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Ep #85 – Dayna Martin – On The Rise & Popularity Of The Unschooling Movement

1:07:44 | May 10th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dayna Martin joined us to talk about the whole idea of unschooling children. We’re so brainwashed to believe that the only way for our children to learn is to have a state run government institution teach them. Perso...Show More
Ep #145 – Will Revak – If You Have Root Canals, Gum Disease Or Cavities You Need To Hear This

1:16:41 | May 9th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Will Revak joined us today from Ora Wellness and The Healthy Mouth Summit to discuss all things going on in the mouth! Many people just don’t realize just how important it is to make sure your oral health is running ...Show More
Ep #225 – Atom Bergstrom – How Reflexology Works To Help Diagnose & Heal Your Body, Chemtrails, Psychedelics, Quantum Mechanics & Much More!

1:42:35 | May 7th

Atom Bergstrom is a wealth of information and it was once again an honor to have him on the radio show. Today we got the chance to speak with Atom after he got back from a 3 month trip to New Zealand. Because I’m half Kiwi myself it was fun to speak ...Show More
Ep# 460 – Dr. Dominic D’Agostino – How The Ketogenic Diet Affects Cancer, Seizures, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Hormones, Energy & Why You Should Consider It!

0:00 | May 3rd

Today we spoke with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino about the health benefits of the ketogenic diet. For those that are unfamiliar, the keto diet is a high fat, moderate to low protein and low carbohydrate diet. It’s kind of similar to the paleo diet or the A...Show More
Ep #103 – Dr. Terry Wahls – How She’s Beating Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Without Drugs Using The Wahls Protocol

59:46 | May 1st

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dr. Terry Wahls M.D. is a true inspiration of what’s possible if you’re willing to put in the work. She was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2000 and was in a wheelchair for 4 years. Can you imag...Show More
Ep #252 – Wendy Wilson – How To Make Herbal Tinctures, The Dangers of Mercury Fillings, Chemtrails, Vaccines & More!

1:35:01 | Apr 30th

This was the second time having herbalist Wendy Wilson on the show. This show was so much fun because we talked about all kinds of interesting topics. We discussed how to make herbal tinctures and why they’re so amazingly healthy and healing to the b...Show More
Ep #144 – Dr. Lawrence Wilson – Why Fruit Is Too Yin, & How Nutritional Balancing Through Hair Testing Can Help You

1:14:38 | Apr 28th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dr. Lawrence Wilson had our head spinning. Now after this show I’m even more thoroughly confused as to what we should be eating. Dr. Wilson talked about nutritional balancing through a unique hair testing analysis he...Show More
Ep #249 – Dr. Steve Hines – Tackling ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Lyme Disease & More Using Cutting Edge Protocols

1:34:30 | Apr 27th

It was about a year ago that we had Dr. Steve Hines on the show. We really enjoy speaking with him. He’s always up to some cutting edge new research and healing protocols it never ceases to amaze me. Kate is actually working with Dr. Hines at the mom...Show More
Ep #616 – Aaron & Geneva Bigelow From Ampcoil – Combining PEMF Therapy With Rife Frequency To Help Deal With Chronic Health Issues

2:09:03 | Apr 24th

Aaron and Geneva Bigelow joined us from Ampcoil which is a unique new device that combines PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) with Rife frequencies. It’s a powerful combo of using two different frequencies in harmony with the human body in order...Show More
Ep #70 – Rick Simpson – Is Hemp Oil The Cure For All Diseases?

1:08:32 | Apr 24th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Rick Simpson from Phoenix Tears joined our show to discuss how hemp oil can (I don’t want to use the word cure) assist the body to reverse late stage diseases. Remember your body and God do all the heavy lifting. Sub...Show More
EP# 414 – Dr. John DeWitt: (In Studio) – How To Get Rid Of Your Glasses & Restore Your Eyesight Naturally!

1:23:53 | Apr 23rd

Dr. John DeWitt is our chiropractor and the man behind Relax To Clarity which is a website he’s setup to help people improve their eyesight. He has done a number of talks at his clinic about improving eyesight without glasses so I wanted to have him ...Show More
Ep #176 – Dr. Emil DeToffol – How Cell Phones, iPads, Computers & EMF’s Are Changing Our Biology & Creative Ways To Protect Ourselves

1:20:34 | Apr 22nd

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dr. Emil DeToffol joined us today in yet another fascinating show. Do you own a cell phone or mobile phone? Do you have a laptop computer or a tablet like an iPad or Kindle? Do you work on or around computer technolo...Show More
Ep #335 – Alicia Diaz – How To Improve Digestion & Take Care Of Ourselves In All The Cycles Of Life Using Ancient Ayurvedic Principles

1:24:07 | Apr 19th

Alicia Diaz joined us today all the way from sunny San Diego! Perhaps next time we can do a show with her in studio and get more in depth into the principles of Ayurveda. We have been heavily into studying Ayurvedic medicine recently. I have known ab...Show More
Ep #260 – Dr. Norman Robillard – How To Improve Digestion Using Low Fermentation Potential Foods & Much More!

0:00 | Apr 18th

Today we got to a lot of digestive issues with Dr. Norman Robillard founder of The Digestive Health Institute. He works with patients all over the world helping them to overcome digestive issues like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s Disease, c...Show More
Ep # 370 – Dr. Dan Engle – Using Psychedelic Plant Medicines To Rid The Body of Physical Addictions, Spiritual Blockages & Much More!

2:07:34 | Apr 17th

I am super pumped to share with you a new side to healing that you may have never heard before. Dr. Dan Engle joined us today on his way back from Mexico. During the conversation he actually had to go through customs because he was crossing the borde...Show More
Ep #615 – Morley Robbins Iron Toxicity, The Root Cause Protocol And How To STOP IT!

2:19:50 | Apr 16th

Morley Robbins (aka. “Magnesium Man”) is the founder of the MAGNESIUM ADVOCACY GROUP, and the creator of The Root Cause Protocol. Morley had been a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years when, several years ago, he developed a condition calle...Show More
EP# 180 – Dr. Stuart Nunnally – Our Dentist Talks About The Dangers of Mercury Fillings, How To Treat Root Canals, Fix Cavitations, & Prevent Tooth Decay Naturally – 11-18-2013

0:00 | Apr 15th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had an amazing discussion with our dentist Dr. Stuart Nunnally. If you haven’t had a chance to visit him in Marble Falls Texas you can read about my experience being at his office in 2010 and visit his websi...Show More
Ep# 443 – Phil Wilson – The Benefits Of Sweating, Near vs FAR Infrared Light, EMF & Creative Ways To Detox Using Sauna Therapy

1:30:36 | Apr 10th

At the last minute we had a cancellation so we called up our friend Phil Wilson to talk about sweating and sauna therapy for health and detoxification. I can’t tell you how many questions we’ve had about this Relax FAR Infrared Sauna that we sell on ...Show More
Ep #196 – Anthony Morrocco – Are Your Hair Care Products Killing You? Learn Why Organic, Raw, Vegan, Wild Crafted Is The Way To Go!

1:21:54 | Apr 9th

Today we had an amazing discussion with Anthony Morrocco from The Morrocco Method at http://www.morroccomethod.com where they sell raw, vegan, organic, wild crafted hair care products. I first learned about what Anthony Morrocco was doing a few month...Show More
Ep # 372 – Carol Vander Stoep – Addressing The Cause of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, The Dangers Of Mouth Breathing, Why Biomimetic Dentistry Is Critical To Your Health, Fillings & Much More!

1:41:37 | Apr 5th

Carol Vander Stoep is a orofacial myofunctional therapist clinical dental hygienist and has written a book called Mouth Matters; Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: How Your Mouth Ages Your Body and What YOU Can do About It. Carol Vander Stoep joined us fro...Show More
Ep #167 – David Wolfe – How To Live A Successful Life, Kick Bad Habits & Thrive In Today’s World!

1:13:18 | Apr 4th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] David Wolfe who is the author of The Longevity Now Program and creator of the Longevity Now Conference joined us today to talk about success. When I originally setup the show I thought it would be important for peopl...Show More
Ep# 434 – Dr. Len Horowitz – (Controversial) The Politics of Vaccines Why They’re Dangerous & Some Solutions

0:00 | Apr 3rd

Dr. Len Horowitz joined us for our first show back in a long long time. We actually had to reschedule about 3 interviews because I was having such incredible pain in my lower back. Dr. Len Horowitz is the author of 17 books including The Book of 528:...Show More
Ep #614 – 20 Drugs You Should Never Take, The REAL Cause Of Cancer, Sleep Tips, The Lack Of 1 Vitamin Is Causing All Diseases & Much More!

2:26:30 | Apr 2nd

In today’s show we talked about quite a lot of interesting things going on behind the scenes with Extreme Health Radio along with what’s going on in my personal life a little bit. We also discussed some topics of the day along with some news articles...Show More
Ep # 189 – Dr. Robert Silverstein – Do Cholesterol Numbers Matter?, Hormone Health, Tons of Listener Questions & Much More!

1:14:04 | Apr 1st

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had an amazing discussion with Dr. Robert Silverstein.Dr. Robert Silverstein is the author of his most recent book called Maximum Healing: Optimize Your Natural Ability to Heal. Dr. Silverstein was such a fu...Show More
Ep # 387 – Amy Schuber In Studio! – How To Change Your Mindset For Success In All That You Do!

1:50:09 | Mar 29th

Once again we were able to invite the lovely Amy Schuber into our studio for a really fun conversation. We hope you enjoy it. She’s on the same page with us on so many fun topics. We even recorded a show with her for her own show over at Inspired Con...Show More
Ep #109 – Dr. Harvey Bigelsen – How Almost Everything Can Be Seen In The Blood!

1:13:07 | Mar 28th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] We had such a great time speaking with Dr. Harvey Bigelsen in this radio show. His work is truly fascinating. He’s taking live blood cell analysis to another level. He does what’s called dark field microscopy where h...Show More
Ep #429 – Michelle LaMasa-Schrader – Recall Healing – The Emotional Spiritual Connection To Sickness & Disease

0:00 | Mar 27th

Michelle LaMasa-Schrader joined us today from Soul Tree Tranformations to talk about some of the deeper aspects of health and disease. She’s studied the work of Dr. Pieter Dewet and Dr. Gilbert Renaud both of whom have been on our show (links are in ...Show More
Ep # 305 – Mark Sisson – Primal Diet Tips, The Importance of Cultivating More Play In Our Lives, The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, Building Muscle & More!

1:22:53 | Mar 26th

I find it to be so much fun speaking to the very people who were my teachers along the way when I was getting going in the health field. Mark Sisson’s work at Mark’s Daily Apple was a place where I learned the foundation of the primal (or paleo) diet...Show More
Ep #121 – Daniel Vitalis – The 4 Noble Elements: Part 2 Water – Strategies For Gathering, Storing & Drinking The Best Water Ever

0:00 | Mar 25th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Daniel Vitalis from Surthrival.com joined us to talk about the noble qualities of water, where water comes from, water filtration, vortex energy and so much more. You know it’s interesting how little we really unders...Show More
Ep # 613 – Nathan Walz – Why Light Is More Important Than Food For Your Health!

1:59:11 | Mar 22nd

In Today’s show we had Nathan Walz on the show to talk about light, water and magnetism. Many people think that health is all about the food that we eat. We’ve been told by “food gurus” that the only thing our biology looks for to determine health is...Show More
Ep # 360 – Dr. Kevin Conners – Why You Should Stop Fighting Cancer, The Origins Of Lyme Disease & Tips For Dealing With Chemotherapy & Radiation!

