | Sep 3rd, 2015

Grant s out this week, so we re going to give you the Boyfriend experience. That s right, the fabulous Boyfriend is sitting in the big chair to talk about sex, cats, and goose fat.
Milk Bags Get Real - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:29 | Aug 27th, 2015

We hear a lot about how New Orleans has changed since Katrina and how people from outside are changing the city, not always for the better. But if you want to know how it really is, from the inside, this conversation is it. NOLA musicians NOLA FAM Qu...Show More
Mobile Adult Massages - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:58 | Aug 20th, 2015

Grant s away this week hunting the most dangerous game, man. But don t worry because we have the fabulous Anna Whitlow sitting in his place with ros
Nice Jewish Chef Boyardee Shoots Kegels Ping Pong - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:18 | Aug 13th, 2015

This conversation starts off very polite and normal. For about 2 minutes. Till the discussion about Vic Granata s cap with a cock on it. Vic wonders why everyone is interested in his cock hat and not his Bettie Page T shirt.
Your Last Real Job - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

58:31 | Aug 6th, 2015

Do you have a real job Because we don t anymore. Well Shaun Johnson does, sort of, he works for WRHB, which is radio fro the blind. WRBH reads books, papers, as well as offers other content to for the blind. But Shaun also loves eating and going to t...Show More
My Spirit Animal is Jeff Goldblum in a Bucket - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:08 | Jul 31st, 2015

Walking into a bar in rural Mississippi can be an unnerving experience. But Jon Hatchett got a good song out of it. Andrew Duhon s inspiration for a new song written just minutes before he played it was inspired a bucket. It s about a man who thinks ...Show More
You're Ghana Regret This - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:53 | Jul 24th, 2015

If you ve ever gotten a friend request on Facebook or an email from someone whose photo is a sexy looking woman who says she s from Ghana and you wonder exactly what the scam could be, Kimya Holmes can tell you first hand. Well, technically second ha...Show More
I've Been Down All The Aisles - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:35 | Jul 17th, 2015

Abby Mannix comes from a tough family. Her uncle wrote for Seinfeld, including "The Opposite" episode where George ends up getting his job with The Yankees, but he the family still regarded him as a failure. And Laurie Cohen was a member of a Suicide...Show More
Sweet Heat! - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

52:25 | Jul 10th, 2015

Since Grant s busy working on the Donald Trump s presidential campaign, we ve got our old friend and Voodoo mastermind, Sig, to fill in for this week s Happy Hour. But Sig isn t completely amongst strangers, he s good friends with guest Anna Whitlow.
Hacking Up Children and Other Tales from The Farmers Market - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:20 | Jun 26th, 2015

Andy King doesn t like to describe his job as "hacking up children." As an orthopedic surgeon and the pardon the pun head of the spine unit at Children s Hospital in New Orleans, Andy is good naturedly circumspect about how he describes using mechani...Show More
Online Dating For Sperm - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:20 | Jun 12th, 2015

If you re a hooker visiting New Orleans, things go wrong, and you help, Julie Tizzard is the one call that s all attorney you re looking for. She s also one call that s all at the sperm bank where she s a cheap date knocked up on the first turkey bas...Show More
Live From Dar es Salaam - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:00 | Jun 5th, 2015

With a Cajun French name like Sophie Lafayette, you might be surprised that not only is Sophie not French, or Cajun, she lives in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. What is even more intriguing is that Sophie is an avid New Orleans lover and regular Happy Hour...Show More
Hair of The Cat - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:18 | May 29th, 2015

By the end of this show you ll be able to say "Hi, how are you " in Swahili, French, and Manadarin. This frst ever tri lingual Happy Hour is not recommended listening if you are easily intimidated by the awesome achievements and amazing life experien...Show More
Check With The Hotel - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:40 | May 22nd, 2015

We all write ourselves reminders. On a scrap of paper, on our phone, some of us write on our hands. Professor T R Johnson is the director of the Writing Program at Tulane University. It s mildly surprising to find out at the beginning of this convers...Show More
Sock Buns Got Me Through Elementary School - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:31 | May 15th, 2015

Sheba Turk steps our from in front of the camera to sit behind a microphone and play guitar like Adele. Sheba has always wanted to play guitar and today s the day her dream comes true. With assistance from Stephen Turner and Jonathan Pretus from The ...Show More
Alcoholic Eduflation - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:17:10 | May 7th, 2015

Frank Scurlock is a member of one of New Orleans' first families. Like the Marsallises the first family of music and the Brennans the first family of restaurants the Scurlocks are New Orleans first family of fun. Frank s father, John, invented the Sp...Show More
Nepal Nipples & The Death Of The Internet - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:44 | Apr 30th, 2015

Burlesque performer [Cherry Brown][link1] is a part-time pantie wrangler, photographer [Marc Pagani][link2] gets choppered out of Mt Everest, Ukulelist (yes! it's a word!) [Debbie Davis][link3] advises on correct levels of marijuana intake (where leg...Show More
Piece of Mind - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:11 | Apr 24th, 2015

