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Drunks and Dragons is an award-winning actual-play, comedy podcast using Dungeons and Dragons as a framework for creating a (mostly) improvised narrative.

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Episode 310 - With Tooth and Tail

1:03:52 | Apr 15th

We are really showing that dragon what's what, aren't we? Unfortunately, Drakoolus's guards are no push over so the gang still has to stay on their combat toes or else risk serious bodily harm. More disconcerting, however, is the mental damage poor F...Show More

Episode 309 - A Maze for You, Dear Drakoolus

1:17:45 | Apr 8th

I am not one to say I told you so but a fella running a damn bank named Oseary Drakoolus is a red flag and a half. Luckily we are seasoned heroes ready for any threat! And two wizards working together while a Monk and a Ranger protect them is a power...Show More

Episode 308 - The Head of Accounting

1:03:55 | Apr 1st

Frank is cool now so we owe it to him to find out what is up with his weird, probably evil boss. Don't tell Frank, but any excuse to continue to attend the various brunches around the city is always at the top of our minds. If we happen to discover s...Show More

Episode 307 - Breaking the Bank

1:10:09 | Mar 25th

Frank is pretty sure that this Iron Bank isn't bad, but we have our doubts. Naturally, we want to be sure that we don't make a very powerful enemy without cause so we gotta do our research. After brunch, that is.  The adventure continues with Skud...Show More

Episode 306 - What Hell to Travel Next

1:09:03 | Mar 18th

When you are face to face with Ioun the goddess of knowledge you gotta take advantage of it. Our heroes are about to journey into extremely dangerous planes so naturally they try to get as much info as possible. Apparently they solved the safer god p...Show More

Episode 305 - A Grand Battle Part 2

1:02:30 | Mar 11th

The battle outside Deephome rages on, but will our heroes be able to keep their rag tag army in check against the onslaught of the approaching Dragons!? That is such a stressful thing to think about! Did we ever imagine the Aludra who woke up on that...Show More

Episode 304 - A Grand Battle

1:25:34 | Mar 4th

Turns out there are lots of bad things going on throughout Drunkeros but luckily Queen Aludra has called her allies to defend Deephome. Listen as we play out a huge battle and repel thousands of enemies from the entrance of the dwarven home land of D...Show More

Episode 303 - Something Mailbag this Way Comes

1:21:46 | Feb 25th

Before we jump into the next chunk of this arc we wanted to take a moment to answer y'all's burning questions! Thank you all so much for writing in. We always love doing these eps since it gives us a chance to wild out a bit. Next episode we will I g...Show More

Episode 302 - Never Have We Ever

1:13:04 | Feb 18th

I think it is safe to say that the heroes of our story needed to let off a little steam. To collectively exhale, let their guard down and just act like all of existence isn't being threatened by some all powerful force. Luckily they have made some al...Show More

Episode 301 - Back to the Tower

1:09:59 | Feb 11th

Having defeated Josail Longshadow our crew of adventurers must decide what to do with the frozen bodies of Torog and Pelor. Pelor is pretty simple: release him. Torog...well Torog will probably be pretty mad and in a "squash small things" mood. Whate...Show More

Episode 300 - Swords and Sobriety Episode 1: Tavern Troubles

1:52:33 | Feb 4th

Few Podcasts survive to make their 300th episode and we probably would have been one of them if not for you! We are not kidding - we would have quit a long time ago ha ha. You choosing to join us for this wild ride has meant so, so, so, so much to al...Show More

Episode 299.5 - Power Fully Restored

1:27:52 | Jan 28th

This is it! Josail Longshadow and Pelor is within our grasps! We are stronger than ever and full of righteous anger. Our quest is to free a god for, Pelor's sake, so we have no choice but to pull out all the stops and end this once and for all. Well,...Show More

Episode 299 - A Crystalline Horror

1:05:35 | Jan 21st

I think we all knew there was going to be something weird inside the armory or whatever your would call this room. An impound? Is that what you would call it? Anyway this creature is terrifying and I hate fighting it. Something...is screaming inside....Show More

Podcast of Waterdeep Bonus Episode - The Dragon Ante

1:11:12 | Jan 14th

Hello, wonderful adventurers! Due to some illness we are sharing this special Waterdeep: Dragon Heist themed episode. We had two special guest and oh my lorde it was so much fun. Super duper thank you to Carlos Luna and Adal Rifai for joining us on t...Show More

Episode 298 - The Office Space

1:04:27 | Jan 7th

Having defeated those weird...creatures and saved Ekhart, the gang now has to journey to the prison offices. Hopefully all of their loot is there. As it often happens, more and more guards are like, trying to stop them? Luckily, we have several...dem...Show More

Episode 297 - Masked Monsters

1:18:16 | Dec 31st, 2018

Falling down a big hole usually leads to fun, new experiences but not today! Luckily, our good friend Eckhart Day Hammer is here. But it looks like he is getting…eaten alive? This hole sucks to be in.  The adventure continues with Skud Derringer (...Show More

Episode 296 - The Bone Pit

1:12:48 | Dec 25th, 2018

Half the team hasn't returned from their meeting with The Baus and Jimmy Skags is running his mouth. Luckily Toby's potion is ready to go and probably isn't poison! Looks like it is time for Plan B(ean) and a head on confrontation with The Baus.   ...Show More

Episode 295 - The Proverbial Pin in the Beans

1:05:53 | Dec 17th, 2018

When a plan just makes sense, you can't think about it too hard. You just have to go for it. Making a crime boss eat his own poisoned pin in a bowl of beans is both poetic and a richly deserved fate. In this episode we watch this beautifully concocte...Show More

Episode 294 - Much Ado About Beans

1:17:22 | Dec 10th, 2018

Now that Skud has low friends in high places things continue to get dicey. Especially since we can't really trust all these damn low friends. Not surprising but still so dang disappointing! Anyways, we are closing in on several of our small time goal...Show More

Episode 293 - One More Quick Thing about Corn

1:04:54 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Slowly but surely the gang is getting their footing in this terrible prison. But, they need to make sure they do not botch this up since they will only have one real chance to grab the blood or the book before the guards get wise and do something abo...Show More

Episode 292 - The Sausage Heist

1:03:47 | Nov 26th, 2018

When you have nothing to work with in a magical super prison you have to latch onto the small victories. Maybe you get a small rock or a sharpened toothbrush. Who knows what a level 17 adventurer could do with that? Baby steps is the name of the game...Show More

Episode 291 - First Days on the Job

1:06:15 | Nov 19th, 2018

Having gotten their work assignments, our heroes now actually have to go to them and perform adequately enough to not get fired or murdered. Things are very strict in this prison city so naturally our jobs are not that great. But, there are some grea...Show More

Episode 290 - Getting to Work

1:01:59 | Nov 12th, 2018

Things sure are complicated in this prison. I guess it is probably the most complicated prison in all of the realms if you think about it. Anyways, we gotta get out of here and I guess free our blood? That is a weird thing to say but we have definite...Show More

Episode 289 - First Impressions

1:07:47 | Nov 5th, 2018

When starting any new life activity - prison included - you have GOT to make a great first impression. One well-known way to do that it is a sucker-punk the biggest prisoner in the place. In this episode we go ahead and explore that space. Oh, and Sk...Show More

Episode 288 - Welcome to Grull

1:06:56 | Oct 29th, 2018

Dang! We are in the slammer! No big deal though, I am sure we will come up with something. Many adventurers have been locked up and then came up with their most daring stories from their dangerous escapes. Sure, we have no way to access our magics......Show More

Episode 287 - Welcome to the Shadowfell

1:02:48 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Entering into a new plane of existence is always a dicey proposition. Sure, you could be prepared for anything in your realm and immediately be a fish out of water in this new one. Things are just that different. The Shadowfell has an even more ruthl...Show More

Episode 286 - Preparing to Enter the Shadows

1:06:23 | Oct 15th, 2018

Now that our course is set we actually have to figure out how to get to the ding dang Shadowfell. It isn't easy! Plus we need time to catch our breath while in Pelor's Hope.

Episode 285 - A History of Things Powerful and Evil

1:02:26 | Oct 8th, 2018

Our new best friend Eckart Dayhammer gives us a brief history of the Circle of Seven and about how lots of things are real bad right now. But, we know now that our quest leads us to Grol a city in the Shadowfell. Since things are bad like, everywhere...Show More

Episode 284 - Goodbye, My Son

59:16 | Oct 1st, 2018

With things getting Real Bad in this particular heaven we need to move on. Cut and Run. Get Out While the Gettin is Good. You know. Plus, the greater threat is always around the corner and we must meet it head on in order to make the realms a safer p...Show More

Episode 283 - Once More into the Bone Cage

57:17 | Sep 24th, 2018

When suspects flee the scene of a crime you gotta throw them into the - Bone Cage. That is how justice is served in a helpful non-lethal way. Plus these two knuckle heads had something to do with the disappearance of a god, so that is a huge no-no in...Show More

Episode 282 - A Tavern at the End of Heaven

1:12:34 | Sep 17th, 2018

Finding Pelor is extremely important, we can all agree, but so is making sure the orcs don't overrun Elysium. That is a ticking clock with Gruumsh's face all over it. While we are not powerful enough to take on Gruumsh we are powerful enough to find ...Show More

Episode 281 - Where in the Realms is Pelor?!?

