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ProdPod: Episode 118 — Pondering Minimalism vis-à-vis Personal Productivity

01:59 | Aug 7th, 2018

How does minimalism affect your personal productivity? And, is there such a thing as a minimalist approach to productivity? I believe ardently that our physical and digital worlds are a manifestation of our mental-emotional world, so I sought out som...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 117 — Getting More Resilient (Resilience and Productivity)

01:59 | Mar 6th, 2018

In the last episode, I defined resilience, or emotional elasticity, as I like to call it. Here, I’d like to detail tactics for bending back into shape faster for more productive output. Read more.
ProdPod: Episode 116 — Resilience and Productivity

01:55 | Jul 11th, 2017

A few episodes ago I covered several challenges that people face in their productive lives, including overcoming overwhelm, distractions, indecision, procrastination, and burnout. And, in this episode, I am detailing an important emotional skill that...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 115 -- Thinking INSIDE the Box! (Part 2)

01:53 | Mar 3rd, 2017

In the last episode we learned that the scientific research that told everyone to think outside the box to overcome challenges and to be creative in life and work, was summarily misguided. We can be primed that a box exists, and we’ll still see a box...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 114 -- Thinking INSIDE the Box! (Part 1)

01:50 | Mar 2nd, 2017

So often I hear the cliché that you need to be an “out of the box” thinker. Creativity and problem-solving (which I feel frequently are synonymous in many circumstances) are, after all, great tools in any productive person’s toolbelt. But, is thinkin...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 113 -- Limiting Resources for Greater Productivity

01:59 | Mar 1st, 2017

Intuitively, we know that focus is a fundamental of greater productivity. Broadly and less instinctively, focus manifests heightened productivity by training and straining any resource, including but not limited to attention, time, money, and other r...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 112 -- Overcoming Burnout: Rest and Rejuvenation for Sustainable Productivity

02:00 | Feb 28th, 2017

Burnout is a systemic problem not a situational/circumstantial challenge. And, so overcoming burnout is more about how to build systematic “down time” and renewal into your life and work for sustainable productivity. Here are some suggestions for bot...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 111 -- Overcoming Procrastination

02:00 | Feb 27th, 2017

In Episode 22, I defined procrastination and even gave a few pointers about Procrasti-Doing in Episode 82. In this episode, I’d like to continue the dialog with some tips on overcoming procrastination.
ProdPod: Episode 110 -- Overcoming Indecision

01:57 | Feb 26th, 2017

Do you have a good idea of how well you manage uncertainty and make decisions? For most people, there is no well-defined strategy for overcoming indecision in their productivity systems. I think everyone should think about how to reduce distress and ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 109 -- Overcoming Distractions

01:54 | Feb 24th, 2017

Without focus, almost nothing can get done. Yet distractions abound in our everyday work and personal lives. Here are some suggestions on overcoming distractions of each kind.
ProdPod: Episode 108 -- Overcoming Overwhelm

01:59 | Feb 23rd, 2017

Overwhelm is a pernicious productivity detractor that affects us all in varying degrees. In my definition, overwhelm is a buildup of stimuli that creates anxiety which, in turn, blocks action or clear decision-making. Learn more here.
ProdPod: Episode 107 -- Managing People for Productivity

01:57 | Feb 22nd, 2017

In all my years of management, I’ve learned a few things which have proved consistent, that I have wrapped into a developing, high-level leadership framework for organizations, so I thought I’d share it with you.
ProdPod: Episode 106 -- End of Workday Routine

01:51 | Feb 21st, 2017

In the last episode I spoke about routines that were primarily designed to facilitate personal and work life improvements. However, those are not my only routines and I wanted to explain another of my most helpful daily routines--my end of workday ro...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 105 -- The Power of Daily Routines: Morning, Midday and Evening Productivity Routines

02:00 | Feb 20th, 2017

For years I’ve spoken about the power of habits, and tangentially, I’ve spoken about many routines that I have--from meditation (Episode 32), to my Day Reset strategy (Episode 69), and more. I use a variety of routines to minimize distractions and ma...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 104 -- The Myth of the Left and Right Brain

01:59 | Feb 19th, 2017

Let’s discuss how the incorrect left and right brain paradigm impacts your productivity, and how, by thinking about it slightly differently and correctly, you can improve your productivity. Read/listen to the full article/episode.
ProdPod: Episode 103 -- Managing Up for a More Productive Organizational Culture, Part 2