Tommy Boudreaux spends a good part of his day giving spiritual and emotional support to the folks whose loved one s remains he s cleaning off the walls after they were murdered or blew their brains out with a handgun. Today after work at Clean Scene,...Show More
Hillary Clinton's Divine Proportion - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:04 | Apr 10th, 2015

Arthur Meek is a New Zealander who sounds like stepped out of Flight of the Conchords but actually he stepped out of his car mere minutes after driving into New Orleans from visiting Graceland and blowing the head off of a guy at point blank range in...Show More
New Orleans Podcaste Society - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:35 | Apr 3rd, 2015

Morgan Molthrop grew up in a New Orleans caste society which ultimately drove him to New York, Italy, Greece, crimes of fashion, and finally back to New Orleans and into Triple A. Not the roadside car repair people, Agnostic Alcoholics Anonymous. Mor...Show More
Pineapple Pumpernickel - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:09 | Mar 27th, 2015

This is what we are not allowed to know about Emma Iris DiAnna where she works or what she does for a living.
Jesus is an Asshole - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:40 | Mar 20th, 2015

Mac Alsfeld was Jesus personal assistant. Every day Jesus would scream at him, throw stuff, and get naked. Not the actual Jesus in the New Testament he s reportedly still dead this is the guy who played Jesus in the movies, Jim Caviezel. You think yo...Show More
Why Are We Here? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:27 | Mar 13th, 2015

Nikki Still came to New Orleans to do yoga. Four or five hours a day. And got paid to do it. Nikki was the vanguard of Lululemon in New Orleans, doing yoga then schmoozing with the mostly women and getting them to try Lululemon for their next vasana.
Special Moments - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:04 | Mar 6th, 2015

If you can swallow a sword, breathe fire, or create some similar kind of special moment there s a special place for you in New Orleans. It s called the Buku Music Art Project. Addie Olsen is the Director of Buku. She s sold out the event for this yea...Show More
Two Back Packs and a Gypsy Beat Down - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:04 | Feb 26th, 2015

If you re ever looking for someone to back you up in a bar fight in Slovakia, may we recommend Alicia Cooke Alicia might look sweet and innocent but she can mix it up with gypsies at night and be teaching kids about the spirit of Christmas next morni...Show More
Funky Baghdad Disco Biscuits - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:08 | Feb 20th, 2015

Funk is many things to many people but apparently to the new breed of New Orleans hipsters the one thing it s not is hip. That s the report from both sides of the front line. Eric Bernstein is the quintessential hipster. A downtown resident who lived...Show More
Nobody Puts Boyfriend In a Corner - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:39 | Feb 13th, 2015

At the end of this show Andrew Duhon declares that these are the best guests in the history of Happy Hour. If you re a Happy Hour listener or familiar with Andrew s songs you ll know that he s not prone to effusiveness. Quite simply, this is indeed a...Show More
Perry Mason's Electronic Speedo - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:11:05 | Feb 6th, 2015

Remember phone books Jessie Haynes has a couple of cocktails and next thing you know she s transported back to the 1950 s. Jessie escaped the clutches of practicing law because it wasn t as much fun as Perry Mason even though Perry Mason whatever his...Show More
That's Not My Real Name - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:45 | Jan 30th, 2015

One of these people is not who they say they are. Is it Mason James Cole from Marrero Nic Lefebvre from Connecticut Nina Camacho from Gretna Or Danielle Ryce from Slidell Here are your clues. Who do you believe Mason James Cole changed his name to wr...Show More
Psychedelic Honey - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:21 | Jan 23rd, 2015

The Caucasian Bee has the longest tongue in the bee world. Claire Bangser traveled the Caucasus shooting the bees for National Geographic and now she travels the streets of New Orleans shooting New Orleanians for the hell of it. Claire has discoverd ...Show More
So Long, Record Deal - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:47 | Jan 16th, 2015

Call it crazy coincidence or straight up serendipity New Orleans newest band sits down for a drink on Happy Hour and who sits next to them Two of the city s biggest deal music business heavyweights. Andrew deBuys and Sophia Preston are So Long Storyl...Show More
The Other Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:24 | Jan 3rd, 2015

Maria Levitsky has a dragon tattooed over most of her body Maria used to play the flute, she lived in Spain when she was 11, and she rides a horse she bought from a charismatic preacher called Bootise. Actually the horse is called Bootise, not the pr...Show More
Suicide Notes From A Wedding - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:10:36 | Dec 26th, 2014

Joaquin Emiliano moved to New Orleans with the plan of killing himself on his 35th birthday as a publicity stunt for the publication of his novel, Suicide Notes From A Wedding. Discovering that, like everything else he s attempted in his life, he d f...Show More
Battle Maiden Canada - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:49 | Dec 19th, 2014

Sasha Masakowski doesn t look all that fierce. But she doesn t look like she hangs out in strip clubs either. Looks can be deceiving. Sasha s middle name is Hildegard, German for Battle Maiden, which is not coincidentally the name of her newest music...Show More
From Louis XV to Mars - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:46 | Dec 5th, 2014

