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34:33 | Mar 24th

Daniel Caldas is a Portuguese developer working and living in Singapore. He learned to code in high school programming in Pascal. He moved up to the university and that's where he encountered JavaScri...Show More
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1:13:44 | Mar 24th

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020 May 14th to 15th - register now! Dave Karow is a developer evangelist for Split. He dives into how you can deliver software sustainably without burning out. His bac...Show More

1:18:04 | Mar 17th

Dan Shappir takes the lead and walks the panel through the history of JavaScript and a discussion on ES6, TypeScript, the direction and future of JavaScript, and what features to be looking at and loo...Show More

42:08 | Mar 17th

Jared Palmer has been a guest on 3 different shows on He's talked to us about Formik, Razzle, and React. He's taking a break from consulting to build up Formik, Inc and tools for forms. He...Show More
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