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Live, from Joe's mom's half-finished basement....listen to a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card t...Show More
The 4 Secrets to Communicating About Money

1:16:00 | Jul 10th

Worried about fighting with the people in your life about money? Here's the way to end it. Even if you're just struggling to talk to other people in your life about money...maybe it's not you. People don't talk in one financial language. According to...Show More
Working Harder AND Smarter (with Shaan Patel)

1:25:40 | Jul 8th

Shaan Patel is one of the best examples you'll find of a person who started with some big disadvantages but who never made excuses about his situation. Growing up in a budget motel in Las Vegas, Shaan still found a way to ace the SAT, be valedictoria...Show More
9 Retirement Savings Lies (plus an intro to Fee Belly) SB RWD 95

59:32 | Jul 5th

What are some of the biggest lies of retirement planning? Today we'll finish off our rewind week with one of our old school roundtable episodes. Back in 2017, we discussed 9 lies we're told about retirement planning. Going through the list with us wa...Show More
Sell a Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen) SB RWD 94

1:03:50 | Jul 3rd

If anyone knows how to sell a house, it's Mindy Jensen. Not only is she a house flipper extraordinaire, but she also works at BiggerPockets, the home of one of the largest forums (if not the largest) for real estate investors. She knows LOTS of the b...Show More
Mastering The New Rules of Work (with Kathryn Minshew and Alex Cavoulacos) SB RWD 93

1:10:50 | Jul 1st

The rules of work have changed over the last several years. You need to stay up to date on what's relevant so you aren't left behind and miss the next career opportunity. We were surprise when we went back and listened to this episode from 2017, when...Show More
The Downside of an Early Retirement (plus lessons from Roush Fenway Racing)

1:17:03 | Jun 28th

Less stress, easy overhead, and being debt-free... those are three fantastic reasons to chase financial independence. For a growing number of investors the top reason to save and live frugally has become a chance at early retirement. But, what type o...Show More
What Can We Learn From Day Traders? (Your Letters)

1:06:56 | Jun 26th

We're barring the doors, closing the shades, and not answering any house calls because today we're answering YOUR letters. From paying down a mortgage principle or investing, to allocations, backdoor conversions, and even the best strategies on givin...Show More
Volcanos, Annuities and an Unconventional Retirement (with Dr. Rosaly Lopes)

0:00 | Jun 24th

What does a volcano have to do with your retirement? We won't use any crazy analogies here, like "things might erupt," or "danger could be bubbling below the surface," mostly because we wouldn't do something like that. But we don't need metaphors mos...Show More
Volcanos, Annuities and an Unconventional Retirement (with Dr. Rosaly Lopes)

51:39 | Jun 24th

What does a volcano have to do with your retirement? We won't use any crazy analogies here, like "things might erupt," or "danger could be bubbling below the surface," mostly because we wouldn't do something like that. But we don't need metaphors mos...Show More
Steps To Avoid To Become The Walking Dead (plus the Evil HR Lady!)

1:09:26 | Jun 21st

How do avoid becoming a zombie? No, not the Walking Dead zombie, but the type who works their whole life, just pounding away, realizing too late that it was all for nothing? On today's episode, Deb Meyer helps the team talk about redefining retiremen...Show More
Mom and Dad, We Need To Talk (with Cameron Huddleston)

1:07:10 | Jun 19th

Cameron Huddleston joins us to tell the story of her aging mother, and the time she nearly missed the chance to have an incredibly important conversation: how her financial assets were managed and what arrangements she'd made for the future. She'll s...Show More
How To Rock An 800+ Credit Score (Your Letters)

1:03:41 | Jun 17th

You pay your bills on time. You're not in debt, and you have a great credit history. Yet, no matter what you do, you still find yourself stopping just below the mythical 800+ credit score threshold. What are you supposed to do? How do you push your c...Show More
Retirement: You Made It. Now What? (plus an intro to PayActiv)

1:13:07 | Jun 14th

We LOVE talking about investing, savings, and of course, stacking Benjamins, but what about when you actually make it to retirement? Do you have a plan for your first day after your last day of work? How about that next month? That next year? We've m...Show More
9 Lies About Work (with Ashley Goodall)

1:13:15 | Jun 12th

You've always known it: most of what people tell you about great work is a lie. Ideas such as company culture, work-life balance, and other truisms are all challenged today by bestselling business thinker, researcher and author Ashley Goodall. Today ...Show More
9 Lies About Work (with Ashley Goodall)

0:00 | Jun 12th

You've always known it: most of what people tell you about great work is a lie. Ideas such as company culture, work-life balance, and other truisms are all challenged today by bestselling business thinker, researcher and author Ashley Goodall. Today ...Show More
Winning In The Long Run (with Sanjay Rawal)

1:04:05 | Jun 10th

Establishing your BEST financial habits means realizing that it isn't about being great today or tomorrow; it's about doing the right things over and over again for the long run. Today we talk to the creator of a documentary specifically about a long...Show More
Your Guide to the WORST Wedding Gifts (plus an intro to SteadiPay)

1:19:05 | Jun 7th

What are the absolutely worst wedding gifts you could give this wedding season? One recent article from Kiplinger had us nodding our heads, so Mom said we should challenge our Friday roundtable, including special guest Beau Henderson from the Retirem...Show More
Manifesting "Happy Money" (with Ken Honda)

1:11:22 | Jun 5th

How do you make all of your financial transactions happy ones? How do you introduce the idea of abundance into your life? Ken Honda believes that while money can't make you happy, we DO attach lots of emotions to those bills in our wallet. Why should...Show More
An Economist Walks Into a Brothel (with Allison Schrager)

1:12:24 | Jun 3rd

Allison Schrager is an economist who's studied negotiation, diversification, and also, the topic we'll discuss in today's episode, risk. She'll explain risk using a lens that we haven't seen someone use before...the eyes and actions of legal sex work...Show More
When's The Right Time To Quit Your Job? (plus an intro to a pet-centric ETF)

1:11:11 | May 31st

Is there ever a right time to quit your job? At what point do you give up on the current job and take a pay cut to climb a better ladder? On today's show we'll talk career prospects, life planning, income, and more during our headline segment. Helpin...Show More
The Importance of a (Real) Bucket List (with Karen Cordaway)

1:15:21 | May 29th

What's on your bucket list? Do you talk about your list or have you actually sat down and drawn one up. If not, why not? Today's guest, Karen Cordaway, discusses bucket lists in detail with us. Why you should have one, how to begin, what to avoid, an...Show More
One of the World’s Greatest Investors: T. Rowe Price (with Cornelius Bond)

1:16:28 | May 27th

On today's holiday episode we'll remember a great member of the investment community, T. Rowe Price. Cornelius Bond recently wrote a biography on the investing giant, and we'll dive in on the man, the investment philosophy, and how he built one of th...Show More
7 Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Personal Finance (plus Bethany Bayless' Top Disney Tips)

1:46:55 | May 24th

What keeps you motivated when you don't feel like thinking about saving more, spending less, or investing better? Do you have words you live by to help guide you through life? On today's show we're calling our friends Brandon Opre from TrustTree Fina...Show More
Your Guide To Summer Fun (with Robert Niles)

1:03:08 | May 22nd

Each year here in the basement, it isn't officially summer until we present this episode, which is why we're so happy to bring you Robert Niles, Mr. Theme Park Insider. He's coming down for his annual trip to the basement to help you find your best s...Show More
A Better Way to Buy Investment Real Estate (with David Greene)

1:04:00 | May 20th

Bigger Pockets' David Greene joins us to tackle a more efficient way to buy real estate, especially if you're interested in building a large portfolio of passive income-generating properties. It's called the BRRRR method, and we'll walk through each ...Show More
What's the True Cost of Subscriptions? (plus details on Trim's purchase of Debitize)

1:15:52 | May 17th

We all know that subscription costs add up: Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, maybe a lawn service or wine-of-the-month club. But how do you make the decisions which to keep and which to heave-ho? Today our roundtable team, including author Frankie Calkins (aut...Show More
Secrets of Wealthy Women (with Veronica Dagher)

1:21:58 | May 15th

We can learn a ton from the wealthiest among us, and Veronica Dagher from the Wall Street Journal, and host of the Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast, has a front row seat with some of the smartest and wealthiest people in the country. She'll share wit...Show More
Playing With Financial Independence (with Scott Rieckens and Travis Shakespeare)

1:21:03 | May 13th

Scott Rieckens felt something wasn't right in his life. While he lived in a beautiful corner of the world, and despite he and his wife having fantastic jobs, life just wasn't what he'd expected. So, he did something that few people do...he actually d...Show More
Let's Talk About Credit and Debt (with Gerri Detweiler)

1:16:29 | May 10th

Have you checked your credit lately? How does credit even work? Why do I have a low credit score? Today, Len Penzo, OG, and our special guest Gerri Detweiler tackle credit, credit cards, and hwo to best make your credit score your friend. Halfway t...Show More
Making the Leap to Successful Investing (with Erin Lowry)

1:14:07 | May 8th

Erin Lowry from Broke Millennial learned early on about investing. As someone who's VERY conservative and not excited about losses, she didn't want much to do with investing. But, she'll tell us the story today about how she got started and about how...Show More
Is a Latte Ruining Your Financial Independence? (with David Bach)

