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30:15 | Sep 12th, 2019

A million conspiracy theories are launched when Jeffrey Epstein is found dead in his jail cell on August 10th 2019. Your host wonders if this is “the big one.” ToE’s special correspondent Chris attend...Show More
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33:10 | Aug 20th, 2019

Your host has always wanted to talk to someone about 1984 the book and Dorian Lynskey totally delivers. He just published The ministry of Truth a biography of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Dor...Show More
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1984 was my first favorite book and unfortunately it has become more relevant than it was in the 80's. Listen here for background on Orwell...Show More

33:28 | Nov 16th, 2017

A new ToE mini series on technology, society, work, art, love (the ToE basics) but this time your host dons a pair of Utopian tinted glasses, and sends Toe Producer Andrew Callaway on the road to visi...Show More
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a great essay from a strange show

33:42 | Apr 1st

Your host keeps a diary for his first 14 days of Coronavirus confinement. Special appearances from the family, Andrew Callaway, and a old ToE standby!
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