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28:22 | Jun 25th

Why are fans of Korean pop at war with Donald Trump? Why Twitter wants you to leave it a voice mail. Why we're under sustained cyber attack from China - except the government doesn't want to name Chin...Show More
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28:22 | Jun 18th

Why major tech companies are pulling their facial recognition software back from police. Plus, “Want to read this before retweeting?” Twitter tests a new feature that could slow down the spread of rag...Show More

28:22 | Jun 11th

What role does tech play in the global protests against racism? How is it used by protestors and police? Plus, there's still a legal push to shut down piracy sites, even though the rise of streaming h...Show More

28:22 | Jun 4th

Donald Trump has wielded Twitter to command, reshape and confound the new agenda for years, but what happens when Trump and Twitter go to war? If someone defames you in a Facebook comment - who do you...Show More
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