1:35:49 | Mar 21st

Dr. Kevin Conners joined us today to talk about cancer and lyme disease. We originally wanted to talk about cancer but as most of you know, I don’t like being too structured with these conversations. I don’t even like calling them interviews because ...Show More
Ep #20 – Dr. Nenah Sylver – The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health – Use Energy, Vibration, Color & Sweat To Heal The Incurables

1:05:58 | Mar 19th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Did you know that all pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus & yeast) vibrate at a certain frequency? Royal Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Riche were able to figure out what these frequencies are and apply a counter frequenc...Show More
Ep # 186 – John Hines & Stan Tencza – How Rebounding Can Cleanse Your Lymphatic System, Tone Your Body & Exercise Every Cell In Your Body

0:00 | Mar 18th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had one of the most entertaining and fun discussions with John Hines & Stan Tencza.Both John and Stan work for Bellicon USA and joined us today to talk about all of the amazing benefits of rebounding and the...Show More
Ep #134 – David Sereda – How Crystals Work For Improving Health & Tips For Blocking EMF Radiation From Ipads

0:00 | Mar 17th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] David Sereda joined us today to talk about some remarkable subjects relating to energy, healing, quantum mechanics and crystals. We didn’t try to do this but the show focused on crystals primarily. Sometimes we just ...Show More
Ep # 153 – Daniel Vitalis – The 4 Noble Elements: Part 4 Fire – How Managing Your Exposure To All Forms of Light Can Dramtically Impact Your Health

1:30:26 | Mar 16th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Daniel Vitalis from Surthrival.com joined us to talk about the 4th noble element which is fire. It’s interesting how a subject seemingly as mundane and boring, (sunshine) can be so fascinating and interesting. One of...Show More
Ep # 363 – Lisa Kalison (In Studio) – Are Mammograms Safe? What Causes Breast Cancer & Tips For Prevention + Much More!

2:11:51 | Mar 15th

Should you get a mammogram? What about if you have the BRC1-A breast cancer gene, should you get a preemptive mastectomy like Angelina Jolie did? She’s being honored for her decision to have both of her breasts removed even though she doesn’t even ha...Show More
Ep # 612 – Brandon Amalani – 5G & EMF Mitigation Tools That Are Helping The Body Deal With These Harmful Frequencies

1:22:26 | Mar 14th

Brandon Amalani from BluShield and Shen Blossom joined us today to primarily talk about EMF radiation. We talked about how dangerous it is and ways we can mitigate it in our home and work environments. I personally feel that this is the number one ma...Show More
Ep# 432 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Without Drugs

0:00 | Mar 13th

Dr. John Bergman joined us in studio for yet another amazing and informative discussion about how to lower blood pressure naturally without drugs or prescription medications. As Dr. Bergman explains high blood pressure itself is not a disease. It’s j...Show More
Ep # 154 – Dr. Christopher Shade – The Dangers of Mercury Poisoning & Powerful Methods To Get Rid Of It

0:00 | Mar 11th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we talked about all things detoxification with Dr. Christopher Shade from Quicksilver Scientific. He’s an amazing man offering product that really seem to help people get rid of these heavy metals from their bo...Show More
Ep # 361 – Dr. J.E. Williams – Building The Immune System For Life Long Immunity, The Measles Outbreak, Vaccines & Much More!

1:51:26 | Mar 10th

Dr. J.E. Williams joined us today to talk about building the immune system naturally. I first wanted to tell you that last week we created a Patreon account so now you’re able to donate to the show on a per podcast basis. We had quite a few people in...Show More
Ep #96 – Steven Hines – How He Treats Auto Immune Diseases, Cancer & Digestive Problems With Great Success

0:00 | Mar 9th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had an amazing interview with Steven Hines from Hope Wellness Center in San Angelo, Texas. He is really on the top of his game when it comes to digestion, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, fibro...Show More
Ep #207 – Rehmannia Dean Thomas – The Power of Taoist Tonic Herbalism, Mushrooms & How Modulating The 3 Treasures Can Improve Your Health!

1:41:44 | Mar 7th

We had a fun conversation with Rehmannia Dean Thomas from Shaman Shack Herbs today and we really enjoyed what he’s up to. Rehmannia is really into Taoist tonic herbalism. I personally think that herbs and in particular mushrooms are the missing food ...Show More
Ep # 364 – Dr. Garry Gordon – Anti Aging, Chelation, Clearing Arteries, Super Oxygenation & Detoxification

1:51:06 | Mar 6th

Dr. Garry Gordon was our guest today to talk about all manner of health topics we think you’re going to love. We were a few minutes late due to some technical snafu’s but over all we had a great show with Dr. Garry Gordon. For those that don’t know h...Show More
Ep #277 – Robert Mueller – The Shocking Truth About What’s In Your Dog Food, Maggie’s 90 Challenge Update And Why Enzymes Are Critical For Longevity & Vitality!

1:18:44 | Mar 5th

Today we had a fascinating conversation with Robert Mueller. Robert is the author of a book called Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret and he’s an expert in the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food diet) diet for dogs and even ot...Show More
Ep # 611 – Yarrow Willard – Why You Should Be Consuming Medicinal Mushrooms & Herbs For The Rest Of Your Life!

1:54:40 | Mar 4th

Yarrow Willard joined us today to talk specifically about herbs, medicinal mushrooms and herbal medicine. Herbs and herbalism is a lost art. In our modern culture we have lost our roots to the plant and medicine kingdom. Our ancestors were very much ...Show More
Ep # 366 – Mary Attalla (In Studio) – Using Alternative Therapies Like Quantum Healing, Chelation, Kundalini Yoga, Herbs, Ayurveda & Energy Medicine To Restore Health To The Body

1:27:51 | Mar 3rd

Mary Attalla joined us in the studio to talk about her own health journey and how she’s helping people today. She has over 20 years experience in the field of alternative and natural healing therapies and she’s a wealth of knowledge. We met her throu...Show More
Ep # 295 – LLoyd Jenkins – Can Flax Seed Oil, Cottage Cheese & The Principles In The Budwig Protocol Be The Answer To Cancer?

1:40:24 | Mar 2nd

It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with Dr. LLoyd Jenkins from The Budwig Center in Malega Spain for healing cancer naturally. We talked about where cancer comes from and how people can live a lifestyle that prevents cancer from showing up in th...Show More
Ep #253 – Ty Bollinger – Mammograms & Bras Can Cause Breast Cancer, The Quest For The Cure Free Docu-Series Is Launching Soon,The Dangers of Aspartame & More!

0:00 | Mar 1st

This was Ty’s 3rd time on our show. Kate and I like to refer to him as our natural cancer resident. He’s amazingly knowledgable and has a heart to help people wake up! You see we’ve all been duped and sold a bill of goods when it comes to cancer or a...Show More
Ep #138 – Dr. Mary Newport – Is Alzheimer’s Disease Really Type 3 Diabetes & Is There A Cure?

1:13:36 | Feb 28th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had the wonderful opportunity to have Dr. Mary Newport on the show and we discussed many issues regarding Alzheimer’s Disease. Her husband was diagnosed with this condition about 5 years ago and she has had ...Show More
Ep # 316 – Jill Schneider – Her Journey From Overcoming Class 5 Malignant Cervical Cancer To Running Juice Fasts, Writing Songs & Traveling The World!

1:32:51 | Feb 27th

Jill Schneider joined us today to talk about her story of overcoming class 5 malignant cervical cancer when she was just 29 years old. Can you believe it? I believe it’s important to have cancer survivors on the show to talk about their story. Listen...Show More
Ep #73 – Aajonus Vonderplanitz – How He Overcame Cancer & Other Diseases Eating Raw Meat

1:07:26 | Feb 26th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Aajonus Vonderplanitz joined us today to talk about the Primal diet. According to Aajonus The primal diet differs from the paleo (paleolithic) diet. The primal diet focuses on eating less fruits because fruits are pr...Show More
Ep #158 – Dr. Mark Sircus – How He’s Using The BioMat With Great Success In His Health & Healing Protocols

0:00 | Feb 25th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had the honor of speaking with Dr. Mark Sircus again from deep in the heart of one of my favorite countries, Brazil. I had the amazing opportunity to take a year off back in September of 2001 to travel the w...Show More
Ep # 314 – Dr. John Holliday – How Mushrooms Can Save The Planet & Supercharge Your Immune System & Allow The Body To Heal Like You Never Thought Possible

1:41:18 | Feb 24th

Did you know that mushrooms can help to form concrete? Did you know there are mushroom spores that can decompose rock and create water? There are even some mushroom spores that have eaten through plastic and create biological material as its waste pr...Show More
Ep # 610 – Mark Wolynn – Family Constellation Therapy – Why Connection To Your Family Is CRITICAL For Your Healing

2:03:22 | Feb 23rd

This show with Mark Wolynn about Family Constellation therapy was just so much fun. Mark Wolynn is the author of It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle. If you have been listening to our show ...Show More
Ep #127 – Tristan Truscott – How Qigong Helped Him Recover From A Catastrophic Back Injury & Change His Life Forever

1:13:57 | Feb 22nd

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had a really fun talk with Tristan Truscott about the ancient practice of Qigong and how he used Qigong to heal from a devastating back injury and completely transform his life. We talked about how Qigong is...Show More
Ep # 233 – Barbara Allan – How To Conquer Arthritis Naturally – Her Journey From Wheelchair To Health

1:41:37 | Feb 21st

Barbara Allan is the author of book called Conquering Arthritis and the person behind her website with the same name. She has a pretty incredible story of being in a wheel chair at 25 years old and today she’s strong and living live with no symptoms ...Show More
Ep # 312 – Dr. Ronald Goldman – How Circumcision Causes Serious Unrecognized Sexual and Psychological Harm That Affects Us on a Multitude of Levels!

1:34:33 | Feb 20th

Are you thinking about getting your son circumcised? After listening to this interview with Dr. Ronald Goldman you might think otherwise. For those that don’t know Dr. Ronald Goldman is the author of Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective alo...Show More
Ep #256 – Ann Louise Gittleman – Most Likely You’re Riddled With Parasites, The Dangers Of Copper, Hormone & Thyroid Health Plus Much More!

1:22:51 | Feb 19th

It was quite a treat to have best selling author Ann Louise Gittleman to talk about a whole number of health related issues for both men and women. We started off talking about progesterone cream and how excess copper levels affect hormone levels. We...Show More
Ep # 368 – Steve Maxwell – The Benefits of Cold Water Therapy, Tips For Flying, Jiu Jitsu, Sub Conscious Programming, Taoist Exercises & More!

2:19:51 | Feb 18th

We follow Steve Maxwell on his Facebook account and knew he was in town so we decided to see if he was available to come into our studio for a quick interview on his way down to San Diego for the Strength Matters Summit. Turns out he was gracious eno...Show More
Ep #169 – Dr. Robert Rowen – How Decreasing Toxins, Eliminating Stress & Increasing Nutrition Can Increase Your Energy & Impact Every Area Of Your Life

1:10:43 | Feb 17th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had a great conversation with Dr. Robert Rowen. Dr. Robert Rowen is a titan in the natural health world and it was a great honor to have this conversation with him today. We talked about how he got started i...Show More
Ep# 478 – Dr. Jessica Peatross – Her Journey Through Mainstream Medicine, The Benefits Of Ozone, Gerson Therapy & Much More!