1:05:01 | Sep 10th, 2018

The mystery of the missing Pelor continues, this time we actually make some progress and find some good clues. Mostly that we have a suspect and it seems like there is a mysterious stranger that knows more than it seems. Also, Toby Takes A Nap! Th...Show More

Episode 280 - Dragon Siege

1:04:38 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Meanwhile in Pelor's Hope a huge problem has befallen the good Queen Ashayara which requires the help of some of her old allies. Something odd must be going on with the strongest entities in the realms since it seems like they are all riled up and re...Show More

Episode 279 – A Complicated Heaven

1:04:15 | Aug 27th, 2018

Turns out one of the more important aspects of Elysium is missing. It is kinda like going to Disneyland and finding out Mickey Mouse was murdered...After weighing our options I guess we are the ones to solve this problem especially since this cursed ...Show More

Episode 278 - Heaven Can Wait

1:05:05 | Aug 20th, 2018

Having narrowly avoided the sea of Gruumsh's massive army we now have to deal with those pesky bad bois who are climbing over the wall right in front of us. Sure, enemies are swarming everywhere but we are here and I think we can help this section. A...Show More

Episode 277 - Welcome to Elysium

59:57 | Aug 13th, 2018

Time to go to literal heaven. We are sure that nothing bad will happen in literal heaven. Time to kick back and relax and drink whatever Pelor and his buds drink. Probably some sort of like...wine made out of...grapes. I almost feel bad for how easy ...Show More

Episode 276 - Becoming the Greatest in All the Lands

1:12:45 | Aug 6th, 2018

Hello and welcome into our home. Our home is an actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Cozy, huh?! Listen as we level up to level 17 and prepare our next adventure. Our fun and weird Orb is itching to bring us to a new plane where I gotta assume not...Show More

Episode 275 - An Unquenchable Thirst (GeeklyCon 2018 Live Show)

57:31 | Jul 30th, 2018

We recorded this episode live from the Lincoln Theater in Columbus Ohio! We had such a wonderful time in an honest to goodness theater. The staff even helped us with fancy lav mics!! It ruled. Listen as your heroes aide a pal who has lost their stick...Show More

Episode 274 - Queen of the Feycourt

1:11:10 | Jul 23rd, 2018

The statues resonate with destructive power yet our heroes muster all their strength knowing that if they fail then all of the Feywild, and possibly all realms, will fall. As the waters rise so due their personally held fears that they are not strong...Show More

Episode 273 - Marbled Madness

1:10:52 | Jul 16th, 2018

As we draw ever nearer to the sound of battle and the overwhelming, yet hard to place, power emanating from this Fey Castle we know that some truly awful stuff is going to greet us. Just, ten gallons of bad in a 8 gallon jug. Thank the gods that othe...Show More

Episode 272 - One Step Closer to the Gods

1:03:16 | Jul 9th, 2018

Having defeated and befriended those pesky Drow, your heroes now must enter seat of the Fey Court. Sounds of battle can be heard raging throughout the corpse strewn halls but we must press on! Finally, we will learn some answers about what the heck i...Show More

Episode 271 - The Finality of Our Proving

1:08:50 | Jul 2nd, 2018

What is this? Aludra and the gang are up to some investigations on a snowy mountaintop and with Drunkeros in a tailspin they need all the help they can get. Hopefully the The High Level Executive - Class Drow Supreme Fighting Force doesn't slow down ...Show More

Episode 270 - The High Level Executive - Class Drow Supreme Fighting Force

1:04:58 | Jun 25th, 2018

We knew that getting into the tower was going to be hard but honestly we kinda hoped that whatever was in the lake was going to be the worst of it. We had no idea that a supreme fighting force would get in our way. Luckily, the Tower of Grey is also ...Show More

Episode 269 - The Writhing Mass Under the Lake

1:16:39 | Jun 18th, 2018

Was the lake sounding the tower always writhing in that menacing way? This really is a shame since we want to travel across the lake but I gotta tell ya I don't look forward to figuring out what the hell is beneath the water. I suppose it could be a ...Show More

Episode 268 - The Orcus Onslaught Part 2

1:04:36 | Jun 11th, 2018

The Circle of Seven continues their fight against Orcus and his undead minions. Fortunately, this is the most hardened crew of god-slayers in all the realms so if anyone can bring down the dreaded Orcus it is them. But at what cost... This was rec...Show More

Episode 267 - The Orcus Onslaught Part 1

54:24 | Jun 4th, 2018

What do you do when the natural order of the realms falls in to chaos? Good and evil must exist in harmony so when Orus threatened to disrupt that balance the Archmage Bigby sent for the strongest, meanest and most Demon-Lord vanquising-est adventure...Show More

Episode 266 - A Mailbag Episode!

1:17:49 | May 28th, 2018

Due the to busy or sick state of the cast this week we chose to lean into the weird and do another mailbag episode! Thank you to all the folks who wrote in, mainly on twitter, to ask us questions. We could have chatted for 13 hours but we knew we had...Show More

Episode 265 - Towards the Banks of Fate

1:03:06 | May 21st, 2018

Getting your biscuits smashed by some rude enemies is enough to make even the strongest and bravest heroes pause for a moment and assess their situation. Unfortunately for our heroes, the longer they wait the longer young Prince Thom Harper remains i...Show More

Episode 264 - The Big and Brave Ben Dilladong

1:02:55 | May 14th, 2018

After escaping the fierce Drow Warriors, our heroes must decide he next plan of attack. They have little time to decide since Thom Harper is still in peril. But...it serves Thom no good if his would be rescuers die in the process. Unfortunately we al...Show More

Episode 263 - Too Many Legs In This Feywild Part 2

1:05:45 | May 7th, 2018

The battle rages on with new foes joining the fray. Will our heroes be able to survive? Probably, they are level 16 and have lots of options so I am not too worried. But, any set back keeps them from rescuing young Thom Harper. The lad needs help and...Show More

Episode 262 - Too Many Legs In This Feywild

55:46 | Apr 30th, 2018

Turns out those spiders actually do want to hurt us. What a shame, you think that maybe just once a spider will ask how your day is and maybe chat a bit about the weather but nope. They come down out of trees and through bushes and try to bite you re...Show More

Episode 261 - A Rotten Crew of Beautiful Misfits Part 2

1:18:06 | Apr 23rd, 2018

These rowdy folks are continuing their quest to help out someone that is probably nice and good. Making friends with a god is a cool thing to do for an adventuring crew to do, especially if you are good and nice like this particular group.  We wer...Show More

Episode 260 - A Rotten Crew of Beautiful Misfits Part 1

1:10:11 | Apr 16th, 2018

Lahni was unable to join us for this session so we used arcane and secret magics to peer through the veil of time to the strange occurrences which happened three weeks ago. We find ourselves in a jail cell in a town located somewhere within the Feywi...Show More

Episode 259 - Welcome to the Feywild

58:53 | Apr 9th, 2018

Looks like some sort of funny business is going on in the Feywild. We don't really want to go to the Fey Lands, especially without a guide...but we have to try to track down Thom Harper! Plus this dang, weird Orb! What is its deal? I kinda hate it. I...Show More

Episode 258 - A Princeling Problem

1:06:32 | Apr 2nd, 2018

Having narrowly escaped the extreme Pyre Problem due to Lahni's incredible speed, our heroes must decide what to do with their new orb. Orb is strange but also, orb is good. What does the orb want us to know? Is it an orb or is it The Orb? Who knows....Show More

Episode 257 - Gotta Go Fast

1:03:24 | Mar 26th, 2018

After meeting our new and good friend, Skud, and defeating his undead master it is time to really dig into what makes this fella tick. Really get into what it means to be Skud. What is that rumbling noise coming from far away? I assume we will have t...Show More

Episode 256 - Master Attackers

1:15:09 | Mar 19th, 2018

Well this Skud fella is a little odd, what with the undead everywhere...but he seems nice enough. Hopefully we can continue on our quest without any more interruptions. I feel like I had said this before, but I am sure nothing bad will happen. Especi...Show More

Episode 255 - To the South, We Go

1:14:58 | Mar 12th, 2018

Fortunately, that pesky robot was just a test. A fiendish way to make sure the Tower of Grey is operating at peak efficiency. Now, however, we must travel south to discover new lands and powerful new enemies. As always, I am sure everything will go s...Show More

Episode 254 - Tower Crashers

1:10:50 | Mar 5th, 2018

Today was supposed to be a nice and relaxing day. Maybe drink some tea and practice a spell or three while Rowan does whatever it is she does all day. But, sure, incredibly scary banks and odd clients and rude robots are a fine way to spend a Monday ...Show More

Episode 253 - Tower of Grey (Start of Arc 3)

1:09:13 | Feb 26th, 2018

It has been seven years since the Lich, Sinu the Red, was defeated. The lands of Drunkeros have more or less been at peace. Sure, no one has done anything about Pyre, the ancient red dragon who controls Mastwick. And occasionally a goblin tribe will ...Show More

Episode 252 - A History of Heroes Part 2

1:13:16 | Feb 19th, 2018

Thom Harper continues his book report with the help of some of his friends. Unfortunately, Jaela got the flu and couldn't help as much as she wanted. The flu sucks that way.  This is an anime-ass-recap episode! We haven't done one of these in fore...Show More

Episode 251 - A History of Heroes Part 1

1:08:56 | Feb 12th, 2018

With no great conflicts to attend to our heroes take a breather and reflect on their time adventuring. The hijinks they have gotten into. The dragons/ dragon affiliated foes that they have fought. All of the hairs that have been tuscled. Truly, it ha...Show More

Episode 250 - The Return of the Raw Fury Games Part 2

1:21:15 | Feb 5th, 2018

The race is afoot! Team White Spire is going through some tough times but they have managed to keep with the pack and avoid being eliminated/ killed. But, if we are being honest, isn't losing to a bunch of jerks worse than death? Armed with Rudolph's...Show More

Episode 249 - The Return of the Raw Fury Games

1:27:59 | Jan 29th, 2018

With the lands returning to a somewhat normal state of things the Raw Fury Games are once again being hosted in Drunkeros. Deepholme has the esteemed honor of leading the festivities with their newly married Queen heading the event. The delegation fr...Show More

Episode 248 - Hashtag Bride Tribe Part 2

1:30:18 | Jan 22nd, 2018

We continue to party and take several trips down memory lane. We are also introduced to the hottest, newest Drunkeros sport. But really, we are all here to celebrate the union of Aludra Wyrmsbane and Jaela, the two greatest gals in this fantastical w...Show More

Episode 247 - Hashtag Bride Tribe Part 1

1:29:44 | Jan 15th, 2018

A grand tradition of the realms of Drunkeros is the challenges that those wishing to become married must overcome. No one really remembers where this tradition originated but most say that completing a difficult task ensures happiness and wealth for ...Show More

Episode 246 - Dance of Undeath Part 2

1:16:10 | Jan 8th, 2018

Quiet. So quiet. After that undead terror, Sinu the Red, uttered but a word Steve fell to the ground using his last ounce of strength to ensure that he did not fall onto his baby which he brought into battle with a beast so strong it is on the cover ...Show More

Episode 245 - Dance of Undeath

1:18:20 | Jan 1st, 2018

With the Lich finally revealing itself our brave heroes now have the chance to put this evil to rest, murder style! Something makes me think that Liches are really powerful...maybe maintaining an illusion of a whole town for several days including to...Show More

Episode 244 - Welcome to Tarry Hallow

1:16:41 | Dec 25th, 2017

Finally, some clues we can use to get closer to the truth of this accursed town! Seriously, why do these simple folk have to be so guilty? I am not saying we are the world's greatest detectives but you have to admit that everyone seems a little...off...Show More

Episode 243 - Where Bones Lie

1:20:49 | Dec 18th, 2017

The mystery of this town gets a little deeper but definitely not clearer. It is hard to help but think that everyone in this town is hiding something from us. Surely, they can't all be guilty...regardless of how suspicious each person appears our goa...Show More

Episode 242 - Where Is That Boy!

