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Sex Actually aka The SAP | Comedians Dishing About Sex, Dating & Relationships

Dave Neal and Tasha Courtney


Sex Actually is a hilarious podcast discussing modern relationships. We dive into topics that are relevant to dating for today's generation. Dating apps like tinder and bumble, one night stands, ghosting, the friend zone, codependency, neediness and ...Show More

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1:36:10 | Jul 15th, 2019

Nicky Davis Miller joins Tasha and Dave to talk about the Law of Attraction, practicing simple meditations, overcoming resistance. We discuss how to remove limitations that BLOCK us from succeeding in...Show More

1:08:27 | Jun 29th

Tasha Courtney and Dave Neal discuss when Cancel Culture goes too far and why an angry mob isn't always the solution. We also discuss why Lena Dunham is trending, spoiler: because of her privilege and...Show More
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1:10:05 | Jun 22nd

Happy Father's Day. We review the viral Joe Rogan Experience video going around with Joey Diaz and the 'cancel culture' happening. Plus the Chris D'Elia and Jeff Ross #metoo victims coming forward. ...Show More

1:08:37 | Jun 14th

We discuss The War of Art and how to overcome procrastination, and we talk about why we criticize others who are pursuing their creativity. Dave also tells his story about having his car battery stole...Show More

1:06:47 | Jun 8th

Dave thinks he can win a survivor show in the woods. Tasha and Dave also talk about the importance of building foundations for success, and overcoming failure. The SAP is an open discussion about d...Show More
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