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Smart Drug Smarts: Brain Optimization | Nootropics | Neuroscience

Jesse Lawler: Brain Enthusiast, Biohacker, Nootropics Nerd, Multichannel Eccentric

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"Intelligence is as fixed as a person's height." Right? But guess what - you're part of the species that invented platform shoes, stilts, elevators, helium balloons and rocket ships. Smart Drug Smarts is for people interested in maximizing their...Show More

ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

32:05 | Dec 7th, 2012

Carol explains how she took her understanding of diet's interaction with the brain and worked with professional recipe developers to create meals that your neurons will love as much as your taste buds...Show More

36:44 | Jun 29th, 2018

Some aspects of our internal mental life seem to defy measurement. "Intuition" seems like a prime example of something impossible to quantify... But what if it's not? Dr. Joel Pearson tells us about...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

49:53 | Jun 8th, 2018

Last-minute cramming (even on lots of nootropics) isn't the best gameplan for effective learning. So what is? Learning researchers explain the theory and practice of efficiently building your mental...Show More

44:34 | May 29th, 2018

Our senses provide us with a best-guess interpretation of reality -- but it's only a guess. Dr. Anil Seth explains how perception and consciousness interact, and how we can intentionally shift our "r...Show More

45:43 | May 14th, 2018

Is "a rose by any other name" still a rose... to your brain? Dr. Viorica Marian explains how the language that we use affects how we actually think.
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