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41:50 | Oct 15th

Last year, insurance payouts caused by climate-related events totaled $2.4 trillion worldwide. The Economist reporter Matthieu Favas recently wrote about the issue and joins host Robin Young to discuss. Also, a quarter of the nation's homeless popula...Show More

43:27 | Dec 10th

In Iceland, scientists are using new technology to capture carbon emissions and inject them into basalt deposits. Some scientists are calling it a potential solution to the global climate crisis. Also, the Millennium School in San Francisco not only ...Show More
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44:00 | Dec 10th

Our climate change series from Iceland begins with a look at the connection between tourism and the climate crisis. A tourism boom on the island nation has increased carbon emissions and environmental degradation. Also, House investigators unveiled a...Show More

42:09 | Dec 9th

Despite the hot economy, Dollar General continues to thrive due to a loyal customer base and an expansion strategy focused on rural areas that lack other retail options. We're joined by Jill Schlesinger, a business analyst for CBS News. Also, a repor...Show More

41:56 | Dec 9th

Puppeteer Caroll Spinney died Sunday at the age of 85. For almost half a century Spinney played both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on "Sesame Street." We revisit Robin Young's conversation with Spinney from 2003. Also, many young people are going to ...Show More
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