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Comic and man of the world Bert Kreischer shares his wisdom and life with you.

1:56:41 | Dec 4th

Today I sit down to talk to Tom Rhodes about his new album "Around The World", divorce, almost dying, our favorite beaches, growing up in Florida, and much more! Get Tom's new special "Around The World" on iTunes today! Check out hundreds of amazing ...Show More

1:48:15 | Nov 30th

Chemda Khalili & Keith Malley from the comedy podcast, Keith & The Girl, join Me as I try to make Croquembouche, AKA, Tower of Donuts.  Recipe: CROQUEMBOUCHE A French dessert that’s often served at weddings and o...Show More
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1:44:37 | Nov 28th

Hey Guys! Today I sit down with Impact Wrestling champ Ethan Page! We talk about how he became a professional wrestler, how much we love The Rock, an average work week for a pro wrestler, and we pitch a movie idea to a producer over the phone! Check ...Show More

2:52:52 | Nov 20th

Today I sit down with Paul Virzi to talk about panic attacks, OCD, Pete Davidson, bombing on stage, Turkish Oil Wrestling, & much more! This episode is also brought to you by Policy Genius. If you need life insurance but haven’t gotten around to it, ...Show More

1:50:59 | Nov 16th

Today I sit down with Hollywood Producer Todd Garner! Todd's extensive resume includes Waterboy, the Animal, xXx, Anger Management, Paul Blart, and much more! We talk about how he became friends with Adam Sandler, what divorce is like, being a Disney...Show More
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