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08:43 | Mar 18th

It’s been six weeks since public comments closed in response to the federal government’s proposed religious freedom legislation.

09:38 | Mar 18th

If most religions are deeply communal, that’s especially so of Judaism. Whether it’s an extended family Shabbos dinner on Fridays or the procession of mourners who visit after a funeral, human contact...Show More
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08:40 | Mar 18th

Europe’s epicentre of the coronavirus is Italy where churches and other places of worship are closed and funerals are banned. That’s especially hard in a country where one in five people goes at mass ...Show More

10:58 | Mar 11th

On Sunday, it will be one year since the mass murder of 51 Muslims going about their prayers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

08:40 | Mar 11th

Does the communal nature of worship make religious congregations more vulnerable to these pandemics?
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