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Explaining History (explaininghistory) (explaininghistory)

Nick Shepley

Twenty five minutes of 20th Century History for students and enthusiasts.

25:55 | Apr 23rd

After three years of fixed positions, trenches and deadlock, the First World War became a conflict of rapid movement again in 1918. This podcast explores how military innovation made this possible, focusing on artillery and intelligence.

25:58 | Apr 15th

Between 1928 and 1935, bread rationing in the USSR had been implemented due to the extraction of foodstuffs from the peasantry for export and Stalin's disastrous collectivisation policy. In 1935 Stalin signalled a shift towards consumerism, but many ...Show More
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24:34 | Apr 14th

In a two month period Truman's policy towards the Soviet Union became more entrenched in the face of Soviet advances in eastern Europe and Iran. Truman, with little foreign policy experience was swayed by wartime diplomats such as George Kennan and t...Show More

24:14 | Apr 14th

By October 1918, the resolve of the central powers to carry on the war was crumbling. The Austro Hungarian Empire fragmented following a manifesto by the new emperor Karl promising a federal future and German resolve finally ended with the German rev...Show More

25:58 | Apr 8th

During the Stalin era, the science of genetics came under a sustained attack and was denounced as a bourgeois ideology. This podcast explores the changing thinking of British communist scientist J.B.S. Haldane and the Stalinist fraud Trofim Lysenko
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