01:47 | Feb 18th, 2017

In episode 102, I introduce the idea of managing up and discussed one leg of it--managing expectations and delegation. Here in this episode, we’ll cover the next two legs of managing up--managing collaborative time wisely and managing your manager. R...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 102 -- Managing Up for a More Productive Organizational Culture, Part 1

01:48 | Feb 17th, 2017

I’ve read extensively and have been honing my management skills over the past two decades, and something I’ve found to be universal is this: unless you’re at the top of the organizational chart, everyone must manage up in order to be most productive....Show More
ProdPod: Episode 101 -- Software Review: Mind42 - Free Web-Based Mind Map Productivity Software

01:58 | Feb 16th, 2017

In the last episode, I spoke about using mind maps as a productivity tool. And, one of my favorite mind mapping tools is the free, Web-based software, Mind42. (Note: it is free and ad-supported.) Mind42 is a comprehensive mind mapping tool that allow...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 100 -- Mapping Your Productivity Using Mind Maps

01:45 | Feb 15th, 2017

Mind maps are a method of capturing thoughts and ideas, dating back as early as the 3rd century BCE in Ancient Rome. The mind map is simply a diagram where you have a single, central thought in the center with branches off it in a freeform fashion. Y...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 99 -- Be the Superhero of Your Own Life

01:55 | Feb 14th, 2017

In comics, television, film, and now Netflix, there are superheroes who come to save the day when villains attack or bad circumstances befall the vulnerable, the voiceless, and the innocent. Superheroes give us hope, and they empower us with moral fo...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 98 -- The Power of Short-Term Challenges

01:57 | Feb 13th, 2017

Have you ever entered a competition, or a race, of some kind? Whether it’s a science fair, marathon, triathlon, March Madness, or almost any kind of contest, you know the feeling of competing. You have a period of time that focuses a large portion of...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 97–Time Thieves, Time Thugs, and Time Terrorists - How to Combat Them So You Can Get Back to Being Productive

02:00 | Apr 5th, 2016

In the last episode we covered the descriptions of time thieves, thugs and terrorists. Now, I’d like to detail how to counteract these time wasting personas so you can get back to your productive life. Read on.
ProdPod: Episode 96–Time Thieves, Thugs and Terrorists - Who They Are So You Can Identify Them Efficiently

01:58 | Mar 31st, 2016

Using your time productively means not only managing your time but also protecting it from others who may not have your most productive interests in mind. You may know who I mean generally, when I speak of categories of people I call time thieves, th...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 95–Effective Meeting Series: More Productivity Meetings With Robert's Rules, Part II

01:59 | Mar 1st, 2016

While Robert’s Rules of Order may seem outdated, outmoded, prescriptive, and even restrictive, you’d be surprised what a little bit of parliamentary procedure can do to make meetings much more highly productive. In this episode, I continue my discuss...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 94–Effective Meeting Series: More Productivity Meetings With Robert's Rules, Part I

02:00 | Feb 25th, 2016

While Robert’s Rules of Order may seem outdated, outmoded, prescriptive, and even restrictive, you’d be surprised what a little bit of parliamentary procedure can do to make meetings much more highly productive. The episode is the first part, giving ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 93–Gamification and Your Productivity

01:55 | Feb 16th, 2016

A gamified life. For the productivity and technology geek that I am, it sounds like a pretty cool existence. I’d get to live the superhero lifestyle (minus the superpower-enabling lab experiment gone wrong) I should’ve been living all along. But can ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 92--Rewarding Yourself for Productive Habit Development and Reaching Goals

01:56 | Nov 3rd, 2015

One of the most unproductive outcomes of the last century’s shift from the Industrial Age to knowledge work in the Digital Age has been the loss of seeing the fruits of our labor firsthand. In the Industrial Age, Americans made things and saw them co...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 91 -- What Do You Own?

