KGNU - How On Earth

KGNU - How On Earth

How On Earth is a 25-minute news magazine about science, environment, technology, and more. The show is produced by volunteers at KGNU community radio in the Boulder-Denver area. We collect fascinating science headlines from around the world, produce...Show More

28:42 | Feb 7th

This week Beth and Angele talk with David Owen about his book, Volume Control, in which he explores the surprising science of hearing and the remarkable technologies that can help us hear better. In t...Show More

27:56 | Jan 23rd

This week, Beth and Angele speak with with Brenda Ekwurzel in the studio. Brenda is the director of climate science for the Union of Concerned Scientists. She was in Boulder for a panel on Air Quality...Show More
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30:11 | Jan 15th

This week on How on Earth, we speak with Dr John Newman, geriatrician and geoscientist at the Buck Institute. He describes his recent research in mice, showing that both memory and muscle improve in a...Show More

26:56 | Jan 7th

Today’s show features the following interviews, by How On Earth’s Susan Moran and guest host Ted Wood. Audubon’s Climate Watch (start time: 4:03) Starting on Jan. 14, the Audubon Society will launch a...Show More

26:03 | Jan 1st

This week on How on Earth, Angele and Beth distill some of the top science news of the past year and decade, ranging from the first image of a black hole, as seen here, to DNA sequencing of ancient ge...Show More
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