1:17:37 | Dec 11th, 2017

Putting on a magical robe doesn't always transport you to a magical realm of oddities, but when it does, buddy you got yourself an adventure. With time running out, will our heroes be able to find the missing boy? Is the missing boy in the Astral Pla...Show More

Episode 241 - The Actual Diary of Sinu the Red, Seriously This Time

1:13:57 | Dec 4th, 2017

Finding the diary of a crazed wizard is a tough thing. Do you read it? Do you read it extra carefully because the wizard may have put strange arcane spells within the dusty pages? You have to read it, of course. There is just too much potential knowl...Show More

Episode 240 - The Battle for the Books

1:04:01 | Nov 27th, 2017

Actually we just fight a monster but maybe fighting a monster is the real Diary of Senu the Red and I have never made a mistake? If you think about it? Finding the diary of a crazed wizard is a tough thing. Do you read it? Do you read it extra carefu...Show More

Episode 239 - Into the Crypt Yet Again

1:14:44 | Nov 20th, 2017

The Crypt of Sinu the Red is one of the top 10 places you just don't go in this world. It may be empty, but various nasties have called that area home over the years so you never really knows what could be in there. Plus, we already know that Denton'...Show More

Bonus: Thanksgiving Binge

13:34 | Nov 16th, 2017

Tim and Nika chated with Chris Antista of Thirty Twenty Ten about their favorite podcast episodes on each other's shows! Feast on these shows @ www.Wondery.com/Thanksgiving  Thirty Twenty Ten's Binge: Inside Psycho - The Butcher of Pla...Show More

Episode 238 - For the Kids

1:15:41 | Nov 13th, 2017

Having defeated the army of the dead, the gang starts to learn more about this strange, unfortunate town. As things often go, the plight of the town is summed up by one scared girl asking to find her brother. We are heroes. We are the light in the da...Show More

Episode 237 - Defend These Walls, Ye Living Basterds

1:13:09 | Nov 6th, 2017

The horizon quakes with the sound of buzzing flies and the ground hums with impending doom. The Lich must know we are coming for the undead army sent to stop us is as fearsome as it is massive. Fear not! Your adventurers are hearty. They are swarthy....Show More

Episode 236 - Journey to the Land of the Undead

1:24:03 | Oct 30th, 2017

After leaving Aludra, the gang prepares for their journey to face this nasty Lich. Traveling means one thing for our stalwart adventurers - Downtime Activities! Listen as we have one training montage after another of getting pumped and ready to fight...Show More

Episode 235 - Queendom Come

1:20:48 | Oct 23rd, 2017

I hate goodbyes but I love tricking out airships so this very special episode causes me a lot of emotions. It is finally time for Aludra to hang that warhammer up and focus on ruling her people. With her semi-retirement (no one believes she will be g...Show More

Episode 234 - A Vampire Friend

1:27:45 | Oct 16th, 2017

We find ourselves in a reconstructed Pelor's Hope. About four years ago or so. More of our friends were still alive but the wounds from the deaths of others were much fresher. Who do we turn to when it appears like we have no allies that we can trust...Show More

Episode 233 - A Very Special Mail Bag Episode

1:34:01 | Oct 10th, 2017

With another arc in the bag our team realized that the bag mentioned earlier in this sentence was actually a mail bag! So, being smart and kind we opened it and realized that it was you, the smarter and kinder fans, who sent in the mails which gave s...Show More

Podcast of Annihilation Bonus Episode - The Curious Cure of the Black Orchid

1:59:12 | Oct 2nd, 2017

What do you do when your great leader falls sick to an unknown illness? Would you brave the dangers of Chult in order to save her? What if you knew you would find strange riddles and even stranger allies? Well, fair adventurers, we hope you packed an...Show More

Episode 232 - A Slight Gravitational Problem

1:17:01 | Sep 25th, 2017

Well, we did it. Sometimes success is the difference between you or your foe getting off their signature move. Some days you get the drop. Other days, heck, your enemies must have eaten their fiber bars because they move like a dancer on speed. Now t...Show More

Episode 231- Jett Razor

1:20:18 | Sep 18th, 2017

The time has finally come to face the traitorous Jett Razor. I hate that guy so much. Luckily, we looked some pretty powerful items to assist us in this fight. Hopefully Jett doesn't have similarly powerful items...wait...this is his city. Oh man he ...Show More

Episode 230 - Shrine Time

1:14:35 | Sep 11th, 2017

Time to split the party to see how the gang handles challenges by themselves. Each member of our team, plus Tug and Elenor, must pull their weight and not goof up or else all of Glaine, the Jewel of the East, could die! Plus, surely Jett knows his fo...Show More

Episode 229 - A Power Reborn

1:01:55 | Sep 4th, 2017

Our heroes are well on their way to saving everyone in both a stylish and brave way. Their fame will surely be spread far and wide across the lands. Surely, that won't have any downsides, right? Well at least they get some fun loot from the Armory in...Show More

Episode 228 - Traps and Treasures

1:09:32 | Aug 28th, 2017

With Nareev steadily falling to the warm and inviting location we like to call 'The Ground" the gang has to frantically solve their current gravity issues. The lives of tens of thousands of innocent people and thousands of more-or-less innocent goo p...Show More

Episode 227 - We All Fall Down

1:28:54 | Aug 21st, 2017

Oops. Looks like we really need to grab those items that our good friend whats her name mentioned. The whole "Bringing back Solani" thing made us more or less not trust all of her ideas. That is on us. But we have to move fast if we want to save Glai...Show More

Episode 226 - The Temple of Solani

1:10:09 | Aug 14th, 2017

With the mighty fused-together Voltrox defeated, your dudes head into the Temple of Solani to save Glaine, the Jewel of the East. I hope moving all of Nareev is easy. That would be real great. Like, maybe the Orb of Whatever is just super easy to fig...Show More

Episode 225 - Defenders of Nareev

1:16:32 | Aug 7th, 2017

The Temple of Salanae stands in front of our brave heroes. A thought scratches at the back of each of their minds - are we ready to face the defenders of this sacred place? What terrible defenders block our way? Luckily, past these doors the means to...Show More

Episode 224 - Welcome to Hell (GeeklyCon 2017 Liveshow)

1:09:56 | Jul 31st, 2017

This episode was recorded live in front of an audience at GeeklyCon 2017! We were all dolled up in our outfits and oh did we have just the best time! It was a little sweaty but the surprises kept on rolling so we didn't mind the heat anyways. Oh yeah...Show More

Episode 223 - The Fighting Falcons

1:24:32 | Jul 24th, 2017

In order to save our good bud Yazdir from the Nareevians, our brave heroes must face a huge and powerful enemy. An enemy with big ol' spikes! Luckily, the gang has a few tricks up their sleeves and this prickly foe is about to enter pain city USA.The...Show More

Episode 222 - Plan C.5

1:15:13 | Jul 17th, 2017

With the planning phase behind us, it is now time to get down to business. But, we have some time to kill so we attempt to give the entire town depression. A heroes work is never done. The adventure continues with Steve Melloncamp (Mike Bachmann), Al...Show More

Episode 221 - A Quest to Save the Great Leader Part 2

1:26:48 | Jul 10th, 2017

Y'all ever get that felling like you are in a cheesy action film? Maybe it is the man with the eye patch. Or maybe it is the blaring guitars in the distance but I will tell you what, this whole "Save Cheryl she has been kidnapped" thing sounds famili...Show More

Episode 220 - A Quest to Save the Great Leader Part 1

1:30:01 | Jul 3rd, 2017

Our rowdy monster crew gets let in on a secret tip that someone very important to them has been snatched. Knowing in their Monster Hearts that leaving the Atlanta Falcons alone is possibly a cowardly action, saving their leader is the most important ...Show More

Episode 219 - My Friend, the Dragon

1:19:07 | Jun 26th, 2017

When you meet a new friend you just have to establish a baseline level of trust. Trust is so important these days, what with the dreaded Nareevians taking the shape of potential new friends but they are actually trying to siphon off the magical energ...Show More

Episode 218 - A Poorly Named Movement

1:10:59 | Jun 19th, 2017

A mysterious stranger meets up with our daring adventurers as they are trying to figure out this strange airship. Will this be a friend? Will this be a foe? The suspense has rendered my body into a jello like paste. I would be at home at a Nareevian ...Show More

Episode 217 - The Secrets of the Captain's Quarters

1:17:24 | Jun 12th, 2017

All great plans must answer a single question that is often overlooked - how the hell are you going to extract yourself from your current pickle that you have created for yourself? And this is where we find our heroes in today's adventure. Sure, you ...Show More

Episode 216 – We are Guards

1:16:08 | Jun 5th, 2017

With our perfect disguises on we are ready to head into The White Spire with an all expenses paid trip to Nareev. Things are certainly getting tense, what with out goal just a few short feet away. Danger is breathing down our necks. Trust comes slowl...Show More

Episode 215 – In the Peaceful Land of the Enemy

1:13:58 | May 29th, 2017

Glaine, the Jewel of the East, sure is nice for being a town taken over by goo-folks. While people seem to be generally bummed about the whole thing, the magical floating city almost makes the sky more beautiful. Street meat still tastes as good. The...Show More

Episode 214 – A Fighting Chance

1:10:02 | May 22nd, 2017

The wonderful denizens of Tidtowne offered their aid to our desperate heroes who sorely needed a helping hand. Now victory over the forces of Nareev seems somewhat possible as opposed to a 100% suicide mission. The floating magical city is still a my...Show More

Episode 213 – Hey There, Cheryl

1:13:42 | May 15th, 2017

Facing off against dragons, an army of of shapeshifting cross-planar aliens or an entire colony of Slaad’s pale in comparison to what Steve must face today. Let’s hope that he inherited more of Thom’s resolve than we previously thought, because he wi...Show More

Episode 212 – Welcome to Tidtowne

1:11:26 | May 8th, 2017

With things moving very rapidly both in and around Glaine, the Jewel of the East, the gang has some tough decisions to make. As always, I s’pose. Adventurers are used to tough decisions. It is their daily bread. After some initial set backs they lear...Show More

Episode 211 – The Quest to Save Tidtowne, Part 3

1:33:23 | May 1st, 2017

We conclude our monstrous adventure as the small band of heroes finish up their side-quest, and mostly collect a lot of bones. Marvel as undead are turned for the first time in the history of our podcast, and many, many pits are fallen into. There ma...Show More

Episode 210 – The Quest to Save Tidtowne, Part 2

1:23:05 | Apr 24th, 2017

Our small band of monsters continue the side-quest this week. They delve deeper into this unusual crypt that you, the listener, has maybe encountered before? Let’s hope the team doesn’t get too distracted by all the beautiful bones because they still...Show More

Episode 209 – The Quest to Save Tidtowne

1:33:37 | Apr 17th, 2017

With Timothy missing in action, we have taken on a bit of a side quest this week. We follow a brutish force of monsters as they go on a dangerous quest to save the noble leader of Tidtowne. At first it might not seem like this has a whole lot to do w...Show More

Episode 208 – Clever Girl

1:15:20 | Apr 10th, 2017

Typically, your local library doesn’t like it if you make noise. They hate it if make most of the room explode – even if you are trying to thwart an assassination attempt. But some times these things happen, and there is no way the Nareevians were go...Show More

Episode 207 – Tea Time

1:27:19 | Apr 3rd, 2017

Please support your local libraries and artisanal grocery stores for they one day may save your very life. For instance, the gang has to find some long lost knowledge and talk to a cup but they are missing ingredients for both. So, they head off to t...Show More

Episode 206 – Regicide & Other Crimes

1:17:24 | Mar 27th, 2017

That Queen Ashayara Dayne really has it out for our heroes. Wonder why? It all seems a little unfair if you ask me. The Courtroom is a different type of battlefield, one that the brave adventurers are not quite used to. Hopefully, nothing too…permane...Show More

Episode 205 – Locked Up

58:44 | Mar 20th, 2017

I guess it sorta makes sense the Queen Ashayara Dayne would be mad at us, what with the death of her beloved husband. Sure, it wasn’t our fault but I guess she doesn’t know that. And honestly, this couldn’t have come at a worse time since we came to ...Show More

Episode 204 – Time to Save the World. Again.