02:04 | Aug 6th, 2015

Have you ever been in a situation where you lost all your worldly possessions in one day? I have. It’s a life-changing event, even for someone not too attached to material things, to find out it’s all been burned away, water-damaged or otherwise dest...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 90 -- Biology, Self-Actualization and Your Productivity

01:56 | Mar 31st, 2015

When the idea of self-actualization developed in the mid-20th century, far before the field of positive psychology was fostered by Dr. Martin Seligman, there was a desire to study and cure illness, mental and physical. Dr. Abraham Maslow tried someth...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 89 -- Multi-Sensory Productivity

01:47 | Mar 24th, 2015

Humans have five common senses. (We actually have several more senses not commonly discussed.) Your sense of touch is mostly dedicated to your largest organ, your skin, comprising 22 square feet (or, 2 square meters), which holds millions of touch re...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 88 -- Defining Happiness

01:56 | Jan 8th, 2015

As I’ve written about before, “happiness” is a terrible word to me. It’s my version of a four-letter word in regard to positive psychology and personal productivity. And yet, we continue to keep using it; I’m guilty of it as well from time to time. W...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 87 -- Two-Minute Book Summary: The First 20 Hours

01:57 | Oct 26th, 2014

Learning, in the way that humans can, is one of the fundamental ways that set us apart from all other species on Earth. Skills acquisition is one of those kinds of learning that we do really well, and many of us want to do more of, better and faster....Show More
ProdPod: Episode 86 -- The Kaizen Way: What Are the Elements of Kaizen? with Sally Reinholdt (Part 2 of 2)

01:44 | Oct 1st, 2014

Welcome to Episode 86 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I’m Ray Sidney-Smith and I have Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt here for Part 2 of our discussion of One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 85 — The Kaizen Way: What is the Kaizen Way? with Sally Reinholdt (Part 1 of 2)

03:38 | Oct 1st, 2014

Welcome to Episode 85 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I’m Ray Sidney-Smith and I have Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt back on ProdPod to tell us about One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 84 -- Two-Minute Book Summary: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

01:48 | Aug 31st, 2014

I first became aware of Shawn Achor as the funny, charismatic presenter of the popular TEDxBloomington Talk, "The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance.” And, subsequently, I came to know his eponymous book, The Happiness Advant...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 82 -- Procrasti-Doing

02:00 | Apr 25th, 2014

There’s a common misconception about procrastination that it only means you’re not doing something you planned to do. Many times we are unaware that procrastination is usually coupled with doing something, if not the thing we planned. This is what I ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 81 -- Productivity and Your Two Minds

01:56 | Jan 10th, 2014

Thanks to the Nobel Prize-winning psychologist and father of behavioral economics, Daniel Kahneman, the scientific community has a deeper understanding of well-being. To wit, Kahneman revealed that humans live with two minds--our experien...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 80 -- Setting Up Your Workspace for Success

02:00 | Dec 24th, 2013

Having just finished the ProdPod series on Hoarding, I've got workspaces on the mind. And, when it comes to personal productivity, there's nothing like showing up to your home or work office workspace and seeing it set up just for you. So, in this ep...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 79 - Hoarding, Part III - How is hoarding treated and managed? with Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt

01:57 | Dec 17th, 2013

Ray: In this final episode of this ProdPod series on hoarding, I asked Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt to detail how hoarding is treated and managed. Sally, take it away.   Sally: The treatment and management of severe hoarding is very compl...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 78 - Hoarding, Part II - How is compulsive hoarding defined and classified? with Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt

01:46 | Dec 10th, 2013

Ray: We're discussing hoarding in the ProdPod series…and I have Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt here to define hoarding and how it's classified.  Sally: Hoarding is considered compulsive if it meets three criteria. First there is accumulati...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 77 -- Hoarding, Part I: Who Hoards? with Professional Organizer Sally Reinholdt

01:58 | Dec 3rd, 2013

These next three episodes will be on hoarding and I have with me to help explain hoarding, Sally Reinholdt, owner of Commonwealth Organizing Solutions [ ]. Sally is a Registered Nurse and professional organizer who uses many of the...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 76 -- Be Thankful, and Be Productive

02:03 | Nov 27th, 2013

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ~Anthony Robbins Tony Robbins should know a thing about being thankful. When he speaks to audiences, he tells frequently of his humble beginnings, the gratitude he had in those who he...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 75 — How to Run your Personal Advisory Board, Part Two

02:01 | Nov 19th, 2013

Steps for Setting Up Your Personal Advisory Board:1. Perform a strategic analysis of your situation, including a business and personalSWOT Analysis.2. Set clear, written goals and objectives for your PAB: Vision and 6-month missionstatements.3. Make ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 74 -- How to Run your Personal Advisory Board, Part One

