Sex Actually aka The SAP | Comedians Dishing About Sex, Dating & Relationships

Dave Neal and Tasha Courtney

Sex Actually is a hilarious podcast discussing modern relationships. We dive into topics that are relevant to dating for today's generation. Dating apps like tinder and bumble, one night stands, ghosting, the friend zone, codependency, neediness and ...Show More

1:30:41 | Jan 19th

Kane Holloway and Holly Anabel Brown, hosts of the Well Actually Podcast join Tasha and Dave to talk about their relationships. Does marriage change things? Also, how Holly new she was in love.  Th...Show More

1:20:45 | Jan 13th

Jonesy returns! We discuss The Royal Family, how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are cutting ties, plus the return of The Bachelor. Check out Tasha's Gizmo Sauna Blanket here-- More
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1:11:18 | Jan 6th

Our guest this episode is Harper Rose, standup comedian and hopeless romantic. She teaches us about how she is overcoming toxic and abusive relationships. The SAP is a dating and relationship based po...Show More

56:33 | Dec 30th, 2019

New Years is around the corner, and on this episode Dave Neal (with a special appearance by Tasha Courtney) chats about the more practical ways to make a New Years Resolution stick. Goal setting, time...Show More

1:04:26 | Dec 23rd, 2019

A car cast with Tasha and Dave. A journey from Los Angeles to Kansas and all the drama and fun that happened along the way. This episode was recorded on Route 73 eastbound. Tasha shares her new obsess...Show More
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