0:00 | Feb 16th

Dr. Jessica Peatross joined us today to talk about her wild and crazy journey through the medical industry. I applaud her for making such a bold and courageous decision to leave the medical industry and follow a healing path that actually helps heal ...Show More
Ep # 609 – Dr. William Pawluk – Power Tools For Health & Healing

2:02:16 | Feb 15th

Today we had Dr. William Pawluk on the show. He’s the author of Power Tools for Health: How pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) help you. We talked about magnetism, frequency, vibration and elecricity and how all of these forces affect the cells in our bo...Show More
Ep # 298 – Mike Adams – His Brush With Poverty, How & Why He Started Natural News, How Food Affects Our Brain, Mood, Motivation & Ability To Learn

1:29:02 | Feb 14th

We talked with Mike Adams who is the founder and editor of Natural News. Kate and I had such a great conversation with him and one that we think you will really enjoy. We talked a little bit about how we all stay sane balancing life, work and busines...Show More
Ep# 329 – Bill Henderson – How To Heal From Cancer Naturally & Gently With These Powerful & Effective Protocols

1:43:22 | Feb 13th

Bill Henderson joined us on the show today and it was so much fun. He’s a true inspiration for not just living an anti cancer lifestyle but also for vibrant living. First I want to apologize for how long it has taken to get this episode up and going....Show More
Ep #262 – Dr. Richard Massey – How Unresolved Grief Affects Your Physical Health And Can The Traumas Or Events From 3 Generations Past Have Any Effect On Your Current Health?

0:00 | Feb 12th

Dr. Massey was on top of his game once again! We always love having Dr. Massey on whenever he’s available. For those that don’t know we had the wonderful opportunity to visit him and Meridian at their home in Texas the last time we got our root canal...Show More
Ep # 181 – Dr. Patricia Ross – Cancer’s Cause Cancer’s Cure: How The Groundbreaking Work Of Mirko Beljanski Can Change Your Life

0:00 | Feb 11th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had an amazing discussion with Dr. Patricia Ross. We had a very fascinating interview with Dr. Patricia Ross today. We had originally been scheduled to speak with Dr. Morton Walker about his book called Canc...Show More
Ep #56 – Dr. Doris Rapp – How To Detoxify Toxins From Paints, Plastics, Carpets And Beds That Are Silently Causing Disease

0:00 | Feb 10th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] After speaking with Dr. Doris Rapp today about the amount of chemicals, toxins, poisons, molds and fungi we’re exposed to just from our homes, I’m more motivated than ever to start “detoxifying” our entire house! She...Show More
EP# 313 – Dr. Ed Park – Can Telomere Activation Allow Us To Live To 200 Years Old & What Are The Implications?

1:56:08 | Feb 9th

Today we spoke with Dr. Ed Park author of the book Telomere Timebombs (I highly recommend it!) and he’s also the man behind the product TA-65 which we talked about along with his other product Recharge, which we are going to start taking soon. We’ll ...Show More
Ep #259 – Shawn Stevenson – Incredibly Unique And Helpful Tips For Improving Sleep, Gaining Energy & Feeling Great!

1:33:24 | Feb 7th

The was Shawn Stevenson’s second time on the show and what a treat it was. For those that don’t know Shawn Stevenson is the creator of The Fat Loss Code which we recommend to people all the time who are interested in learning how to lose weight the r...Show More
Ep #216 – Robert Mueller – How To Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan, Prevent Disease & Save Money By Feeding Your Dog The BARF Diet!

1:16:42 | Feb 6th

Today we had a fascinating conversation with Robert Mueller. Robert is the author of a book called Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret and he’s an expert in the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food diet) diet for dogs and even ot...Show More
Ep #338 – Laura Shanley – How She Gave Birth Naturally At Home To 4 Children With No Assistance Even When One Was Breeched

1:46:38 | Feb 5th

Laura Shanley was kind enough today to talk to us about her work which revolved around her story of giving birth to 4 children at home, naturally and without medical doctors, natural doctors, midwives or even a doula. She is the author of Unassisted ...Show More
Ep # 608 – Dr. Darin Ingels – Overcoming Lyme Disease & Powerful Tips For Improving The Immune System

1:45:22 | Feb 4th

Dr. Darin Ingles joined us on this show today to talk about his new book The Lyme Solution: A 5-Part Plan to Fight the Inflammatory Auto-Immune Response and Beat Lyme Disease. Dr. Ingels actually had lyme disease and was able to overcome it naturally...Show More
Ep #222 – Dr. Jennifer Daniels – The Many Uses of Turpentine To Help Heal The Body & Improve Health

1:38:53 | Feb 3rd

Who would have thought taking turpentine could be good for your health? Today we spoke with Dr. Jennifer Daniels from Vitality Capsules to discuss candida, yeast infections and how this substance turpentine can help to restore health in the body. I k...Show More
Ep #333 – Kit Campbell (In Studio!) – Is Cancer Really Candida? Unique Tips For Radically Improving Digestion & Beating Candida

1:30:08 | Feb 2nd

Kit Campbell joined us in the studio for her second show with us. Her first show was about a year ago (link to it is below) and this one was lots of fun. It was really fun to pick her brain about some of the health protocols she’s using to help her g...Show More
Ep # 342 – Dr. John Bergman: In Studio – He Answers Your Health Questions, We Talk About Digestive Issues, Cancer, Arthritis The Nervous System & Much More!

1:39:06 | Feb 1st

Dr. John Bergman joined us today in the studio to talk about all manner of subjects relating to healing our bodies in natural ways without using chemicals, drugs or surgeries. We talk about how much power there is in reclaiming your health. It’s a po...Show More
Ep #116 – Atom Bergstrom – How Words Change Our Biology & Much More!

1:17:52 | Jan 31st

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] As always we had yet another fascinating conversation with Atom Bergstrom, author of Yes, No, Maybe: Chronobiotic Nutrition. This time we started the conversation off with the nuclear power plant in Southern Californ...Show More
Ep #123 – Konstantin Monastyrsky – The Dangers of Fiber, Colonoscopies & The Connection Between Laxatives, Dementia & Autism

0:00 | Jan 29th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Konstantin Monastyrsky is a real pioneer when it comes to digestion, bowel movements and anything related to the colon, intestines, fiber and disease. Just to warn you if this is your first introduction to Konstantin...Show More
Ep #150 – Dr. Bradley Nelson – Conquering Emotional Eating and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Using The Body Code System

1:22:14 | Jan 28th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dr. Bradley Nelson author of The Emotion Code joined us to talk more specifically about how to overcome emotional eating and chronic fatigue syndrome. In our culture food is associated with emotions of all kinds. We ...Show More
Ep #607 – Dr. Nadia Pateguana – The Benefits & Side Effects Of Intermittent Fasting Who Should Do It & Why

2:22:53 | Jan 27th

Dr. Nadia Pateguana joins us to talk about the benefits and potential side effects of fasting and more specifically intermittent fasting. There’s lots of debate these days about fasting and its effects on the thyroid and hormones like cortisol and ad...Show More
Ep # 243 – Meridian Grace – Taking The GAPS Diet To A Whole New Level With Metabolic Typing, Energy Medicine & So Much More

0:00 | Jan 26th

Today we had a great conversation with Meridian Grace from Awakening Health. We recently went to Dr. Stuart Nunnally to get our root canals extracted and during our trip there we had a chance to stay with Dr. Richard Massey (link below) and Meridian ...Show More
Ep # 374 – Aubrey Marcus – Exploring How Psychedelic Plant Medicines Like Ayahuasca, DMT & Ibogaine Can Help You Live A More Spiritually Connected Life

1:25:38 | Jan 25th

Aubrey Marcus CEO of http://www.onnit.com joined us to talk about his experiences with psychedelic sacred plant medicines like ayahuasca, ibogamine (from the iboga plant) and more. We recently did a show with Dr. Dan Engle and the crew from Crossroad...Show More
Ep #248 – Charee Balm – Essential Oils 101 Why You Should Use Them, How To Take Them & Why They’re So Amazing For Your Health

1:39:08 | Jan 24th

Today we had our first in studio interview with essential oil enthusiast and expert Charee Balm. It was loads of fun doing an interview where the guest came into our studio. The dynamic was fun and lively and it was a blast. Charee Balm is somebody w...Show More
Ep # 229 – Jonathan Tripodi – How To Release Trapped Emotions, Stress & Trauma In Order To Heal From Disease & Start Living Your Life Again

1:50:28 | Jan 23rd

Jonathan Tripodi is the author of an interesting book called Freedom From Body Memory which is an interesting look at how our bodies somehow store energetic frequencies from the past and how to let go of them in order to heal at the deepest level. Wh...Show More
Ep #606 – Jason Prall – The Secrets To Living A Long Healthy & Fulfilling Life

2:35:56 | Jan 22nd

Jason Prall joined us from the Human Longevity Project and we had a really great time talking about everything he’s learned while making, filming and producing his hit documentary, the aforementioned Human Longevity Project. What were the charactisti...Show More
Ep # 234 – Greg Caton – The Power Of Escharotic Herbs & Other Healing Modalities To Overcome Disease

1:54:17 | Jan 21st

Greg Caton was on the show today. He’s the author of a few books one of which is Lumen: Food for a New Age and the other is Meditopia®. I first wanted to start off by saying I really apologize for how late this interview is from being recorded. We ha...Show More
Ep# 490 – Marcus Freudenmann – How To Get Started With Ozone Therapy At Home, The Power Of Ozone & Its Many Applications For Improving Our Health

0:00 | Jan 20th

There is a free ozone webinar on Wednesday December 28th 2016 with Marcus. If you want to learn even more about how ozone can help you with your current health challenges, you can do so by clicking here. Marcus Freudenmann is the man behind the websi...Show More
Ep# 322 – Danielle Walker – How She Overcame Life Threatening Ulcerative Colitis by Following This Specific Dietary Protocol

1:27:44 | Jan 19th

Danielle Walker joined us today from Against All Grain. For those that don’t know she’s the author of the book Against all Grain and Meals Made Easy. We don’t own the 2nd one yet but Kate and I really like Against all Grain a lot. Kate has made many ...Show More
Ep #46 – Brian Clement – How Negativity, Stress & Our Overall Attitude Cause Sickness & Disease

0:00 | Jan 18th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute came on our show today to talk about how people are healing from “incurable” diseases by going through the Hippocrates healing program. This includes consuming ocean ...Show More
Ep #174 – Dr. Jack Kruse – How He Lost 133 Pounds In 1 Year Without Exercise Using Cold Thermogenesis & The Leptin Protocol

1:12:17 | Jan 17th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dr. Jack Kruse joined us today in yet another fascinating show. As you know we have had many interesting guests but something about talking to Dr. Kruse was different. I love his story and his understanding of epigen...Show More
Ep# 185 – Dr. Patrick Vickers – Sugar Doesn’t Feed Cancer Cells & Why Doing Coffee Enemas Are Critical Living In Today’s Toxic World

1:14:01 | Jan 16th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had an amazing discussion with Dr. Patrick Vickers. Dr. Vickers joined us today from the Gerson Treatment in Northern Baja and it was truly a please speaking with this man. He dispels a lot of health myths a...Show More
Ep #397 – Dr. Steve Hines – Dangers Of Mold Toxicity & What To Do About It, Restoring Gut Flora With Fecal Implants, Healing Emphysema & Much More!

1:50:46 | Jan 15th

It was a real honor having Dr. Steven Hines on the show again today. I tell you what, if it weren’t for guys like him, we would be out of a job. I know that it’s a two way street and people like him that are in the trenches helping heal people every ...Show More
Ep #605 – Dr. Will Falconer – How To Increase The Health, Vitality & Lifespan Of Your Dog Naturally!