01:49 | Nov 12th, 2013

Decide on a communication platform with which everyone can be comfortable and explain how you will communicate to them en masse (via email, text, Google Drive sharing, or otherwise). Try to keep your communications effective by being consistently sub...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 73 -- Advantages of and Member Criteria for a Personal Advisory Board

02:03 | Nov 5th, 2013

A Personal Advisory Board is a group of persons who know you, your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, and who you feel comfortable sharing your goals and unique vision, and individuals who are committed to your success. There are several adv...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 72 -- Establishing a Personal Advisory Board

01:59 | Oct 29th, 2013

The late Dr. Stephen R. Covey wrote in his 1989 best-selling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People [ ],Independent thinking alone is not suited to interdependent reality. Independent people who do not have the matur...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 71--Two-Minute Book Summary: Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

01:55 | Aug 29th, 2013

Veteran social psychology researcher and professor at Florida State University, Roy F. Baumeister, with journalist John Tierney, joined forces to write Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength [ ]. This is supposed ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 70--When Is Too Little Stress Bad and More Stress Good for Your Productivity

01:46 | Aug 22nd, 2013

Over the past decade I have heard people talk about their rising stress levels. More information, more responsibility and the same 24 hours a day to get it all in and done, respectively. What I don't see many people doing is distinguishing the unheal...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 69--Day Reset

02:03 | Aug 15th, 2013

Most days I awake feeling gratitude for having another day to be alive and that alone is motivating to get my day going energetically! However, there are days when things just don't go well. You've probably had those days, and will in the future. The...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 68--Digital Clutter: Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind

02:05 | Aug 8th, 2013

In this episode, I propose a three-phase approach to assessing our digital clutter…an initial step to understanding that just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there and isn't affecting our personal productivity.===In Episode 43, I talke...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 67 -- Diamond Rule - Do Unto Others as They Would Like Done Unto Themselves

01:46 | May 24th, 2013

You know the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would like have done unto you. Well, I think it needs an update for a modern era. Enter the Diamond Rule: do unto others as they would like done unto themselves.===I frequently throughout my youth heard...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 66 -- "Pull Method" to More Productive Relationships, Analyzing and Synthesizing Relationship Data

01:59 | May 21st, 2013

In Episodes 53 and 54, I gave a brief overview of my "Pull Method" for more productive relationships. And, in the last episode I discussed Collecting Data for More Productive Relationships. So, in this episode, I am covering some thoughts and questio...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 65 -- "Pull Method" to More Productive Relationships, Collecting Data

01:55 | May 16th, 2013

In Episodes 53 and 54, I gave a brief overview of my "Pull Method" for more productive relationships, so in this episode I am going to outline how I collect and analyze data to make sure I know how the people around me affect me. In this episode I'm ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 64 -- Plant-Based Productivity

01:52 | May 14th, 2013

In this episode, I give you some food for thought on how plants' productivity is relative to your own and can help us be more productive. Enjoy!Extended transcript==>If you'd like to be more productivity, it behooves you to eat well, of course, to no...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 63 -- Life-Work Balance

01:58 | Apr 25th, 2013

In this episode, I explain my "calculation" of what I call life-work balance (because I work to live) and therefore life proceeds work, but perhaps not in the way you think. Note: I'll add this one final thought credited to my fellow productivity ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 62 -- Best-Practices for Blog Reading

02:00 | Apr 23rd, 2013

The blogosphere is not a new invention, although it was only recently embraced by media and the general consumer public in the late 90s. What does this mean for you and me? Well, it is likely a cornucopia of potentially amazing (and maybe not-so-amaz...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 61 — Personal Life Action Negotiation (PLAN), Part Two

01:57 | Mar 28th, 2013

In episode 60, I presented an introduction to a personal development plan, but for your personal life, called the Personal Life Action Negotiation (with the acronym, PLAN). In this episode, I'll cover three guidelines for an effective PLAN. Show not...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 60 -- Personal Life Action Negotiation (PLAN), Part One

02:01 | Mar 27th, 2013

I'm developing a personal life planning tool called the Personal Life Action Negotiation (with the appropriate acronym, PLAN). In this episode, I explain the reasoning and overview. In episode 61, I give the general guidelines for creating a PLAN tha...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 59 -- Habit

01:24 | Mar 19th, 2013

I came across this poem (who's author is unknown to me) several years ago and I think it's definitely worth sharing. If you haven't yet listened to Episodes 12 to 15 on habit development, go check those out after listening to this episode. Enjoy!Habi...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 58 -- Paperless 2013

01:52 | Mar 14th, 2013

Google and several other companies have recently convened the Paperless Coalition [] to help you "take the paper out of 'paperwork!'" In this episode, learn about the Paperless 2013 and go paperless in 2013!According to their ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 57 -- Banish New Year's Resolutions!

