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Honest and uncensored - this is not your father’s boring finance show. This show brings much needed ACTIONABLE advice to a people who hate being lectured about personal finance from the out-of-touch one percent. Andrew and Matt are relatable, funny, ...Show More


47:08 | Mar 30th

Today is 5 questions episode and we will be talking about foreclosures as a real estate investment, coding bootcamps, timing the market, Fundrise IPO and managing financial goals in your relationship....Show More

54:41 | Mar 23rd

It is no secret that Andrew and I each own multiple online businesses that earn us passive income. Before we started we had no idea what we were doing. It’s not easy to start a website from scratch an...Show More
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49:07 | Mar 16th

Today we are talking about payday loans or what some new fin-tech companies are now calling “early wage access”. These companies seem to be disguising predatory lending with shiny new apps geared towa...Show More

38:56 | Mar 9th

Today we are talking about the elephant in the room, the Coronavirus and the Stock Market Meltdown it caused what we’re doing, what you can do and how to survive the madness. Learn more about your ad ...Show More

39:39 | Mar 2nd

Today is 5 questions episode and we will be talking about dividend stocks, The Fisher Effect, employees stock options. non-taxable accounts and what to do if history repeats itself. Learn more about y...Show More
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