1:14:11 | May 6th

On today's show, we'll sit down with David Bach, the nine-time bestselling author. What's keeping you from achieving your financial goals? Is it a latte a day? While it doesn't necessarily have to be a latte, our discussion with David will shed some ...Show More
Our Best Money Advice For Beginning Savers No Matter Your Age SB RWD 92

56:22 | May 3rd

To end our rewind week we present one of our favorite roundtable topics. How do you start saving, when you feel like you can't? I think most people are in this boat, based on statistics about how much money the average person squirrels away. So, here...Show More
Want to Change? Start Here (with Cortney McDermott) SB RWD 91

1:01:45 | May 1st

I'm personally excited for you to hear this episode. When this first aired I personally was going through some really dark stuff...and as always happens, I found a book that spoke to me and helped me through it. I needed to change. I needed a wake up...Show More
Money Not Handed To You? Here's The Memo - with John Hope Bryant (SB RWD 90)

48:39 | Apr 29th

The "system" isn't fair. Names from Ray Dalio to Bill Gates talk about income inequality. Poverty is often swept under the rug by people who want to easily dismiss it as "not pulling yourself up," yet most know it isn't that easy. One man who knows v...Show More
Here's Why You Aren't Rich

1:18:01 | Apr 26th

Why aren't you rolling in the dough? Maybe it's because you aren't focusing on the right parts of your budget. Studies have consistently shown that ONE area of savings beats all others. What is it? Tori Dunlap from HerFirst100k joins Len Penzo and OG...Show More
Transitions, Sudden Money, and Negotiating Contracts (with Andrew "Hawk" Hawkins)

1:04:46 | Apr 24th

Andrew Hawkins was an NFL football player with the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. He also won two Grey Cups in the Canadian Football League, worked in the Detroit Lions front office, starred in a reality television show with Michael Irvin, ...Show More
From Monk to Money Manager

1:20:09 | Apr 22nd

Doug Lynam grew up in a wealthy family but rejected looking wealthy at an early age and began hanging out with counter-culture kids while trying hard to find himself. From that lifestyle to the Marines and finally to becoming a monk, we'll talk about...Show More
Financial Lessons from a Wedding Gone Wrong

1:06:32 | Apr 19th

What happens when a bride and her mom spend $70,000 on a wedding and everything goes wrong? Here's a bigger question: What happens when you spend more to get a bigger, better experience and it completely goes awry? Is it better to "super size" your s...Show More
Quitting Your Job at 31 to Achieve a Life Goal (Your Letters)

1:17:49 | Apr 17th

Today we're all about your letters. We'll start with a question about moving funds around to avoid some taxes, jump into helping a 25-year-old decide whether to max out his retirement accounts, answer a question about robo advisors, and then launch i...Show More
Tax Day 2019 (Plus Parenting Beyond the Rules with Connie Albers)

1:09:57 | Apr 15th

Connie Albers joins us today to talk about communication. Specifically, we'll talk about communicating with teenagers, but if you've ever struggled to communicate with anyone, Connie will share great tips on how to build bridges. We'll talk about how...Show More
We Make $500k a Year and Struggle With Our Budget (plus the Retirement Budget Calculator)

1:14:49 | Apr 12th

Why is a couple making $500,000 a year feel like they're just getting by? Shouldn't they feel better off than most people? On today's roundtable we'll examine the budget of the couple who feel just "average" and discuss why lifestyle inflation can ea...Show More
The Genius of Living Like It's Groundhog Day (with Austin Kleon)

1:14:49 | Apr 10th

How do you keep going when every day seems like a repeat of the last? What do you do to stay focused when either you're always asked to jump higher or may even just perform the same tasks again and again? Why do we turn every great hobby into a marke...Show More
How To Fire Your Financial Advisor

1:23:51 | Apr 8th

Ever wonder about firing your advisor? One woman wrote to Joe about firing her advisor, and we realized that's a question that many people have. How does the process work? Do you tell them? How do you move your money somewhere else? In their haste to...Show More
What Retirement Terms Should You Know? (plus an intro to the Penge app)

1:12:34 | Apr 5th

Do you think you could pass a quiz covering basic questions about retirement? While you MIGHT be confident that you know the basics, a recent TD Ameritrade survey suggests that most Americans would actually fail a simple retirement quiz. To help us m...Show More
One Woman's Shark Tank Journey (with Tanya VanCourt)

1:25:38 | Apr 3rd

Ever wonder what it'd be like to square off against the sharks? Tanya VanCourt from Goalsetter.co just did that and we'll share the exciting story from start to finish on today's show. Whether you're a fan of Shark Tank, Goalsetter, FinTech, or just ...Show More
Whose Priorities Are You Working On? (with Laura Vanderkam)

1:17:23 | Apr 1st

We aren't foolin' around on April Fools Day, because bestselling author, TED speaker, and top researcher of successful people Laura Vanderkam joins us. Laura and Joe tackle time management and priorities. When you have more tasks to do than time to d...Show More
Outdated Money Advice You Should Probably Ditch (plus an intro to MetPro)

1:21:27 | Mar 29th

On today's show, we'll cover all the (once) great financial strategies that have floated around the financial community. What outdated rules-of-thumb are you holding? We'll talk about which financial rules you should probably chuck out the window, an...Show More
Making the Millionaire Choice (with Tony Bradshaw)

1:23:08 | Mar 27th

Tony Bradshaw believes that we all can become millionaires. Growing up in a low income household, Tony learned the hard way how difficult it was to make and keep a dollar. But, using some of the strategies he talks about on today's show, he set a goa...Show More
How To Find and Profit From Your Money Story (with Jean Chatzky)

1:10:56 | Mar 25th

What's your money story? What the heck IS a money story? Jean Chatzky from Her Money (and the Today Show money editor) joins us to talk about her money story, why it's important, and how to use it to avoid making mistakes in the future and capitalize...Show More
Lessons from the Tooth Fairy (plus an intro to alternative investment IRAs with Alto)

1:20:29 | Mar 22nd

In true Stacking Benjamins fashion today we're all about the Tooth Fairy. A new Delta Dental study shows that the Tooth Fairy is leaving less money for children's teeth. Does this mean the economy is weakening? Does it mean that the value of teeth ar...Show More
The Case Against Rolling Your Workplace Plan to an IRA

1:05:29 | Mar 20th

We're answering your letters today, but first, we'll tackle a headline about the case against rolling over your 401(k) plan to an IRA. Most of us have heard why you should roll it over. Let's now hear the flip side. With points such as the lack of a ...Show More
How to Hire The Perfect Advisor (for you), with Nicholas Stuller

1:17:15 | Mar 18th

Finding the right person to help you make your best financial moves is a giant exercise in trust. How do you know an advisor is perfect for you? On that note, how do you know the advisor is right for anyone? What questions can you ask to avoid the wr...Show More
How Do the Wealthy Manage THEIR Money? (plus FinTech to come with Ryan Falvey)

1:21:50 | Mar 15th

What do rich people do with all their Benjamins? Yachts? Helicopters? Trips to the Alps? Helping us through one MarketWatch piece that seems to have the answer to our burning questions about wealth, is the founder of Reisup, Tara Falcone. Plus, we we...Show More
How Do the Wealthy Manage THEIR Money? (plus FinTech to come with Ryan Falvey)

0:00 | Mar 15th

What do rich people do with all their Benjamins? Yachts? Helicopters? Trips to the Alps? Helping us through one MarketWatch piece that seems to have the answer to our burning questions about wealth, is the founder of Reisup, Tara Falcone. Plus, we we...Show More
How Do I Pay Off My College Debt? Plus, FIRST No-Fee ETF (with David Carlson)

1:09:09 | Mar 13th

Does it feel like it'll be an eternity until you've finally finished off your student loans? Maybe you're one of the nearly two-thirds of Americans who wonder how they'll ever pay off their loans. Student loans can be a burden for years after you've ...Show More
Earning More By Doing Less (with David Hause)

1:09:25 | Mar 11th

Are you aggressively striving for your financial goals? Putting in the time to make your dreams come true? Are you sure you're NOT going to let anything stand in your way when it comes to securing a nice retirement and a fantastic nest egg? Here's a ...Show More
What Financial Terms Should You Know? (with an intro to the Destiny app)

1:20:58 | Mar 8th

401k? Roth? Dollar cost averaging? Market timing? Target-date funds? Choosing to take responsibility for your financial well-being is often a difficult choice, and it's not made any easier by the long list of jargon that comes attached to being money...Show More
Saving For a House, Real Stock Returns, Social Security, and more (Your Letters)

58:50 | Mar 6th

Should you take on debt to buy real estate? Does the stock market really return as much as we're told it after a life of saving and investing? And on the topic of stocks... how should a portfolio be split up between small, large and foreign stocks? T...Show More
Mortgages 101 (plus: your subscriptions are killing you)

1:20:09 | Mar 4th

Whether you've never purchased a home before or just don't know much about the process, we've got a treat for you today. We're going to dive into everything mortgages 101 today, like PMI, the negotiability of fees, and the lie that everyone quoting r...Show More
Money Moves For the MINUTE You Decide to Retire with Harlan Landes AND Buzz Indexes (SB RWD 89)

1:05:38 | Mar 1st

What should be the number one priority on your retirement planning list? That answer is going to be different for everyone, and on this roundtable episode our contributors gave their take on one list's "most' urgent items. You can find the original s...Show More
Check Your Financial Diagnostic with Jean Chatzky (RWD 88)