02:01 | Mar 12th, 2013

This is about the time of year (end of February, beginning of March) when you realize that your New Year's resolution/s aren't going to happen, or you've forgotten that you've actually made them. So, in this episode, I offer a solution: banish making...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 56 -- Software Overview: Remember The Milk

01:58 | Feb 22nd, 2013

Here's a quick overview of the amazing capabilities of my personal productivity software, Remember The Milk. What's your favorite personal productivity software? Let me know in the comments, contact form or via email! One of the most important princ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 55 -- The Purpose of Your Productivity System

01:59 | Feb 20th, 2013

In this episode, I define "personal productivity system." How do you define your personal productivity system? I'd love to hear from you in the comments or via email.There was a time when I started first studying psychology and its relationship to my...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 54 -- "Pull Method" for More Productive Relationships, Part Two

01:59 | Feb 14th, 2013

In the last episode, I discuss why I developed a "pull method" for more productive relationships along with the first phase. In this episode, I'll cover the next two phases.2. Now that you have your relationships list, go down the list and mark each ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 53 - "Pull Method" for More Productive Relationships, Part One

01:57 | Feb 12th, 2013

In this episode, I introduce you to my relationships management technique I call the "pull method" and explain the first of three phases. In episode 54, I continue with phases two and three of the pull method. Enjoy!The human mind can keep approximat...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 52 -- Overflowing Inbox: Try Some Email Overload Relief

01:59 | Feb 7th, 2013

An overflowing inbox is something that we have all probably experienced at some point in our personal and professional lives. Unexpected life circumstances happen and as well we sometimes get lax in our discipline to manage our email traffic on a reg...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 51 -- Two-Minute Book Summary: The Four-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

01:57 | Feb 5th, 2013

The Four-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss mentions the Pareto Principle (which I explained in Episode 49), so I figured I would highlight the book's key points in this episode.At its core, the Four-Hour Workweek is about creating a lifestyle that works f...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 50 -- Productivity Tips for Fitness with Noelle McKenzie of Fitness a Way of Life

01:48 | Jan 24th, 2013

For ProdPod's 50th episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing fitness/nutrition expert, Noelle McKenzie (CEO of Fitness a Way of Life -, about some productivity tips for getting your workout / exercise optimized in under 10 mi...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 49 -- Pareto Principle of Productivity

01:59 | Jan 15th, 2013

In this episode I discuss the Pareto Principle of Productivity, so 20% of the next two minutes contains 80% of its productive value! ;-) Enjoy!At a very young age, we understand that some things are more important than others. As soon as we're born, ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 48 -- Author Interview: 25 Tips for Productivity with Augusto Pinaud

02:09 | Jan 10th, 2013

I had the pleasure of interviewing the author of 25 Tips for Productivity Success (, Augusto Pinaud (, before #Prodchat on January 9th (See transcript: ). He highlights two of his book's tips for us. Enjoy!
ProdPod: Episode 47 -- Conquering Negative Self-Speak for Greater Productivity

01:53 | Dec 18th, 2012

Negative self-speak eats away at productivity and no one is immune from it at high stress times in our lives. And, while you may have positive self-esteem, you may still have negative self-speak creeping into your daily life. In this episode, I give ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 46 -- Talking Yourself Into Better Productivity

01:53 | Dec 11th, 2012

Most people associate the idea of talking to one's self as a problem. However, the kind of talking to yourself I discuss in this episode I think makes you more productive thereby increasing your sanity!We all have an inner voice; it is a collection o...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 45 -- Productivity and Whole-Being Fitness