If we ever get to Mars, man s journey will begin in New Orleans East. Cindy Manto s fascinating new book, imaginatively titled Michoud Assembly Facility, tells the story of the piece of dirt off of the I 10 that started off as a land grant from Louis...Show More
Crackhead Fred - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:39 | Nov 28th, 2014

8 years in the making, the worldwide exclusive broadcast premier of the hit single Crackhead Fred by Sarah Reagor happens right here. Andrew Duhon was at the bar at Wayfare before this edition of Happy Hour and met Sarah Reagor. Little did he know wi...Show More
Sex Religion - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:08 | Nov 21st, 2014

Que Hefner, his trio NOLA Fam Que, Mani, and J Smoke and their wider collective, NOLA Familia, are some of the freshest voices to come out of hip hop New Orleans since the heady days of Ca h Money and Master P. From High Times NOLA Fam s infectious r...Show More
Down On The Farm - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:23 | Nov 14th, 2014

New Orleans is a small city. People refer jokingly to "one degree of separation." But what happens on this Happy Hour is beyond any coincidence you could imagine. If this was in a movie you d dismiss it as being insanely implausible. Without ruining ...Show More
Special Freducation - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:51 | Oct 31st, 2014

P H Fred used to find things funny. That was back when he was a comedian, writing songs about killing children s toys, and off his meds. Now he s a fully functioning member of society, and about to make millions with his new app, The Freducator. No j...Show More
Whips For Tips - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:46 | Oct 24th, 2014

You may know Meschiya Lake as the singer and front person of her band Meschiya Lake and The Little Big Horns. A very different audience knows her as one of the girls on Girls Gone Wild. She s in an episode in New Orelans where Meschiya and her girlfr...Show More
Hitler and Juliet - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:19 | Oct 17th, 2014

One theory goes that if Hitler hadn t failed out of art school he wouldn t have become an insane dictator. Then there s a whole other story about shaving pubic hair. And that s just the first few minutes of this extraordinarily strange meeting of a b...Show More
Mail Order French Fiance - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:10 | Oct 10th, 2014

Did you know there was a time in America when you could take your kid to the post office and mail him Lionel Milton was certain it s true, and sure enough it is. Lionel is on top of a lot of stuff, including his business, his art, and his New Orleans...Show More
Not Therapy - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

59:53 | Oct 3rd, 2014

Marie Lovejoy just got back in town from braiding hair in Minneapolis. She also braids hair at Renaissance Festivals and fairs across the country, which she did for a decade before settling down in New Orleans a few years ago. Hair braiding is, accor...Show More
Bob Marley's Skin Flute - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:01 | Sep 26th, 2014

There are plenty of fascinating things to discover about Rob Steinberg among them his major role in the Oscar winning movie 12 Years a Slave and his storied roles in big time TV shows, but for some reason drinks this conversation zeroes in on the gay...Show More
Bathroom Diddy - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:08 | Sep 18th, 2014

Look up in the sky It s a pelican. It s a plane. No It s Travers Mackel, and he s not up in the sky, he s at Wayfare for Happy Hour. Traver s isn t just an award winning reporter for WDSU. He s also worse at golf than you d expect, being that his fat...Show More
What Was Your First Album - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:19 | Sep 11th, 2014

Andrew takes on the mantle of host, and with Sarah Reagor at his side, they deliver a show that ll have you saying, "Grant who " We ve got a show that is the height of elegance and class, covering opera, film, music, and roller derby all at the fabul...Show More
Bubble Wrap Boyanna and The Magic of Mardi Gras - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:33 | Sep 5th, 2014

When you grow up in communist Bulgaria there s a few things you have to live without. Kiwifruit for one. And bubble wrap. Even today the remnants of Soviet domination hangs over the country to such an extent that still no bubble wrap is available. Th...Show More
Bopp Frank Lee - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:59 | Aug 29th, 2014

Grant says in his introduction to Happy Hour, "When you pull up a bar stool in New Orleans you never know who s going to be sitting on either side of you." Today there was no way you could have predicted this turn in the conversation. Chris Lee is be...Show More
With Love From Tahiti - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:32 | Aug 22nd, 2014

MC Trachiotomy spent 18 months on a remote island in the Pacific, a mile long and a half mile wide. From his current landlocked island, The Pearl, a 9th ward sanctuary and creative edge of the known universe, he s recorded 14 albums and so far releas...Show More
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, and Jason - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:43 | Aug 15th, 2014

This is not typically the place to come for breaking news a bunch of random folks in a bar. But when one of those folks is New Orleans Council Member Jason Williams and the conversation turns to the Chief of Police... Remember, you heard it here firs...Show More
Off By Nine - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:44 | Aug 8th, 2014

If you re a girl and you tell a guy you re 26, what does it matter that you re really only 17 In Jak Locke s telling of the story, being off by 9 matters, if you re a hooker. While we re on the subject of keeping numbers straight, this is Jak s 6th a...Show More
Chirp If You Like My Handpan - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:27 | Aug 1st, 2014