1:53:53 | Jan 14th

Dr. Will Falconer joined us today from Vital Animal and we talked with him about holistic vet care in general and homeopathic remedies for dogs in particular. Dr. Falconer’s vet practices forcuses on using natural remedies and alternative methods for...Show More
Ep # 193 – Dr. Ed Group – Why Internal Cleansing Is Critical For Disease Prevention, Longevity & Optimal Living

1:33:18 | Jan 13th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had an amazing discussion with Dr. Ed Group. Dr. Ed Group is a really fascinating man and we had so much fun speaking with him. He’s the founder of Global Healing Center. It had been about one year since we ...Show More
Ep #223 – How Ken Presner Overcame Multiple Sclerosis & Crohn’s Disease Through Detoxifying Mercury, Heavy Metals & Parasites !

1:45:58 | Jan 12th

Today we had a fascinating conversation with Ken Presner. Ken Presner had multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease many years ago and was able to overcome all of that through a variety of detoxification methods. He now stresses proper detoxification th...Show More
Ep# 226 – Daniel Vitalis – The Intrinsic Taboo Why It’s Critical To Challenge Social Norms In Order To Improve Our Health, Vitality & Longevity

2:00:23 | Jan 11th

Daniel Vitalis is a wealth of interesting information. Today we talked about the intrinsic taboo and why societal norms are the way they are. Daniel is the lead man behind http://www.surthrival.com where he develops some of the highest quality unique...Show More
Ep #320 – Dr. Gabriel Cousens – How to be a Successful Live-Food Vegan, Tips For Diabetes, Radiation, Staying Healthy For The Flu Season & Much More!

1:40:36 | Jan 10th

Dr. Gabriel Cousens author of There Is a Cure for Diabetes, Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition, Depression-free for Life and director of the Tree of Life in Patagonia Arizona joined us to talk about many fascinating topics. We talked about how to ...Show More
Ep #604 – Bob Greska – Could This Little Known Substance Be The Key To Detoxification, Health & Longevity?

1:45:29 | Jan 9th

Today we had Bob Greska on the show to talk about carbon 60 and how C-60 as it’s known, can help improve your health. How does C-60 work? It works by pulling oppositely charged chemicals and toxins from your body. In studies with mice C-60 has shown ...Show More
Ep #48 – Dr. Ron Cusson – The Power Of Vortexing Energy & How Magnesium Heals Calcification

0:00 | Jan 8th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] If you have health ailments like arthritis, heart disease, cancer, glaucoma, cheloid scars, inflammation, joint pain and more they are all closely correlated to having TOO MUCH inabsorbable calcium in your body. It’s...Show More
Ep #204 – Donna Gates – Gives Digestive, Cleansing & Candida Tips For Those Who Have Done It All!

1:13:16 | Jan 7th

Donna Gates is the head of bodyecology.com and primarily works on creating awareness of gut health. She’s also the author of The Body Ecology Diet. Proper gut health is critical for life. We’ve heard it said over the years that all disease begins in ...Show More
Ep #16 – Wendy Wilson – The Power Of Herbal Tinctures, Infusions & Teas To Help Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Libido, PMS & Much More

1:02:20 | Jan 6th

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Wendy Wilson from Apothecary Herbs dropped by Extreme Health Radio to discuss how powerful herbs can be to help cholesterol levels, increase libido, heal heart disease, prevent and reverse cancer, ease PMS symptoms, ...Show More
Ep# 289 – Amy Schuber In Studio! – Living With Intention And Practical Tips For Creating The Life You Really Want

1:49:16 | Jan 5th

It was a complete delight to spend time with Amy Schuber. For those that don’t know we talked about how to live with intention and some practical tips for creating a life that you really want. So many times we live in fear of what others might think ...Show More
Ep #603 – Phil Wilson – How & Why You Should Detox On A Regular Basis With Sauna Therapy

1:46:47 | Jan 4th

Our friend Phil Wilson joined us on today’s show to talk about sauna therapy and how detoxification through sweat is really important for overall health. We also sell the heat lamp through him that can direct the FAR infrared light to specific areas ...Show More
Ep #83 – Dr. Robert Cassar – On Parasites, EMF’s & How The 180 Day Terrain Modification Program Benefits You

0:00 | Jan 3rd

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Once again we had a great show with a fascinating individual named Dr. Robert Cassar. He’s the founder of The Earth Shift Project. He’s a parasitologist, toxicologist and chiropractor who after a huge car crash in 19...Show More
EP# 358 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – Let’s Rethink The Measles “Out Break” & Look At The History Of Vaccines Plus Listener Questions!

2:05:42 | Jan 2nd

What an honor it was to have our chiropractor Dr. John Bergman in studio with us! This was the 3rd time we’ve had him on the show. We’ve been seeing him regularly (3 times per week actually) for upper cervical adjustments for about 5 months now and h...Show More
Ep #265 – Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue – If You Want To Avoid Heart Attacks, Cancer, Wrinkles & Osteoporosis, Don’t Take Calcium Take This Little Known Vitamin Instead

0:00 | Jan 1st

Today we had the great Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue on the show discussing heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, wrinkles, varicose veins and so much more. Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue is the author of a very interesting book that I would recom...Show More
Ep #602 – Dr. Pieter DeWet – Your DNA Is NOT The Cause Of Your Disease

2:08:15 | Dec 30th, 2018

Today we had Dr. Pieter DeWet who is the author of Heal Thyself as well as Bringing Sexy Back: Transform the Body You Have into the Body You Want on the show to talk about recall healing and how emotions, spirituality and even our ancestors play a ro...Show More
Ep #211 – Dr. Andreas Kalcker – Can Autism & Other Diseases Be Healed By Getting Rid Of Parasites Hidden Deep Within The Body?

1:31:51 | Dec 28th, 2018

Today we had a fun conversation with Dr. Andreas Kalcker all the way from Spain. It’s amazing to me that you could be listening to this conversation 5 years from now in South Africa. We’re in Southern California and Dr. Kalcker is in Spain and you’re...Show More
Ep #128 – Dr. Gilbert Renaud – Getting To The Root Cause Of Disease & Healing At The Emotional Level

1:06:45 | Dec 27th, 2018

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] It was great to be on vacation for a week but now we’re back! You know you love what you do when you’re on vacation and can’t wait to get back to your work. Thanks everybody for your patience! We had to reschedule ou...Show More
Ep #201 – Ed McCabe – The Many Benefits of Oxygen For Your Health & Healing Disease Naturally!

0:00 | Dec 26th, 2018

Today we had a fascinating discussion with Mr. Oxygen, otherwise known as Ed McCabe. He’s the author of Flood Your Body With Oxygen which is a fascinating book that I own and have read. Oxygen is a substance that is very misunderstood in our times. I...Show More
Ep #227 – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – Why Individualized Diets Are Critical For Cancer Patients, High Dose Pancreatic Enzyme Therapies, Coffee Enemas & Much More!

1:16:56 | Dec 25th, 2018

It was a true honor to have Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez on the show today. We’ve been very familiar with his work for a number of years now so it was a real joy to have him on so he could share his cutting edge research with all of you. He’s the author of ...Show More
EP# 321 – Stephanie Ray – In Studio: How You Can Increase Energy, Improve Health & Detoxify The Body With Chinese Herbs

1:51:13 | Dec 24th, 2018

Stephanie Ray from Bioray joined us in the studio to talk about cleansing and detoxification (perfect timing right for the cold and flu season coming up!). I have to say I’m LOVING having guests come in to our studio. It makes it so much more fun to ...Show More
Ep #601 – Brian Hoyer – How & Why You Should Protect Yourself From 5G, Wireless Radiation, Dirty Electricity & More!

2:15:46 | Dec 23rd, 2018

We had a great show today with none other than Brian Hoyer from Shielded Healing. Brian’s specialty is helping people live better healthier lives by blocking electromagnetic field radiation. EMF comes in many forms. There are electrical fields, magne...Show More
Ep # 390 – Dr. Izabella Wentz – Answers For Autoimmune Diseases Like Hashimoto’s, Thyroid & Hormone Issues + Much More!

1:22:05 | Dec 22nd, 2018

Having Dr. Izabella Wentz on the show to talk about thyroid health, autoimmunity and hashimoto’s disease was really a lot of fun. Dr. Izabella Wentz is the author of, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root ...Show More
Ep #403 – Anthony William – The Medical Medium Gets To The Root Of Mysterious & Unexplained Health Issues

1:42:22 | Dec 21st, 2018

I’m guessing that this show is going to become very controversial as there’s already a ton of views on Youtube. I’ve been getting emails left and right about Anthony William aka The Medical Medium. People have been writing me and saying he’s fake. So...Show More
EP# 269 – Robert Von Sarbacher – Why Biofilms Are Making Everyone Sick, How To Get Rid Of Them, Overcoming Candida, Tips For Better Skin, The Dangers of Canola Oil & Much More!

1:39:27 | Dec 20th, 2018

Robert Von Sarbacher joined us today to talk about healing our sickness by killing off biofilms in the body. Dr. Bob Marshall talks a lot about killing biofilms as well. For those that don’t know essentially biofilms are what protect viruses and bact...Show More
Ep #266 – Dr. John Apsley – Part 1 – Healing Cancer Naturally With Fasting, Cleansing, Structured Water With High Zeta Potential

1:37:25 | Dec 19th, 2018

Dr. Apsley was nothing short of amazing on this show. For those that don’t know Dr. Apsley is the author of Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation as well as The Genesis Effect, which if you enjoy this interview, you might want to check out. He talked...Show More
Ep #600 – Celebrating 600 Shows, The Story Of How & Why We Started Our Show & Future Plans To Help Better Serve You!

1:25:05 | Dec 18th, 2018

Today we celebrated 600 episodes and starting our show 6 years ago. Can you believe we’ve averaged 100 shows per year!? I can’t believe it either it’s quite amazing. We started the show by me quitting my well paying job and going into debt buying tho...Show More
EP# 178 – Daniel Vitalis – How To Build A Strong Foundation For Your Hormone Health In 4 Simple Steps

1:47:17 | Dec 17th, 2018

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Mr. Daniel Vitalis from Surthrival.com delivers once again. If you are interested in how to rebuild your hormones naturally this interview with Daniel Vitalis is something you don’t want to miss. We discussed how to ...Show More
Ep #136 – G Edward Griffin – How Vitamin B-17 Can Help Tremendously With Cancer – 8-8-2013

0:00 | Dec 16th, 2018

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Getting G Edward Griffin on the show was really a lot of fun for Kate and I. Personally I have been aware of his work for over a decade and have loved what he’s doing. He is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Isl...Show More
Ep #159 – Dr. Andrew Saul – Can High Dose Vitamin C Help The Body To Heal Itself From Colds, Cancer & Other Diseases?

1:10:05 | Dec 15th, 2018

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] We were honored today to have Dr. Andrew Saul on the show talking about something I think is very important, high dose vitamin therapy. Most notably we discussed Vitamin C but he also takes very high doses of other v...Show More
Ep #36 – Dr. Lita Lee – The Pro Thyroid Diet, Natural Hormone Balancing, Radiation Protection, Enzyme Therapies & Much More!

0:00 | Dec 13th, 2018

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dr. Lita Lee stopped by to talk about her book The Enzyme Cure, The Radiation Protection Manual and how a pro thyroid diet low in poly unsaturated fatty acids (pufa’s) help to assist the thyroid gland to make hormone...Show More
Ep #599 – Dr. William Wong – Buildling Sexual Drive In Both Men & Women, Getting Rid Of Fibroids Naturally, Exercise & Much More!

