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Scott Anthony Barlow | Insights on Careers, Strengths, Passion, Work, Finance, People

Want to do work you love? This is the show that provides the inspiration, tools, and roadmaps to move from where you are to work that matters to you and uniquely fits your strengths and talents. if you "Happen to Your Career" then you can happen to y...Show More

34:39 | Feb 20th

You’re not still rocking your high school or college hairstyle, so why restrict yourself to the job you thought you wanted way back then? It’s time to step out of your teenage shadow and give yours...Show More

43:47 | Feb 17th

Since we have a company that focuses on helping people with their careers, we have all the answers and are preparing our kids perfectly. Maybe that’s a little of an exaggeration. We don't do it ...Show More
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40:10 | Feb 13th

One problem with having over 300 episodes, is that some episodes tend to get buried. Today, I’d like to dig up one of those great conversations I had 7 years ago. When we originally talked she has ...Show More

57:21 | Feb 10th

Robert was in a VP level role, earning great money and enjoying life and work. He was well known around his industry. He was great at what he did.   Things were pretty good overall… Until they were...Show More

48:29 | Feb 6th

The cost for staying in your job is higher than you think, and Audrey learned that the hard way. She’d given much of herself to the job and had been rewarded with increasing responsibility, perpetu...Show More
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