The Fake Carls aren t fake, they re a real band whose friend not Carl plays the Handpan. The central nervous system of the Fake Carls are not a couple of Loyola music business students, Julie Wischan and Steve Panacek. Julie and Steve knock us out wi...Show More
Hello Swelo - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:25 | Jul 25th, 2014

Holed up in his room at night after teaching high school math all day, Agasthya Pradhan Shenoy tinkered around with his computer, making music. When he d compiled a bunch of tracks he called himself Swelo and put out a record he called Escalator Musi...Show More
You Better Not Leave - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:19 | Jul 18th, 2014

Alex McMurray s NOLA anthem "If you can t make it here you better not leave" is a singalong smash. Pauline Patterson from NOLA voted Best Bar Finn McCool s dishes up a dose of Ireland. Rock n NOLA Charles Chamberlain makes history, literally. Andrew ...Show More
Depends Who You Ask - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:59 | Jul 11th, 2014

If you listen to public radio in New Orleans you already know Eve Troeh. Eve is the News Director for the local NPR affiliate; public radio station WWNO 89.9FM. But other than she s smart, quick, and one of the refreshingly talented new on air voices...Show More
Psychic Sissy Pyrex - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:49 | Jul 4th, 2014

We invited film maker Kevin McLin on Happy Hour because he seemed like an interesting guy. We had no idea how interesting. First of all he s the creator of two of the potentially most offensive, edgy, pieces of comedy to come out of New Orleans in ye...Show More
Don't Drive, Stay In School - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:35 | Jun 27th, 2014

You think you ve heard some s t. Then suddenly it s happy hour and a couple of beers later you re going, "Stop. What That really happened " So, wait till you hear this one. An Asian Jewish person enters a beauty pageant. Not so surprising, maybe. And...Show More
My Swahili Bra - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:31 | Jun 20th, 2014

When Lisa McKenzie takes a plane to or from her New Orleans home and a man sits next to her on the flight, more often than not he ends up touching her. Do you find that unusual If you re a woman, when was the last time some strange guy next to you on...Show More
Drinking Gary Busey With The Italian Vanna White - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:19 | Jun 6th, 2014

Urinating into a video camera at age 3 led film maker Paul Dale to track down the Vanna White of Italy, Ylenia Carrrisi, who went missing in New Orleans in 1994. Paul Dale s unique path from toilet training to film making, involving dressing as "Fat ...Show More
Captain Fred's Discount Skin Surgery - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:20 | May 30th, 2014

If you get skin cancer in New Orleans there s a good chance your dermatologist will send you to see Dr John fan, Dr Keith LeBlanc. Unllike Dr John, Dr Keith is an actual doctor. He s a dermatologist s dermatologist who specializes in removing skin ca...Show More
Pudd'n Hoffmeister - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:57 | May 9th, 2014

Robin Rosemond started early. She left home at 13 and for her 18th birthday got thrown in jail for fighting a cop. A couple of kids and a long marriage to Herr Hoffmeister later, Robin found herself having an existential crisis at The Nutcracker Ball...Show More
Cloudy, With a Chance of Triangles - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:39 | Apr 25th, 2014

Sean Gautreaux is not totally normal, but he s pretty close. An illustrator of children s books and graphic designer of well known video games, he s not a kook but he has spent a great deal of time and money trying to figure out what the UFO s are ho...Show More
Some of Those Koochies Are My Best Friends - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:00 | Apr 18th, 2014

Helen Gillet leads her band, The Wazozo Zorchestra, she s a solo jazz and experimental cello player, is originally from Belgium, grew up in Singapore and Chicago, and lives in New Orleans. What else could you say about anybody that could be more uniq...Show More
Don't Squeeze The Shaman - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:17 | Apr 4th, 2014

New Orleanian Paul Summerlin is not only a super fab musician who tours the world playing keyboards in Seal s band, he s also a neo shaman. If you re not 100 sure what a neo shaman is, Paul describes it as a shaman with an iPhone. And if you re not q...Show More
The Elephant In The Tent - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:41 | Mar 28th, 2014

Renso Amariz spent years as a combat photographer in the US Navy. His photos have appeared on the front pages of every major newspaper in the world, on the cover of most of the known news magazines and he s faced down death literally more times than ...Show More
Michael Jackson Ate My Homework - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:49 | Mar 14th, 2014

Although New Orleans film maker Kevin McLin was twenty years younger than the King of Pop, he grew up with Michael Jackson. Kevin s dad was Michael s spokesman from the 90 s all the way through till the end of Michael s life. We let Kevin talk a bit ...Show More
Cow Urine or Death - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:19 | Mar 7th, 2014

If you kill someone in New Orelans and you d like to avoid the death penalty, Brandi Studer is the person you need to get to know. Brandi works for the Capital Defense Project where she spends her day putting together arguments to convince a jury you...Show More
Mardi Gras Sex and Galactic - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:36 | Feb 28th, 2014