2:33:01 | Dec 12th, 2018

On today’s show with Dr. William Wong which was a ton of fun we talked about increasing testosterone in both men and women as well as building sex drive. It’s a shame what’s happening in today’s culture. Sperm counts are at an all time low and women ...Show More
Ep #422 – Sandhiya Ramaswamy – How Ayurveda Can Help You Be Healthier, Live Longer & Help You Reconnect With Your Purpose

0:00 | Dec 11th, 2018

Today Sandhiya Ramaswamy joined us live in studio for a fun conversation about the health benefits of Ayurveda. She is an Ayurveda practitioner here in south Orange County and lives about 15 minutes away from us. What a gem! Kate initially met Sandhi...Show More
Ep #409 – Tony Pantalleresco – The Dangers Of Nano Particles, Chemtrails, Fukushima, & Many Health Myths!

1:29:55 | Dec 10th, 2018

Tony Pantalleresco has been somebody that has been on our radar for a long time. I’ve been familiar with his Youtube video for a long time and have learned a lot of interesting health tips from them. After many listeners emailed me asking to have Ton...Show More
Ep #598 – Ask Me Anything, Heart Health, Grounding Ideas, Spiritual Growth & Light Tips

2:09:45 | Dec 7th, 2018

Today’s show wasn’t even supposed to happen. For some reason we had an issue with Dr. Kaayla Daniels. I believe this was the second time we had audio/visual issues with her and maybe it was for a reason. I realized I got pretty fired up and inspired ...Show More
EP# 379 – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride – The Benefits Of Cholesterol, The Gut Healing Protocol, Fermented Foods, Raw Meat, Food Allergies, Listener Question & Much More! – 5-29-2015

1:41:44 | Dec 6th, 2018

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride joined us for a really great show on gut healing and digestion. For those that don’t know she’s the author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Put Your Heart in Your Mouth. She has a clinical practice in England where she ...Show More
EP# 286 – Bruce Lipton – How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Have The Honeymoon Effect Every Single Day

1:12:47 | Dec 5th, 2018

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Bruce Lipton today who’s the author of The Honeymoon Effect. I’ve known about Bruce and his work for many years and in particular loved his presentations on The Hay House Summits. He’s a wonderful man th...Show More
EP# 386 – David Steenblock – The Real Cause Of ALS, Stem Cells, Helping The Body Reverse Neurological Brain Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease & Much More!

2:11:42 | Dec 4th, 2018

Dr. David Steenblock joined us in studio today for an informative and awesome show all about healing brain and neurological disorders. To be clear we are making no claims in this particular show. We aren’t saying that Dr. Steenblock or stem cells or ...Show More
Ep# 331 – Dr. Stuart Nunnally – How Fixing Root Canals Can Dramatically Improve Your Health & Help Your Body To Heal From Disease & Much More!

1:57:54 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Today we had the good fortunate of not only having Dr. Stuart Nunnally (our biological dentist) but Dr. Lane Freeman on the show. For those that don’t know, in June of 2010 Kate and I flew to Texas to get my mercury almalgum (funny how conventional d...Show More
Ep #597 – Ian Jacklin – Natural Cancer Treatments “They” Don’t Want You To Know About & Much More!

1:34:49 | Dec 2nd, 2018

Ian Jacklin from the website called I Cure Cancer is a documentary film maker and all around health advocate. In today’s show we talked about natural cancer treatments that are supressed and how they work and why they’re supressed. When you think of ...Show More
Ep #140 – Brian Peskin – Why Taking Fish Oil Causes Cancer & Heart Disease & What To Take Instead – 8-15-2013

0:00 | Dec 1st, 2018

[include file=get-in-itunes.html] I warned you that professor Brian Peskin was a fireball. Talk about a guy who is passionate about his work! But in reality how could you not be when you see how the “mainstream” medical science is killing people by t...Show More
Ep# 436 – Dr. Thomas Levy – The Power Of Liposomal Vitamin C, Why Iron Is Dangerous, How Dental Infections Cause Sickness, Detoxification & Much More!

0:00 | Nov 30th, 2018

Dr. Thomas Levy is the author of books like Stop America’s #1 Killer, Primal Panacea, Death By Calcium, Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins and he runs a great website called Peak Energy. We had a great conversation with ...Show More
Ep #424 – Rick Simpson – The Hemp Plant Is The Most Powerful Plant On The Planet For Healing & Its Being Kept From You

0:00 | Nov 29th, 2018

Rick Simpson author of Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story, Natures Answer For Cancer and founder of Phoenix Tears joined us today to talk about the cannabis plant (aka hemp plant) and how powerful it can be to help the body to heal. The hemp plant...Show More
Ep# 596 – Dr. Thomas Cowan – Why Preventing Childhood Illnesses With Vaccines Sets Them Up For Chronic Diseases Later In Life

1:29:09 | Nov 28th, 2018

Dr. Thomas Cowan joined us on the show today to talk about his new book called Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease. Dr. Cowan is also the author of a new book called Vaccines, Autoimmun...Show More
Ep #341 – Dr. Joe Dispenza – How To Rewire Your Brain, Personality & Emotions To Heal, Be Healthy & Have Success In All Areas Of Your Life

1:30:30 | Nov 27th, 2018

Dr. Joe Dispenza came on the show today to talk about a myriad of issues about how to change our life and break bad habits that keep us stuck in old ways of living. For those that don’t know he’s the author of You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Ma...Show More
Doug Kaufmann – The Fungus And Yeast Connection To Cancer & Other Diseases

0:00 | Nov 25th, 2018

Doug Kaufmann from Know The Cause joined us on today’s show to discuss his research into cancer. Specifically he’s researching fungus, mold, yeast and candida in relationship to not just cancer but all diseases. Doug Kaufmann is the author of over 9 ...Show More
Ep #595 – FFAF With Kate – Why Schools Are Dangerous, The 3 Main Causes of Autism, Blocking Blue Light and Much More!

1:49:42 | Nov 19th, 2018

Today was an interesting show. Kate jumped in and saved the day. This show was supposed to be with Dr. Frank Shallenberger but for some reason we had a communication mishap and we were unable to connect. I decided to do a live show anyway because I l...Show More
Ep #594 – Atom Bergstrom – Shattering Health Myths, Eating On Time And Much More!

2:15:38 | Nov 12th, 2018

Atom Bergstrom joined us on this particular show. It had been a while since Atom was on! We always enjoy Atom Bergstrom and his work. If you’re not familiar with Atom he’s quite the contrarion in the natural health community. He challenges most ideas...Show More
Ep #593 – Blue Light & Cancer, Bone Health, Listener Questions & More!

1:49:24 | Nov 7th, 2018

Some of the most fun shows I do are the “Free For All Friday” shows which sometimes happen on days other than Friday. 😉 This is where I get to connect with you, the listener and talk about what’s going on in the natural health community, my current ...Show More
Ep #592 – Stephanie Seneff – Does Glyphosate Cause Cancer? How To Improve Digestion & Much More!

2:27:16 | Oct 24th, 2018

Dr. Stephanie Seneff joined us to share her information about glyphosate and cancer. Does glyphosate cause cancer? What about non Hodgkin’s lymphoma? It is my understanding that there is glyphosate in a product called Roundup which was developed by M...Show More
Ep #591 – Patrick McKeown – The Buteyko Method – The Benefits Of Deep Breathing For Anxiety, Long Life & Better Health

1:24:21 | Oct 19th, 2018

Patrick McKeown from the Buteyko Method to talk about all the benefits of deep breathing for anxiety and why breathing through your nose using the Buteyko Method is so important for your health. Breathing through your nose actually helps to produce n...Show More
Ep # 590 – Dr. Steven Gundry – The Plant Paradox Diet & How To Heal Leaky Gut & Other Digestive Disorders

2:17:36 | Oct 16th, 2018

Dr. Steven Gundry joined us today to talk about his book The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “”Healthy”” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain and the Plant Paradox diet. We talked about how to heal leaky gut, the power of lectins and what ca...Show More
Ep #589 – Reyah Carlson – Bee Sting Treatment…Can Apitherapy Help The Body To Heal?

2:09:48 | Oct 13th, 2018

Reyah Carlson joined us to talk about bee sting treatment. Can bee stings aka apitherapy help the body to heal itself? How does the venom of bee stings actually help treat certain health conditions? Reyah Carslon has been stinging herself and also pr...Show More
Ep #588 – Clint Paddison – Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet & Natural Treatments To Help The Body Overcome It!

1:56:14 | Oct 10th, 2018

Clint Paddison from “The Paddison Program” joined us to talk about his story with rheumatoid arthritis and how he was able to overcome this horrible disease with diet and natural treatments. Clint Paddison’s journey (which he tells on the show) is qu...Show More
Ep #587 – Brother Sage – Urine Therapy Benefits And How Drinking Your Own Pee Can Transform Your Health

2:13:27 | Oct 6th, 2018

Brother Sage joins us to talk about urine therapy and its benefits to our health, healing, happiness and longevity! But… Are there really benefits to drinking your own urine? Urine therapy benefits are touted among those that take part in this ancien...Show More
Ep #586 – Andy Mant – What Is Blue Light & How Does Blue Light Destroy Your Health?

1:37:32 | Oct 3rd, 2018

Andy Mant is the owner of Blublox and joined us to talk about light today. As many of you know I got into studying light a few years ago. I’ve been really going crazy studying how and why light affects our health. We talked with Andy Mant about what ...Show More
Ep #585 – 12 Unique Strategies For Preventing & Reversing Cancer Naturally

2:41:51 | Sep 29th, 2018

In this solo episode I share some ideas about how to prevent cancer naturally and strategic ways to avoid getting a cancer diagnosis. As many of you know I got into alternative health and natural healing because of my mom’s cancer diagnosis back in 1...Show More
Ep #584 – Meridian Grace – Light, Breath, Water and Earth…Connecting The Dots For Optimal Health

1:52:13 | Sep 27th, 2018

Meridian Grace joined us to talk about reconnecting with nature to optimize our health. We talked about the importance of light and how light affects mitochondrial function. It’s important to block harmful man made light as well as condition our sola...Show More
Ep # 583 – Dr. Darren Schmidt – How This “Forgotten” Imbalance In The Blood Relates To Hundreds Of Diseases & How To Fix It!

1:50:59 | Sep 24th, 2018

Today we had Dr. Darren Schmidt on the show to talk about a subject that could be the lynch pin for all chronic degenerative diseases. In fact according to his studies over 150 disease processes are tied to lactic acidosis. What is lactic acidosis yo...Show More
Ep # 582 – Dr. Scott Sherr – Why & How To Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy To Heal & Transform Your Health

1:37:23 | Sep 14th, 2018

We had Dr. Scott Sherr on the show to share his insights and research concerning hyperbaric oxygen therapy and why combining oxygen with pressure is so helpful for the human body. There are many practical uses for oxygen therapy. It has been said tha...Show More
Ep # 581 – Dr. Gerald Smith – New Frontiers in Dentistry and Medicine: Reversing Post-Concussion Syndrome, Autoimmune Disease, and Cancer

1:52:25 | Sep 10th, 2018

We had Dr. Gerald Smith on the show quite some time ago. Dr. Gerald Smith is a dentist and doctor that helps people recover their health. He’s an amazing individual that looks at all the different aspects of health. He’s really into cranial sacral, c...Show More
Ep # 580 – Dr. Richard Massey – The Real Cause Of Dis-ease, Family Constellation Therapy, Timeline Therapy, Recall Healing & How The Body Is Always Healing

2:02:57 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Dr. Richard Massey joined us on today’s show to talk about the real cause of dis-ease. He spoke about the spiritual/emotional aspect of healing. In the natural healing alternative health community things go in cycles. When I first got into this alter...Show More
Ep #579 – Karen Urbanek – Healing Epilepsy Naturally Using Herbs, Natural Medicine & Getting Off Pharmaceutical Drugs

1:34:27 | Aug 29th, 2018

Karen Urbanek joined the show today to talk about her story of healing epilepsy using natural healing techniques. She was having seizures and ended up getting off all of her pharmaceutical drugs and medications they had her on for having epileptic se...Show More
Ep # 578 – Dr. Veronique Desaulniers – Never Fear Cancer Again, Dangers Of Mammograms & The 7 Steps To Beating Breast Cancer Naturally

1:45:59 | Aug 21st, 2018

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers joined us to talk about how she healed from breast cancer naturally. She is the creator of these three amazing programs Never Fear Breast Cancer Again The Healing Diva Live Breast Cancer Survivor Retreat Individual Breast Ca...Show More
Ep # 577 – Dr. John Bergman – Practical Tips For Getting The Healing Process Started To Improve Your Health!

