Radio 3's Piano A to Z

BBC Radio 3's Piano A to Z


06:40 | Oct 29th, 2012

The alphabetical exploration of the piano concludes with Z for Zany, an affectionate look at the role of the piano in comedy. Told at the keyboard by pianist and singer Joe Stilgoe.

09:09 | Oct 26th, 2012

In 1969 at the height of the Chinese Cultural Revolution the Yellow River Piano Concerto, commissioned by Madame Mao, received its highly politicised premiere. Despite being banned from Chinese musica...Show More
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07:07 | Oct 25th, 2012

Although every instrument has a history of extreme techniques, the piano seems to have attracted more than its fair share of people wanting to see how far it, and they, could go. From Beethoven, who w...Show More

08:12 | Oct 23rd, 2012

What goes into the making of a piano? How do the pianos of today differ from those which Liszt or Debussy might have played? In the central London workshop of Steinway's, there are stripped down piano...Show More

07:12 | Oct 22nd, 2012

Virtuoso is a term applied to many of the world's top pianists of today. With its roots in the Italian usage of the 16th and 17th centuries, a virtuoso is an individual who possesses outstanding techn...Show More
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