1:27:13 | Mar 13th, 2017

With our weary bones mended and our collective experience enriched the gang is off to save the world yet again. But how! They have no shortage of enemies, but allies, that is another story. Pals, acquaintances, non-murderous rivals – sure, but actual...Show More

Episode 203 – A Night in the Gnome Quarter

1:07:33 | Mar 6th, 2017

Heading directly into Nareev seems like some sort of suicide mission, so the gang shows a small bit of restraint and collects their thoughts and energy in Toby’s family home. Turns out, things are mostly fine in Glaine, the Jewel of the East, which i...Show More

Episode 202 – The City in the Sky

1:12:03 | Feb 27th, 2017

Turns out the whole town of Glaine, the Jewel of the East is in a lot of trouble. You see, a whole hecking city could fall on top of it if we goof this one up. Somehow we must defeat these folks before they take over all of Drunkeros! If anyone can d...Show More

Episode 201- The Reconstructed Hero

1:13:28 | Feb 20th, 2017

Wow. Just wow. After the horrible betrayal by the traitor Jett Razor the gang is hopeful that the return of Steve the Gnoll will turn their luck around. Wait, do we still call him Steve the Gnoll? That head certainly doesn’t look…Gnoll-ish…He seems p...Show More

Episode 200- Battle of the White Spire

1:19:32 | Feb 13th, 2017

After a huge and shocking betrayal, the adventurers seek some good ol’ fashioned revenge. With the White Spire (and more specifically Toby’s house) falling around them as they battle with the Jett and his Nareevian allies the stakes have never been h...Show More

Episode 199 – Betrayal in the White Spire

1:21:31 | Feb 6th, 2017

As we enter the White Spire of Glaine, the Jewel of the East, tensions are running high. What will we find inside? Will we be able to prove our worth? Is my room and all my cool stuff ok? With these thoughts bouncing around in our head we must prepar...Show More

Episode 198 – Welcome to Glaine, the Jewel of the East

1:16:52 | Jan 31st, 2017

Now that Toby’s magical device has the reagents needed to locate this arcane anomaly the gang heads into Glaine, the Jewel of the East. They have no idea what they are looking for exactly, but often times magical monstrosities of this type are not th...Show More

Episode 197 – Into the Sewers

1:30:52 | Jan 23rd, 2017

With Jett’s mysterious disappearance, the gang decides to march on and attempt to find the source of this magical disturbance. Much like a a doctor attempting to prevent a major health issue down the road, it is imperative that our heroes find this m...Show More

Episode 196 – Never Meet Your Heroes

1:30:11 | Jan 17th, 2017

The gang follows the witches advice and make their way to Glaine, the Jewel of the East. They are told to meet a certain young Gnome at a tavern outside the city. Perhaps heading into the city is a little dangerous for this small and pure Gnome so me...Show More

Bonus Episode: The Raw Fury Games – Part 2

1:17:13 | Jan 9th, 2017

Harper may be regretting his picks for the Raw Fury Games, but no one can deny that they are somehow getting this whole thing done. If rumors are correct the second half of the games are much more dangerous and there is that Artixis character skulkin...Show More

Bonus Episode: The Raw Fury Games – Part 1

1:28:50 | Jan 2nd, 2017

We are magically teleported to a time that is more simple and more filled with characters who are not dead. Listen as Lord Titus Harper and a his brave friends attempt to survive the deadly Raw Fury games in hopes to secure the funds needed to restor...Show More

Episode 195 – Meanwhile, In Glaine, the Jewel of the East

1:07:52 | Dec 19th, 2016

Something is a brewin’ in Glaine, the Jewel of the East and our good pal Lex is on the case. Listen to this special episode involving the strange witch from Evening Shire as she meets a new potential ally in these dark times. There will be danger! In...Show More

Episode 194 – Bucky, the Best Boy

1:01:43 | Dec 12th, 2016

Maybe that fight was just the distraction we needed since…well these emotions are almost too much to deal with right now. Who do you fight when you enemies are gone and only your friends are around? I am sure that any pain that comes out of these has...Show More

Episode 193 – Outside the Tower

1:07:14 | Dec 6th, 2016

After the…extreme…events of the last non-mailbag episode, the gang has to face what they just saw and learn to live with the grief. Well, they would, if there wasn’t a dang commotion going on outside Longcryer’s tower. Seriously, who makes a ruckus w...Show More

Episode 192 – Mailbageddon

1:28:11 | Nov 21st, 2016

It has been about 40 episodes since we had a Mail Bag episode so we figured now would be the best time to gather around the e-fire and answer some of your burning questions. We also touch a bit on the events of the previous episodes in order to gain ...Show More

Episode 191 – Mixed Messages

1:20:37 | Nov 14th, 2016

Now that Askur is out of the way no one stands before us and our goal of eliminating Longcryer. So much of what we have done has lead us to this moment, even if it was just a side quest. While it is possible that Longcryer has some sort of informatio...Show More

Episode 190 – Losing Control

1:22:41 | Nov 7th, 2016

Harper seems real angry at this staff wielding dwarf. Also, why does this dude have this “I can kick you butt all over Drunkeros with one hand tied behind my back” grin on his face? It is obvious that he is powerful in the magical arts, but against a...Show More

Episode 189 – A Ghostly Voice

1:30:00 | Oct 31st, 2016

Well…that was weird… Harper is back but he is acting a little strange. Did he always, you know, speak in a garbled disembodied female voice and then have no recollection of it? Maybe he got into Jett”s bag of “Candy! Not a Drug, Mate” that we all kno...Show More

Episode 188 – A Dark Past Part 2

1:10:39 | Oct 24th, 2016

Things are going fairly terribly for ol’ Titus and Camille but at least there is a seed of hope that escape is possible. Sure, we all know that a happy ending is unlikely, but surely a bitter-sweet one is more than possible, right? There situation is...Show More

Episode 187 – A Dark Past

1:10:34 | Oct 17th, 2016

Ok, I guess we should have guessed that Harper would have some sort of … something after entering Longcryer’s tower. If we were the betting type “grabbing head and passing out” should have been a fairly safe bet. What horrors are going through his mi...Show More

Episode 186 – New Models

1:08:38 | Oct 10th, 2016

Three newer “Harper” models huh? If one wasn’t bad enough now there are three more ab-having sorcerers to deal with? Just great. Who knows what Longcryer has done to these people so we must be on our guard. Maybe they are not as bad as they look. The...Show More

Episode 185 – Protege Problems

1:23:43 | Oct 3rd, 2016

Wow, we sure did dispense justice on those Orcs. Violence isn’t always the way things should go, but in order to protect people sometimes you have to fight. If I were one to bet, violence is the only option for the way this Longcryer situation will g...Show More

Episode 184 – Orc, Orc and Orc

1:35:21 | Sep 26th, 2016

While your brave adventurers are a little on edge, you must admit that the death of a small boy is cause for alarm! Sure, it is possible that we are overreacting. And, well, maybe it is more than a little self-centered to think that every death that ...Show More

Episode 183 – Welcome to Brexleyshire

1:29:29 | Sep 19th, 2016

Brexleyshire was supposed to be a quick pit stop but something seems strange in this simple town. While we cannot delay we also cannot forget that there is a murderer in our midst. No telling if it has anything to do with the attacked caravan or even...Show More

Episode 182 – Another Lake, Another Caravan

1:16:04 | Sep 12th, 2016

I love the feeling that you get when you start a new adventure! As adventurers moving on to the next big quest is pretty much our job. Saving the world one evil cult or murderous monster at a time. But, it is always important to use these transition ...Show More

Episode 181 – The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 6

1:09:37 | Sep 5th, 2016

With the Oakback forces extremely defeated it is time to figure out what this Deephome place is going to look like going forward. There are some tough choices to be made, that is for sure. Plus, tensions, naturally are running really high. Wars can d...Show More

Episode 180 – The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 5

1:17:09 | Aug 29th, 2016

Tensions are running pretty high between the new Queen Wyrmsbane and the rebel Oakback forces. These Oakbacks…they are the worst. They think they can make demands of Aludra when they are 1) the reason things are so terrible 2) are utterly defeated on...Show More

Episode 179 – The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 4

1:12:22 | Aug 22nd, 2016

Unfortunately, we already used the title “The Wrongest We Ever Got It” since I think this is technically the wronger we have ever got it. We made a quick and daring decision and it…well…I don’t want to spoil it. Things go from bad to worse as we figh...Show More

Episode 178 – The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 3

1:33:59 | Aug 15th, 2016

The victory over the Oakback troops is short lived since, well, there is still that tank thing causing mayhem. With our heroes already in pain this dreadnaught will be a tough foe indeed. Will overconfidence be the downfall of all that they have stri...Show More

Episode 177 – The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 2

1:00:12 | Aug 8th, 2016

The battle rages on as our stalwart heroes take on a host of Dwarven and Elemental warriors! While they are doing amazing damage is it enough to best these hearty foes!?! Most likely, but who knows… Honestly, these enemies are punks and I pity them f...Show More

Episode 176 – The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 1

1:17:32 | Aug 1st, 2016

Bam! Teleported into the middle of a battle. Arrows and magic fly by our heads and kill our new best friends. Their is a loud noise coming from a huge mechanical…thing. Elemental creatures slam the fortifications of Wyrmsbane keep. This sucks so bad....Show More

Episode 175 – Two Steps Forward

1:16:23 | Jul 25th, 2016

News of a friend in danger reaches our heroes and makes them feel like big idiots. This totally ruins their plan of “making everyone love us” that they so lovingly crafted. Turns out that this world is still full of many dangers. Dangers that exist n...Show More

Episode 174 – The Wrongest We Ever Got It

1:11:13 | Jul 19th, 2016

The gang makes a snap decision that…may be a horrible idea. In fact, the extent to how wrong they got it takes the entire episode to sink in. No matter, as adventurers sometimes you must make snap judgments or various decisions that have lasted effec...Show More