Just in time for Mardi Gras, the holy trinity Galactic, Sex therapy, and Champ Superstar. How can you go wrong Start counting.... Shannie Goldstein gives a litttle free sex therapy. Robert Mercusrio and Jeff Raines from Galactic funk it up.
Gondola Threesomes - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

59:32 | Feb 21st, 2014

If loneliness can kill you than we re going to live forever Graham da Ponte is behind the mic this week and brings law clerk and amateur writer Michele Magill Smith, Story Corps Liam Pierce, and our old friends Hazy Ray are the musical guest. Michele...Show More
The Little Things, Like Tin - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:08 | Feb 14th, 2014

It s the Little Things in life that make you happy, right That s why Shanece Gransam and Katy Channing called themselves The Little Things and you won t find a cuter, happier, ukulele playing, harmonizing couple anywhere. Shanece and Katy met in Flor...Show More
My Dead Boyfriend is Stealing My Lip Gloss - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:50 | Feb 7th, 2014

Internationally renowned Psychic Bonni McCliss drops into Happy Hour on her first stop of a New Orleans weekend workshop. Bonni is an "evidentiary clairvoyant" which means not only can she speak to dead people but she can prove it. Her evidence comes...Show More
That's the Way it Goes on Death Row - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:44 | Jan 31st, 2014

Once in a while when you re just out to grab a drink and you get talking to the person next to you at the bar you discover that some people are dealing with some serious sh t. This conversation with The Lens journalist Della Hasselle starts out light...Show More
Kick Ass Lesbian Cops Lower Your Power Bill - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:17 | Jan 24th, 2014

Nancylee Myatt and Paige Bernhardt don t play lesbian cops on TV but they do write and produce them. The Emmy winning creators of Nikki and Nora, TV s first lesbian kick ass cop show, Paige and Nancylee write and produce the cult hit in Uptown New Or...Show More
You Don't Know the Half of Entreprenegro - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:44 | Jan 17th, 2014

Cecile Monteyne created the comedy improv show You Don t Know the Half of It. Hip hop artist Stefan Henry calls himself an entreprenegro. John Calhoun is host of New Orleans live TV late show inspired The Goodnight Show. Hillary Strobel is New Orlean...Show More
Waist to Hip Ratio - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:10 | Jan 10th, 2014

What does the perfect woman look like Why would a Mississippi poet break your heart while you re in Spain Does MF Doom ever take off this mask If you know the answer to these questions don t waste your time listening to this show. If, however, you re...Show More
The Happiest Happy Hour of all Time - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:44 | Jan 3rd, 2014

Heidi Heyns has the sexiest voice in Southeast Louisiana. Chonchol Gupta has a finance company. Oddly, they both hosted radio shows called "Happy Hour". How much happier can it get And who better to invite along to hang out and play a couple of songs...Show More
Wanted: Latin Lover - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:50 | Dec 27th, 2013

Two Christmases ago, before the then inexplicably eccentric manager at The Columns Hotel kicked us out because he "Didn t want to brand The Columns as a Happy Hour location," we recorded what has become one of the classic episodes of Happy Hour. Sing...Show More
Daiquiris on Periwinkle Lane - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:48 | Dec 13th, 2013

One of the unique charms of New Orleans living is the drive thru daiquiri store a sort of Burger King of Booze where a family of four all over 21 of course can, for a modest sum, get tanked up on sweet, frozen cocktails dispensed from what look like ...Show More
Food Justice to Geaux - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

68:15:00 | Dec 6th, 2013

Peter Menge is hoping his new food to go biz Thrive is 3rd (or is the 4th?) time's the charm. Jeannie Firth is a farmer, in City Park! Grow Dat grows 40,000 pounds of produce a year and now you can go buy it. Karine Laguinio came to the US from Franc...Show More
Don't Quit Pussyfooting Around - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

60:13:00 | Nov 22nd, 2013

The lovely Graham da Ponte is filling in this week and welcomes English teacher/pussyfooter [Larisa Gray][link1], bar owner/film producer [Brad Bohannon][link2], and musician/awesome guy [Jon Roniger][link3]. They explore the power of pink, cross-dre...Show More
Hypoxia Hijack - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

64:44:00 | Nov 15th, 2013

Comedian [Chris Trew][link1] and [Best of Street][link2] band [Hokum High Rollers][link3] share nose ring adventures, government wrangler Rebecca Conwell is giving away $1m (for real) and bad boy [Troy Gilbert][link4] sails the seas in search of stor...Show More
Antibiotic Bunheads - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

63:25:00 | Nov 8th, 2013

NOLA queen of social media [Champ Superstar][link1], comedian [Cyrus Cooper][link2], tour guide/DJ [Johnny Ray][link3], musician [Sarah Gromko][link4] and troubador [Andrew Duhon][link5] explore teen TV, drug-resistant gonorrhea, and the qualities no...Show More
Twice a Cheeser - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