1:01:40 | Feb 27th

When's the last time you gave you financial life a good inspection? It's been a bit since we talked about having a good look at our financial processes and routines, so the Fintern decided to spin up Joe's interview with Today Show Money Editor Jean ...Show More
What Do We Think About Market Timing? (RWD 087)

1:05:31 | Feb 25th

We haven't talked about market timing at all on the show lately, so the Fintern thought it was about time to reach back in the archives and find an old episode on the topic. This eshow is from a Wednesday back before we changed our format. OG sound...Show More
Lies Money Gurus Tell (plus an intro to NuMoola)

1:06:31 | Feb 22nd

It's easy to find financial advice on the internet. But finding GOOD financial advice? You'll find that's a bit more difficult. With so many money "gurus" pushing their sage wisdom, how do you sort through all the noise and find the truth? We'll disc...Show More
When Should I Fire My Financial Advisor? (Your Letters)

1:14:26 | Feb 20th

Today we'll throw out our regular playbook to focus on what's really important: your burning financial questions! From Ginny, who wants to become interested in finance (plus a husband who has a BIG man-crush on OG), to Craig and his wife who just inh...Show More
Starting a Business, Cardi B, and the Problem with Afterpay

59:57 | Feb 18th

Nearly everyone has had a "great" business idea. However, as mom says, "the devil is in the details," and great businesses aren't built on ideas, they're built on successful implementation and follow through. To help you set up either your next side ...Show More
How to NOT Blow Your Tax Refund (Plus an intro to CareerPurpose from TIAA)

1:07:57 | Feb 15th

Whether it's big check time from the IRS or not, it's always important to know ahead of time what to do with a large sum of money. Do you have a plan for your tax refund cash? Today, whether you have the beginnings of a plan or no clue, this show is ...Show More
We Heart Better Money Communication (with Walter Wisniewski and Allison Vanaski)

1:16:12 | Feb 13th

We're celebrating Valentine's Day in true money podcast fashion, talking all things romantic, like wine, spreadsheets, money dates, and open communication about money. We know...total romance. Joining us to discuss all of these things and more are a ...Show More
The Art and Science of Making Work Optional (with Tanja Hester)

1:17:07 | Feb 11th

Tanja Hester realized at a young age that even though she loved her career, she was still helping an organization chase THEIR goals instead of her own, and that's when her plan to make work optional was hatched. On today's show she'll talk about not ...Show More
5 Reasons People Never Have Enough Money (with an intro to U-Nest)

1:12:44 | Feb 8th

Ever ask yourself why you never seem to have enough money? Maybe the answer is that you need to make more at work, or maybe you just eat out a little bit too much during the week? On today's roundtable, we're joined by Marcus Garrett of the Paychecks...Show More
Slashing Expenses To Save More Money (with Grant Sabatier)

1:24:44 | Feb 6th

If you're hoping for financial freedom, Grant Sabatier is maybe the perfect man to hear speak. At one point he was down to less than ten dollars in his accounts, and within a short time went from broke to a millionaire. How did he do it? He'll share ...Show More
Dumb Things Smart People Do With Money (with Jill Schlesinger)

1:16:53 | Feb 4th

THE Jill Schlesinger returns to the basement to talk about three horrible investments people buy: gold, reverse mortgages, and hedge funds. We'll also discuss annuities, permanent life insurance, and other frequent offenders. If you're using any of t...Show More
Developing Your Big Game Plan For Your Money (plus an intro to Vimvest)

1:17:40 | Feb 1st

This is the weekend we'll nearly all see (whether we're a fan of sports or not) people at the "top of their game" showing off their ability to excel at their craft. Here's our question: how do you excel with your money? That's why today we're discuss...Show More
Why Are We Bad With Money? (with Gaby Dunn)

1:09:27 | Jan 30th

Are you horrible with money? Turns out you're not alone (big surprise)! While most of us have been bad with money at some point in our lives, we don't usually write a book about it. Today we're joined by Gaby Dunn, who today will dive into her early ...Show More
What's Our Favorite (and least favorite) Tax Software Packages?

1:09:45 | Jan 28th

On today's show we're taking your letters, but first, we're talking to Hannah Rounds, our favorite tax software reviewer, who gives us the lowdown on the good, bad and ugly of tax software. She'll tell us which brands to avoid, which are her favorite...Show More
Why Some People Will Always Be Poor (with tax prep tips from The Bookkeeping Artist)

1:04:55 | Jan 25th

What does it really mean to be poor? We're not talking about poverty...that's a whole different issue, when compared to one article we're discussing today, which covers the difference between people who are "poor" but own lots of stuff and people who...Show More
Join the Seven Figure Club With Tools You Already Possess (with Chris Hogan)

59:36 | Jan 23rd

With all of the news dominated lately by the government shutdown and Washington politics, it's easy to focus on things outside of your control. But if you're going to become a millionaire, it's time today to refocus your energy on YOU and what you ne...Show More
Is Too Much Debt Hampering Your Saving Discussions? (Your Letters)

58:16 | Jan 21st

We're dedicating this episode to a very special guest: YOU. Our mailbag is overflowing, so today we realized it was time to devote a whole episode to answering your burning questions. Scott has cash left over after he pays bills and maxes out his reg...Show More
Our Favorite Ways To Distract Ourselves From Spending (plus an intro to AHP Financing)

1:10:37 | Jan 18th

How do you put the brakes on spending so much money? ....... Our special guest today is Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, author of The Thirty Day Money Cleanse, and she's an expert in cleaning up your budget. We'll talk with her and our team about a recent...Show More
Challenging Yourself To Spend NO Money (with Jen Smith)

1:12:50 | Jan 16th

Could you go a few days without spending any money? A few weeks? How about a few months? Starving your wallet might be simpler than you've previously thought. Jen Smith, co-host of the Frugal Friends podcast, joins us today to talk about gifting your...Show More
How One Family Paid Off a $330k Mortgage in 5 Years

1:26:04 | Jan 14th

Ever wonder how someone decides to aggressively attack a goal, like paying down your mortgage? Talaat McNeely and his spouse Tai decided to think HUGE thoughts when they set out to pay off their house in five years. They didn't know how they'd do it,...Show More
Your Smartest 2019 Money Moves (plus an intro to Gradifi)

1:05:40 | Jan 11th

What money moves are you planning for 2019? From creating an emergency fund and increasing your 401k contributions, to downsizing and starting a side hustle, there are plenty of smart financial steps you can take to make this year your best one yet. ...Show More
Wash Away Your Debts (with Nick Clements)

1:02:51 | Jan 9th

Did you spend too during the holiday season? Studies showed that many of us WAY overspent this year, to the tune of over $1,200 more spending than we could truly afford. Add that to the huge amount of debt people are already carrying, and this year's...Show More
How To Nail Your Retirement Investment Strategy (with Larry Swedroe)

1:20:27 | Jan 7th

In this tumultuous market, how certain are you about your investment strategy? Larry Swedroe joins us today to talk retirement planning, but especially to talk about weathering the storm of risk and uncertainty in this market. We'll talk about what's...Show More
What Does Our Magic 8 Ball Predict For 2019? (plus an intro to Kin)

1:25:29 | Jan 4th

What's on tap for 2019? We don't know what you have planned personally, but we CAN tell you what our Magic 8 Ball says is going to happen. We'll ask it all the important questions, like, "What will the stock market do in 2019?" and "Will the price of...Show More
You Can Be a Badass in 2019 (with Jen Sincero)

1:07:16 | Jan 2nd

What do you want from 2019? How about becoming a badass? Our guest today says you're already a badass and just might not know it. Jen Sincero has written TWO New York Times bestsellers, but today she's here with us teaching you how to kick off a new ...Show More
What Did 2018 Teach Us About Money? (with Jill Schlesinger)

1:16:32 | Dec 31st, 2018

2018 was quite a year....maybe the opposite of March (in like a Lion/out like a lamb)....and began fairly gently and definitely is finishing with a roar. What should we have learned, if we turn the events of this year into timeless lessons? What coul...Show More
Last Year's Look Into The Magic 8 Ball (SB RWD 86)

1:06:20 | Dec 28th, 2018

In anticipation of our annual magic 8 ball episode next Friday, we're taking a look back at last year's magic 8 ball episode. For those of you new to the show, each year roundtable regular Len Penzo brings down his magic 8 ball and we ask it wide-ran...Show More
Abigail Adams was a financial badass (SB RWD 85)

1:01:32 | Dec 26th, 2018

Today's rewind episode features one of our favorite interviews with a fantastic guest: Dr. Woody Holton, author of the book "Abigail Adams", for which he won the Bambridge Award and more. In a time when women weren't expected, or even necessarily all...Show More
Ric Edelman Helps Us Rescue Your Money (SB RWD 84)

1:00:52 | Dec 24th, 2018

With all the news going around about the markets, we thought it would be fitting to kick off our rewind week by sharing our time with Ric Edelman. Ric, Chairman and Founder of Edelman Financial Services, bestselling author, and host of the hit “Ric E...Show More
The OTHER Way To Solve Your Money Problems (plus an update on Debitize)

56:22 | Dec 21st, 2018

There's nothing wrong with selling some of your clutter to help pay down your debt, but, as today's piece from Val Breit from TheCommonCentsClub (in a piece appearing on Rockstar Finance), there are plenty of other things you could be doing to help s...Show More
Real Estate Investing Basics (with BiggerPockets)

