Sovryn Tech

Sovryn Tech

Sovryn Tech is an anarchist-run podcast keeping you on the bleeding edge of science, technology, and ethics. You can email the show at:

1:41:41 | Nov 5th

Microsoft and the military have joined forces? US courts say you need to give them your passwords? Google bought FitBit?!?!?! All that, and much, much more…   Opening Audio:   THE ZOMIA ONE PODCAST NETWORK IS LIVE! SWIT...Show More

1:45:55 | Oct 31st

TIE Fighter Renegades: A Star Wars Podcast has opened fire! The Man of Tomorrow--Dr. Brian Sovryn--is joined by Robin Freebeard for another conversation you won't want to miss! All the latest news and reviews unlike any other Star Wars podcast! WOO! ...Show More
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58:06 | Oct 30th

The Gaming Grid is the real deal, talking classic games, present gaming news, and gaming culture at its finest! You're a nerd, the Man of Tomorrow is a nerd, and it's time to nerd out with him on The Gaming Grid! WOOO! In this episode, Brian Sovryn t...Show More

1:27:59 | Oct 20th

YouTube is has gotten even more draconian? Google execs say you should inform guests that they’re listening? Poloniex is getting sold?!?!?! All that, and much, much more…   Opening Audio: N/A   THE ZOMIA ONE PODCAST NETWORK IS LIVE! SWITCH YOUR F...Show More

2:11:43 | Oct 17th

Sovryn Trek returns! The latest episode of Sovryn Trek is here...only on Zomia ONE! CO-HOST: N/A TOPICS: --”Star Trek Concepts You’ll Never See and Here’s Why” Link:  --”The Wild Ideas in Star Trek: The Motion Picture Nov...Show More
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