01:56 | Dec 7th, 2012

I believe most people think of "fitness" and think about living a healthy lifestyle, however, I have long thought of it under a much broader context I call "Whole-Being Fitness." In this episode I explain my concept of Whole-Being Fitness and why it'...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 44 -- Human Potential Movement's Mark on Your Personal Productivity

02:15 | Oct 23rd, 2012

Back in the 1960's, there was a movement that developed, founded on the core concept that we could help people become happier, more fulfilled and more creative. It was called the Human Potential Movement. Further, we know so much about personal produ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 43 -- How to Kick-Start Hardcore Decluttering: Psychic Clutter and Digital Clutter

02:09 | Sep 20th, 2012

In our last episode, we discussed the first part of Hardcore Decluttering, recognizing physical clutter and determine its cost to you financially and emotionally. In this episode, we'll turn to two additional kinds of clutter for you to recognize and...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 42 -- How to Kick-Start Hardcore Decluttering: Knowing Where Your Clutter Is

01:48 | Sep 11th, 2012

We all know that clutter is a part of life for many of us. Further, some clutter is natural and manageable. But, at some point the clutter is apparent and stymies your productivity. So, let's kick-start your decluttering process with learning where c...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 41 -- Outsourcing Tasks for Greater Productivity...For Free, Part II

01:53 | Jul 17th, 2012

This is the final episode in our four-part ProdPod series on outsourcing your personal tasks in life...this episode is on getting started with bartering your personal tasks.To get started...Grab a paper ledger journal from the local office supply sto...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 40 -- Outsourcing Tasks for Greater Productivity...For Free, Part I

02:06 | Jul 10th, 2012

We discussed in the last episode about the idea of using virtual assistants, personal concierges and daily money managers to help get more done in life without you doing all of it. In this episode in our four-part ProdPod series on personal outsourci...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 39 -- Outsource Your Personal Tasks, Part II

01:59 | Jul 3rd, 2012

In this second episode of a four-part ProdPod series on outsourcing personal tasks, I introduced the idea of hiring a virtual assistant, personal concierge and daily money manager. In this episode, I'll explain what each is and why you would need one...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 38 -- Outsource Your Personal Tasks, Part I

01:44 | Jun 26th, 2012

Welcome to Episode 38 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. This is the first episode in a four-part ProdPod series on outsourcing your personal tasks in life. Enjoy!For many of us, we feel overwhelmed not by the man...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 37 -- Controlling Email: Create a Culture of Communication Protocol

01:37 | Jun 12th, 2012

Email is one of the most powerful and pervasive communication tools in our day-to-day lives, especially at work. Email is also one of the most persistent and systemic interruptions when you get too many messages, or consistently receive messages that...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 36: Writing Productivity Quick Tip with Paula Whitacre - Full Circle Communications

01:35 | May 1st, 2012

I had the pleasure of interviewing Paula Whitacre, principal, Full Circle Communications, which provides writing and editing services to help organizations reach wider audiences. She provided a great quick tip on writing productivity. Enjoy! Oh, a...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 35 -- Emotional Intelligence and a Productive Life

01:58 | Apr 24th, 2012

Welcome to Episode 35 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I'm Ray Sidney-Smith, your productivity guide.In 1996, Daniel Goleman wrote his hit book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. Mr. Golema...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 34 -- FastCustomer, a Productivity Tool for Making Customer Service Better

01:59 | Apr 17th, 2012

Welcome to Episode 34 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I'm Ray Sidney-Smith, your productivity guide.Partly because I'm a tech geek and partly because of my professional responsibilities, I get to see a dizzying...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 33 - Turn Conflict Into Winning Together For Increased Productivity

02:08 | Apr 10th, 2012

Welcome to Episode 33 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I'm Ray Sidney-Smith, your productivity guide.I'm rather comfortable with conflict resolution, but I see an abundance of poor conflict handling in the media...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 32 -- Meditation's Power on Productivity

01:54 | Apr 4th, 2012

Welcome to Episode 32 of ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less. I'm Ray Sidney-Smith, your productivity guide.What do MRIs, Buddhist monks and meditation have to do with each other? It turns out, your productivity. There...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 31 -- Your Digital Productivity System Needs a Paper-Based Redundancy

02:09 | Mar 27th, 2012

Have you ever been at the bank and the power goes out? They can't do anything! It's quite frustrating and you basically need to step out of line and come back later. Period. Now, let's jump over to your personal productivity system. You've set up the...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 30 -- Two-Minute Book Summary: 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman

