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All In The Mind is ABC RN's weekly podcast looking into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour — everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.

34:08 | Aug 19th, 2018

Our memories form the basis of our sense of self. When a brain disorder damages memory, it’s not clear what remains of the person when some of those memories are missing. A neurologist from the UK explores memory and identity through the moving stori...Show More

36:43 | Apr 8th, 2018

The placebo effect demonstrates that the mind-body interaction can be powerful. Placebos can turn on the body’s natural biological processes to relieve a range of conditions, and in the future deception may not even be necessary.
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29:54 | Feb 10th

The Netflix drama ‘Brain on Fire is the story of a young woman in the U.S. who suddenly develops severe psychiatric symptoms. Some clever detective work reveals that she has a rare and mysterious condition causing brain inflammation. We hear from an ...Show More

30:15 | Nov 26th, 2017

The world would end on Judgement Day—21 May, 2011. Some people were convinced, others were sceptical. But the science of belief may explain post-truth politics, and why fake news can appear so believable.
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

28:52 | Jul 30th, 2017

The context in which we sense pain can change the experience of it—but there are things to learn about how this happens.
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ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

29:15 | Oct 16th, 2016

Social media it is compelling—but perhaps we depend on it too much.

29:06 | Dec 8th

Music deeply affects us emotionally, and individually—and now we know that our relationship with music provides a unique opportunity to gain further insight into the workings of the brain itself. We discuss the latest in music research with one of th...Show More

29:07 | Dec 1st

There’s more and more scientific evidence that climate change is having a major impact on our planet. Recently more than 11,000 scientists across the world declared a climate emergency, and many of us are experiencing grief, anxiety and powerlessness...Show More

29:06 | Nov 24th

What we see, hear, and feel as a child affects us later in life—and our brain is changed by childhood traumas. A leading Canadian psychiatrist is working to understand how childhood harm can impair brain development and affect mental health, in the h...Show More

28:52 | Nov 17th

Even when it gets the go-ahead, research on sex and the brain is still highly stigmatised—yet there is still so much to learn. Sometimes a brain injury or disease causes hypersexuality, or a change of sexual preference; orgasm can cause a brain aneur...Show More

29:03 | Nov 10th

The trauma of war and displacement has a negative impact on the mental health of hundreds of thousands of refugees around the world. Australian researchers recently travelled to a large refugee camp in Bangladesh* where around 500,000 Rohingya people...Show More

25:06 | Nov 3rd

In English there's no single word to describe an anxiety about how much aeroplane flight is damaging our environment. But in Swedish the word for this anxiety is 'flygskam'. And perhaps, having a word for this specific emotion may change the way we t...Show More

29:08 | Oct 27th

Our guest, Rhonda Macken, tells her remarkable story—a testament to the power of human creativity and resilience in the face of unimaginable childhood trauma. Rhonda created a complex jigsaw of multiple personalities as protection against her harsh r...Show More

29:07 | Oct 20th

Is an enlightened planet possible? Co-writers of a new film and book called The Portal say it is—through the power of collective meditation. They share personal stories of inspiring individuals who have come through adversity by reflecting inwards, u...Show More

29:09 | Oct 13th

The Big Anxiety festival uses the arts and lived experience to re-imagine mental health. Through creativity and innovative technology, empathy replaces fear and stigma. Virtual reality worlds open up to an optimistic future and offer insight from anc...Show More

29:05 | Oct 6th

Gabby was on an emotional roller-coaster, feeling empty and needy. After lashing out in anger, she’d regret it and say sorry over and over again. Her partner, Eliza, felt like she was walking on eggshells, always fearful of arousing Gabby’s intense e...Show More

29:13 | Sep 29th

When Tim was 11 years old he created his own superhero. Laser Beak Man now appears in colourful artworks showing Tim’s unique sense of humour connected to his literal understanding of language. And when Oakley was 5 years old he drew a pirate, inspir...Show More

29:15 | Sep 22nd

Meet an Australian philosopher and cultural analyst who spent 20 years of his life addicted to just about every drug you could imagine. His best work was done when he was enveloped in haze of cannabis smoke, he prowled local pharmacies to score large...Show More

29:16 | Sep 15th

Anxiety is an essential human emotion—it kicks in to protect us from threats—but sometimes those threats are only perceived. When worries start to become overwhelming, approximately 25 per cent of us experience clinical anxiety. But it is highly trea...Show More

29:12 | Sep 8th

The art of talking and listening in therapy can be powerful and transformative. The talking cure has changed since Freudian psychoanalysis, but evidence is building that the therapeutic relationship can have deep and lasting benefits. Two leading psy...Show More

29:07 | Sep 1st

Our perception of the world is significantly affected by the language we speak. Indigenous languages from around Australia pose a vastly different perspective of the world than that of English. We explore how these languages influence perceptions of ...Show More

29:06 | Aug 25th

Are you paying attention? It’s not as simple as it sounds because our focus is constantly being pulled in different directions. Good attention skills are crucial for the development of other cognitive abilities, but a concerning number of children ha...Show More

25:17 | Aug 18th

Watson and Crick saw the structure of DNA in a spiral staircase, and Newton understood gravity in the falling of an apple—but all human beings regularly experience flashes of inspiration, seemingly out of nowhere. Insight researchers want to know mor...Show More

29:08 | Aug 11th

The connection between our minds and bodies determines our health and well-being, and the rate at which our cells age and die can be influenced by lifestyle choices. We hear about keeping our genes in good order by protecting our telomeres—a buffer z...Show More

29:05 | Aug 4th

In 1966, as a reaction to disturbing reports of people having bad trips, the psychedelic drug LSD was banned in the U.S. Now some scientists are seeing promising results from studies into the therapeutic benefits of using psychedelic drugs to treat m...Show More

28:48 | Jul 28th

Turn on, tune in, and drop out … that was the catchcry of U.S. psychologist Timothy Leary in the 1960s. By 1966 psychedelics were demonised and banned, but now—in controlled scientific settings—there's a psychedelic 'renaissance' in mental health the...Show More

29:07 | Jul 21st

Picture this—an Australian journalist sitting near a squat toilet under the only light in the prison cell he shares with 140 others, writing pages of notes about happiness. After 15 months in a notorious Cambodian prison, for a crime he denies, James...Show More

28:52 | Jul 14th

Do you prefer ‘vibrate on’ or ‘vibrate off’? Well, either way—heads up, as we explore the world of haptics. To get the best information from whatever you choose to touch, haptic sensing involves a lot of neural effort. We'll hear about how this sensi...Show More

29:05 | Jul 7th

Criminal lawyer Sarah Hopkins' novel The Subjects is about the overcriminalisation and overmedicalisation of young people—and her innovative ideas for youth justice. The protagonist, Daniel, is 16-years-old and has just arrived at a Juvie delinquent ...Show More

28:51 | Jun 30th

When you’re waiting in a queue there are various ways to bide your time: chat to someone, gaze off into the distance, or check your phone. The science of human interaction tells us that the impact on your brain and body is vastly different depending ...Show More