1:08:06 | Dec 19th, 2018

Thinking about getting into real estate? We're bringing down two fantastic guests who are excited to deliver what you need to know about investing in real estate: from the BiggerPockets real estate community and podcast, we're talking to Josh Dorkin ...Show More
Creating Your Debt Free Blueprint (with Laura Adams, aka Money Girl)

1:16:16 | Dec 17th, 2018

Are you having trouble climbing out of debt? Or maybe you're tired of daily calls from debt collectors? Whether you have serious debt or just need to refresh your plan, today we're kickstarting your 2019 journey to financial independence with the hos...Show More
Should I Become a Holiday Minimalist? (plus an intro to Royalty Exchange)

1:09:37 | Dec 14th, 2018

Tired of all the running around shopping and working and cooking and planning...all to try and make the perfect holiday? What if you ditched all that and instead just focused on the people around you? Would that make it better? We'll talk about not j...Show More
Advice We Wish We'd Been Handed At Age 22 (Your Letters)

59:05 | Dec 12th, 2018

What do you wish someone had told you when you were 22 years old? How much would it have changed your trajectory? Would you have even listened to the advice? Today we're not just doling out idea to help your financial future....the guys are answering...Show More
Budgeting 101 (and maybe some 201) with Michele Cagan

1:06:29 | Dec 10th, 2018

If you're like most people during the big holiday season, it's not really a question of IF you go over your budget, but WHEN--and how badly. With another "can't miss" deal around every corner who can keep themselves from doing a little splurging when...Show More
Surviving The Fog of Life and Money (with an intro to Digs)

1:06:08 | Dec 7th, 2018

How can you really follow a financial plan when absolutely nobody knows what's going to happen to the economy or in their life in a couple of years? What happens to your financial plan if you lose your job or have a medical emergency that wipes out y...Show More
Becoming the NEXT Millionaire Next Door (with Dr. Sarah Stanley Fallaw)

58:46 | Dec 5th, 2018

How will YOU become the next millionaire next door? Believe it or not, it's been 23 years since The Millionaire Next Door shook the foundation of what people thought about wealth. You mean LOTS of people built their wealth in other ways than inheriti...Show More
People Who Don't Like The FIRE Movement Don't Understand It (with David Bach)

0:00 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Recently there have been LOTS of headlines about FIRE. Good? Bad? Ugly? We invited David Bach down to the basement to ostensibly ask him about the 20th anniversary edition of his Smart Women Finish Rich book. While we cover that in detail, we also as...Show More
People Who Don't Like The FIRE Movement Don't Understand It (with David Bach)

1:08:07 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Recently there have been LOTS of headlines about FIRE. Good? Bad? Ugly? We invited David Bach down to the basement to ostensibly ask him about the 20th anniversary edition of his Smart Women Finish Rich book. While we cover that in detail, we also as...Show More
How To Crush Holiday Networking Events (plus an intro to Blendtique)

1:13:20 | Nov 30th, 2018

If you're like me, holiday parties are a mix of sheer terror, the threat of being stuck in a corner in the world's second most boring conversation, and hoping that you don't accidentally stick your foot in your mouth. So, to help us all not only navi...Show More
Stop Being Your Own Investing Worst Enemy (with Dr. Daniel Crosby)

59:29 | Nov 28th, 2018

Ever think that you need to take decisive action to bring your investments under control? Ever wonder exactly what moves you should make the next time the market moves up or down? We've got you covered, because Dr. Daniel Crosby joins us to talk abou...Show More
Conquering Fear To Reach Bigger Goals (with Akshay Nanavati)

1:11:32 | Nov 26th, 2018

If anyone knows about fighting fear, it's Akshay Nanavati. While fighting overseas with the Marines, Akshay lost people close to him and subsequently suffered PTSD. He'll share his story of overcoming his own paralyzing fear, fighting demons, and ach...Show More
Learning about Money, Economics and Business with Board Games

1:06:13 | Nov 23rd, 2018

While everyone else is standing in Black Friday lines hoping for the best deals, we're kicking back in the basement enjoying some board games. Eric Summerer from The Dice Tower joins us to talk about his favorite games about money, economics, and bus...Show More
What's Hot In Tech and Light On Your Wallet This Black Friday?

1:08:25 | Nov 21st, 2018

Every year early adopters worry about one thing....technology. What's the hottest new thing? What's the flop that we should avoid? How expensive is the latest do-dad going to cost? Should I buy last year's do-dad to save some cash? We're super excite...Show More
This Year's Biggest Black Friday Deals

1:03:14 | Nov 19th, 2018

Ready, set, SHOP! If you have to shop (and we're fairly certain you're like us and aren't in love with the idea at all), why not make it more fun by saving tons of money? Whether you're looking for clothing, tools, kitchen aids, furniture, or just so...Show More
12 Items You're Wasting Money On (plus an intro to Honeybee)

1:19:40 | Nov 16th, 2018

What items are YOU buying that are a complete waste of money? Today we're throwing out the playbook and all the rules for this very special episode of the Stacking Benjamins show. Joseph Hogue from the Let's Talk Money! YouTube channel joins Paula Pa...Show More
What Should Keith Do With a $50,000 Inheritance? (Your Letters)

1:15:13 | Nov 14th, 2018

We're dedicating today's show to all of your burning financial questions. Will the fact that Anna's parents are opening up a 529 plan for her daughter create unintended financial consequences down the road? What should Keith do with a $50,000 inherit...Show More
From 2 Incomes To 1: How She Quit Her Job & Couldn’t Be Happier

1:22:03 | Nov 12th, 2018

On today's show we're talking to Chris Peach and Andrea Robinson about big life changes. Think it's too late for you to change your direction? Or maybe you're too apprehensive about jumping into the unknown? Chris and Andrea will break it down on jus...Show More
Juggling Money, Family and Work (featuring Shannon Cason, Cat Alford, Andy Hill, Tasha Daniel and more!)

1:23:55 | Nov 9th, 2018

How do you find time to make all of the right money moves, have relationships with family or friends, AND keep a career that brings in the Benjamins? We'll talk about that and a TON more on today's podcast, recorded live in Detroit, Michigan, to roun...Show More
Chasing Your Dream Career (with Joel Goldberg, Carrie Olsen, Tracie Fobes and MORE!)

1:35:47 | Nov 7th, 2018

We're kicking off our live Kansas City show with a fantastic hometown story on how one guy went from small time jobs to BIG time pre- and post-game shows for Kansas City Royals television broadcasts. You heard his podcast recently on our feed (as he ...Show More
From $40,000 in Student Loan Debt to $100k+ Income Per Month

1:38:47 | Nov 5th, 2018

We kick off live show week with a great story. How about a blogger who owed thousands in student loan debt and turned things around so much that only a few years later she's earning six figures every month and lives on a sailboat? Michelle Shroeder-G...Show More
How Not To Lose It When You Lose Money

1:12:43 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Investors. Right when they turn left they turn right. You've heard lots of stories about people who've lost fortunes...all because they lost their head. Yet one recent publication shows the mindset shift of investors over time and through different m...Show More
Meet the Mad Money Monsters

1:17:12 | Oct 31st, 2018

We're bringing two specially picked Halloween inspired guests down to the basement today, (and as a bonus, for once we can call all of our cobwebs and flickering lights seasonal decoration. Bonus!) Today we welcome the two brains behind the Mad Money...Show More
How Much Cash Buys Financial Independence? (Your Letters)

1:09:20 | Oct 29th, 2018

We're kicking off the week talking about new jobs, annuities, paying down your mortgage, and spreadsheets....that's right, it's our favorite episode: we're answering YOUR letters. Joseph's got his first "big boy" job as an engineer after college. He'...Show More
Financial Terms You Need To Know (plus an intro to Cozy)

1:08:44 | Oct 26th, 2018

Just like how you need to know where the pedals are when you ride a bike, learning the key financial terms is an important part of your success as a saver. What are the most important terms to know? We're joined by Tom Drake from the Maple Money podc...Show More
Money Mistakes and Wins, plus Leadership Lessons from the Negro Leagues Museum (live podcasts with Chris Browning and Joel Goldberg!)

48:17 | Oct 24th, 2018

Today we bring you two fantastic podcast episodes in a single package! As part of our three city tour we headed to Orlando, where Chris Browning and the Popcorn Finance podcast took the stage. Chris tackles some of his (and the audience's) biggest mo...Show More
How One Family Paid Off $74,000 of Debt

1:10:13 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Need inspiration to pay off your debt? We have it today. Alaya Linton from the blog HopeandCents.com and her husband paid off over $74,000 of debt in....wait for it....25 months. She'll walk us through all of the bad decisions she made wracking up th...Show More
The ONE Thing You Need To Figure Out (plus Jake Hare from Launchpeer)

1:18:43 | Oct 19th, 2018

What's the ONE thing you need to figure out to get what you really want? A popular blogger wrote a piece on the topic and today we have a special all-guest panel to help us work through it. On today's show we welcome, from the Hippocratic Hustle podc...Show More
From Runaway To Entrepreneur (with Brynne Conroy)

1:03:20 | Oct 17th, 2018

Here's a success story: Brynne was couch surfing because she had nowhere to go and now is releasing one of the biggest financial books of the year. Think that isn't inspirational? Oh, we've got inspriation in spades on today's show. Whether you're th...Show More
Building Habits That Stick (with James Clear)

1:04:15 | Oct 15th, 2018

Spend $10 on fast-food at lunch, or carry in a bag lunch to eat in at the office? Order some delivery for dinner because you're too busy, or meal prep at the beginning of the week? Small choices we choose each day turn into habits that make up the ba...Show More
Ever Try THESE Extremely Frugal (and maybe gross) Money Savers?