Episode 173 – A Guttural Reaction

1:11:10 | Jul 11th, 2016

While trying to figure out just what the deal is with this worm…village we are attacked by some rude bat things.  The mushroom folks just kinda hid, which was rude, but we, as your brave heroes, rose to the occasion and defended the defenseless. Kipp...Show More

Episode 172 – Into the Worm Hole

1:04:21 | Jul 4th, 2016

Oh no! Your adventurers are falling and they can’t get up! Will the gang get eaten by this huge worm creature? Most likely! Will everyone die? Probably, yeah. Basically this worm is taking up a huge amount of their brain horse power. And the teeth ar...Show More

Episode 171 – Trials of the Underdark *Now with Video*

55:33 | Jun 29th, 2016

This adventure was recorded live in front of a studio audience. We had a blast doing our show and actually seeing folks react. It was weird. A good weird. Anyways, our adventurers meet an old friend and split the party while trying to continue to sur...Show More

Episode 170 – The Murderer

1:19:02 | Jun 6th, 2016

Looks like this murderer got himself captured by a drider. What a fool! We have him right were we want him, encased in spider webs. Hopefully capturing this murderer will help clear Jaela’s name and then we can all return to Deephome as heroes. That ...Show More

Episode 169 – The Unknown Horrors of the Underdark

1:13:06 | May 31st, 2016

The Underdark is really bad and, if we are being honest, it sucks. Sure, we met one nice pal, but there is a chance this nice pal is bad? Well not bad, that is just the stress of the Underdark talking, but he is definitely intense. Anyways, more thin...Show More

Episode 168 – Fish, Foe or Friend

1:18:11 | May 23rd, 2016

Hot on the trail of Murder Person, the gang meets a new…thing in the Underdark. They probably shouldn’t trust this…thing, but they probably will. Sometimes you gotta listen to whatever new information you have. It is part of being a good detective. W...Show More

Episode 167 – A Fungal Fright

1:22:04 | May 16th, 2016

Going into the Underdark is usually a bad idea, but you have to make bad and poor choices for your friends sometimes. That is what friendship is all about. While I do feel like 90% of our actions are driven by “my pal needs help, so I guess I will al...Show More

Episode 166 – On the Trail of a Magical Murderer

1:13:13 | May 9th, 2016

Turns out this bloody murderer is causing much havoc in Deephome. Lying about Jaela. Killing folks in a magical way. Terrible time to visit now that I think about it. No matter, we have work to do and we will catch this monster and bring them to just...Show More

Episode 165 – Bird-er Mystery

1:16:40 | May 2nd, 2016

Well, crap. This whole trip has been one thing after another but this whole Balder being murdered bit takes the cake! Honestly, what are we going to do? We are trapped underground with thousands of angry dwarves with the only exits heavily guarded. P...Show More

Episode 164 – Baldergate

1:09:13 | Apr 18th, 2016

Bringing Jaela to Deephome was a risk but it most likely will not blow up in our faces. You have to take risks for people sometimes and double that if your saved the world together. Plus, Aludra deserves to see Jaela one last time. Sure, it will make...Show More

Episode 163 – Welcome to Deephome

1:21:56 | Apr 11th, 2016

The gang is finally reaching their destination of Deephome, but are they truly ready to face the sins of their past. It is widely known that Jaela is extremely not invited to Aludra’s wedding which is currently the biggest pickle that needs to be ove...Show More

Episode 162 – The Dangerous Life of a Musician

1:17:06 | Apr 4th, 2016

Our main man Jett Razor is up to his neck in debt so things get dicey. Let’s just say we are in a bar and … a certain amount of brawling ensues. Which is nice. Our old bones have been craving a bar based tussle for many years. Feels great getting bac...Show More

Episode 161 – Welcome to Calsten

1:19:51 | Mar 28th, 2016

The gang sorted out their stowaway issue so they headed full speed ahead to Calsten to pick up Bucky’s favorite bard – the famous Jett Razor. Things are not perfect and sunny in the port city what with the rumors of an incurable disease floating abou...Show More

Episode 160 – Monkier Business

1:29:14 | Mar 21st, 2016

With the deaths of their friends in the backs of their mind, the group finally gets a chance to chat with this powerful monkey or ape like creature. Sure, we have experienced loss, but maybe, just maybe, this will be a potential new ally that will he...Show More

Episode 159 – Monkey Business

1:14:13 | Mar 14th, 2016

Things ended rather tragically last time we met…but we are not able to properly mourn our fallen. True heroes are able to push past the pain and find the strength within themselves to continue to be heroes. Sure, all we wanted to do is rest. And cry....Show More

Episode 158 – A Deep One Rises

1:08:00 | Mar 7th, 2016

Dang. Our friggin beautiful ship is all broke and stranded. Broke like our spirits after we lost a dear crew member. Unfortunately we cannot take a breath or even begin to repair the ship for there appears to be some strange beast rising from the oce...Show More

Episode 157 – Storm’s A-Brewin’

1:22:31 | Feb 29th, 2016

In this episode we learn a few hard truths about Aludra’s betrothed and are left feeling…somehow worse. Turns out he situation is complicated. Who would have guessed? Meanwhile, in Pelor’s Hope, Jaela, Harper and Bearcharger prepare to make their way...Show More

Episode 156 – Life Goes On

1:09:36 | Feb 22nd, 2016

Well, the quest has been completed and the world is now a much safer place. Unfortunately, the challenges that our heroes face do not stop on doorstep of that accursed, egg shaped fortress. Life goes on and life has a tendency to offer the greatest c...Show More

Episode 155 – Mailbagathon!

1:24:26 | Feb 15th, 2016

We are now delivering to you a beautiful baby mailbagathon! As we transition from our first 154 episodes it felt like it made sense to take a collective breath and to touch base with the listeners questions. So grab yourself a cool glass of water and...Show More

Episode 154 – The Battle Above the Abyss Part 4

1:47:41 | Feb 1st, 2016

We have put it off as long as we could but there is not turning back from fate, I guess. All of the other avenues we explored didn’t pan out so it looks like there is no other choice but to swing this hammer to save the world. We four adventurers kne...Show More

Episode 153 – The Battle Above the Abyss Part 3

1:21:36 | Jan 25th, 2016

This hulking horror seems familiar… but how can this be possible? Sure, we know that this fortress would have a few nightmares stored up its sleeve, but this?! No matter. This is just one more obstacle to overcome on our quest to save the world. Natu...Show More

Episode 152 – The Battle Above the Abyss Part 2

1:12:48 | Jan 13th, 2016

Having cracked the a hole in Fenniken’s Floating Fortress, your adventurers take a deep breath and prepare themselves for the further trials that are surely awaiting them. Resting amidst the cries of the dying screams of unicorns, it is here that the...Show More

Episode 151 – The Battle Above the Abyss

1:38:46 | Jan 7th, 2016

After an impressive and rousing speech the army seems as ready as it will ever be for what lies before them. Hundreds of demons blot the sky. A huge menacing Balor directs the demons as they charge ahead. The heroes, atop their flying griffons, wonde...Show More

Episode 150 – The Edge of the Abyss

1:06:40 | Dec 21st, 2015

Now that it definitely seems like there is no turning back, I guess we have to attack the fortress that lies within the abyss that used to be Caer. I don’t think I saw any dancing clubs to distract ourselves or any side quests to go chase. Which is a...Show More

Episode 149 – Battle Plans

1:08:57 | Dec 14th, 2015

Well it is finally time. Time to take the fight directly to Fenniken and his weird fortress. We may not be ready, but we must strike while the iron is hot. While we have the backing of a metal as heck devil army. We will stop this demon apocalypse or...Show More

Episode 148 – The Devils You Know…

1:06:44 | Dec 7th, 2015

Having finally, for real this time, dealt with the remaining bits of the Army of Bahamut the gang sets their sights on the next phase of their plan. With only a little more than two dozen days left before Aludra and Thom’s head explode speed is of th...Show More

Episode 147 – Battle of Bahamut

1:29:34 | Nov 30th, 2015

Having wrapped up the battle with the leader of the army of Bahamut your brave adventurers, who are filled with much satisfaction of an encounter well struck, moves on to meet with our Elven friends. They seem nice and … wait… what is that sound? Oh ...Show More

Episode 146 – An Illuminating Encounter Part 2

1:07:53 | Nov 23rd, 2015

Lanterns are usually something that are to be ignored. So simple yet so essential to our everyday life. Luckily, they are extremely fun to smash, especially when you have permission. Gruemar the Silver should have had a better plan against the genius...Show More

Episode 145 – An Illuminating Encounter

1:12:11 | Nov 16th, 2015

Here we are – just a few feet from the from the battle we have been preparing for the last three days. Sure, there may be shiny knights and battle standards of Bahamut, but if you ask me, these are pretenders the great Wyrmking’s ideals. Which is jus...Show More

Episode 144 – The Army of Bahamut

1:16:48 | Nov 9th, 2015

The gang finally reaches the “Army of Bahamut”. Quotes added because rumor has it that these Bahamut-heads are bad people who do not do nice things in the name of their dragon lord. When the devils said they were bad it was tough to believe them sinc...Show More

Episode 143 – Attempting to Move Forward

1:25:57 | Nov 2nd, 2015

After receiving such a shock to our collective systems, we had no choice but to attempt to find our next move. Sure, working with devils is probably bad, but this Bahamut crew also seems not so great. Maybe in this situation we are following “the ene...Show More

Episode 142 – The Painful Choices of the Living

1:11:19 | Oct 26th, 2015

After a somewhat stressful end to our last session, the gang does what it does best – focusing all of their (remaining) efforts to solve the problem at hand. Sure, things seemed awfully grim, but there has to be some arcane magics or divine assistanc...Show More

Episode 141 – Bursting with Joy

1:17:20 | Oct 19th, 2015

Maybe family reunions are not supposed to go this way. Maybe, just maybe, there shouldn’t be this strange ringing in your ears and your heart shouldn’t feel like it is in some sort of old, rickety elevator. I am sure we can trust Adira Harper, even t...Show More

Episode 140 – The Woman Who is Wearing a Spider-like Dress

1:13:49 | Oct 12th, 2015

After working up a real sweat after that whole Slaad business the gang heads back to Mastwick, not trusting the “return this quest to me” NPC, to make sure Pyre was happy. Since we already have a few terrible dragons who are not so happy with us it s...Show More

Episode 139 – The Crystal Getters

1:18:04 | Oct 6th, 2015

Having bested the Slaadi force with… mostly impressive battle tactics the gang got to the task at hand – harvesting those crystals! For most of the encounter Thom was continuing to lock lips with his new Slaad friend in some sort of long con. Without...Show More

Episode 138 – Slaad Graab

1:34:46 | Sep 28th, 2015

Having been slightly derailed on their quest to join the Army of Bahamut, the gang decides to actually listen to the giant, menacing dragon and tracks down some Slaadi. Things get real weird real fast and our heroes have to take a moment to wonder “a...Show More

Episode 137 – That’s a Bingo!

