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59:59 | Mar 17th

Chris O’Sullivan joins the Rogues to talk about the people who influenced Ruby and how it’s shaped the community and technology we have today. Panel Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura John Eppe...Show More

56:56 | Mar 3rd

David Kimura and John Epperson talk with Ian Norris on his experiences with Pair Programming. We discuss misconceptions, when pair programming works and when it doesn’t, remote paring and different ty...Show More
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57:11 | Feb 25th

Colin Fulton has written a Ruby implementation in assembly for the Apple II. He's also got a fondness for the impossible and impractical applications of software. He walks through how he approached wr...Show More

1:05:18 | Feb 18th

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, Zachary and the panelists speak about doing small projects. They cover half-done projects, when is a project really “done” and staying focused. An unfinished project is...Show More

41:46 | Feb 4th

Jon Druse is a developer from Tennessee and has been using Rails for 15 years. He starts the show by sharing some of the background behind his RailsConf talk “How To Lose 50 Milion Records in 5 Minute...Show More
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