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Check out our animations about the cutting-edge research taking place at the University of Oxford. From a quick look around the LHC and an underwater adventure to explore the insides of a volcano, to finding out what makes us tick and how we're devel...Show More

02:22 | May 5th, 2016

Did you know that you are in charge of a power station? It's true. Every time you flick a light switch, a power station somewhere in the UK will respond and generate that little bit of extra power you need for your light. Did you know that you are i...Show More

02:44 | Apr 12th, 2016

You may have heard the word “quantum” bandied around a lot. But what does it mean? In this animation we take a look at how the photon – the quantum particle of light – is being harnessed to help create new technologies like quantum computers. To do t...Show More
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02:33 | Apr 12th, 2016

How do you know when it's time to wake up or go to sleep? More powerful than any alarm are your circadian rhythms. In this animation we take a look at how these rhythms work and what controls them; inspired by the TeenSleep project being carried out ...Show More

02:45 | Apr 12th, 2016

Light is more than just light bulbs and sunshine! Researchers at the University of Oxford use different types of light to learn more about all sorts of interesting things. To celebrate the International Year of Light we’ve taken a tiny handful of exa...Show More

05:20 | May 18th, 2015

Oxford Sparks explore what chirality is. What links drugs, shells, springs and vines? Chirality, when mirror images of things don't look the same, is explored and we learn what maths can tell us about it - from designing drugs to the very meaning of ...Show More
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