67:29:00 | Nov 2nd, 2013

We revisit our old buddy Craig Giesecke who moved to NOLA not to smoke pot, but cheese. [Vox and the Hound][link1] have a live conversation with Jesus, Peggy Sweeney McDonald dot-dot-dots [Meanwhile Back At Cafe Du Monde...][link2], troubadour [Andre...Show More
Ain't That a Kick in the Teeth? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

63:32:00 | Oct 25th, 2013

Brad Robbert lets us in on [The Bourbon Pub][link1]'s sensational secret happy hour. [Slim Goodies][link2]' Kappa Horn has a deal no guy can refuse. [Royal Teeth][link3]'s Gary and Nora play live. [link1]: [link2]: http...Show More
kickit - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

62:21:00 | Oct 18th, 2013

If you only listen to one podcast this week with a gorgeous woman world champion kickboxer scuba diver economics grad, make it this one. Fighter [Lydia Hand][link1] has her last cocktail in the USA with realtor [Billy Patout][link2] and the inventor ...Show More
Pole Vaulting Chickens Blue Birds & Tech Cocktails - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

64:19:00 | Oct 11th, 2013

Pole vaulter Film maker [Lila French][link1] and Chagas Queen Lorelei Cropley crown [NOLA Tech Week][link2]'s [Good Eggs][link3], [Advano][link4], [NOLA Pie Guy][link5], [Cotinga][link6] or Sunken City with naming rights to the [Happy Hour cocktail]...Show More
Be Nice or Leave in a Diaper - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:50 | Oct 4th, 2013

[Renee Henry][link1] moved here from Hollywood and is sending a slice of NOLA back West as a reality show. Scott Aiges is the top down get on the bus uber best part of [Jazz Fest ][link2]. [The Bantam Foxes][link3] defy business school and kidney sto...Show More
Snoozer Quinn is my Great Uncle - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

58:48 | Sep 27th, 2013

Alex McConduit graduates from selling casinos to writing [children's books][link1] and reinventing [crowd-funding NOLA style][link2]. Alex's next book might be "Snoozer Quinn's Misshapen Forehead" courtesy of [Snoozer's historian and great niece Kath...Show More
The Lesbian, the Witch, the Scorseses, and Clifton - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:44 | Sep 20th, 2013

Legendary [Tony Clifton][link1] rubs shoulders with lesbian-cop creator [Paige Bernhardt][link2], [Pagan Pride][link3] witch Ty Siddiqui, and NOLA's next big thing [The Scorseses][link4]. [link1]: [link2]: http://www...Show More
Tuesday is, ah... Jambalaya? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:42 | Sep 13th, 2013

[Johnette Downing][link1] serenades kids around the world and a bunch of (not) drunk (at all) idiots around our table at [Casa Borrega][link2]. John Richie puts his pants on one leg at a time when he's not [making movies][link3]. Jeremy Phipps has a ...Show More
I Was a Stand-In for a Horse - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:21 | Sep 5th, 2013

Eternal hockey star [Lenny Alsfeld][link1] bankrolls the party and [Olga's movie][link2]. [Crimestoppers'][link3] Darelene Cusanza enlists Dr John to fight crime. [Leah Sarris][link4] teaches the hottest doctors (over a stove) and [Andrew Duhon][link...Show More
Your Last Hangover, Ever - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

55:57 | Aug 29th, 2013

Overdid it? Call 855-NO-HANGOVER and let Dr Mignonne Mary's [Remedy Room][link1] CURE YOU! Hate the Times Picayune? Let Dr Jim Fitzmorris show you why you're not alone in his new play [Truckload of Ink][link2]. [link1]: http://www.theremedyroo...Show More
Back in Butt Glue - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:28 | Aug 22nd, 2013

Beauty Guru [Brie Lybrand][link1] and designer [Chet Pourciau][link2] share the secrets of butt glue, red gravy, and orgasmic cup cakes. Writer/director/musician [Jak Locke][link3] sings high and talks low about his new western. [Andrew Duhon][link4]...Show More
The McVoice Comes Home - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:44 | Aug 7th, 2013

[Terry McDermott][link1] was a celeb in the UK before he all but won The Voice and now he's a star in US. Author [Robert Dean][link2] proves he can do more than say f*ck a lot and tell stories about booze, [Dominique Ellis][link3] doesn't sell it if ...Show More
The Smell of Love and Denver Russians - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:56 | Aug 1st, 2013

Adrian Simpson, creator of [New Orleans Ice Cream][link1], [Restaurant R'Evolution][link2] Wine Director Molly Wismeier, and band on the rise [The Tangle][link3] fall in love over pints of ice cream, [Casa Borrega][link4]'s cold beer, memories of thr...Show More
You're Not Butter You're Just Soap - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

57:24 | Jul 25th, 2013

[New In Nola][link1] Carlie Kollath Wells' first day on the job as a reporter for the Times Picayune gives her plenty of material: improv comedians CJ Hunt and Kyle Williams creators of [Our Sunken City][link2] web comedy series mix it up with the ci...Show More
Mutemath Mute Film and The Elephant In The Tent - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:47 | Jul 18th, 2013