01:51 | Jan 10th, 2012

One of my favorite productivity reads of 2011 was 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done by Peter Bregman. Mr. Bregman assembled his book from his highly popular Harvard Business Review blog, and he endeavors t...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 29 -- Personal Stress Audit

01:59 | Dec 27th, 2011

I recently re-read a book I picked up a few years ago by Clare Harris called Conquer Stress, Achieve Success, and it describes something I advocate highly: doing a personal stress audit.Here's Clare's process: First: Find a quiet space where you're c...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 28 -- Creating Flow: Learning to Fully Use Our Current Productivity Tools

01:50 | Dec 20th, 2011

Getting to know yourself, your current productivity tools and how to use them correctly is a definitive step in creating flow in your productive life.Bernard M. Baruch once said, "Only as you do know yourself can your brain serve you as a sharp and e...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 27 -- Parkinson's Law

01:52 | Dec 13th, 2011

In 1955, a British naval historian and prolific author, Cyril Northcote Parkinson, wrote an essay for The Economist, in which he wrote what now has become the renowned Parkinson's Law, that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its compl...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 26 -- Technology and Simplicity

02:00 | Dec 6th, 2011

For those of you who suffer from carrying too much with you on a regular basis, or feeling the clutter of technology accumulate on your desk or around the house over time, think about these three questions to see if you can simplify your technology i...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 25 -- Is your system too complex?

01:33 | Nov 29th, 2011

Is your system too complex? Well, it is if you spend more time managing your system than your system helps you manage getting things done. We all have an idea that benefits should be greater than the costs, whether they're tangible or intangible. ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 24 -- Thanksgiving and Interdependence

01:26 | Nov 24th, 2011

Every Thanksgiving, I'm reminded about all the wonderful people in my life as my greatest blessing. In our modern, global society, though, it's easy to take many of these important people for granted the rest of the year.Every Thanksgiving, I'm remin...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 23 --

01:47 | Nov 1st, 2011

Perseverance is a definite key to success. And, there are opportunities to persevere in everyday life. "Become a 'possibilitarian.' No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see the possibilities-- Always see them, ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 22 -- Defining procrastination

02:01 | Oct 25th, 2011

Sometimes, it's all in how you define an unproductive behavior that starts to build new, productive behaviors. I'd like to invite everyone listening to the podcast to my new live, monthly Twitter conversation, Productivity Chat or prodchat. Please...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 21 -- How to Worry Less

01:52 | Oct 18th, 2011

Worry isn't and wasn't always unproductive; it started as a means of human survival. If there wasn't worrying, our ancestors wouldn't have eaten, foraged for food or fled when hungry predators appeared! Today, though, worry is much less needed in our...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 20 -- Self-control & Savings: Productivity for the Long Haul

02:00 | Oct 11th, 2011

In this episode, I describe my unfortunate relationship with the definition of the word "savings" for many years and what it taught me about productivity.When I was in my late teens and was into reading books on financial literacy, I learned along th...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 19 -- SMART Goals for Project Planning

01:43 | Oct 4th, 2011

One of my favorite finds when it comes to project planning was the acronym SMART. It stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-sensitive. Recently I've learned of additions to the acronym to make it SMARTER, to include evaluate a...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 18 -- Someday or Maybe?

01:54 | Sep 29th, 2011

A "Someday/Maybe" list, according to David Allen's Getting Things Done (or GTD) methodology is for any goal, project or next action that you are not committed to achieving or doing right now. Many people have struggled to separate what goes on their ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 17 -- Two-Minute Book Summary: Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

01:46 | Sep 6th, 2011

Two-Minute Book Summary: Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life Dr. Spencer JohnsonDr. Spencer Johnson wrote and published his NY-Times-5-years-running bestselling book, Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazin...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 16 -- To Change Productivity Systems, or Not?

