Captain's Share

Nathan Lowell

A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper A shuffling of cabins puts Ishmael Horatio Wang in command of the worst ship in the fleet. He learns that being Captain doesn't make you infallible and that life in the Captain's Cabin is fi...Show More

33:32 | Sep 22nd, 2009

First Mate Ishmael Wang fights an all too familiar battle before heading out into the Deep Dark. On the way to Breakall, the SC William Tinker finds a mystery. (Chap 1,2,3)

35:47 | Oct 14th, 2009

The Agamemnon's crew gains a new hand and gets underway once more. (Chap 57, 58)
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30:14 | Oct 13th, 2009

Ishmael finds a new coffee shop and gets an oblique threat from an unexpected quarter. (Chap 55, 56)

37:57 | Oct 13th, 2009

The final tally is in and the cargo picking contest ends. (Chap 52, 53, 54)

38:22 | Oct 12th, 2009

Just as things start getting back to normal, a fresh emergency faces the crew. Chief Gerheart and Mr. Wyatt spring a little surprise on the Captain. (Chap 49, 50, 51)
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