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Download This Show is your weekly access to the latest in social media, consumer electronics, digital politics, hacktivism and more. Presented by Marc Fennell for ABC Radio National. Published every Friday.


28:22 | May 3rd, 2019

Would you pay for a podcast? This week on Download This Show the launch of more paid subscription podcast services. The endless memes and happiness on the video sharing app TikTok - no snark or Nazis....Show More
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Interesting to hear how the hosts believe the walled garden model will be an inevitable fate for podcast ecosystem just like tv shows and mo...Show More

28:22 | Mar 26th

There are too many video conferencing apps. So this week on Download This Show, which is the least worst? Plus, how well is Australian internet holding up to our socially isolated future? And, how are...Show More
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28:22 | Mar 19th

It’s a weird time in the world, but what role does technology play in the age of COVID-19? Also, forget roll call, schools could soon have facial recognition. And will it ever be possible to get consp...Show More

28:22 | Mar 12th

What's the one thing we all need more of? The answer, of course, is screen time. And you're about to get it in the last place you need it. So where will these new screens be? Find out on this week's D...Show More

28:22 | Mar 5th

For the low, low price of $1 billion you can acquire enough shares to reshape one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world. But is it really going to be that easy? This week on DTS, th...Show More
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