02:18 | Aug 30th, 2011

In this episode's lesson, I explain why changing your entire productivity system can be truly counterproductive and to think twice.I'm the first person to extol the virtues of change. I've actually got an episode upcoming about just how to handle cha...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 15 -- How to Form a Productive Habit, Part 4

02:06 | Aug 25th, 2011

Learning a Productive Habit This is the fourth and final episode in How to Form a Productive Habit. In episode 14, we discussed theory and now we'll be discussing a practical strategy and tactics for coming out victorious in your endeavor to form ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 14 -- How to Form a Productive Habit, Part 3

02:14 | Aug 23rd, 2011

Realities of Forming Habits: New Scientific Data This is part three of our 4-part podcast on How to Form a Productive Habit. In this episode, we'll be discussing the realities of forming habits using the most current scientific data on automaticit...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 13 -- How to Form a Productive Habit, Part 2

01:58 | Aug 18th, 2011

Stop Digging: Unproductive Habits This is part two of our 4-part podcast on How to Form a Productive Habit. In this episode, we'll be discussing Unproductive Habits.This is part two of our 4-part podcast on How to Form a Productive Habit. In this ...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 12 -- How to Form a Productive Habit, Part 1

02:28 | Aug 16th, 2011

Distinguishing Between Habits and Other Forms of Non-Associative Learning In this 4-part podcast, I'll be discussing How to Form a Productive Habit. In this first episode, I'll explain the groundwork for determining how you'll tackle the formation...Show More
ProdPod: Episode 11 -- Power Productivity Through Active Listening

01:45 | Aug 11th, 2011

This episode is a series of quick tips I've gathered over time for power productivity through active listening.We have so many forms of communication available to us today. Technology keeps improving and with a globally-connected, 24/7 society, you c...Show More
ProdPod: Episode Ten -- Meta-Tasking

01:56 | Aug 9th, 2011

In the last episode, I explained the benefits of single-tasking, or completing one task at a time, over multi-tasking. Well, in this episode's tip: I'd like to introduce a new kind of productivity technique I've coined "meta-tasking."In the last epis...Show More
ProdPod: Episode Nine -- Single-Tasking

01:39 | Aug 4th, 2011

This episode's tip: Single-tasking is the way to achieve more with greater focus and less stress, not multi-tasking.For as long as I can remember, productivity experts have lauded the virtues of multi-tasking, or doing more than one thing at the same...Show More
ProdPod: Episode Eight -- Leaving Presentations Ready for Action

02:07 | Aug 2nd, 2011

This episode's tip: How to leave a presentation ready for action with handouts.Productivity and presentations can almost be considered antonyms to the common seminar or  workshop attendee. Everyone's time is limited and they usually don't take the in...Show More
ProdPod: Episode Seven - Effective Meetings Series: Note-taking for Post-Meeting Bliss

02:12 | Jul 21st, 2011

ProdPod: Episode Six - Effective Meeting Series: How to Keep a Meeting on Time

01:46 | Jul 19th, 2011

ProdPod: Episode Five - Effective Meeting Series (begins): Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

01:36 | Jul 12th, 2011

So much is talked about anecdotally of the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of meetings in the knowledge worker age. In this episode, we'll be kicking off a series to clear up some misnomers and begin to lay down some strong foundations for effective...Show More
ProdPod: Episode Four - Charlie Gilkey's Special Theory of Productivity, Part Two

01:59 | Jul 6th, 2011

In our fourth episode, Ray gives us an overview of Charlie Gilkey's second part of the Special Theory of Productivity--the Principles.WELCOME TO OUR FOURTH EPISODE OF PRODPOD, THE PODCAST OF PRODUCTIVITY TIPS IN TWO MINUTES OR LESS. I'M RAY SIDNEY-SM...Show More
ProdPod: Episode Three - Charlie Gilkey's Special Theory of Productivity, Part One

01:39 | Jul 6th, 2011

In our third episode, Ray gives us a brief introduction to the first part to ( blogger-entrepreneur) Charlie Gilkey's other and highly practical Special Theory of Productivity.WELCOME TO OUR THIRD EPISODE OF PRODPOD, THE PODC...Show More
ProdPod: Episode Two -- General Theory of Productivity by Charlie Gilkey

02:09 | Jun 24th, 2011

In our second episode, Ray gives us a brief introduction, with a list of resources posted below for further reference, to blogger-entrepreneur Charlie Gilkey's Theory of Productivity. You can find his original post discussin...Show More
ProdPod: Episode One -- Priorities

01:23 | Jun 24th, 2011

Introducing ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less! For an example of the referenced graph, see: I'M RAY SIDNEY-SMITH AND I'LL BE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY GUIDE. A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MYSELF. I AM CURRENTLY T...Show More