Three extraordinary New Orleanians: Paul Meany from [Mutemath ][link1], a bona fide Bono inspired rock star; [Renso Amariz][link2], celebrated US Navy war photographer with tales of espionage now telling bizarre tales on film; [Michael Arata][link3],...Show More
Things to Do in N.O Summer: (a) get knocked up - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:00 | Jul 11th, 2013

[The Honorable South's][link1] Ms Charm Taylor dishes out conception advice, kids' book author [Ryan Murphy][link2] is in it for the animals, blogger/magazine editor [Haley Adams ][link3] Tweets and special appearance from NOLA Twitterverse reigning ...Show More
Black White Crazy Sane LGBTQ - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

56:59 | Jun 25th, 2013

In this no-holds-barred conversation comedian [PH Fred][link1] tells true tales of enjoying pie in various lock-ups, [Rachel Dangermond][link2] goes with the LGBTQ trans-racial flow, [Casa Borrega][link3] proprietor Hugo Montero explains why women ar...Show More
I Love to Liquor - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:03 | Jun 21st, 2013

Today on Happy Hour, [Kerry Dunn][link1] can't keep his characters off cocaine, [Jim McCormick][link2] makes country singers sound creative [Andrew Duhon][link3] is given a set at Voodoo, and [Alex Rawls][link4] doesn't cry over spilt milk. [link1...Show More
That's Phenomenological! - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:33 | Jun 13th, 2013

Country music star [Kim Carson][link1] gets a spray-on tan on the way to breaking her heart, writer and weed fan Helen Krieger shares her [Least Favorite Love Songs][link2], and the smartest man in the room, [Lee Horvitz][link3], goes Hollywood. [...Show More
Take Me Back to Old Algiers - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:08 | Jun 5th, 2013

[Tom Varisco][link1] brings his 1-minute movie [Troy Marks][link2] brings his brides and Brown Eyed Girl, [Mikayla][link3] brings her piano, and [Andrew Duhon][link4] brings us back. PLUS! [Be an owner of the Algiers Ferry!][link5] [link1]: http:/...Show More
If You Can't Make It Here... - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:21 | May 30th, 2013

[Alex McMurray][link1]'s new NOLA anthem "If you can't make it here you better not leave" is a singalong smash. Pauline Patterson from NOLA-voted Best Bar [Finn McCool's][link2] dishes up a dose of Ireland. [Rock'n'NOLA][link3] Charles Chamberlain ma...Show More
Self Conscious or Self Confident? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:08 | May 24th, 2013

Re-visit with stylist ex-rocker [Glenn Michael][link1] changing your life by making your hair last another 5 weeks for $2.74 a day. Memphis band [Star and Micey][link2] may change your musical life forever when you hear this live performance, [Andrew...Show More
HH - Chemistry and Technology - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

55:21 | May 9th, 2013

Graham fills in for Grant this week and welcomes our old friend [Andrew Ward][link1], musician [Nesby Phips][link2], and artist [Jill Ensley][link3]. Andrew wants to lead the people in rebellion, Jill talks about escaping from Kansas, and Nesby goes ...Show More
HH - Schizophrenics Are My Favorite - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:08:19 | Apr 24th, 2013

Psychiatrist in waiting and Miss New Orleans [Dr Holly Peek][link1] analyzes attorney [Mitch Gibbs][link2], and musicians [Micah McKee][link3] and [Andrew Duhon][link4]. [link1]: [link2]: http://www.mitchgib...Show More
Voodoo Ghosts on Acid - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:03:23 | Apr 18th, 2013

Cajun ghost hunters Randy and Kali, stars of SyFy channel's [Deep South Paranormal][link1], swap ghost stories with Sig, producer of [Voodoo Fest][link2], and fellow Cajun, drummer/singer-songwriter [Tess Brunet][link3] who extols the triumphs of sel...Show More
Pedro & the Elephant Play Lacrosse - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:38 | Apr 10th, 2013

[Michael Arata][link1] stops by the party on the way to Kenya to save elephants. Luella Williams is not regional manager of the post office but she is with [UP2US][link2] and a Lacrosse coach. [The Breton Sound][link3]'s Pretus brothers are in for a ...Show More
Smart Girl - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:44 | Apr 4th, 2013

[Joel Farrelly][link1] is a comedy film maker and undercover critic, [Michael Glaviano][link2] is a poet-turned-comedian, [Mikayla][link3] has the greatest singing voice and sharpest lyrics you've heard in quite some time and [Shawn O'Brien][link4] h...Show More
HH - Butt Glue and Orgasmic Cupcakes - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:28 | Mar 25th, 2013

Beauty Guru [Brie Lybrand][link1] and designer [Chet Pourciau][link2] share the secrets of butt glue, red gravy, and orgasmic cup cakes. Writer/director/musician [Jak Locke][link3] sings high and talks low about his new western. [Andrew Duhon][link4]...Show More
HH - Everybody Hates Somebody - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:48 | Mar 20th, 2013

