Now Playing: The Marvel Comic Book Movie Misfits Retrospective Series

Welcome to Now Playing's Marvel Comics Movie Retrospective Series where in anticipation of the ultimate comic book crossover movie The Avengers in 2012 we will be watching and reviewing all the Marvel Comics films! This first portion of our Marvel M...Show More


1:49:40 | Aug 20th, 2013

At the end of the first Kick-Ass film Red Mist plotted his revenge while Kick-Ass enjoyed high school with girlfriend Katie and Hit Girl, orphaned with the death of Big Daddy, had to adjust to normal ...Show More

1:51:40 | Mar 25th, 2011

He has no powers, no girlfriend, no cool outfit, but /Dave Lizewski can still Kick-Ass in the film directed by future X-Men First Class director Matthew Vaughn. With it's balance of humor and violenc...Show More
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1:12:56 | Mar 18th, 2011

Rising from the swamps comes a humanoid creature made of pure plant matter - Marvel's Man-Thing! A cult comic book character, Man-Thing was promoted to Marvel Movie Star in 2005 to capitalize on the ...Show More

2:05:27 | Mar 9th, 2011

Fresh off the success of Return of the Jedi, blockbuster movie producer George Lucas was thought to have the golden touch and be able to do no wrong, but Lucas has always been one to do the impossible...Show More