2:01:13 | Aug 16th, 2018

How do we improve our digestion naturally? That is the question and Dr. John Bergman joined us in this webinar for some answers. This was a webinar we do each month for the Extreme Health Challenge. The audio from this was taken from our very first w...Show More
Ep #576 – Nicolas Pineault – The Dangers Of 5G Networks, How EMFs Affect Our Health & Strategies To Thrive

1:30:04 | Aug 12th, 2018

Nicolas Pineault is the man behind ElectroSmogRx and he joined us today to talk about the damaging effects of 5G, wireless radiation and most specifically how EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation is affecting our cellular biology. As a culture ther...Show More
Ep #575 – 15 Natural Immune Boosters and Viral-Killers!

1:31:22 | Aug 8th, 2018

Note: If you’re looking for the show notes for the show with Nicolas Pineault about EMF click here! To get access to all the 15 substances I mentioned (and links to get them) click here. In the 7th or 8th email you’ll get them. So make sure to open o...Show More
Ep# 574 – Dr. Jack Kruse – The Overwhelming Dangers of 5G, Why Light Is The Only Thing You Should Be Concerned About & More!

1:58:15 | Aug 5th, 2018

Dr. Jack Kruse joins us to talk about 5G and light. Somebody the other day asked me what guests have influenced me the most and I had to say after 574 episodes I’d have to say Dr. Jack Kruse and Dr. Richard Massey. There are probably two of the most ...Show More
Ep# 573 – Dr. Mark Sircus – Why You Should Be Consuming Molecular Hydrogen For Optimal Health

1:17:12 | Jul 31st, 2018

Today we spoke with Dr. Mark Sircus all about hydrogen medicine. There’s a lot of talk in the alternative world nowadays about molecular hydrogen and having this show to dive more deeply into the subject was wonderful. David Wolfe always says to “sta...Show More
Ep #572 – 9 Tips To Heal Digestion, Lung Health, Fibrosis, Fibroid Tumors, Listener Questions & Much More!

1:29:34 | Jul 27th, 2018

In this episode I talked about some natural ways to heal digestion naturally. If all disease begins in the gut, then it’s absolutely imperative that we constantly strive to optimize our digestion over time. How we digest, absorb and assimulate food i...Show More
Ep #571 – Genevieve Howland – How Modern Medicine Hijacked Pregnancy & Birth (And How We Can Take It Back!)

1:33:51 | Jul 24th, 2018

Genevieve Howland is the genius behind the Mama Natural Birth Course and her really great website Mama Natural. I do apologize for the incredible delay on this podcast. We recorded it some time ago and as many of you know Kate has already given birth...Show More
Ep# 570 – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Vaccines Are NOT Safe, A Little Poison Is Still Poison

1:15:38 | Jul 20th, 2018

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joined us to talk about vaccines and whether or not they are safe. If you’re reading this and if you’re a regular listener to Extreme Health Radio or Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for that matter you already know the answer to that question...Show More
Ep #569 – Our Crazy & Unexpected Birth Story Part 1 – Learning To Let Go

1:26:41 | Jul 11th, 2018

We had been teasing this birth story for a few days on social media. This was a crazy set of events that led to the birth of our twin baby boys Will and Ben. It’s definitely NOT what we planned or even close for that matter. In this journey through l...Show More
Ep #568 – My Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis, Kate’s Pregnancy Update & Some Rants!

1:34:23 | Jun 15th, 2018

Today’s episode was something I didn’t plan. In fact I had just walked in from an oncology appointment with a medical doctor. As many of you know I got into natural healing and alternative health as a result of my mom’s cancer diagnosis in 1995. At t...Show More
Ep # 567 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – How To Improve Digestion Naturally

1:27:08 | Jun 3rd, 2018

How do we improve our digestion naturally? That is the question and Dr. John Bergman joined us in this webinar for some answers. This was a webinar we do each month for the Extreme Health Challenge. The Extreme Health Challenge is a monthly challenge...Show More
Ep #566 – Dr. Nasha Winters – How To Heal & Prevent Cancer Using The Multi-Layered Metabolic Approach

1:34:43 | May 17th, 2018

We had Dr. Nasha Winters on the show again today. She was also on a previous episode some time ago and we really enjoyed speaking with her. During today’s show we connected with Dr. Winters while she was in Mexico during the Winter time. She knows ho...Show More
Ep #565 – Patrick Durkin – Water, Spirituality And How Drinking The Highest Quality Water Affects Your Health, Mind and Success!

1:33:24 | May 7th, 2018

Patrick Durkin is the owner of The Wellness Enterprise which is a “structured water superstore”. Patrick joined the show to talk about the many aspects of water and how water affects our consciousness. Every time Patrick comes on, somehow we end up t...Show More
Ep #564 – Melissa-Henig – Eating Raw Animal Foods During Pregnancy And So Much More!

1:33:22 | Apr 19th, 2018

Today we had a great conversation with Melissa Henig who is the author of Raw Paleo: The Extreme Advantages of Eating Paleo Foods in the Raw. Many people eat raw and living foods. These are typically uncooked or unheated fruits, vegetables, nuts, see...Show More
Ep #563 – Luke Storey – Biohacking Tips To Improve Your Health & How To Optimize Your Lifestyle For Success

2:40:00 | Apr 6th, 2018

Thank you all for your patience during this time. We are literally restructuring the entire way we are producing shows along with making sure everything inside the brand new Extreme Health Academy is working and everybody is happy, which they are! To...Show More
Ep #562 – Vulnerable Pregnancy Twins Update, Supplements We’re Taking & So Much More!

1:36:25 | Feb 27th, 2018

In this episode of the show Kate and I discuss our pregnancy. We’re having twin boys that are due sometime in June of 2018. Many people thought we were not healthy or able to have kids, which was quite the opposite actually. We would get so many emai...Show More
Ep # 561 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – Is Stress The Cause Of All Disease? Here’s How To Eliminate The 3 Main Stressors Affecting Your Health!

1:45:00 | Feb 5th, 2018

Dr. John Bergman joined us in the studio today to talk about the 3 main stressors that affect all of human health. These 3 main stressors are physical, chemical and emotional. Each of these three categories could have dozens upon dozens of stressors ...Show More
Ep #560 – The #1 Most Powerful (and EASY) Way To Improve Your Health In 2018 (More Important Than Food)

1:21:02 | Jan 18th, 2018

Today we talked all about light, frequency and vibration which all have a HUGE impact on our health. Is it possible that the most important area of health to focus on is how to mitigate blue light and how to enhance red light? People will often ask m...Show More
Ep # 559 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – New Years Resolution Health Goals, How To Get Healthy, Vaccines, Getting Off Medications & More!

1:32:38 | Jan 1st, 2018

Today we had our friend and fellow health cruisader Dr. John Bergman in the studio to talk about New Years resolutions and how to get healthy. We talked about setting health goals and how to achieve them. Near the end of this interview Dr. Bergman ta...Show More
Ep# 558 – Matt Blackburn – Biohacking Your Way To A Healthy Lifestyle, Red Light Therapy, EMF Protection, Clean Water & More!

2:52:25 | Dec 18th, 2017

Matt Blackburn our friend and founder of MitoLife joined us on today’s podcast. He was nice enough to offer Extreme Health Radio listeners a massive discount! Just use code EHR for 20% off. Thanks Matt! 🙂 We talked on today’s show about biohacking, ...Show More
Ep #557 – How To Prevent Respiratory Diseases & The Multi Layered Approach For Optimal Lung Health

1:17:47 | Dec 4th, 2017

Today we talked about how to prevent respiratory diseases and improve lung health. As the year winds down we have a few less guests on and I’m going to take the reins and talk about some topics I’ve been meaning on talking about for some time. Lung c...Show More
Ep # 556 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – How To Eat Healthy & Have A Healthy Lifestyle, Vaccines & Much More!

1:57:08 | Nov 27th, 2017

Dr. John Bergman joined us in this awesome podcast to talk about how to eat healthy as well as having a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle seem to go hand in hand but they’re not the same. For example one could have a di...Show More
Ep# 555 – Daniel DeBaun – The Dangers Of Cell Phone Radiation & How To Protect You & Your Family!

1:49:34 | Nov 20th, 2017

We had the pleasure today of speaking with Daniel DeBaun who is the author of Radiation Nation: Fallout of Modern Technology – Your Complete Guide to EMF Protection & Safety: The Proven Health Risks of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) & What to Do Pro...Show More
Ep# 554 – Dr. Stephen Sinatra – How To Prevent Heart Attacks & Heart Disease Plus His Top 5 Supplements For Heart Health!

1:15:54 | Nov 13th, 2017

Dr. Stephen Sinatra the world’s leading natural cardiologist joins us today on the show to talk about how to prevent heart attacks naturally. Here are some of the books Dr. Sinatra has written… The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology Reverse Heart...Show More
Ep# 553 – Dave Murphy – How Doing A 30 Day Urine Therapy Fast Completely Transformed His Body!

1:07:25 | Nov 7th, 2017

It’s been said that the only disease….is a closed mind. Just knowing about urine therapy is empowering. You don’t even have to practice uropathy but just knowing it can be a tremendous remedy for people if they want to avoid pharmaceutical drugs or o...Show More
Ep# 552 – Dr. Darin Ingels – Overcoming Food Allergies, Digestion Tips, Autism & Vaccines, Glyphosate & Much More!

1:45:44 | Oct 29th, 2017

Dr. Darin Ingles joined us on this show today to talk about digestion, food allergies and food sensitivities. He’s the author of an upcoming book on Lyme Disease which we will do an other show on later. On this show with Dr. Darin Ingles we talked mo...Show More
Ep #551 – Kate’s Journey Towards Shrinking Fibroids With Cannabis, Low Dose Immunotherapy, The Dangers Of Tattoo Inks, Self Care Ideas & Much More

1:00:58 | Oct 23rd, 2017

Today was a fun show that we just got done recording. If you’re interested make sure to visit Kate’s new website. She’s blogging on there quite often. 🙂 We talked a lot about the fibroids that are in Kate’s body (I’m hesitant on a spiritual level to...Show More
Ep# 550 – Dr. Dan Engle – What To Do After A Concussion, What Are The Top Signs Of A Concussion? & Natural Ways To Heal!

1:25:01 | Oct 18th, 2017

Dr. Dan Engle joined us on today’s show to talk about his new book called The Concussion Repair Manual. I didn’t realize how many people have concussions these days. But what do you do after a concussion? What are the top signs of a concussion? How d...Show More
Ep# 549 – Dr. Thomas Cowan – Everything You Know About Heart Disease, Coronary Artery Disease & Heart Problems Is Wrong!

1:41:56 | Oct 11th, 2017

Dr. Thomas Cowan joined us on the show today to talk about his new book called Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease. We talked in our previous episode about the heart not being a pump. W...Show More
Ep #548 – Dr. Karima Hirani – Can Food Allergies, Inflammation & Sickness Be Mitigated Using Immunotherapy To Strengthen The Immune System?