[Heidi Heyns][link1] laughs during sex and smokes cigars after. Joking aside, [Rich Collins][link2] and [Andrew Duhon][link3] play music off their brand new records born a week apart. [Dean Ellis][link4] slides effortlessly into Portugese with a simp...Show More
Fish Love - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

50:25 | Mar 14th, 2013

Douglas Engel got canned from his job as a fish's best friend at the Aquarium, but not for the reason you think. [Stephen Rea][link1] grew up in terrorist-torn Belfast, Ireland and escaped into a different mayhem - on the road with Ozzy Osbourne. [Mi...Show More
Not Exactly Blind Lemon Cab Driver - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:09:32 | Mar 6th, 2013

Comedian [Chris Trew][link1] spills the beans about his counterfeit family, musician [Luke Winslow King][link2] plays music too new to be on his yet un-re-released record, [Andrew Duhon][link3] values friendship on stage over talent, and Dr Andre Str...Show More
Viva Survival NOLA! - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:00:09 | Mar 1st, 2013

Ultimate badass, star of Man Woman Wild, [Mykel Hawke][link1] explains why it's vital to carry a lighter, our main mind man[Thomas Fewer][link2] has a party plan to embrace and celebrate yourself, while Vince and Dave from [The Scorceses][link3] have...Show More
Only the Lonely - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:05:26 | Feb 20th, 2013

In a frank barroom discussion of love's tough lessons, Todd Day Wait and his [Pigpen][link1] revel in the joyful pain of saying goodbye, [Constance Adler][link2] ruminates on heartbreak, [Andrew Duhon][link3] curses happiness, and, thank God, [Jackso...Show More
hLove & hCourage - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:32 | Feb 14th, 2013

[Aaron Wolfson][link1] wants you to text him hourly about your pain, [Makiyah Moody][link2] wants you on her board of directors, [Elon Hornsby][link3] wants to sooth your soul. [link1]: [link2]: http://lacharters...Show More
Self Conscious or Self Confident? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:08 | Jan 31st, 2013

Super-stylist ex-rocker [Glenn Michael][link1] can change your life and make your hair last for another 5 weeks for $2.74 a day. Memphis band [Star and Micey][link2] may change your musical life forever when you hear this live performance, [Andrew Du...Show More
Are You Happy Now? - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:02:26 | Jan 24th, 2013

[George Blow][link1] is happy to explain his self help philosophy about finding happiness, [Crista Rock][link2]'s dreams come true except for sharing a bed with Fletcher Mackel, [Social Set][link3] debut music inspired by schizophrenia, [Andrew Duhon...Show More
King Cake & Tequila - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:35 | Jan 17th, 2013

10 million people have stolen [Keith Alan Morris'][link1] movie off the web. [The Arch Animals][link2] are giving away their killer new record for free. [Christine Fitzpatrick][link3] has a secret about Opra Winfrey. All that plus tequila, baby Jesus...Show More
Re-rockin' The Columns - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:37 | Jan 2nd, 2013

Absolute Best of Happy Hour. One-woman sensation [Theresa Andersson][link1] blows the roof off the hotel, virtuoso clarinet player [Evan Christopher][link2] joins in, gourmet vegan [O'Shea Cleveland][link3] sparkles. An extraordinary hour. [link1]...Show More
Holiday Highlight Oy Vey It's a Party - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:03 | Dec 26th, 2012

[Rabbi Yonah (GoForIt!) Schiller][link1] says yes to sex and drugs, [Lynn Drury][link2] yearns for a Latin lover [Andrew (Rev Psych) Ward][link3] is the ultimate NOLA party raconteur and backup singer. [link1]: More
Three's Too Many - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:06:19 | Dec 20th, 2012

2012 and the world ends much as it all began: in a fog of cocktails, training bras, and awesome music from [kristin Diable][link2] [Andrew Duhon][link3] and [Mitch Forman][link4] presided over by human dynamo [Jonathan Ferrara][link1] and [House of L...Show More
HH - Merry German Molasses Ho's - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:04:28 | Dec 5th, 2012

Megan Braden Perry from [][link1] rolls out her ho's from Xmas past, [Olga][link2] summons up Tannenbaum on a sinister Silent Night, Cynthia [NOMO][link3] DeBiase is a white cookie in a black world, [Andrew Duhon][link4] stops by and so does ...Show More
Once a Cheeser - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:07:29 | Nov 29th, 2012

Craig Giesecke moved to NOLA not to smoke pot, but cheese. [Vox and the Hound][link1] have a live conversation with Jesus, Peggy Sweeney McDonald dot-dot-dots [Meanwhile Back At Cafe Du Monde...][link2], troubadour [Andrew Duhon][link3] drops by. ...Show More
Stay Weird - Happy Hour - It's New Orleans

1:01:00 | Nov 22nd, 2012

Author Robert Dean is scared that success, happiness, domesticity and a dog will kill him. Jeffrey Thomas is working for a better world. Billie Holiday goes reggae in the bodies of Miss Mec and Coco Dank.