Your Days Are Numbered: The Terrible Business of Salmon & Dusk

DETECTIVES. THIEVES. TIME-TRAVELLERS. (REASONABLE RATES.) 'Somewhere in this city, there's a hole in history, in reality itself, and it's getting bigger. I'm the only detective in town who keeps an eye on what crawls through.' Kilbey Salmon h...Show More

57:00 | Jan 14th, 2011

Theo is seeing things and Death is abroad, threatening the lives of everyone in London. The only hope is solving the mystery of the Olympic curse. And, possibly, some Morris Dancing.

56:39 | Jan 14th, 2011

Their client is dead, but Salmon & Dusk are still determined to find out who or what killed him. That's how professional they are. But what does Fitz's death have to do with the Olympic Curse?
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38:49 | Jan 14th, 2011

Morris Fitzgerald comes to Salmon & Dusk with a murder to solve - his own. In the meantime, Theo is having bad dreams.

1:00:53 | Jan 14th, 2011

Nero is gone, Kilbey is lost and Theo is in some seriously bad company. Things have never looked so dark for Salmon & Dusk.

41:24 | Jan 14th, 2011

Kilbey is lost, with little hope of getting home. Can ever things be the same again for Salmon and Dusk? Never mind that, Theo has an appointment with the true Mayor of London and he isn't happy. What...Show More
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