1:12:00 | Sep 15th, 2015

When preparing to leave a town or settlement for an extended period of time it is important to be mentally and physically prepared. Sure, grabbing ropes and food and such is good, but what about your mental state? When was the last time you had a goo...Show More

Episode 136 – To Tempt Fate

1:11:15 | Sep 7th, 2015

This episode is a little weird because, well, we have to really struggle with the potential chaos our actions may or may not cause. Normally, we just kinda run with it and favor short term “plans” that most likely will not bite us in the bum down the...Show More

Episode 135 – It is Getting Hot in Here

1:04:35 | Aug 31st, 2015

When you make a new dragon based friend it is so important to know their likes and dislikes. What makes them prickly? What makes them sad? If you do not arm yourself with this basic information then you will most likely get eaten up. Or burned. Or bo...Show More

Episode 134 – A Slight Dragon Based Dilemma

1:11:45 | Aug 25th, 2015

Mastwick sure is different than I remember it… were there always so few Teiflings? I swear I would have remembered a big ol’ red dragon ruling the place… but maybe not?Well now that we are here, I guess we need to try and well, not be here. Issue is,...Show More

Episode 133 – Making it to Mastwick

1:15:50 | Aug 17th, 2015

Things are bad all around, it seems, but we will not let that stop us. No we will not. While the world is crumbling around us, we adventurers are called to meet higher expectations. As we enter a familiar place we know that it is our duty to leave it...Show More

Episode 132 – Mailbag Spectacular!

1:38:52 | Aug 12th, 2015

Since we were down a DM, the most important person at a gaming table, we decided to take all of your wonderful questions and put them to the cast for in depth discussion and review. It was a fun way to get inside the heads of the PCs and find out all...Show More

Episode 131 – The Heart of Evil

1:05:42 | Aug 3rd, 2015

How can one person know the heart of another? How can we look into the still waters of a calm lake and know for certain the the image looking back is blameless? We cannot. Regardless of what a “monster manual” or “D&D Wiki” says we all know that with...Show More

Episode 130 – A Brother’s Fury

1:08:00 | Jul 27th, 2015

Michael is a bad person who does bad things to good people which leads to them crying in a darkened bathroom. The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim Lanning), Thom the Dragonborn (Mike Bachmann), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek), Jaela (Nika Howard) a...Show More

Episode 129 – Would You Like Some Wine?

1:03:36 | Jul 13th, 2015

Stop me if you have heard this before – you are just flying to meet up with you simple boat men crew when a mystyious stranger just kinda shows up and acts all friendly. Even going as far to offer you wine and snacks from a nice table in the middle o...Show More

Episode 128 – A Lakeside Encounter

1:16:44 | Jul 6th, 2015

I am always looking for an excuse to make a new friend. Sometimes I will go to the local tavern and just start talking/ arm wrestling folks if I am feeling frisky. Sometimes fate sends you back to your favorite lake and you get to meet a brand new fr...Show More

Episode 127 – The Conversion Cast

1:23:33 | Jun 30th, 2015

Hello! This episode is a little weird. Instead of getting back in to our hard RP selves we take a step back and discuss what the gang will look like in our new 5e bodies. There are changes. There is hair where there used to be no hair. But with a lit...Show More

Episode 126 – Live Show 2015

39:01 | Jun 22nd, 2015

We were so very lucky to have the amazing opportunity to record this episode live in front of a studio audience. Now, we put on a visual show so that the audience had something to look at while they got their normal auditory DnDcast experience. This ...Show More

Bonus Episode – An Evil Trip to Slay a God – Finale

52:57 | Jun 15th, 2015

While we are mentally, spiritually and financially preparing ourselves for GeeklyCon 2015 we decided it would be just a hoot to release a series of very special Drunks and Dragons episodes. These were recorded during our Tabletop Day 2015 24-hour liv...Show More

Bonus Episode – An Evil Trip to Slay a God – Part 2

1:15:50 | Jun 9th, 2015

While we are mentally, spiritually and financially preparing ourselves for GeeklyCon 2015 we decided it would be just a hoot to release a series of very special Drunks and Dragons episodes. These were recorded during our Tabletop Day 2015 24-hour liv...Show More

Bonus Episode – An Evil Trip to Slay a God

1:11:43 | Jun 1st, 2015

While we are mentally, spiritually and financially preparing ourselves for GeeklyCon 2015 we decided it would be just a hoot to release a series of very special Drunks and Dragons episodes. These were recorded during our Tabletop Day 2015 24-hour liv...Show More

Episode 125 – The Clothes Makes the Bucky

1:01:54 | May 25th, 2015

All people need to watch out for their influences. Sometimes they can overpower who you really are and make you do terrible things. Maybe they will even turn you into a monster or maybe even a terrifying spider hell creature. That is why you need to ...Show More

Episode 124 – For Little Bucky

1:10:12 | May 18th, 2015

It feels like it has been a long and tough road, but here we are inside the tower of Yeenoghu where our brave little buckster is holed up. It will take great strength and courage to rescue our little githyanki boy, but by the power of Erathis, I know...Show More

Episode 123 – A Bigger, Burninger, Bar Brawl

1:16:00 | May 11th, 2015

When your boy gets punched in the face there is nothing else for you to do other than to Break Bad and and protect him. And sometimes you need to send a message that punching strangers is not ok. Not at all ok. If they give you one black eye then you...Show More

Episode 122 – Okay, Bye!

1:09:26 | May 4th, 2015

Now that we are a part of the seedy resupply element entering Yeenoghu’s terrible town, the gang has to do their best to blend in. We look great. Our gnoll impressions are spot on. Nothing can go wrong. Probably. I mean, it is an evil town of evil pe...Show More

Episode 121 – A Polymorph Puzzle

1:08:58 | Apr 27th, 2015

With the very real threat of actually infiltrating this Gnoll Death City looming ahead, the party must noodle this whole “How do we sneak into an evil city of evil monsters??” It seems impossible, but little Bucky must be saved. Luckily, the gang has...Show More

Episode 120 – BAR BRAWL!

1:14:22 | Apr 20th, 2015

Maybe we made poor decisions sleeping in this old drafty tavern. Welp. That choice was made. There is nothing to be done about it. Now we have to put on our adult pants and deal with the consequences. Maybe fighting a horde of demons is a bad way to ...Show More

Episode 119 – The Moving City

1:15:33 | Apr 13th, 2015

Having found this terrible gnoll god city, the gang realizes that they have to scoot on ahead and save a smaller non-gnoll god city from being destroyed. I still am deeply bothered by Yeenoghu’s city. It is terrible. I don’t want to go into it. I am ...Show More

Episode 118 – Finding the Worst City Ever

1:23:01 | Apr 7th, 2015

Ok! We are ready to do this whole “save the world” thing. Just one quick stop. Just a tiny little short pause on the world saving bit. JUST a slight detour to save Bucky. Heck, this place has gone bad in a big way, so you just have to make time to he...Show More

Episode 117 – The Breakfast Club

1:26:49 | Mar 30th, 2015

Whoaaaaa! Are we back here inside our bodies?! What another strange event to befall this ragtag group of would be heroes. And is that the dapper Thom the Dragonborn awake and walking around and such?? Phew, glad there weren’t any lasting issues from ...Show More

Episode 116 – Adventures in Boat Sitting Part 2

1:12:48 | Mar 23rd, 2015

Having survived the initial wave of demons and baddies the back in time crew come face to face with a being of amazing power. I won’t spoil the surprise here – but you better bring an extra pair of pants or whatever to work! Alright, that was too muc...Show More

Episode 115 – Adventures in Boat Sitting

1:14:41 | Mar 16th, 2015

Having bested those strange rooms that Riekert Svenson set up the gang prepares themselves for a nice night. They have earned a nice feather bed and maybe a fine meal. But, can they really trust this zany necromancer? These situations these people ge...Show More

Episode 114 – These Foul Rooms of Horror

1:04:07 | Mar 2nd, 2015

Why do all these strange things happen to us? We just want to have a nice night with friends, maybe save the world. Nothing big. Nothing special. But no! We have to go deal with this zany necromancer. Why does he have so many weird rooms?  This is za...Show More

Episode 113 – Welcome to the House of Death

1:07:13 | Feb 23rd, 2015

Necromancy is the most metal of all magics or mancies in all the realm. Why did it take so long for us to hang out with a most choice Necromancer is a question for the ages… But we corrected our mistake by going and meeting an old pal of Zird’s. I ha...Show More

Episode 112 – The Road to Victory

1:19:27 | Feb 16th, 2015

Having bested those noodly demons, the gang preps themselves for the next big step – taking down Fennekin. It would be madness to whisk our way straight his flying sky fortress over the demon void that was Caer. The only way to take him down is with ...Show More

Episode 111 – Evil Through the Roof

1:18:49 | Feb 9th, 2015

This is a land of monsters and horrible demons. We should have known that we were never safe. Honestly, if you are asking me, those damned demons  attacking us was more of a “when” then an “if.” Sometimes you have to appreciate the quiet times, you k...Show More

Episode 110 – The Hammer of Sundering

1:13:05 | Feb 2nd, 2015

Well, it looks like your heroes have to make a tough choice. Maybe the knowledge found within the Demonomicon was actually a curse? Maybe it was better to be ignorant? Regardless they are now closer to their goal than ever before and that naturally i...Show More

Episode 109 – Demons at Your Door

1:23:37 | Jan 26th, 2015

Having allowed Zird to Zird up the demon protection barrier outside the White Dome of Fairmire, your plucky group of adventurers is now forced into yet another dicey situation. A large group of demons can be seen rushing their way. Great. Wonderful. ...Show More

Episode 108 – Mystery of Fairmire

1:23:39 | Jan 19th, 2015

After the good-byes are exchanged there is nothing left but to continue on your journey. Yes, we had a nice break on that island, but we must go to Fairmire and meet with the only person who is able to help us with the Demonomicon. Not sure what we e...Show More

Episode 107 – Why We Fight

1:34:04 | Jan 13th, 2015

After making the lives of some very special people just a little bit safer amidst all this chaos, the gang prepares to head towards Fairmire. I think all of the excitement with the residents of Drunkeros’ Madagascar let us forget for a moment the nex...Show More

Episode 106 – The Further Trials of Good People

1:23:13 | Dec 22nd, 2014

Hi! Quick warning before you start this episode – since it had been a little bit over an hour and half since we started recording, our sobriety was in shambles. It was still a fun episode (from what I remember) but this shouldn’t be your first episod...Show More