1:28:08 | Oct 2nd, 2017

Dr. Karima Hirani joined us today on the show. I was doing some research a while back about ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) and her website kept showing up. The more I looked into the work that she does, the more impressed I was. In this show we ...Show More
Ep# 547 – Patrick Durkin – The Connection Between The Water You Drink & Your Spiritual Life

1:45:03 | Sep 25th, 2017

Patrick Durkin is the man behind The Wellness Enterprise. On our last show we talked about water in its physical form. We discussed the differences between tap water, well water, spring water, reverse osmosis water, acid water, rain water, alkaline w...Show More
Ep #546 – Dr. Joan Vernikos – If You Sit Too Much, Even Regular Exercise Isn’t Enough To Avoid The Dangers Of Sitting…

1:32:36 | Sep 18th, 2017

Dr. Joan Vernikos joined us today to talk about why sitting is so dangerous and how to mitigate the damage caused by sitting too long without movement. Dr. Vernikos is the author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: How Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain...Show More
Ep #545 – Atom Bergstrom – The Dangers of DHA, Healing Fibrosis, Eating On Time, Yellow Fat Disease, Taking Too Much Iodine and More!

1:06:37 | Sep 12th, 2017

Atom Bergstrom is the author of Yes No Maybe, Chronobiotic Nutrition. Atom always has information to share that is contrarian to the contrarians. The information he shares even opposes most alternative health practitioners. In this show we talked abo...Show More
Ep #544 – Dr. Nasha Winters – We Will Not Find The Cure For Cancer As Long As We Continue To Wage War Against It

1:56:05 | Aug 24th, 2017

It was an honor to have Dr. Natasha Winters on the show. She came highly recommended by our former guest Alison Gannett whose body is right now healing from brain cancer. Dr. Winters is the author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep...Show More
Ep #543 – Ty Bollinger – Flu Shot Side Effects & Do Vaccines Cause Cancer? + Much More!

1:18:08 | Aug 17th, 2017

Ty Bollinger is the man behind the world changing docu-series called The Truth About Cancer as well as the book Cancer Step Outside The Box. He’s also the man behind The Truth About Vaccines which we talked about during this show. Our buddy Ty Bollin...Show More
Ep #542 – 5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Wifi, Holistic Doctor’s Deaths, Dangers Of Tattoo Ink, Aspartame, How To Make Black Salve For Skin Cancer, Listener Questions & Much More!

1:43:33 | Aug 14th, 2017

This was a fun episode to record. I recorded it late in the evening after I had a record day of self care. I spent most of the day making herbal medicinal tea, making green juice, coffee, almond milk, coconut milk, working out, doing dishes, jumping ...Show More
Ep # 541 – Bryant Meyers – Debunking The Myths Behind Low Intensity PEMF Therapy & How PEMF Can Improve Your Health!

1:40:20 | Aug 11th, 2017

Bryant Meyers joined us on today’s show to talk about PEMF therapy and in particular the IMRS mat. We primarily talked about Low Level PEMF therapy and specifically debunking the myth of needing to use high level PEMF. Some schools of thought think h...Show More
Ep# 540 – Dr. Cass Ingram: Health Benefits Of Turmeric & The Power Of Oregano Oil To Improve Your Health

1:25:30 | Aug 7th, 2017

Dr. Cass Ingram joined us today to discuss his research on the health benefits of turmeric. We also talked about the power of oregano oil as a natural antibiotic. Both turmeric and oregano are incredibly powerful. Dr. Ingram put oregano above cannabi...Show More
Ep #539 – My Daily Strategies For How To Be Healthy, Why Sunscreen Is Dangerous, Beating Cancer Naturally, Listener Questions & More!

1:29:23 | Aug 4th, 2017

We started off this show doing a short recap on any of the shows you might have missed lately. I feel show recaps are great for people because not all of us gets to hear all the shows but if I or we do a recap you can see if it’s something you might ...Show More
Ep #538 – Cindy Sellers – Is Coffee Healthy?, Can Healthy Fats Be A Part Of A Balanced Diet?, Why Colon Cleansing Is Critical & So Much More!

0:00 | Jul 30th, 2017

Cindy Sellers from Angel Farms joins Kate and me to discuss all things cleansing and detoxification. She has been running Angel Farms on the big island of Hawaii for over 20 years now. She’s the author of You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore which I highly...Show More
Ep# 537 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – How To Treat Bunions And Flat Feet Naturally Without Surgery & Much More!

0:00 | Jul 17th, 2017

Dr. John Bergman joined us today to talk about all things foot related. We discussed how to treat bunions and flat feet naturally. As you know I’m a very curious person even with topics I’m not initially excited about. To talk for an hour about bunio...Show More
Ep #536 – Kate’s Weird Experience At The Doctor’s Office, Motivation To Eat Well, Listener Questions & More!

0:00 | Jul 9th, 2017

On today’s show Kate joined us again. We hope to feature her on a regular basis, at least two times a month if not more. Her schedule is very busy and it’s a challenge to get her on the show, even though she really wants to be. If you would like to s...Show More
Ep #535 – Sharry Edwards – Breaking The Sound Barriers Of Disease & How Sound Affects Our Health!

0:00 | Jul 6th, 2017

Today we had Sharry Edwards on the show to talk about BioAccoustic technology and how sound, frequency and vibration can impact your health. We talked about sound healing and how vibrational waves can impact cells and how cells become healthy or sick...Show More
Ep #534 – Alison Gannett – How The Ketogenic Diet & Blood Tests For Cancer (& Other Markers) Helped Her Recover From Brain Cancer

0:00 | Jul 2nd, 2017

It was a real treat to speak with Alison Gannett. Her story of being a high level professional athlete to dealing with brain cancer is motivating and inspiring. As we discussed on the show, there is a difference between being fit and being healthy. I...Show More
Ep #533 – Meridian Grace – Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Your Your Morning Routine, Intuitive Eating, How To Detox Your Body & Much More!

0:00 | Jun 25th, 2017

On today’s show with Meridian Grace we talked about some healthy lifestyle tips that we can all implement into our lives to get healthier every single day. Sometimes in our lives it’s really difficult to do everything we know we are supposed to in or...Show More
Ep #532 – The Bob Beck Protocol – Micropulsing, Magnetic Pulsing, Ionic Colloidal Silver & Ozonating Water

0:00 | Jun 23rd, 2017

On this show we talked with Vicki, President of the Bob Beck Legacy Association and current caretaker of the website, www.bobbeck.com, and also the caretaker of the last of Bob’s possessions – all his papers from birth to death. Vicki represents a gr...Show More
Ep #531 – Health Tips Series: How To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome Naturally And Restore Gut Health Permanently

0:00 | Jun 22nd, 2017

This was part one of my new “Health Tips Series” where I’ll be sharing in short form some things I’ve learned about health and healing. This Health Tips episode is going to be about how to heal leaky gut syndrome and restore gut health. The goal is t...Show More
Ep #530 – Atom Bergstrom – The Cosmic Egg, Heart Health, How Light & Sound Affect Our Health & Much More!

1:37:36 | Jun 16th, 2017

Atom Bergstrom is the author of Yes No Maybe, Chronobiotic Nutrition. Like I said at the beginning of the show, Atom Bergstom is one of our most unique guests. I’ve you’ve stumbled across this page and this is your first exposure to Atom Bergstom or ...Show More
Ep# 529 – Dr. Bill Bengston – The Bizarre Experiences He’s Having With Mice, Cancer & Energy Healing Techniques!

1:42:46 | Jun 9th, 2017

Dr. Bill Bengston joined us on the show today and it was really really interesting. He claims that he has taken cancer away from mice in laboratory testing using a specific energy healing technique. Bill Bengston is the author of The Energy Cure: Unr...Show More
Ep# 528 – Patrick Durkin – What’s The Healthiest Bottled Water & Breakdown Of Alkaline Water, Reverse Osmosis, Spring Water & Well Water

0:00 | Jun 8th, 2017

Patrick Durkin is the man behind The Wellness Enterprise which is a place where you can get a deep understanding about what water is, why it’s so sacred and how to bring clean water into your life. The more we learn about water the more there is to l...Show More
Ep# 527 – Suzen Chan – Her Lyme Disease Symptoms Made Her Feel Like She Wanted To Die & Tips For Treating Lyme Disease Naturally

0:00 | Jun 1st, 2017

Suzen Chan the author of The Gift of Lyme Disease and Co-Infections: A Healer’s Journey to Healing Lyme joined us on the show today to talk about lyme disease. Suzen shared her story of how she contracted Lyme Disease and the subsequent health challe...Show More
Ep# 526 – Dr. Gerald Pollack – The 4th Phase Of Water & How To Get The Benefits Of This Different Kind Of Water

0:00 | May 30th, 2017

Dr. Gerald Pollack joined us on the podcast today to talk about his book called The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor. During this show with Dr. Gerald Pollack we talked about primarily water and how water effects our health. It’...Show More
Ep #525 – 14 Ways To Create A Healthy Lifestyle For Free, The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, Antibiotics & Cancer Connection, DNA Testing, Psychedelics & More!

0:00 | May 25th, 2017

Building a healthy lifestyle is easy. It just takes small disciplines practiced each day. It only take 20 to 30 days to build a habit. And once you build a health habit, it no longer becomes a discipline, it becomes something you look forward to. You...Show More
Ep# 524 – Dr. Russell Jaffe – Alkaline Diet Benefits, Why Acidic Foods Are Damaging To Your Health & Much More!

0:00 | May 23rd, 2017

Dr. Russell Jaffe joined us on this show to talk about the benefits of the alkaline diet. We also discussed acidic foods and why acid forming foods are so damaging to you health. I do apologize for the sound issues in this particular show. I had no i...Show More
Ep# 523 – Dr. Bill Rawls – Symptoms Of Lyme Disease & How To Treat Chronic Lyme Naturally

0:00 | May 16th, 2017

Dr. Bill Rawls joined us on the show today to talk about the symptoms of lyme disease, where lyme disease came from, why conventional treatments for lyme don’t work and how to treat chronic lyme naturally using specific herbal protocols that help tre...Show More
Ep# 522 – The Jing Slingers – How To Add Superfoods & Super Herbs Into Your Foods For Optimum Health & Much More!

0:00 | May 14th, 2017

We had a great time with Joy Coehlo and Jay Denman aka The Jing Slingers in studio this time. Actually the other time we had them on they were our old studio which we discussed on the show. They were nice enough to gift us some of their DNA detox dro...Show More
Ep# 521 – Marcus Freudenmann – Hyperthermia & The Many Benefits Of Sauna Therapy For Detoxification

0:00 | May 9th, 2017

Marcus Freudenmann is the man behind the website called Truly Heal and he’s also put together a number of great programs and courses ranging from PEMF, to healing cancer naturally as well as Ozone therapy and then this show all about sauna therapy us...Show More
Ep #520 – Atom Bergstrom – How To Manifest Great Things In Your Life, Longevity, Consciousness, Timing & Much More!

0:00 | May 1st, 2017

Atom Bergstrom talked in this show about how to manifest using timing. Most people want to manifest things in their life (like money, happiness, love, relationships, abundance) with the Law of Attraction. You’ve heard of the movie the Secret I’m sure...Show More
Ep #519 – Heather Jackson – How Cannabis Helped Her Son Go From 500 Seizures A Day To Almost None

0:00 | Apr 24th, 2017

I first heard about Heather Jackson and the Realm Of Caring a couple of years ago when I was researching on Youtube. I saw the work that she was doing and immediately added her to my “guests to contact” file. It took a couple of years go finally hook...Show More
Ep #518 – Ken Rohla – Getting Back To Nature, Sleep Tips, How Consciousness Creates Reality, Scalar Energy, Natural Healing & Much More!

