Nightmare Magazine - Horror and Dark Fantasy Story Podcast (Audiobook | Short Stories)

John Joseph Adams (Geek's Guide to the Galaxy)

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Edited by bestselling, award-winning anthologist John Joseph Adams, NIGHTMARE is a digital magazine of horror and dark fantasy. In its pages, you will find all kinds of horror and dark fantasy, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral...Show More

40:36 | Jul 18th, 2018

Do not make friends was not actually an explicit Rule, but it was implied by some of the others: do not do anything to draw attention to yourself and do not bring anyone to the house and do not stop a...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

28:51 | Aug 17th, 2016

On August 4th, 2014, a researcher at the British National Archives came across a sealed envelope entitled “The Leather Apron.” It had not been opened in over 125 years. The envelope contained many ele...Show More
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14:27 | Feb 5th

For today’s question, we visited this small town of about 1700 people. As per our practice of the last six decades, they perceived us as a television news crew, and were compelled to speak truthfully,...Show More

25:20 | Jan 15th

It is good of you to write, and I thank you for it: I am glad at last to hear from another of my kind---and, above all, to have another of my kind acknowledge me. I have indeed, since my return, heard...Show More

26:29 | Jan 1st

Your camera thinks it spotted a familiar face. “Cameras don’t think,” Annie said, looking down at her phone. “Who taught this thing to identify specific faces? Who thought that was a good idea?” “Ok, ...Show More
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