Episode 105 – The Enkindling

1:23:05 | Dec 15th, 2014

After saving the inhabitants of Drunkeros’ Madagascar, we learned that the island held more secrets than we originally were preppared to handle. I mean, we already saved several of their lives against what appeared to be dinosaurs, right? What more s...Show More

Episode 104 – Welcome to the Jungle – Part 2

1:16:48 | Dec 8th, 2014

The viscous battle continues to rage all around us on this week’s episode of Drunks and Dragons. Who knew that these dinos would be so dangerous?!? Cat people are getting mauled left and right, and I swear I hear a loud pounding noise coming from the...Show More

Episode 103 – Welcome to the Jungle – Part 1

1:25:38 | Dec 2nd, 2014

Drunkeros’ Madagascar seemed like such a nice place with a normal sounding name, but we were wrong. Dead wrong. The horrors we faced on that island… I may never forget. Why, I still wake up with a shout in the middle of the night. Chad used to be abl...Show More

Episode 102 – The Most Magical Motor Boat

1:23:35 | Nov 25th, 2014

Having reunited with “the gang,” The Gang has to really figure out what to do with this dang Demonomicon book. Heck, I don’t think there are demon libraries where we can just drop it off. A real pickle, this one. In the more immediate concerns column...Show More

Episode 101 – Home is Where Your Heads Are

1:09:35 | Nov 17th, 2014

We have to admit, it sure feels good to be back on the ship that we have had so many adventures on. Some of the blood stains from previous battles brought tears to our eyes as we remembered friends long gone. Going forward we will remember to cherish...Show More

Episode 100 – A Bittersweet Reunion

1:40:30 | Nov 10th, 2014

First, let us say thank you for allowing us to exist all the way to episode 100! Is is your support that keeps us going. On this momemtous episode of Drunks and Dragons things get … a little dicey. I know! It is such a surprise, but hey, sometimes di...Show More

Episode 99 – Horror on the Ocean Floor

1:29:00 | Nov 3rd, 2014

With last week’s chilling revelation the gang tries to make sense of their current Thom/ Steve predicament. Who knows what horrors are going on in the mind of Thom Dragonborn. One can only guess, but one would never want to know first hand. Just when...Show More

Episode 98 – Mail-Bag-O-Thon!

1:46:40 | Oct 27th, 2014

We take a moment out of our hectic adventure to answer questions from you, our wonderful listeners, on this week’s episode. Dive into the art and science that makes our brain tick and learn our thoughts on underwear. We certainly had fun recording th...Show More

Episode 97 – The Mysteries of the Deep

1:26:48 | Oct 20th, 2014

Somehow we have survived a few vital moments longer on Zird’s magical submarine, the Belefonte. Our ultimate prize, the Demonomicon should be somewhere on the bottom of the ocean floor neatly tucked into the dead corpse of Steve the Gnoll. Let’s hope...Show More

Episode 96 – Into the Depths

1:15:57 | Oct 13th, 2014

Now that everyone is on the same page, the gang prepares itself for a magical voyage beneath the waves. But wouldn’t you know it? Zird is not as prepared as we would have wanted for this dangerous trip. I know, I am just as surprised as you. What are...Show More

Episode 95 – Buzz Off

1:21:43 | Oct 6th, 2014

While sometimes it feels like we fight within our party, you have to realize – things are very stressful right now. You see, most of the world that we know is dead and we feel somewhat responsible for it… So sometimes when someone asks us to get magi...Show More

Episode 94 – Words are Wind

1:17:34 | Sep 29th, 2014

With the gang at an apparent crossroads and tensions running high, they have to make a choice – do they trust the partially insane wizard to conjure up a submarine and venture off in search of the Demonomicon? Or do they continue on to the Army of Ba...Show More

Episode 93 – Croaked

1:15:17 | Sep 22nd, 2014

In this week’s spellbinding episode Zird gives the adventurers some advice on what to do. He also deals with Harper, wizard style. It was embarrassing. But, fortunately, the gang may be closer to recovering the Demonomicon. Which is cool and rad. Sub...Show More

Episode 92 – Vrock and Roll

1:17:55 | Sep 16th, 2014

Having successfully had an out-of-body experience, the gang readies itself for its largest quest to date – saving the world from a band pesky demons. Now that we have left the safety of Pelor’s Hope and seen first hand what happened to another not-so...Show More

Support Drunks and Dragons on Patreon

06:57 | Sep 10th, 2014

Although it has been considered “Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret” the news was finally officially released last night that the Drunks and Dragons Podcast has started a Patreon campaign. This campaign’s main goals are to help the podcast grow and reach ...Show More

Episode 91 – Somewhere Beyond the Sea Part 2

1:14:10 | Sep 8th, 2014

With the gang experiencing a pretty strong and realistic spiritual experience through Jaela’s past life, they continue on in their new strange bodies. Now we are really stretching our 5e bodies as we continue our quest to the sea and beyond. Funny th...Show More

Episode 90 – Somewhere Beyond the Sea

1:43:43 | Sep 1st, 2014

Hey gang, let me level with ya, this is an amazing episode. It is different. It is a little strange. But, please listen with your entire family in order to bring them all together. The entire cast agreed that episode 90 & 91 were some of their favori...Show More

Episode 89 – Pelor’s only Hope

1:23:28 | Aug 25th, 2014

After thoroughly prepping our hearts and minds for the oncoming quests we set out to leave the comforts of Pelor’s Hope behind. There was just one, tiny problem standing in our way – a huge armor of demons. Luckily, we had the Sun Shields to help up ...Show More

Episode 88 – Under the Dome

1:19:50 | Aug 19th, 2014

When you bake a cake you don’t turn the oven on before you even know if you have all the ingredients, ya know? So, why would you decide to fight a hoard of demons before you know if you had the metaphorical eggs? I would wager that you would not. Luc...Show More

Episode 87 – About Last Night…

1:16:29 | Aug 12th, 2014

With the Council of Eight being really rude and the world being mostly destroyed and such, the gang decided they needed to let off some steam. Sure, they have pressing matters that could potentially save the whole planet but sometimes you gotta get o...Show More

Episode 86 – The Council of Eight

1:23:24 | Aug 5th, 2014

After a rough night our heroes are not quite ready for their council meeting in the morning. Pelor’s Hope is a lot different from any city we have been to this campaign so they must be on their best behavior when they meet their leaders. Plus, it is ...Show More

Episode 85 – Once again through the Wyrmhole Part 2

57:25 | Jul 29th, 2014

As things go from dicey to chaotic the gang continues to fight off both a dragon and an elf’s bedtime. Will we do enough damage to make this foul beast flee from our impressive might? Or will we find out that this dragon is boring to fight and move o...Show More

Episode 84 – Once again through the Wyrmhole

1:29:12 | Jul 22nd, 2014

Oh boy, what a night! I always ask myself “how could things get worse?” and then BAM! we get sucked into the weird dragon-dream world. On top of that, our ANTIamat ward has broken. Worst. Night. Ever. The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim La...Show More

Episode 83 – Voices in the Night

1:18:13 | Jul 15th, 2014

In what could be described as “the world’s weirdest sleep-over” the gang gets to chat with a handful of folks in order to figure out their next steps. Some of these people were even in the room! Most were not… it was strange. Hopefully we make the co...Show More

Episode 82 – Pelor’s Hope

1:22:34 | Jul 7th, 2014

What is wrong with the world when we are its final and best hope for survival? Well, questions like that tend to hurt one’s head, so let’s just focus on the “how” of saving the world and avoid the “Oh God Why” for the time being. We are greeted with ...Show More

Drunks and Dragons Special – The Live Show Q&A

32:21 | Jul 1st, 2014

Hello beautiful people! This week we have for you the live Q&A we did right after we recorded episode 81. It was a fun time, and we wanted to share it with you. The audio is a little rough, and we did what we could to fix it, but we still wanted to a...Show More

Episode 81 – The Live Show

1:10:12 | Jun 24th, 2014

For some reason, you people wanted us to do a live show at GeeklyCon. Well, maybe it was more that you agreed to show up if we did one, and here it is. If you couldn’t make it to GeeklyCon, and you are wondering how much fun it was, just listen to Th...Show More

Episode 80 – No Turning Back

1:27:24 | Jun 2nd, 2014

I know you are brimming with anticipation after the ending to our last episode. That was our bad. Fortunately, this episode will give you the answers to you crave. I won’t spoil anything here, but I wonder what zany adventures Baludra the Bwarf will ...Show More

Episode 79 – I am Sorry

52:38 | May 26th, 2014

This is a shorter episode of Drunks and Dragons. I hope you don’t take that out against us since we tried to pack as much story into this shorter episode as the digital walls could stand. No, what this episode lacks in length it more than makes up fo...Show More

Episode 78 – The Long Road To Caer

1:15:17 | May 19th, 2014

After a grueling battle against a many eyed beholder, the gang is simply happy to be breathing fresh air. After a big breaths and dividing up the loot they make their return voyage to Caer. But, as it often happens, our return trip was not as easy as...Show More

Episode 77 -The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 6

1:43:49 | May 12th, 2014

Michael “Thrifty Nerd” DiMauro described it best – “the best part of the latest DnD episode is the first 20 minutes where nothing happens and Harper hears a mouse.” I think that sums it up. The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim Lanning), Tho...Show More

Episode 76 -The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 5

1:19:43 | May 6th, 2014

Our heroes delve deeper into this seemingly endless dungeon. Will they make it out alive, or will the poison gas finally claim its first victim? Will Thom ever get his sword back? How does Harper get so much definition in his abs? Tune in to find out...Show More

Episode 75 -The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 4

1:32:04 | Apr 28th, 2014

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that cursed ax, amirite? Michael sure is a tricky monster who must be destroyed. Fear not, lovers of blood drinker, there are ways to fix this curse. OR ARE THERE. Who can say? Our pain is your entertainment, however, so...Show More

Episode 74 -The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 3

1:07:37 | Apr 21st, 2014

For a group of zany adventurers we are extremely afraid of dungeons. It is a little embarrassing how slowly we go through this dang thing… but in our defense, you can get eaten by a monster at any MOMENT! DANGER IS AROUND EVERY CORNER. I think. Also,...Show More

Episode 73 – The Temple of Ghostly Evil Part 2

1:23:25 | Apr 14th, 2014

Hello listeners and casual observers. I hope you are ready for more intense dungeon delving because that is what we have in store for you. I would be most ashamed for not mentioning that we recorded this episode LIVE AND IN PERSON for the first time!...Show More

Episode 72 – The Temple of Ghostly Evil

1:52:27 | Apr 1st, 2014

We all make poor decisions, gang. We all think to ourselves “Mark, I have time to inspect this spooky temple. I will live forever.” Well, Mark, you won’t. Listen this week as your wonderful adventurers learn how to make new friends and maybe a little...Show More

