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Chris Kalaboukis

All about innovation, startups, and the future - discussing topics which range from technology (AI, IoT, Big Data) to technologies impact on humans (Work, Play, Culture) and the future of everything in any sector - retail, banking, technology, hiring...Show More

05:14 | Feb 3rd

How often do you hear "let's go for the low hanging fruit"? Why do we always go after the easy stuff - when the sweeter fruit is typically higher up in the tree. --- Send in a voice message: https:...Show More

07:11 | Jan 30th

Customers want things to magically happen today - not in some future universe. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: More
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09:47 | Jan 20th

The modern world has filled us with stress since we really haven’t evolved far from tribes wandering the savannah. Think about that for a moment – think about the time before smartphones, before the i...Show More

06:39 | Jan 13th

It’s true innovation. Like the Segway, which pushed the boundaries of personal transportation and Google Glass, which pushed the boundaries of wearable devices, Libra is pushing the boundaries of cryp...Show More

06:03 | Jan 7th

When you think about it, we are all living in a multiverse of realities. What we each experience is our own reality. Even when more than one of us is in the same time and space, we don’t see an object...Show More
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