This Week in Mormons

This Week in Mormons

This Week in Mormons is the leading podcast on Mormon news and issues, peppered with a bit of absurdist comedy and snappy wit. Join your hosts Geoff and Al, along with noted guests, as we talk seriously about what's serious, and then go on to make fu...Show More

1:09:37 | Oct 22nd

It's been a week of humorous highs and sobering lows when it comes to Latter-day Saint related news. Our international correspondent, Josie Gleave, is with us to has it all out. Let's talk about Pierre. It seems one Willard "Mitt" Romney has been ...Show More

1:05:48 | Oct 16th

Devin Thorpe, arguably among the 10 nicest persons in the world, is in the hot seat as we hash through dozens of amazing Latter-day Saint news stories! Did you know that the sacrament prayers are grammatically wrong? This is the hot-ticket news yo...Show More
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1:34:40 | Oct 8th

General Conference was amazing! What a weekend. Even aside from some incredible changes for youth as well as some amazing new temple announcements (that matched up gorgeously with our predictions), there were so many fantastic talks this weekend that...Show More

1:10:21 | Oct 3rd

On this special bonus edition of This Week in Mormons, we thought it would be fun to bring our semiannual temple predictions, which were just published a few days ago, to you in podcast form! Join Geoff Openshaw and Joe Peterson as they audible hash ...Show More

1:09:51 | Oct 2nd

Photo by Jonathan Kland, LDS Architecture: It's the week before General Conference, so naturally, Kurt and Geoff have some thoughts on what might be coming this weekend and how we can best prepare. Don't miss our Gene...Show More
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