1:14:30 | Oct 12th, 2018

Being financially prudent is one thing, but when does saving money cross the line into being extremely, and possibly even grossly, frugal? Helping us answer these questions are today's special guests: from the Mr. Fi Guy blog, it's Mr. Fi (or as his ...Show More
From Disorganized to Money Management Ninja (with Belinda Rosenblum)

1:09:07 | Oct 10th, 2018

How do you become a money pro? Like most people...you start off as a financial nightmare and you learn the hard lessons that teach you how to be much better with your Benjamins. Belinda Rosenblum lived that life....she was horrible with budgets and u...Show More
Kicking the 9-5 To The Curb (with Lee Huffman)

1:12:11 | Oct 8th, 2018

Our featured guest coming down to the basement has two kids... and he still kicked his job to the curb and made the jump to the self-employed route. Why did he do it? And HOW did he do it? Lee Huffman will tell us the story today. Plus, in today's he...Show More
What Innovation Is Coming To YOUR Wallet?

1:17:52 | Oct 5th, 2018

Long-time basement listeners know what the Friday after FinCon means... it's our episode you know and love: when we take you on a tour of some of the biggest innovations and coolest concepts we see at the show. So, just what are we covering this year...Show More
Turning Inner Strength Into Outer Money Success (with Beth Burns)

1:04:31 | Oct 3rd, 2018

Today in the basement we're turning inner strength into outer money success with financial coach Beth Burns. Plus, in our headlines segment, do you live in one of the least financially savvy states? We'll go over that list... plus tell you which side...Show More
Health and Your Money: The Groovy-est Episode Ever

1:10:13 | Oct 1st, 2018

You first heard him on our Friday roundtable episode... and now he's coming back for his victory lap (and the mic all to himself). Today we welcome Mr.Groovy, of Freedom is Groovy to talk all things financial independence. How did he become financial...Show More
Lying About Your Money (plus an intro to RateGravity)

1:20:29 | Sep 28th, 2018

Have you ever lied about how much money you make? Most likely, along with the rest of us, you've probably puffed up the number at least once in your life. So exactly why do people lie? Helping us discuss fibbing to spouses and to statisticians is our...Show More
Suze Orman

1:13:10 | Sep 26th, 2018

We're pulling out all the stops today because we're talking to a special guest that you may (or may not) have heard of... Suze Orman. We'll talk all things women and money, mentorship, understanding your investments and financial tools, and more. Plu...Show More
Finding Quantum Success With Work And Money (with Christy Whitman)

1:06:30 | Sep 24th, 2018

We're kicking off Monday by talking by asking, how do you achieve quantum success with your career and your MONEY? Helping us improve our financial lives is today's special guest, Christy Whitman. Plus, in our headlines segment, would you enjoy being...Show More
11 Reasons Why You’re Not Making MORE Money

1:05:58 | Sep 21st, 2018

Ever wonder what outside factors are keeping you from making more money? If so, it turns out you're not the only one asking that nagging question... big surprise there! Helping us cover a recently released blog post covering many reasons why you aren...Show More
What To Do With Big (Sudden) Money with Doug Goldstein

1:10:50 | Sep 19th, 2018

What would you do if you found yourself with a big inheritance? You might have some ideas on that, but do you really know what you SHOULD do if you found yourself in that situation? Helping us with just that question is our special guest, Doug Goldst...Show More
From Zero To Million Dollar Listings (with Ryan Serhant)

1:14:37 | Sep 17th, 2018

Need a kick in the pants when it comes to your career? Time to look inward and make some improvements? Check. We've got you covered. Thinking about selling....anything, but maybe even real estate? Check. We've also got YOU covered. Need a healthy spo...Show More
BONUS Episode: 2018 Plutus Award Finalists AND Panel Discussion

1:59:35 | Sep 16th, 2018

A special BONUS treat! We've asked Mr. Plutus Awards Harlan Landes and our friend (and Plutus Award team member) Miranda Marquit down to the basement to share this years finalists, and they agreed! They'll spend a little time sharing ALL of the final...Show More
10 Money Leaks to Plug NOW!

1:05:52 | Sep 14th, 2018

Spend $8 at the coffee shop, $5 dollars for a little snack later on... maybe $20 eating dinner at a restaurant with your co-workers later tonight. Rinse, wash, and repeat a few days a week and you'll start to wonder where all that extra cash you're s...Show More
Lessons From Strangers' Money Diaries (with Lindsey Stanberry)

1:10:25 | Sep 12th, 2018

Ever want to see how someone else lives and spends money? The Money Diaries, a wildly popular feature at Refinery29, digs into the personal lives of people who volunteer to share the details of their lives and expenses. What you find, are lots of les...Show More
You Can Be a Wealthy Heiress (or Heir) with Linda P. Jones

1:08:25 | Sep 10th, 2018

Do you have what it takes to be a wealthy heiress (or heir)? Our friend Linda P. Jones says that you already have the ingredients...now you just need to dive in and show your prowess. She'll take you through the steps to claim your wealth, and we'll ...Show More
Things We Wish We Knew About Money When We Were 20 w/ an intro to Respect (SB RWD 83)

1:02:16 | Sep 7th, 2018

We're finishing this week strong with today's rewind episode. Featuring Joe, Len Penzo, and Paula Pant, this roundtable has our group looking back at their 20's. What sort of money education would have made their lives easier? Later on the show, the ...Show More
Stop Making Bad Money Moves w/ Emily Guy Birken (SB RWD 82)

55:53 | Sep 5th, 2018

Pay down your debts, or invest in the market? Upgrade to a new car, or start stashing away money for a house? Opportunity costs face us everyday, and today, we're rolling back the clock to when we sat down with Emily Guy Birken, who explains just how...Show More
Crushing Student Loans and Buying Houses: Your Letters (SB RWD 81)

59:08 | Sep 3rd, 2018

We're rolling back the clock to one of our extra-stuffed letters episodes. The guys will cover questions about buying homes, paying down student debt, investing, bitcoin and more. Then in the headlines segment the guys looked at mistakes that investo...Show More
The Happiest Way To Pay Your Loans AND Grab Scholarships (Plus an intro to Emperor Investments)

1:10:45 | Aug 31st, 2018

We're ending this eight week series of shows on a very special note, with some awesome guests and fun surprises! First, have you ever groaned while paying the same debt payment over and over every single month? Sure you have! Today we'll talk to our ...Show More
Finding the ZERO Percent Tax Bracket In Retirement (with David McKnight)

1:00:08 | Aug 29th, 2018

You've diligently saved and invested. You've taken careful care of your money, and you're now ready to enjoy your golden years...but your tax situation isn't what you'd expected and now you have a whole lot less money than you'd hoped. That's the sit...Show More
Retire Early with Real Estate (with Chad "Coach" Carson)

1:14:43 | Aug 27th, 2018

Looking to get into real estate? Or maybe you're hoping to clock out of work early... permanently? Today we're bringing down to the basement the guy who used real estate to make sure his family was in great financial shape at an early age, Chad "Coac...Show More
8 Money Mistakes Middle Class People Make (plus an intro to Blast)

1:05:16 | Aug 24th, 2018

As much as we don't like to admit it (and let's face it, Doug never will), we're not perfect here in the basement. We can mess up and make mistakes, just like anyone. But not all mistakes are created equal. Forgetting to start the dishwasher? Yeah, t...Show More
Len Penzo's Annual School Lunch Survey (the entertaining way to learn inflation)

57:55 | Aug 22nd, 2018

PB&J or BLT? Before you answer that question you'll want to listen in on today's show. You guessed it! Today's the return of Len Penzo's annual Sandwich Survey. We're mixing the costs of going back to school, nutrition, and a little inflation talk al...Show More
Managing Money During Emotional Times (with Dorie Fain)

1:05:25 | Aug 20th, 2018

Life transitions are always stressful, and can be more than a little scary. Oftentimes, it's not until we're settled back into a routine that we notice we haven't been on our money management game. Maybe we made some big decisions while emotional. Wo...Show More
Making Money Through Better Time Management (plus BIG news from Haven Life)

1:05:39 | Aug 17th, 2018

What's more important, money or time? While that answer is up for debate, one thing isn't: better time management will lead to making more money. So, how do you maximize your money AND your time? Helping us answer that question is money coach extraor...Show More
How to Be Boss and Take Control of Your Income

55:20 | Aug 15th, 2018

Think you're doing all you can to earn more money? Hoping to find ways to maybe squeeze a little more productivity out of your day? In today's inspirational episode, we're talking to Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson from the Being Boss podcast abo...Show More
How Is a New Cryptocurrency Born?

1:01:45 | Aug 13th, 2018

While we're usually not crazy about jumping in the cryptocurrency Kool-aid, a new type of crypto just being birthed called Kinesis caught our eye. This emerging crypto is based on gold and silver...so already it sounds a little different, right? To l...Show More
How Hardcore Are Your Money Habits? (plus an intro to CNote!)