Episode 71 – Lizards and Liars

1:14:46 | Mar 25th, 2014

The crew is in a very dangerous area of their world and yet they are surprised when bad things happen. “Here we are in a dark/ dank forrest that we know for sure is infested with evil lizard men. Let’s leave this child and mysterious boat lady alone ...Show More

Episode 70 – On Unsure Ground

1:21:42 | Mar 17th, 2014

Having left the group in a bit of an awkward situation, Harper has to try and mend the fences he may have ruined. With the gang finally in possession of the three items that they have been seeking for months and months they must ask themselves “What ...Show More

Episode 69: Over Hydrated Part 2

1:05:21 | Mar 11th, 2014

We continue with our battle against the dreaded and deadly Hydra. But the real battle is between our adventurers. Who can say what is going on beneath their cool exteriors? What drives our heroes from the core of their being? These answers could help...Show More

Episode 68: Over Hydrated

1:18:06 | Mar 3rd, 2014

Hello dear listeners! I don’t even have to say that things in this episode get dicey. After the cliffhanger of an ending last week there isn’t a universe where things don’t get dicey. Maybe the diceyness will leave you asking yourself more questions ...Show More

Episode 67 – Stump Grinding

1:19:38 | Feb 17th, 2014

Saddle up and get ready to take a spin on your brand new griffon, it’s another episode of the Drunks and Dragons podcast! This week, Thom and Aludra have some serious questions about Harper’s motivations, along with each other’s parenting abilities. ...Show More

Episode 66 – Paragon Paths and Emails

1:44:31 | Feb 12th, 2014

It has been awhile since we have slowed down and taken a moment to really look at where our characters are going. In this episode we discuss what we think the trajectory will be for the next several levels, including the imposingly important Paragon ...Show More

Episode 65 – The Fall of House Vidalis

56:09 | Feb 5th, 2014

As our heroes come to grips with the chaos of slaughter around them they realize “Hey, how the heck to do get home?” They also have a few questions for Harper. Mostly, “Hey, how do you know who Finnekin is?” or “Hey, what the heck was that thing you ...Show More

Episode 64 – Demon Hunting Season Part Two

1:01:04 | Jan 28th, 2014

We continue our vicious battle with the demons in this week’s episode of Drunks and Dragons. I think we all learn a little something about ourselves and, let’s be honest, demons. We also level up! Which is great. Stay tuned to find out just how dope ...Show More

Episode 63 – Demon Hunting Season

1:27:39 | Jan 21st, 2014

With weird time travel bits flowing through our brains we were momentarily distracted from the fact that demons were trying to break into our world. Some realizations take time to settle in, but an army of demons lack a certain subtly that can be ign...Show More

Episode 62 – To Know Thyself

1:21:00 | Jan 13th, 2014

It is a terrible thing to have to face all that you are without the cool, calming balm that our memories tend to apply to all our shortcomings. Friends, family – please accept our newest entry into the Drunks and Dragons saga. Please also take a look...Show More

Episode 61 – Tavern of WHOA

1:15:04 | Jan 6th, 2014

We continue through the land of Vidalis as we try to piece together just what the hey is going on with all this mess. The gang formulates a plan that, oddly enough, involves Aludra drinking. Also, there is an unfortunate bit of sausage related humor....Show More

Episode 60 – Hello, Mr. Vidalis

1:16:15 | Dec 24th, 2013

With the crew mostly, and monstrously, confused about just what the heck is going on with their trip to House Vidalis they are some how bombarded with even more insanity. Just what is happening in this strange land? Is it bewitchment or something mor...Show More

Episode 59 – Weird Swamp

1:16:07 | Dec 17th, 2013

I hope you are sitting down because I have some interesting news: weird things happen in this episode of Drunks and Dragons. I know, I know, you come here for your hard, gritty and dark fantasy where hard truths are learned by the players through pun...Show More

Episode 58 – The Most Magical Time of The Year

1:39:38 | Dec 11th, 2013

Having entered the Fey Realm with the help of a long lost friends, the adventurers are now firmly on their path to redeem Yulemanden. The hopping through time continues but I think we all learned a little bit about ourselves and the nature of evil. T...Show More

Episode 57 – A Magickless World

1:20:01 | Dec 6th, 2013

Truly is is horrible to think what our world would be without magick. A magickless world is almost too much to even think about. This is the peril the gang find themselves in after saving bucky from the Dog Park of Evening Shire. Something strange in...Show More

Episode 56 – The Dog Park

1:58:01 | Nov 26th, 2013

We were told not to look at the dog park. We were told not to go into the dog park. We were told to not even think about the dog park. We did not follow those warnings. No, we plunged head first into this newest challenge to attempt to save the most ...Show More

Episode 55 – Welcome to Evening Shire

1:09:33 | Nov 19th, 2013

There is something strange in this neighborhood. Unfortunately, the only heroes around to be called are the Drunks and Dragons. Listen as we try to unravel the spooky mysteries of this strange town while we try to rescue someone close to our hearts. ...Show More

Episode 54 – Ice Cream for Bucky

1:12:08 | Nov 11th, 2013

Having discovered the error of their snap judgement on Thom the Dragonborn, the crew decides to take a relaxing little time off in a small town. The whole gang shows up! Ros, Bucky and even Daisy enjoyed a little bit of R and R. Of course this will b...Show More

Episode 53 – Revenge of the Hobo

1:28:09 | Nov 8th, 2013

Hello wonderful denizens of the Astral Plain or Feywild! Please sit upon your chaos rock or your giant bewitched toadstool and conjure up another episode of Drunks and Dragons. This week we deal with certain poor decisions that may or may not have be...Show More

Episode 52 – A Dark Future Present

1:09:43 | Oct 29th, 2013

Hello Dear Wonderful Listeners! We sure do hope you enjoyed that special trip down memory lane. For you newer listeners, it was a very important milestone. One that we were not sure we would ever reach… but anyways, adventure is now once again afoot!...Show More

Episode 51 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

1:32:29 | Oct 21st, 2013

This episode is a little different. We wanted to take a moment and run through some of our favorite moments from the past 50 episodes. So, there is no battle, heck we aren’t even in character, it is just us chatting about how much fun we have had on ...Show More

Episode 50 – The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

1:19:10 | Oct 14th, 2013

Adam Bash (@bashkick) and Sarah Tompkins (@herladytompkins) are back for the thrilling conclusion to Thom the Dragonborn’s attempt to be united with the one object in the world that has any meaning to him. The adventure continues with Titus Harper (T...Show More

Episode 49 – The Great Heist

1:20:57 | Oct 7th, 2013

Tim and Jennifer are off enjoying a schnitzel and can’t be with us this week, but we are lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Adam Bash (@bashkick) and Sarah Tompkins (@herladytompkins) as Thom the Dragonborn attempts to take on the greatest heist...Show More

Episode 48 – Soul Stealer

1:18:20 | Sep 30th, 2013

With heavy hearts the group seeks revenge, with the added help of Clinker, on this unholy monster. This monster that took one of our own. Nothing is as damned in this world as the focus of the group’s rage. I pity this foul monster’s remaining moment...Show More

Episode 47 – A Flying House

1:14:03 | Sep 23rd, 2013

Hello and welcome to a very special episode of Drunks and Dragons. You see, this week we learn a bit more about one of our members while making a new friend along the way. Yes, after dealing with that nasty Troll, the gang is now ready to venture to ...Show More

Episode 46 – Troll Toll Part 2

1:06:38 | Sep 16th, 2013

Our dire battle against a savagely strong forrest troll continues as a young boy cowers roughly 88 feet away. We followed this boy as he was sent to be sacrificed to protect his small town against this “forrest spirit” but it looks like the forrest s...Show More

Episode 45 – Troll Toll

1:08:29 | Sep 9th, 2013

The heroes know when they have to risk their lives for the common man. It is a basic part about being a hero. If a town is haunted by a sea witch, then you better prepare yourself for a salty battle. Just the same, if a town is harrased by a 100 foot...Show More

Episode 44 – The Sins of the Fathers

1:19:42 | Sep 2nd, 2013

We aren’t saying that all backwoods settlements in our campaign world are filled with crazy people. We aren’t saying that. But, something about this particular backwoods village seems a little…off? I guess the gang has to deal out some old school jus...Show More

Episode 43 – The Raging Storm

1:18:24 | Aug 26th, 2013

A bruised and battered group of adventurers sheath their weapons. They know that they almost died and the only thing that saved them was the help of their friends. Unity is what keeps this group together. Once again the gang is back together and read...Show More

Episode 42 – Mordenkrad Time

2:20:07 | Aug 19th, 2013

Well, we found Ros but we also found a group of fearsome thugs. One of which was wielding a giant Mordenkrad that really threatened Harper’s good looks. Who knows, maybe we can talk our way out of this battle? A hero can dream, right? The adventure c...Show More

Episode 41 – Salty Sea Wench

1:17:34 | Aug 13th, 2013

After our strange dream and battle with the red dragon, we adventurers we ready to pursue another artifact. Already having The Whip of Binding, we set off to gather the Brazier of Worlds and the Orb of Endless Power. Except that there was a small iss...Show More

Episode 40 – Requiem with the Dragon Hunter

1:43:10 | Aug 5th, 2013

We are whisked away once again to our weird dragon world. Who knows what this strange dream world is and what our purpose is within it. We will fight our way through this trial like we always do. Knowing that another battle is just around the corner,...Show More

Episode 39 – Settling up with the Darkblades

1:11:20 | Jul 29th, 2013

Hell hath no fury like a dragonborn scorn. Our adventurers decide to seek out the Darkblades who have double-crossed them in our latest episode. Stay turned after the end music to hear an impromptu discussion of DnD Next. You also get the hear the no...Show More

Episode 38 – Smash and Grab

1:50:51 | Jul 22nd, 2013

With the aide of our new…business partner we set out to find out where Ham Hands stashed his winnings. Will things go smoothly as Ham Hands turns himself in? Or will the gang have to convince him with fire and sword? I think you already know the answ...Show More

Episode 37 – Mastwick Chronicles

1:26:46 | Jul 15th, 2013

Hello wonderful listeners, we welcome you back to the auditory version of the beautiful Mastwick. Yes, it is a fine little city. But, you are not here for pleasure, no this is a business trip. Perhaps you will meet a few new associates along the way....Show More

Episode 36 – No Rest for the Wicked

1:48:33 | Jul 8th, 2013

Hello and welcome back to another excited episode of Drunks and Dragons. This sure has been a dragon filled bit of episodes hasn’t it? It really fits within our theme. There shouldn’t be a dragon or dragon-folk on the water so everything should be A-...Show More

Episode 35 – A Flight of Futility

1:18:24 | Jul 1st, 2013

Hello wonderful listeners. Boy are we in a pickle… without getting too deep into the whole situation, we may have angered an elder dragon. Who is to say. Anyways, we are a hearty and strong bunch so everything should be A-ok. Thrifty wouldn’t kill us...Show More