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Live, from Joe's mom's half-finished basement....listen to a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card t...Show More

1:10:15 | Feb 17th

When was the last time you planned to make some of your big dreams a reality? What's holding you back? Time? Money? Fear of the unknown? Today we're talking to Tamara Jacobi, who created a retreat in ...Show More

1:15:35 | Feb 14th

Buying running shoes for your partner who you know loves to run, you find THAT romantic? Taking a walk in the park holding hands, is that still romantic? Watching TV or a Movie and not saying a word t...Show More
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1:15:07 | Feb 12th

Why are some of the coolest financial tools rarely used? For example, people by-and-large avoid HSA accounts, when they're the Swiss-army knife of a healthcare plan. Today we'll shine a light on anoth...Show More

48:39 | Feb 10th

Don't look now but Friday is Valentine's Day! You're probably wondering what a "chocolates and roses" holiday has to do with finances... and the answer is...A lot. As we'll find out today, many people...Show More

1:15:52 | Feb 7th

Would $250,000 a year be enough for you to "get by"? It wasn't for one early retiree. Today we're going to dive into income, expenses, priorities and bucket lists. Helping us today is a roundtable tea...Show More
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