1:10:34 | Aug 10th, 2018

Are you known as the "frugal" friend in your circle? Think you're 100% on board when it comes to managing your finances? You'll have a chance to put that to the test today, because our roundtable is discussing (and sharing their own stories on) hardc...Show More
She Paid Off $18,410 Of Debt In 7 Months

55:00 | Aug 8th, 2018

We LOVE success stories, and today we're talking to one woman with a great one. She set out to pay off over $18,000 of debt in a single year. But what happened? She actually did it in just over half that time: seven months. Sounds good? We thought so...Show More
Fidelity Drops TWO Zero Fees Funds Into the Market

1:00:44 | Aug 6th, 2018

We've said for awhile that the fee game is a "race to the bottom," and last week....we reached the bottom. Fidelity dropped some big news in the financial world last week: not only did they slash a bunch of fees, they also introduced two no-fee mutua...Show More
How Not To $#&* Yourself When Taking Out A Loan (plus an intro to Current)

1:04:03 | Aug 3rd, 2018

Most people borrow money at some point, but how do we pick out good loans from bad loans? To help us figure out which loans are best, we're bringing down our usual suspects: from AffordAnything.com, Paula Pant; from our very own basement, OG; and fro...Show More
LIVE From Podcast Movement with your favorite Podcasters!

1:21:02 | Aug 1st, 2018

We're coming to you (mostly) live from Podcast Movement! Joe caught up with some of our favorite podcasters and friends and interviewed them live right from the event floor. We have an action-packed episode featuring Gwen Mertz in our headlines, and ...Show More
How Do I Build a Stream of Retirement Money?

51:11 | Jul 30th, 2018

Have you been waiting for us to answer your letter? It's your lucky day because we're dedicating today's show to answering your questions. We're covering diversification, retirement, investing, Fintech, dividends and everything in between on our spec...Show More
Do I Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Money? (plus an intro to Zeta)

1:15:43 | Jul 27th, 2018

There are many ways to have a not-so-great relationship with the fuel that helps you reach your goals. You can spend too much, never spend anything...and much more. What IS a healthy relationship, and what does it look like? There are a lot of warnin...Show More
Investing In Your Vices (with Jordan Waldrep)

1:13:45 | Jul 25th, 2018

You've probably heard of impact investing, but... have you heard of vice funds? The concept is similar to impact investing, but instead of good causes, vice fund invests in those other sectors of the market....like cigarettes, gambling, and alcohol. ...Show More
Doing Well By Doing Good...with Real Estate (with Eddie Lorin)

59:05 | Jul 23rd, 2018

At least one real estate investor is doing his best work by bringing affordable real estate to the masses. From ImpactHousing.com, we welcome Eddie Lorin, who'll share how you can purchase and create real estate opportunities that in his words, "do w...Show More
What Do Money Bloggers Owe Their Audience? (plus a BIG update from Tiller)

1:26:50 | Jul 20th, 2018

Should financial bloggers and financial podcasters who tout that they're "retired" share the WHOLE story with their audience? Plus, if they're managing a successful blog or podcast, how "retired" are they actually? Additionally....does it matter to a...Show More
Welcome to Stacking Hamiltons! (w/ Rosemarie Groner)

1:17:12 | Jul 18th, 2018

And you thought you knew us! WELCOME TO THE STACKING HAMILTONS SHOW!!!! According to Doug's crazy holiday calendar we're celebrating National Hamilton's Day. It's your lucky today because today we're bringing you a show stock full of tips on how to s...Show More
How I Retired Early: A Case Study w/ Fritz Gilbert

1:19:04 | Jul 15th, 2018

Do you ever find yourself sitting around wondering how someone retires early? Good news... we've been wondering the same thing. To answer answer all of our (and your!) questions about early retirement, we invited the man who has not only done it hims...Show More
Answer These 3 Questions About Money To Enrich Your Life (plus an intro to eBlocker)

1:05:56 | Jul 13th, 2018

It always pays to start with the end in mind, which may seem difficult, but one recent piece suggests that answering a few questions will help you crystalize your goals. For example, do you know what you'd do with your life if money wasn't an issue? ...Show More
How To Slash Your Investing Risk (with Chris Cook)

1:10:46 | Jul 11th, 2018

Investing can be scary, especially if you're just starting out. What if your money evaporates overnight? What if some unforeseen event happens and my investments are wiped out? And with most of us relying on our investments to get us through retireme...Show More
Fun & Games and Wiping Out Your Student Loan Debt (with Michael Torpey and Natalia Abrams)

1:00:18 | Jul 9th, 2018

A game show made to wipe out student debt? That's right...coming to Tru TV is a new game show that's made specifically for that reason. If you're anything like millions of other people, you've probably had (or still have) the pleasure of dealing with...Show More
Taking The Entrepreneurship Plunge Without Drowning with Steve Chou (SB RWD 80)

48:11 | Jul 6th, 2018

The Fintern completes our rewind week with today's flashback roundtable episode featuring Steve Chou from MyWifeQuitHerJob.com, Paula Pant from Afford Anything, AND our old friend Greg McFarlane from ControlYourCash. Thinking about taking a dive into...Show More
Starting Your Rental Real Estate Empire with Brandon Turner (SB RWD 79)

1:06:49 | Jul 4th, 2018

Looking to jump into real estate? We're rolling back the clock to the time we talked to Brandon Turner from the award-winning real estate site, Bigger Pockets. He'll talk about purchasing, managing tenants and building wealth. We'll also cover a coup...Show More
Rocking Your Debt Cleanse with Nick Clements, Mandi Woofruff and Tiffany the Budgetnista (SB RWD 78)

1:20:34 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern")  takes us back to our debt-curing discussion with MagnifyMoney CEO Nick Clements and MagnifyMoney Executive Editor Mandi Woodruff. Still in the wake of the holiday buying season, Nick and Mandi shared some good stra...Show More
Make Mistakes and Still Find Financial Independence (plus an intro to Mason)

1:06:42 | Jun 29th, 2018

When you've made some mistakes in your past, how do you get back on track for financial independence? Is there ever a "too" late? Is financial independence out of reach for those of us who started late? Helping us answer those questions and more is s...Show More
Kiné Corder on the Relationship Between Money, Happiness, and Your Personality

1:09:52 | Jun 27th, 2018

Kiné Corder joins us to tackle some of the biggest money issues...our own money personality. Mom says all the time to "know yourself," and Kine will help you dive into your money traits so that you can rely more on your strengths and cover your weakn...Show More
You CAN Stick To The Plan (with Nicole Lapin)

1:15:12 | Jun 25th, 2018

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Lapin is someone (maybe like you, and definitely like me) who wasn't taught money lessons growing up. However, different than many people, she's been able to create and stick to a money plan. She's been recogn...Show More
5 Fun Ways To Teach Kids About Money (Plus Advice From TIAA for Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles)

1:19:02 | Jun 22nd, 2018

Do you know any kids already bored with summer? Know someone who needs some help breaking down basic finance for the kiddos? You're in luck because today we're talking kids and money. Joining us today, from the National Bank of Mom, is our new friend...Show More
What's Not To Like About a 401k Loan? (Your Letters)

1:04:27 | Jun 20th, 2018

Mail call! Today we're ripping open your letters and answering tons of your questions.  We'll share our thoughts on 401k loans, improving your credit, saving money... and much, much more. And during out headlines segment we're looking at Vanguard's 4...Show More
When Retirement Seems Impossible (with Dr. Steve Wendel from Morningstar)

1:03:19 | Jun 18th, 2018

Invest there, save here, charge this, spend that... what's behind our financial decision making? We might not personally have all of those answer, but we know someone who does. Coming down to the basement is the head of behavioral science at Mornings...Show More
Why The Joneses Will Bankrupt You (plus an intro to the WELA app)

1:12:41 | Jun 15th, 2018

On Wednesday we talked about what goes into picking the right financial advisor. You'd want to be sure of the person your entrusting with your financials, after all. But would you trust a financial advisor who's a couple of decades younger than you? ...Show More
How To Avoid the Wrong Financial Planner (with Stephanie McCullough)

1:01:55 | Jun 13th, 2018

The hardest part of hiring a financial planner? Making sure you pick the right one! That's why today we're welcoming the CEO of Sofia Financial, Stephanie McCullough. She's not only sharing her insider tips on what to look for with the right financia...Show More
Getting InvestED (with Phil Town)

1:04:13 | Jun 11th, 2018

How do you take control of your money and start investing? Danielle Town had a famous dad in the investing world, Phil Town, and didn't want anything to do with her father....to the point that she didn't want to invest money the way he did. Instead, ...Show More
What Was Your Money Epiphany? (plus an intro to Status Money)

1:08:59 | Jun 8th, 2018

What was your big money epiphany? Was it realizing you were paying for a car that was way too expensive? Or that even  though you're cashing in with a nice job you're still living paycheck to paycheck? Maybe, if you're like Doug, you're still waiting...Show More
Taking Drastic Action to Pay Down $120k of Debt (with Aja McClanahan)

1:07:34 | Jun 6th, 2018

Would you move your family to the rough part of Chicago to pay down debt and improve the neighborhood? Coming down to the basement is one woman who did just that...Aja McClanahan. After making the difficult decision to take drastic action, Aja and he...Show More
The Highs and Lows of Real Estate Investing (with Dana Bull)