0:00 | Apr 19th, 2017

Ken Rohla joined the show today to talk about all things natural healing. Ken is the main man behind the Scalar Energy Rest shields we have in our store. We talked about how important it is to get back to nature. Getting outside and being in the suns...Show More
Ep #517 – Inspiring Books, Autism, Living Your Legend, Listener Question & Much More

0:00 | Apr 9th, 2017

Before I start, please forgive me as I have a bit of a cough on this show. I tried to turn my mic off each time I coughed but you could still hear it. I’m working on cleansing my lungs and working on my cough. Thanks for bearing with us! We humans ar...Show More
Ep# 516 – Dr. John DeWitt: (In Studio) – Natural Concussion Treatments & How To Recover From Head Trauma Injuries

0:00 | Apr 6th, 2017

Dr. John DeWitt is our chiropractor and the man behind the website he calls concussion video where you can learn all about his latest research into head trauma and head injuries. During the show we also discussed some supplements he’s developing whic...Show More
Ep #515 – How The Flat Earth Conspiracy Relates To Health, How To Cleanse Your Lungs, Current Events, Listener Questions & Much More!

0:00 | Apr 6th, 2017

On today’s show I talked about a lot of topics relating to health and natural healing. One of which is the flat earth theory or “conspiracy”. I didn’t talk about flat earth in order to promote it or debunk it. I only talked about it because people ar...Show More
Ep #514 – Dr. Carolyn Dean – Why Minerals Are The Key To Health Especially Magnesium

0:00 | Apr 2nd, 2017

Dr. Carolyn Dean joined us on the show today to talk about a topic we don’t discuss much on Extreme Health Radio. We talked about the importance of minerals and why minerals are the key to building great health. For those that don’t know Dr. Carolyn ...Show More
Ep #513 – Corrie Yelland – How She Used Cannabis Oil To Help Heal From Anal Cancer & Skin Cancer!

0:00 | Mar 24th, 2017

Corrie Yelland was on the show today to talk about her harrowing journey from having anal cancer as well as skin cancer to being completely better. We cannot say cured or healed on this show because everybody knows that only doctors, chemotherapy, su...Show More
Ep #512 – Atom Bergstrom – Red Light Therapy, Looking Within For Answers, Hypnotism, Timing, Color, Longevity & Much More!

0:00 | Mar 20th, 2017

Atom Bergstrom author of Yes, No, Maybe Chronobiotic Nutrition, joined us today to talk about color therapy, light therapy as well as the timing of when we eat food and much more. Please forgive the audio in this show. We had multiple instances of my...Show More
Ep# 511 – Marcus Freudenmann – Why Is PEMF Therapy So Powerful For Helping The Body Build Unbreakable Health?

0:00 | Mar 14th, 2017

There is a free ozone webinar on Wednesday December 28th 2016 with Marcus. If you want to learn even more about how ozone can help you with your current health challenges, you can do so by clicking here. Marcus Freudenmann is the man behind the websi...Show More
Ep #510 – Dr. Christine Horner – Energy Medicine, Sleep, Ayurveda, Sailing Through Chemo & Easy Principles To Radically Improve Your Health!

0:00 | Mar 12th, 2017

Dr. Christine Horner joined us today on this episode of the podcast. Dr. Horner is the author of Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Christine Horner’s Program to Protect Against & Fight Breast Cancer as well as her most recent book which we talk about m...Show More
Ep #509 – Deanna Won – Going From Hospice Care And 4 Weeks To Live With Ovarian Cancer To Radiant Health

0:00 | Mar 8th, 2017

Deanna Won joined us on the show today to talk about her journey with healing ovarian cancer naturally. Before I get into that I want to say thank you to everybody for your patience. We have had some massive technical issues with our internet and sou...Show More
Ep #508 – Leanne Venier – Debunking Myths About Light, Red Light Therapy Benefits & How The Right Color Light Can Help Your Body Heal Itself!

0:00 | Feb 4th, 2017

Leanne Venier joins us from Catalytic Color to talk about red light therapy benefits and why red light (and full spectrum light) can help the body get well and heal itself. Why are so many people coming down with cancer and getting auto immune diseas...Show More
Ep #507 – Chris Wark – How He Refused Chemo & Radiation To Recover From Stage 3c Colon Cancer & Beat The Odds!

0:00 | Feb 1st, 2017

Chris Wark joined us on the show today. Chris was originally on episode 12 about 4 years ago, can you believe that? It’s crazy how time flies. He recently created something called 20 Questions For Your Oncologist and he’s also just created a brand ne...Show More
Ep #506 – Andrew K. Fletcher – The Many Amazing Health Benefits Of Inclined Bed Therapy

0:00 | Jan 28th, 2017

Andrew Fletcher was nice enough to drop by and talk about inclined bed therapy and how this simple and just about free bio hack can help you improve your health! What is inclined bed therapy? Inclined bed therapy is where you raise the head of your b...Show More
Ep #505 – Freedom Of Speech, Thoughts On Donald Trump, Great Documentaries, Urine Therapy, How To Heal Your Gut, Listener Questions & More!

0:00 | Jan 27th, 2017

We originally had a show scheduled and recorded with Jeff Maier and Dr. Stan Stanbridge from Rapid Release. This is the tool that we have in our store that I’ve been using everyday for the last six months or so. It’s become so helpful to me that I wa...Show More
Ep #504 – Dr. Kelly Starrett – Why Sitting Is Worse Than Smoking & How You Can Include More Movement Into Your Life To Improve Your Health!

0:00 | Jan 26th, 2017

Dr. Kelly Starrett is the man behind Mobility WOD and the author of Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally, Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Perfo...Show More
Ep #503 – Ken Rohla – Scalar Energy, EMF, Hemp Paste, Bone Health, Red Light Therapy & Much More!

0:00 | Jan 24th, 2017

Ken Rohla came on the show today from Fresh And Alive. He’s always a very interesting person who is into some unique ideas. He thinks a lot like I do. What I like about Ken is that he’s open minded but also very even keeled, level headed and logical....Show More
Ep #502 – Dr. Darrell Wolfe – The Doc Of Detox, Why Detoxification Is Critical For Your Health Plus Healthy Mindset Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Healing Journey

0:00 | Jan 23rd, 2017

Dr. Darrell Wolfe (aka The Doc of Detox) joined us on the show today to talk about his ideas, philosophies and protocols for cleansing and detoxification. We actually spent more time discussing health motivation and mindset with regards to making the...Show More
Ep #501 – Jonathan Pantalis – Starting A Chocolate Business, His Health Journey, Health Tips & Fun Conversation!

0:00 | Jan 22nd, 2017

Jonathan Pantalis from Phi Kind Chocolate joined us in studio for an impromtude show! We have made friends on Instagram a while back and he even sent us some of his chocolates. He has been listening to our show for a while now and he told us he was g...Show More
Ep #500 – Reflecting On 500 Shows, What’s In Store For The Future, Overcoming Fears, Kate’s Latest Project & Much More!

0:00 | Jan 21st, 2017

On this episode we started off talking about doing 500 shows so far. It’s been quite a ride that’s for sure! We talked about and reflected about what caused me to get into doing this kind of work and how I’ve grown as a result. It’s so important to c...Show More
Ep #499 – Dr. Susan Luschas – How She Turned Her Family’s Health Around, Parasites, MTHFR, Methylation & So Much More

0:00 | Jan 15th, 2017

Today we had Dr. Susan Luschas from Debug Your Health on the show to talk about how she completely turned her entire family’s health around. Her daughter initially got sick and kept getting worse and worse as time went on. She couldn’t figure out whe...Show More
Ep #498 – Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy – How To Prevent Cancer & Live An Anti Cancer Lifestyle & Much More!

0:00 | Jan 13th, 2017

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy joined us on this show to talk about all things related to cancer and the disease process. She’s the author of the book called The Cancer Revolution: A Groundbreaking Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer and Be Perfectly Heal...Show More
Ep #497 – Dr. Ed Group – “We Were Born With The Ability To Heal Ourselves!” Colon Health, Detoxification, Iodine, Listener Questions & Much More!

0:00 | Jan 11th, 2017

Dr. Ed Group joined us from Global Healing Center to talk about colon health, healing the body through detoxification and much more! Dr. Group is the author of such books as Health Begins in the Colon, The Green Body Cleanse: How to Live Green & Live...Show More
Ep #496 – 2017 New Years Resolutions, The Dangers Of Colonoscopies, 2 Life Changing Books, Show Recaps, Secret Projects, Great Documentaries & Much More!

0:00 | Jan 9th, 2017

We had taken a couple weeks off from doing the show and I always have so much to share I couldn’t wait until our next show with Dr. Ed Group! It’s interesting when you are on a path of personal growth, each day you learn so many new things. New insig...Show More
Ep #495 – Should We Move?, Making Herbal Infusions, Being A Health Detective, Surgeries & Heavy Metals, Making Claims About Products, Listener Questions & More

0:00 | Dec 29th, 2016

Kate is back! I know many of you guys have been asking when is she going to be back on the show and the answer is, once a week. Every week we’ll do a Free For All Friday show where we discuss the latest happenings in the alternative health world, we’...Show More
Ep #494 – Anthony Anderson – Growing Your Own Food Is The Most Radical Act Of Rebellion

0:00 | Dec 23rd, 2016

Anthony Anderson joined us from Grow Paradise to talk about his upcoming adventures. He was nice enough to stop by our studio the day before he took off to Hawaii. Growing your own food is such a beautiful act when you really come to think of it. It ...Show More
Ep# 493 – Maryam Henein – What’s Happening To All The Bees? How Bees Are Showing Us Humanity Is Off Track & More!

0:00 | Dec 21st, 2016

Maryam Henein joined us to talk about the documentary called The Vanishing of the Bees, which is a great film about why all of our bees are dying. It tackles what’s been called “colony collapse disorder”. What’s causing colony collapse disorder? Why ...Show More
Ep# 492 – Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – Motivation For How To Get Healthy & Stay Healthy When Your Friends & Family Aren’t On Board & Much More!

0:00 | Dec 20th, 2016

Dr. John Bergman joined us in the studio for a shorter episode (he was extremely busy and had 5 consultations to do back in Huntington Beach right after the show!). We thank him for making the time out of his busy schedule to be here to discuss motiv...Show More
Ep #491 – Dr. Dean Bonlie – Studies Show How Magnetism Can Dramatically Improve Your Health And Much More!

0:00 | Dec 19th, 2016

Dr. Dean Bonlie is the man behind Magnetico Mattress pads. Dr. Bonlie was nice enough to setup our listeners with a 10% discount of you use the code ehr10 when you check out. Thanks Dr. Bonlie! 🙂 During this show with Dr. Bonlie we talked about his ...Show More
Ep #489 – Fred Van Liew – The Many Healing Benefits Of Drinking Highly Organized Structured Water For Your Health, Healing & Longevity

0:00 | Dec 10th, 2016

Fred Van Liew from eWater.com joined us on today’s show (which is my birthday! Dec 9th) to talk about structured water. Did you know that water molecules are supposed to be structured? What is structured water you ask? Well structured water when view...Show More
Ep #488 – Dr. Eric Zielinski – The Power Of Essential Oils, Why You Should Start Incorporating Them Into Your Life & Much More!

0:00 | Dec 9th, 2016

Dr. Eric Zielinski is the man behind the popular website DrEricZ.com and he’s also the man behind The Essential Oils Summit that happened a while back (I believe you can still purchase it even though it’s over now) and the Essential Oils Club which i...Show More