1:02:49 | Jun 4th, 2018

Ever thought about getting into real estate, but didn't know what to expect? Our featured guest, Dana Bull, has seen just about everything when it comes to acquiring, rehabbing, and renting properties as a real estate investor. She's acquired dozens ...Show More
Did We Miss the Debt Panic Memo? (plus an intro to Swell)

1:06:23 | Jun 1st, 2018

Are you frazzled because you still have debt to pay off? Is it because your debt is spiraling out of control, or maybe because it's at a high interest rate? We'll talk about approaching debt on today's podcast. Plus, during our second headline we're ...Show More
From Shopaholic to Money Ninja (with Michelle Bobrow)

59:50 | May 30th, 2018

She struggled with credit card debt, student loans, and more, but now Michelle Bobrow's not only a money ninja...she'll help teach you how to manage your money better on today's episode. We'll talk about Michelle's early days of spending mistakes (th...Show More
Business For Bohemians (with Tom Hodgkinson)

1:05:32 | May 28th, 2018

Ever think about bringing some exciting new concept to the world, but you're turned off by the seemingly all-consuming WIN WIN WIN attitude some full time business people exude? Today's guest is perfect for you, because Tom Hodgkinson (owner and oper...Show More
Can Retirement Ruin Your Relationships? (Plus an intro to Payitoff.io)

1:06:26 | May 25th, 2018

Looking forward to retirement? We make plans so we CAN retire, but have you ever thought about what you'll be doing once you actually get there? We'll discuss how your relationships, and marriage, can be impacted in your post-work life. In a rare sec...Show More
Your Summer Theme Park Savings Guide (with Robert Niles)

58:22 | May 23rd, 2018

It's officially summer for us when Robert Niles (from Theme Park Insider) drops by for our annual look at theme parks around the country. Going on vacation this summer? We'll have all the answers about fantastic deals, making the most of your money, ...Show More
You NEED More Money (with Matt Manero)

1:03:32 | May 21st, 2018

Think you have enough money? If you ask our featured guest Matt Manero, lots of people are walking around assuming they have enough (or enough for now) and they couldn't be more wrong. He says there's a good chance that you NEED more money. On today'...Show More
Find More Time and Money (plus an intro to Tomorrow)

0:00 | May 18th, 2018

Ever think about moving? What if someone PAID you to move? Would you do it? ...and how about having more time in the day? Today we'll discuss cities and towns that'll pay you to relocate AND the secret behind having enough time in your day. We're joi...Show More
Find More Time and Money (plus an intro to Tomorrow)

1:05:45 | May 18th, 2018

Ever think about moving? What if someone PAID you to move? Would you do it? ...and how about having more time in the day? Today we'll discuss cities and towns that'll pay you to relocate AND the secret behind having enough time in your day. We're joi...Show More
Bozos, Monsters... and Other Financial Planners (with Lorraine Ell)

1:03:50 | May 16th, 2018

We're welcoming to the basement the author of "Bozos, monsters and whiz-bangs," Lorraine Ell. Do you have a bad financial advisor story? On today's show Lorraine shares some absolute horror stories with us. Advisors churning accounts? Counselors tell...Show More
How One Frugal Secretary Saved Millions (and your letters)

54:23 | May 14th, 2018

Mail Call! Today we're answering your questions about IRAs, tackle how to calculate a rate of return, dive in to Vanguard's new factor based funds.... and much, much more. In our headlines segment we turn out heads to secret millionaires. Why do peop...Show More
What Bad Jobs Can Teach You About Money (plus an intro to OfferUp)

58:26 | May 11th, 2018

Have you ever had a bad job? We'll discuss bad jobs and lessons that you learn while working in a field that might not be ideal or meet your end goals. We'll talk farming, golf caddie, working at McDonalds, and other bad jobs with our special guest A...Show More
What Do We Think About Niche Real Estate? (plus FICO and more of your questions!)

1:17:22 | May 9th, 2018

We back up the truck and plow through the mailbag today! We'll start off with a question about employee stock purchase plans, work our way into niche real estate, fly through small company stock investing, and dive headfirst into mutual funds vs. ETF...Show More
Making & Saving More Money in the Sharing Economy (with Harry Campbell)

1:06:08 | May 7th, 2018

Even though he's an engineer by trade, Harry Campbell was excited about the opportunity to earn extra money driving people (and stuff) around town so he tried out Lyft. What happened? Now he runs arguably the biggest website dedicated to ride sharing...Show More
Our Best Advice For Graduates - And YOU (SB RWD77)

54:11 | May 4th, 2018

Just starting out with money? Do you know someone just beginning in life, or graduating this month? Dorethia Kelly from The Money Chat joins Greg McFarlane and Len Penzo to tackle exactly that topic and more. We also discuss Uber’s plans to bring aut...Show More
Preparing For When Things Go Wrong (SB RWD76)

1:20:44 | May 2nd, 2018

Jane Blaufus, author of With the Stroke of a Pen, Claim Your Life joins us in the basement to share her very personal tragedy, and how making non-emotional insurance decisions helped her cope in a difficult time. She'll share a refreshing view of ins...Show More
The Dirty Side of Money with Kabir Sehgal (SB RWD75)

1:00:23 | Apr 30th, 2018

Money, it turns out, does bad things to your brain AND to your skin. Author Kabir Sehgal from the NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Coined, The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us joins us in the basement. We also take your...Show More
How Do I Save Money On My Insurance? (plus an intro to N26)

57:23 | Apr 27th, 2018

Looking for a better deal on our insurances? We'll tackle a piece today about tracking devices that trade privacy for your data, which will hopefully save you money on your insurance. Would you trade your data for lower costs? We'll discuss this and ...Show More
Should I Invest In a Roth IRA (and more of your questions)

1:11:15 | Apr 25th, 2018

One of our most frequently asked questions revolves around the Roth IRA. Should I invest in it? How much should I invest? Why should I invest in a Roth vs. a traditional IRA? That's just ONE of the many questions we answer on today's show, including ...Show More
Creating Your Own Better Outcome (with Lillian Karabaic)

1:01:07 | Apr 23rd, 2018

Lillain Karabaic has done everything. From bicycle valet to bookkeeping to radio, she's had just about every job you could imagine (she held over 40 jobs during her 20's!). Today she's sharing advice and stories about grabbing the reins. Think you ar...Show More
Should You Trade in Your Friends for Richer Ones? (plus we help kick off Money Smart Week!)

56:23 | Apr 20th, 2018

How much do your friends control your fate when it comes to your money? One recent piece contends that your community (including friends) is a HUGE piece in the puzzle toward financial success. Does our panel agree? Here to answer that question we we...Show More
Your Money or Your Life? (with Vicki Robin)

1:09:06 | Apr 18th, 2018

Why are you saving money? How much joy are you receiving from that "stuff" you own? You may rethink your financial plan after today's show, because our guest is the co-author of the HUGE bestselling book, Your Money or Your Life. Vicki Robin helped s...Show More
Building Your Money-Savvy Network Before You Need It (with Jordan Harbinger)

1:03:32 | Apr 16th, 2018

What happens when you're booted from your company? Jordan Harbinger found out firsthand. The former host of popular and award winning Art of Charm podcast tells us his story and then we talk about building YOUR network so it's available when you need...Show More
Popular Advice That's Actually Baloney

1:01:29 | Apr 13th, 2018

It's nearly tax time and we're hearing lots of rumors about tax strategies that just don't work. So we were relieved to read a headline that walked us through several rumors that weren't true. We'll go over them in detail on today's podcast! Plus we ...Show More
Beth Kobliner and SNL's Kate McKinnon Team Up To Teach Financial Literacy

1:05:44 | Apr 11th, 2018

What happens when a bestselling money author teams up with an SNL star to talk about financial literacy? You end up with some awesome videos featuring Kate McKinnon and Beth Kobliner! Beth joins us in the basement today to talk about the making of th...Show More
A Beginner's Guide to Individual Stock Investing (with Chuck Jaffe)

1:14:34 | Apr 9th, 2018

Ever wonder whether individual stock investing is for you? Chuck Jaffe, host of Money Life with Chuck Jaffe, joins us to talk about the differences between investing in individual companies and in indexes or actively traded funds. We'll discuss diver...Show More
Is Frugality For Rich People? (plus an intro to Voleo)

1:15:23 | Apr 6th, 2018

We've snared a HOT topic! Bloggers online are talking about a recent piece written by Miles Howard, entitled "Is Frugality For The Rich?" It asks many questions about bloggers online and the transparency of how they earn their money. We talk to our r...Show More
Spring Clean Your Wallet (plus Ditch the Resume/Land the Job with Gary Burnison)

1:09:03 | Apr 4th, 2018

Why haven't you scored a raise recently or grabbed that next bar on the better job rung? Well, your wait is over, because Gary Burnison, author of Lose the Resume, Land the Job, joins us to help you increase your income potential, enjoy your career m...Show More
Breaking Free From Money's "Oh @$#%" Cycle (with/ Kristin Wong)

1:06:41 | Apr 2nd, 2018

Ever had that time in your life when you just couldn't get ahead? You'd come home after payday, think that you could maybe relax and spend a dollar or two, and then realize, "Oh, $%#!" Kristin Wong has been through that cycle before herself, and she ...Show More
How to Break Up With Advisors (plus an intro to Grove)

1:08:09 | Mar 30th, 2018

How do you say goodbye to a long term advisor? Whether it's a financial advisor, CPA, financial coach, or someone in another field, we'll talk about the common practice of "ghosting" advisors. Is it okay to just leave your advisors and not tell them ...Show More
A Chinese Stock Shell Game (with Jed Rothstein from The China Hustle)

57:57 | Mar 28th, 2018

Thinking about placing some of your hard earned Benjamins into investments in China? So have many American investors, yet lots of them don't know how much trouble they might be inadvertently be walking into. Jed Rothstein, Academy Award-nominated and...Show More
Abigail Adams: Financial Badass

1:00:09 | Mar 26th, 2018

As Women's History Month draws to a close we suddenly realized....we've done nothing to celebrate! Today on the show we make up for that ('in spades," as mom says) by inviting professor Woody Holton down to the basement. He's the author of the book A...Show More
Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Millionaire?

56:44 | Mar 23rd, 2018

Do YOU have what it takes to be a millionaire? We pair three of our listeners with our panelists on today's show for a game show style discussion on the habits of millionaires. We'll talk about whether people are more likely to be a millionaire if th...Show More
10 Money Lessons From Oscar Nominated Flicks

1:21:55 | Mar 21st, 2018

We're talking money and movies on today's show, as Kiplinger financial writer Tom Blanton joins us in the basement to discuss lessons from ten Oscar nominated films. We'll not only tackle a few films from this year, but many from the back catalog tha...Show More
How to Have More Money and Life (with Derek Rydall)

1:10:26 | Mar 19th, 2018

Looking for the keys to wealth and happiness? While many of us search books, social media, or outside groups, today’s guest, Derek Rydall, has a different solution which he shares on today’s podcast. We’ll talk about the laws of abundance and how to ...Show More
THIS is the Secret To Saving Money (and an intro to Equity Multiple)

1:11:45 | Mar 16th, 2018

How do you save more money? Today we present one simple trick shared by a popular financial blogger. But does our team of experts think this is REALLY the secret? We'll ask them all, this week featuring from the awesome and brand spankin' new Pour No...Show More
Lisa Marie Presley Is Out Of Money (and we're treating our elders horribly)

1:13:59 | Mar 14th, 2018

Yes, another star is down to only a few Benjamins, but we have bigger news: ever since we met Susan Hodges we've been telling her cautionary tales to everyone we know...and today, that's YOU! After graduating from college where she learned to manage ...Show More
Pulling Your Life (and Money) Together When Everything Goes Wrong

1:08:07 | Mar 12th, 2018

Ever wish you had a second chance with your money? Billy B. hoped he'd get one. After being convicted and sent to prison after the death of his friend, Billy went through some serious soul searching, and the end result of that is on display on today'...Show More
Are You Frugal Or Just Plain Cheap? (with an intro to Blueprint)

1:10:47 | Mar 9th, 2018

Sure, you think of yourself as frugal, but do your friends think of you that way? If you're a little tight with money, or know someone who's maybe...just a tad too tight with money, today's discussion is for you! We're excited that today the creator ...Show More
From $100 to $1 Million (with BizKids' Jeannine Glista)

1:00:16 | Mar 7th, 2018

Wondering how to turn a small idea into a big stack of Benjamins? Better yet, how about teaching your kids to do it for you? Never fear, because Jeannine Glista from BizKids joins the fun on today's show, sharing case studies of young entrepreneurs w...Show More
Rethinking Consumerism (with Elizabeth Thames, AKA Mrs. Frugalwoods)

1:10:23 | Mar 5th, 2018

Ever wonder what it would be like to ditch the rat race and move to a farm in the country? That's exactly what Elizabeth Thames (aka Mrs. Frugalwoods) and her husband did, after a series of events, some of which you'll hear about on today's show! If ...Show More
Is it Taxable? And an intro to Clarity Money (SB RWD 74)

1:13:41 | Mar 2nd, 2018

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") is bringing the party on today's rewind episode. This roundtable show originally aired February 2017, and featured Paula Pant, Len Penzo, and Greg McFarlane trying to guess if different forms of income are taxable o...Show More
Stealing Back 40 to 60 Percent More time with Edward G. Brown (SB RWD 73)

59:56 | Feb 28th, 2018

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") rewinds the tape to when we invited featured guest Edward G. Brown down to the basement. Family, friends, coworkers, and even our bosses can steal about half of our day away. The question is, how do we get that time...Show More
Avoiding the Mistakes of 2007's Housing Crisis with Sheila Bair (SB RWD 72)

1:17:36 | Feb 26th, 2018

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") rewinds the tape to when we had former FDIC Chairmain Sheila Bair. What happened behind closed doors in the 2007 housing and banking crisis? How do we ensure that doesn't happen again? We covered that and more on to...Show More
8 Smart Things To Do With $1,000 Right Now (Plus the future of FinTech w/ Rory Holland)

1:00:13 | Feb 23rd, 2018

What should you do with a small windfall? Today we ask, if you had $1,000, how should you best use it? We have an article that gives us eight great options, but we ask our panel which of those is best...and why? THAT alone gets rolling a fanstastic d...Show More
Why Most Networkers Stink (with Scott Gerber)

1:05:35 | Feb 21st, 2018

Think you know networking? Scott Gerber is a superconnector who's spent his entire life learning the ins and outs of successful business relationships. Today he's in the basement sharing with us the tools you need to become a superconnector yourself....Show More
Better Decision-Making When You Don't Have All The Facts (with Annie Duke)

1:07:27 | Feb 19th, 2018

Do you think you make the best decisions under most circumstances? Today's guest will tell you that if you don't have all of the information, the more adamant you are about your point of view, the easier you are to "beat." Annie Duke was a profession...Show More
Stop Wasting Money on These 18 Products

57:56 | Feb 16th, 2018

On today's show we're pulling out all the stops for Joe's 50th birthday! We spend most of the podcast discussing 18 products people shouldn't buy if they want to stop wasting money. Think you can save a few bucks? Then today's show is for your! We al...Show More
Career Tips Learned Managing Frank Sinatra (with Eliot Weisman)

48:23 | Feb 14th, 2018

Eliot Weisman was the manager for stars like Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli. He also oversaw Frank Sinatra's estate after the crooner died, which was reportedly worth over $100 million. We'll talk to Eliot about managing celebrities and handling lar...Show More
Career Tips Learned Managing Frank Sinatra (with Eliot Weisman)

0:00 | Feb 14th, 2018

Eliot Weisman was the manager for stars like Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli. He also oversaw Frank Sinatra's estate after the crooner died, which was reportedly worth over $100 million. We'll talk to Eliot about managing celebrities and handling lar...Show More
Special Episode: An Intro To Business Wars

10:07 | Feb 13th, 2018

Surprise! How about an introduction to a great new podcast from Wondery? Say hello to Business Wars.
What's Your Money Story? (with Jen Hemphill)

1:09:14 | Feb 12th, 2018

We don't think much about our past when investing, but our money story until this point is a HUGE driver on how we make decisions with our spending, our cash, our budget, and our saving. Jen Hemphill (Her Money Matters podcast) joins us to talk about...Show More
Should You Brag About Your Benjamins on the Internet (with an intro to Aspiration)

1:03:32 | Feb 9th, 2018

You've done well with your money. Should you tell people online how well you've done? Maybe even show your 401k balance or your savings account? One piece in today's headlines segment has an opinion, our roundtable team will share theirs on today's p...Show More
Winning the Podium With Your Money (Silver Medalist Bobsledder Lauryn Williams)

1:05:22 | Feb 7th, 2018

What does it take to make it to the podium with your pocketbook? Olympic silver medalist Lauryn Williams knows. She's not only the host of the Worth Listening podcast, but also a financial planner...and more important for today's specific pre-Olympic...Show More
Sell A Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen)

1:02:44 | Feb 5th, 2018

In a crowded market, having a leg up by avoiding some easy mistakes might be the difference between selling your home quickly, and for the top dollar price possible, or not selling at all. House-flipper Mindy Jensen has sold COUNTLESS houses, and tod...Show More
Is the FIRE Movement Dying? (plus an intro to Better)

1:11:55 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Is the FIRE movement dying? One blogger says that it might be, so we bring in our crack team of Paula Pant, Len Penzo and The Other Guy...and well, you'll have to listen to hear whether they agree, won't you? Plus, some bad news out of Bank of Americ...Show More
Boost Your Income, Grow Your Stash, and Practice Better Spending (with Michele Cagan)

59:21 | Jan 31st, 2018

The basics of finance ain't easy...at first, but once you jump on and learn them, it's just like riding a bicycle (as mom says). Today we welcome CPA Michele Cagan, whose written a clever Infographic Guide to Personal Finance. She'll take us through ...Show More
How To Stop A Money Scam (with Sandra Bernardo)

53:13 | Jan 29th, 2018

The latest statistics on romance money scams are out, and oh boy, is mom upset. A whopping 20 percent more people were ripped off last year than the year before, so how do you protect your loved ones? If someone seems like the perfect match but they ...Show More
New Podcast Sample: MITM Airline Bins and Tax Returns

19:31 | Jan 27th, 2018

Looking for a new financial show that's fifteen minutes or less? Back from the basement...the same team that brings you Stacking Benjamins debuts a new show...Money in the Morning. Joe Saul-Sehy records two financial headlines daily in front of a Fac...Show More